Trade on margin

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Why I Use A Margin Trading Account!

61 118 views | 30 Jan. 2020

It can be a little scary

It can be a little scary deciding which account to choose when you are just getting started? Should you use a cash or margin account and which is best for you! Just a reminder that you can always switch between both account types so do not get scared, you have nothing but time to decide which is the most suitable for you! Enjoy!

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Zack Byers

I feel more comfortable earning the right to trade through simulators for as long as it takes. Simultaneously I will be building my account to 25k. However, I would like to investigate other means of trading that does not violate the Pdt rule such as overnight and futures.

Amy Hoppy

Margin trading is great for day trades and swing trades if you are an experienced investor. Definitely have a stop-loss order set up and a limit order (know your exit point).
Doesn't work well for long term investing because of interest rates. However, if you have done your research and expect a stock will say go up 4% short term, using 50k margin leverage to buy that stock would give you a $2,000 return. Again, you need to do your research on the company, know market trends at the moment, have a stop-loss order in place and be willing to lose a little money. Never use more than 25% margin of your account's total value, in case of margin call, but again if you are smart and have a stop-loss order in place you won't have a margin call because you will keep your account's maintenance balance.

Margin interest rates are listed as annual figures that are internally added up daily and then charged to the account monthly. For $20,000 margin a rate of 8.70% annual interest will be assessed and calculated as (0.087 x 20,000) / 360 = $4.83 daily.

Enkhtur Damdinjav


Matthew Dow

Great great great video Ricky! This is so absolutely amazing!! I am still deciding which account to choose for Robinhood, but this really helped me differentiate the accounts! Thanks Ricky! ??

unintimidated and ready for anything

How does Robinhood get their money back? I used 997 of the 1000 margin I allow myself. How do I pay them back? Will they ever take the 997 back?

Matt Margiotta

Great video Ricky! Can you make a video of your techbuds planner and how it may or may not help with your everyday goals and whats all inside it. I Looked online the only photos of it are the outside.Thank you


One of my buddies took one of your courses he said it was very good I might have to look into joining too.

Probing One

Ricky, why when I put $2,000 in a margin account, why does it give me $4,000 buying power$ How does this work and Why?

Are you dumb Stupid

Don’t get a margin account UNTIL you have a well tested/ proven strategy. If you’re day trading with no strategy you might as well just take the money to the casino.


can you switch from a margin to cash account? I your planning on holding a leap or stock longer and don't want that interest to be charged daily? or even for swing trades the interest is low enough to not worry?

Shefali Shah

I thought I was the only one who said oowwee although, I don't say it as much as u but u r inspiring me to say it more lol. Ima get ur mouse pad eventhough I'm not a successful day trader, yet ??


1:13 Actual answer begins. Save your time.

Heber Garcia

I really like how honest and positive you always are in all your videos, it makes learning super enjoyable!

G Man

I imagine margins with my pet marching dragons while ordering more gins. Barsss lol jk


Sooooo.... no explanation what so ever.....

Jorge Alvarez

I’m using a cash account guys just because I day trade options and with options it settles the day after !!

Danny I

I’m following your steps!

September 19

On my tdameritrade account, margin interest rate is about 9%. I have no idea when that is charged tho


What if you open a margin account for day trading but because of the 25k regulation you decide that you want to reverse back to cash account? Can you do it?

Khanh Nguyen

Most people recommended others using cash account but they don't know which is the best for a new trader with SMALL account ??‍♀️. Thanks for your video

david bills

Very cool Ricky nice

AJ Films

Apparently recently people are saying TD ameritrade is executing orders slower.. is this true by anyone’s experience recently? (Because of the free commission recently)

Samer J

I have an issue in selling point, my entry points are good, but I have hard time in selling, any suggestions master Ricky?


25k account half stock half options thinking of taking a little margin just to increase portfolio and leverage.

Victor Gnat before to usa

Say hi for brasil uhuuu


Hi Ricky ,Do you pay the margin fees on the daily basic(meaning, if the money is in your account , whether you use it or not )or only when you use margin to buy stocks.

