Japanese laws

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Are These CRAZY Laws In Japan True or False?|[Ft. Abroad in Japan & Sharmander]

605 615 views | 15 Mar. 2019

We invite Chris Broad

We invite Chris Broad (Abroad in Japan) and Sharla (Sharmander) to see how well they know Japanese laws. Some of these outrageous laws in Japan may surprise you. Let us know below how many you got correct!

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Steven Hoffmann

Riding a Bike on the sidewalk is only illegal on most streets. In Tokyo you won't see much warning signs but I noticed In Kyoto there are many places you are not allowed to ride your bike on the sidewalk and I have been stopped before which I was told to walk it but no fine.

Nick Field

The waistline things a daft law what about Sumo people

Michael Hawkins

Wow a Englishman , American and a Australian in the same room lol

Emiya Chiro

so Chris has some disabilities?


It's simple, butt lip is that curve of the buttock exposed by short shorts.

Joshua Skidmore

It's illegal to get a fish drunk in Ohio

Jesse Cervantes

sharla is so beautiful ?


The age of consent is 13

Monkey Monk

Prisoner 1: "What are you in for?"
Prisoner 2: "A gust of wimd blew my skirt up while i was mailing ice cream. How about you?"
Prisoner 1: "I should have waited until (s)he turned 13."
Prisoner 2: "Understandable."

The world: "WTF Japan! We love you, but what the actual fμ©k?!"


How would you even enforce a law against "mudding"? If you're getting splashed in the face, chances are, you aren't going to be in a great position to identify the perpetrator.


If you don't like Japanese laws, then leave.

Liam Hebden

I found out about the age of consent in Japan and was like "that's why there are so many loli characters in anime" It's friggin awful... Italy is 14, just as bad... I found out after returning and that was a factor to why I might not want to go back to Italy... I wish Japan could change this, this is one factor that puts me off it.

Taiwan is a country

disability is that only physical disability, or does it also count towards people with brain damage? or as my friend, she is physically handicapped, she can not grow a normal size tooth roots. once in class in primary, she was eating an apple, and lost 2 teeth. they were stuck into the apple.
Or in Japan, I saw a girl with teeth pointing out of her mouth. normal teeth points upwards or downwards, her point straight outwards. it was such a strange, and scary looking person(I had a gf with 1 working eye, and the other eyeball was still in the socket, but completely milk white, hazy, and there were dripping greenish Yellowish goo out of it) So I have seen crazy ass shit before. but this, was simply, my god.

But as for my question was is "disability" in the context of the law for riding a bike on the sidewalk.

Sardonic Spartan

Japan has a lot of laws they don't enforce and some laws they only enforce on foreigners or if you are making a spectacle of yourself

Kurt Stedman

...butt iip?!

Spam Ansh

The last law one would make a get Japanese porno

Daniel Franco

This was pretty funny. I'm laughing my butt lip off! Lol

Charlie Jones

They laugh at him for the thigh thing, yet say its probably happened to them or they see other people wearing it etc.


I know in Canada (or at least Ontario), it's against traffic laws to ride your bike on the sidewalk. As someone who walks with a cane, cyclists on the side walk can be very hazardous as they tend to not leave enough space to properly pass. I've been hit by bikes on more than one occasion and I've had to jump into the street to avoid being hit by a cyclist who was going way too fast and not paying attention.


Fun fact: The minimum Federal age of concent in the US is 12. This does not mean a 12 year old can concent, this only means that the minimum age of concent a state can pass is 12 (There are no states that currently lowered the age of concent) and it's some what the same in Japan, the age of concent can vary between prefectures, they just have 13 so that you can't lower the age any more than 13 (because you have to put limits).


Was that guy that was trying to mail ice cream, either high or drunk, or both?!?! Wtf?! Lol.


The way this was set up, I’m more confused than before watching, now.


8:52 i'm sure there are some mischievous teenagers and an ice cream vending machines in every neighborhood.


Why on earth would anyone WANT to put ice cream in a mailbox...

maybe they were having a bad day? Lol

Shridhar Biju

the age of consent is 13? Well that brings a whole new sinister meaning to the term 'legal loli'.

Zbigboz Bboy

But swimsuit is fine, right.

Peoni Cha

2:10 JAKE?


5:21 Task failed successfully.


How about the turning