Chase Christensen

Do you actually ever use the margin? And if not then why don’t you. A video about the advantages and disadvantages of trading on margin would be cool to see

A&G Cars

Hey Ricky I was wondering if you would make a updated setup/settings video for the thinkorswim platform


thank you... I had a cash account and was underling why I always had unsettled funds

Jean-Dee De Klerk

Dont you offer signal services?


My general rule is if you are under $25,000 and trade options go cash account. If you trade stock go margin. The reason is options funds settle the next day where stock funds settle in 3 days. If you have a $10,000 account and use all $10,000 then you cannot trade with those funds for 3 days. If you are trading options you can use all $10,000 and it will be available the next day. I am not recommending to use all of your account each day, just noting the differences.

bryan what

Cash account works for me I split my account in 3rds and only invest 1/3 per day but I can buy and sell in increments. Buying in increments under pdt can get you over quick. Less profit per day but for fast ins and outs it can be a lifesaver.

Drew Bricker

Nice info Ricky!!

I would suggest to anyone new, no one should do anything at all with a margin account until they have at least intermediate understanding of using/setting technical charting with stochastics configured in long-term tracking format to track activity of large investment institutions and short-term stochastic configurations. Once one has those figured out to lower your risks, then consider a margin account. Just a heads up to any one new; learn stochastic charts and how to configure them ;) Also, margin is necessary to directly "short" a stock but then there are inverse ETFs but they still behave like any other ETF basically, but could be useful to catch a big short opportunity on a sector without requiring a margin. Just a couple tips for the new investors ;)


Cash accounts are good if you have one trade a day


If I have more than $25000 on my margin account, can I buy and sell everyday in a 5 business days?

simon amos

hi if you use all your margin in one day do you have to wait for the money to settle . or after every trade that you sell is the money ready straight away. many thanks .


I also prefer Margin account, so that the cash will come right back after I sell the stock. I don't have to worry about if I have enough for the next 3 days. Thank you for the video.

Nelly Khong

Hi sorry a bit off topic here. Can i know the advisable number of trade should hold for big medium and small capital? appreciate that


If my cash and margin account is over 30,000 can I make unlimited day trade?

cayden earl


Peter Byul Han

If you use a margin account can u loose the brokers money? Because if ur not careful it looks like u can loose a whole lot that u don’t have?

Lou Rolon

I just can’t wait to get over 25K!!!
I’ve been debating for a while. I just don’t want to screw anything up lol


He says he wants to get right into it? Starts at 1:05 talking about the subject... I would think as a trader you would be more on point
.. lol. ???

Ron Sexton

Kind of like you, i have a margin account, but due to balance, it doesn't matter.
Also, still learning, haven't day traded yet. :)


Is margin account have commission free trades??

Semi Trucker

Hold overnight margin account or no

Parin Patel

Why don't you provide the PROS and CONS of each??? Ahh I see....you are just about the click-bait huh?


Ahahah I was trading the cash account like a fucker and got restricted by Schwab <3


Updated TOS interface ?


I use cash account because Its less scary haha. I dont think Ive put enough thought into how to use a margin account to feel secure enough about how im going to use it. But its something I hope and would be willing to use with some good ideas to reach my goal such as surpassing the $25k mark.

Andrew Jones

A Margin account means your actually wagering price with borrowed money of the broker. Thats how you can trade the same stocks multiple times in a 30 day period..


Do you need to pay intrest in a margin account if you use your unsettled funds?

coffee bean

i have a cash account


When it comes to a Margin Account will there still be a wait period for the funds to settle after a buy and sell? Do I have instant access to trade as much as I want considering my cash in the account is over $25,000? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Cheng Chang

Intro is too lonnnnnnnnnnnnng bro lol but thanks for the info! just Subscribe for shorter intro

Tom Thomp

What was the point of the video? I watched to learn why not be a part of a poll.


This is NOT true. You don't have to wait for funds In cash account most brokers allow you to instantly trade with unsettle funds so you don't have to wait in a cash account. It's essential done like a margin account minus the fact of the leverage that they loan you.

Thomas Gourley

Just got started and I'm using a cash account because I'm not going to be trading a whole bunch or with any substantial amount of money. Just wanna learn and it's a cool hobby that'll pay for dinner once a month if i'm lucky.

Ryan Henry Neris

You don't ever use the full amount in your trading account, doesn't matter if it's cash or margin

Ty Honeycutt

So say I have the minimum 2k in my account. And I use just my cash 2k to buy in to a stock if it drops below 2k will it be liquidated to keep my account at 2k? Or will I have to put money in? Also say I trade on a monday so the settlement time is 2 days but in a margin it automatically in your account. So I use the money from the trade on Tuesday. Is that on margin or is it considered my money since it will be in the account on Wednesday.

Noah Oxley

Ayyyy did I inspire this at all?!

Cody F

If you’re only trading nat gas and oil ETFs why not trade futures? No PDT, low day trade margin rates at most brokers(not TD), and 60/40 tax advantage.

Traw 100

I’m trying to look at a margin account for shorting every once in a while nothing crazy. Don’t plan to day trade. My question is do i have to buy on margin? Or can i just buy on cash and get the choice to buy on margin when i want? Or will they always give me %50 of what i invest cash?

John RC

When do you NOT pay interest on the margin account is the question. Example: 10k cash.
You use the entire 10k, but it shows -$10k margin. I close the position. It now shows margin balance of zero. I buy again and not sell it. Margin balance now shows -$10k. Settlement takes 2 days. In that 2 days am I paying 10% margin on $10k each day if i didn't sell? If I hold until the settlement date, will margin balance be zero again?

Steven Fletcher

I’m confused man. I thought margin meant I borrow money, & can go negative just like any other standard exchange... and as long as I don’t sell until my stocks are back up above my original buy in price I’m doing fine?

Only if I sell in the negative do I lose money while trading margins right?

Going negative don’t hurt me but selling in the negative does because I finalize the loss but if I just wait and let the price go back positive that’s all gains correct?

Mike Gunning

What do brokerages like Webull, etc. look into when approving an account to be set up for Margin trading? Do they look into credit score when making their decision of approval?


I think cash account is good for beginner. If you want to trade multiple times, you will have to reduce your position size, with also directly reduce the risk. Good for learning but not for growing your account.

V0lk Star

I don't get it. My market balance is bigger than Net account value. Now I have caution ⚠️ risk lvl


Hey Ricky In this video and other videos you say that you no longer do swing trades but only day trades. I think the reason was signs of inconsistency. I know the question does not match the video but I would still be interested. Can you explain that in more detail?
p.s i also use a margin account but i am from germany. There is no PDT rule here :)

Gokul R

Hi Dude !!! What about your Leverage? How much Leverage do you use to Max your Profit?

Tara Cheng

Hi and thanks for all the info! I want to ask you if I HAVE TO use leverage if I switch to a margin account? What do I do if I just want to use my own money and day trade 3 times every five days? (under 25k)

Last Rose

I know u only trade etfs but you could probably trade with 100k more comfortably on high volume stocks like amd, Netflix, nvda, baba, tesla

Daniel Mata

Love the vid! How do brokers charge interest on a margin account? Is it based off of how many unsettled funds you have in your account?

Simon C

I have a basic question: for example, I have $1K cash and $1K margin limit, does it mean I can buy then sell $2K stocks unlimited times within a day without worrying about the T+2 rule?

Rami Sebti

I’m buying my first stocks at 17
What do u think ?

Kurt Clouden

Cash Account if you are trading Options and not stock because money settle the next day in options...

Benjamin Royer

ceo of being straight up with viewers

gabriel bravo

still new to the market, learning thru cash. dont feel quite comfortable with my trading skills just yet.

King Artaxerxes

You said an untruth about halfway through when you said if I had a $10,000 account I could daytrade 3, 5, 10 times using the entire account balance each time (what was said, but maybe not exact words used.) False because of PDT rules. The remainder sounded good.

I have experience trading with over and under $25,000 and using both cash and margin and cash accounts with under $25,000. I would never go back to trading with a margin account with less than $25,000 because of the PDT rule. Being restricted to only 3 day trades per 5 day period only encourages you to hold losing trades longer and overnight. Whereas, with a cash account, you can daytrade up to half your balance every day.

Yazan 1

My long time question is finally answered! Thank you.


use ustocktrade if you're willing to pay the $1 commission. no pdt


How bout a complimentary mouse pad since I can't willingly trade you money for it...


Do you recommend trading these pharmaceutical companies right now due to the corona virus outbreak?

Glen Black

Thanks for all the great content Ricky. Can you please help me understand the following... I have an account at Fidelity. They are T+2. I dipped below $25K for a while, as a PDT, so I could not use margin while I was under $25K. I grinded my account by selecting "Cash" trades in my margin account, using 1/2 my cash each day and waiting the 2 days for settlement. I recently got my account back above $25K. Previously, I had "Day Trade Buying Power" equal to basically 4x my cash balance. I did not trade DGAZ/UGAZ at that time.
Now, I day trade DGAZ/UGAZ every day, but my "Intraday Buying Power" is only about $8K. When I make a $4K trade, that is reduced from $8K to $4K and when I make another $4Ktrade, it is gone, and I have to trade Settled "CASH". Generally, I am only in one $4K trade at a time, and close that trade before entering another. Ocassionally, I have two going, for a total of $8K.
I understand that the computations for the available margin are based on yesterday's trading. I have $22K in cash, and $4K in "Securities Held In Margin". My "Day Trading Buying Power" is 4x the "Exchange Surplus", which is usually around $2K. I don't get why the "Exchange Surplus" is so low, and I don't get why once I use my "Day Trading Buying Power", it is not replenished Intraday?
You say you don't have to worry, you can trade in and out all you want. Why can't I do the same? I used to be able to (Before UGAZ/DGAZ).
Because UGAZ/DGAZ is already a leveraged ETF, the margin requirement is 75%. You never talk about that, that I know of.
Pleeeeze help me understand this!!! I haven't been able to figure it out with my Google research. Thanks again.

Mr. H

Thanks for video. Question so I have $4000 in account with a $12000 available for margin example. So Monday i trade $4000 will i be able to trade Tuesday with some of my margin? I hope my question is explain right?

Parker's Properties

I have a cash account with 25,400...should I switch to a margin?

Kyle A

I just learned about margins today bc I was using cash and my trades weren't bring liquidated immediately. Now ik about margin accounts


I have been trading with real money for a week now, cash account, and I feel it is better for now regarding patience. I sold after I bought on Monday and wanted to use a second trade again but couldn't until start of the market on Tuesday. Due to having to wait I saved money that I would have lost on the trade. NOW to make up for it I bought 300 shares instead of 50 on Wednesday and lost it all because I was pent up from not trading the day before. Using the cash account for me just helps with not being so trigger happy.... at the time but hopefully it will teach me to be patient it more than one way.

Julio Sabillon

Ricky - do you pay a fee to use the margin account?

Thank you for the information!!

jtejeytrejtjtyj trjtyjtjtyj

its not 3 days its 2 days to settle its no longer t3 its t2

Cole Garrow

I just got approved for 5k margin, ik it's risky but I wouldn't mind paying for quality stocks like apple, Tesla during the recession we're in... Do I have to payback the margin I used or if the stocks are green at the end of the day, I don't have to pay back bc I lost no money ???

mack mathis

when do I have to pay the broker back for the loan? If I have
a stock that is performing well, I don't want to sell even 1 share
until absolutely forced to.

Luke L

how are you not going to mention the fact that margin account you can go into debt and cash you cant... seems like the 1st thing i would have mentioned...

Si Mon

If anyone wants to make steady profits Margin Trading, feel free to send me a message, i made a killing in Crypto and happy to share my knowledge and get you off to a good start with tips learned from my epic journey. good luck everyone. Crypto / $BTC is here for the long run.

Alex Chiarot

don't you need a margin account to use thinkorswim?

Stud City

appreciate this video! asked you about it earlier lol and you told me to do my own research, I did but I was to scared to ask a dumb question..

Ramin Shahin

Hey Ricky bro. I have question ? On other broker except of robinhood if you answer please ?

Ashfaq Sheikh

Instead of asking viewers whether they prefer cash or margin account, you should have provided pros and cons for both options.


What are the apps/ sites he uses to follow stocks?????

manuel fernandez

I wish I would have had this video before I got nailed with Free-rider violation. I took money out of my account before my money settled from my non-marginable trades. I just wired money back to my account and hope I can get the violation downgraded. Thanks for the video. MARGIN Definitely. Why? Because with a margin account, your account replenishes after you sell your position and you don't have to wait for cash to settle. Remember to pay attention to stocks that are 100% non-marginable. At that point you are trading with hard cash and you still have to wait for trade day-plus two days for those monies to settle. Hope this helps guys!!

Trade on margin

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Margin Trading | Trading Terms

71 931 views | 23 Dec. 2017

One trading jargon that

One trading jargon that you’ll hear very often is margin. It’s usually in terms like margin account, margin trading and even margin call. It seems a bit complex at first but after this video with trading expert David Jones it should be something quite easy to grasp.

David breaks it down to the basics once again and explains the meaning of the word as well as the scenarios in which it’s used. He makes several trades on the Trading 212 platform - one in Forex and one for a stock CFD - and points to the exact value of the margin as it changes once the trade has been opened.

He also shows traders something that they might overlook - the cost of holding a position over night if you are trading on margin, i.e. with money borrowed from the broker.

For those of you that like to have something written down, here’s the definition of margin trading - it means that an investor pays only a percentage of the value of the asset and borrows the rest from the broker. The latter acts as a lender and uses the deposit as a collateral on the loan. The margin itself is the amount in the account that the investor has put down and is usually displayed as a percentage.

Still got some questions about margin trading? Let us know in the comments below.

At Trading 212 we provide an execution only service. This video should not be construed as investment advice. Investments can fall and rise. Capital at risk. CFDs are higher risk because of leverage.


great video

calvin cooke

It’s taken ages to get into the green on my account what’s the problem .

Jason Mighty

So margin and leverage are the same?

yousef rezaie

hello david you videos are great can you please make a video on paying taxes and how it works ?thanks


OK I have invested if CFDs on trading 121 and seems to be doing well but how can I take my money out?

rahujian1234 mandu

what if i dont pay minus balance in my account after taking leverage and i faced bigger loss.

Akim Farag

Such a clear and concise teacher

Daniel Elliott

generally like these vids but you guys really should explain the relationship between leverage size of the position and the liquidation price.

Mr Haider

Can you end up in debt ???

Kevin Pereira

Great video as always, cheers David! How do I change the leverage on the trading 212 platform? I've been looking for a while and have not been able to find it in settings.

Master Trader

Good day - how do the brokers not loose money is this case; for instance you place an FX trade (1 mini lot position which from your example is 10,000units) and the required margin is 0.5% (which is 50.00 GBP again from your example) Assuming you have your stop loss in place and you loose that trade, however the broker would have lost 99.5% of that position/ trade (which would be 9,950 GBP) etc. ???

lance pheng

so essentially if you become a very systematic trader and use your stop losses, it can be cheaper to trade on trading 212 vs TD think or swim as a round trip can cost you 12$ and 16$.

Ruddy Foto

I want to try it!! But first I need to become as professional in crypto!!

Bir Dost

please make a new video about bitcoin !


First! I love your videos!

lee berry

Thank you

Aaron Douglas

Wouldn't you technically only loose money when you close the order? If the market moves against you, couldn't you just hold onto the CFD untill it's moving back in your favour? Looking to learn

Hells Gift MB

With CFDs is there any restriction on how long you can hold the position or can you hold the position indefinitely?

Baxish Parmar

Hey How can I trade with Zero spread on 212, please let me know, whereas, Great Tutorial, Thanks for making it... Helped a lot.

Trading212 Fan. ?

Fungai Kudakwashe Zendah

Dave Jones from Pirates Of The Caribbean???

Jack Tingey

What if you don’t have any free money in the account when trading with leverage

Andrew Jenery

Why are the last two digits after the decimal point for the sell and buy values enlarged and what exactly are they representing? I realize that may seem a silly question.

zen kai

Does the position close when the leverage bar gets to 100% ?

Txc fallout boy

What charting program are you using?

Connor Skudal

Can you please do a video on Bollinger Bands

Mero Binjie

How much free money do you need in your account?

Arturs Mickevics

Hello! Im a complete beginner in this, SORRY!.. i don't get it.. Margin is a sum of money that is simply gets ''tide up'' in case of leverageing? I understood leverage, kind of, but when margin comes in i kind of struggle

Jonathan Ball

anyone leveraging 10x or far worse, 200x for the fx trade is being foolhardy and needs their heads examining. This is not investing, this is just dumb gambling and your losses could be far worse than your initial investment.

Dumb Ass

What is your trading platform and with who do you have it

Alex Vrinceanu

Hi there, is it possible to buy stocks without leverage on trading212? Not entirely comfortable with CFDs yet.


In your buy if the price goes above your entry is that where profit begins and it turns green? Appose to red (negative)?

Im in a trade now (sell) quantity 10,000 margin 243..price has fallen below my entry and is still red... Is that right? Shouldn't profit start from where it cross your entry? In a sell and vice versa in a buy?


How can I trade without leverage? I have a demo account and leverage Is automatically applied when I open position. How can I switch it off?

Cloud Design FX

Another great video !

Lee Sproson

Please can you explain the quantities? Thanks !

joseph khoshghalb

he said thats easy well im not sure that much cheasy

peter danny

so if the position of 500 with margin of 50 moves against you - down to 400, say - what happens?

My PERAsophy

i am always watching your videos david, It is a great videos and very informative. I just made 100% return in my demo account in one day. I tried to adjust the 10000$ demo account into 1000$ dollars and made 2000$. So, i am now ready to open real account

lee berry

When you buy on the computer with 212 before you confirm it tells you what the margin will be but not on the app. Can we have that on the app as well?


Why does the us30 16/03/18 have an expireryndate? And why is the price about $20 lower please? Thank you

Tony Hughes

Great education, thank you and merry xmas to all.

Jack Miller

Can i take out margin for holding stocks for months / years in a stocks and shares invest account? If so where? I have a 212 account with enough funds in to leverage.


Can you not trade with zero spread anymore?

Ricardo Luz

how will i pay that interest swap? its per trade , per day... ?


That £0.13 pence in that case is charged everyday until I close the trade?


Is the quantity for the forex essentially the pups you're looking to by?


all great, just missing those margin trading terms!!! thanks for wasting my time

Alex Harrod

Please could you do a video about the average directional index? Also, a video about leading and lagging indicators?

Ifeanyi Kalu

Thank you for this.

Lens to Brush

This might sound a bit daft but could you do a tutorial on how to setup trading212 as you have on multiple screens etc. Really enjoying your tutorials!

gary b

How do you check margin on I pad??.thanx

Jesús Moreno

Thank you for this video! I was looking for this information, greetings from Venezuela!


Very helpful video sir,
I am planning to pursue a Chartered Financial Analyst course (US based )
Could you pls guide me regarding the benefits and career opportunities that this course has to offer, or would you recommend another field of study !!
I'd like to let you know Sir, that I wanna pursue a career in finance
Thanks for your help

The Commentator

Is that a desktop app on the screens or just in a browser?

Trade on margin

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Basics Of Trading Options With Margin [Episode 97]

9 204 views | 17 Apr. 2018

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Are you familiar with stock trading and the stock market but want to learn how to trade options? Check out our Options Trading For Beginners Playlist here - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhKnvfWKsu42LtgQmXvuFIf7wveXup1Fm

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Welcome to the Option Alpha YouTube Channel! Our mission is to provide traders like you with the most comprehensive options trading and investing education available anywhere, free of charge. We're here to help you take your trading and financial education to the next level! For more, visit our website at http://www.optionalpha.com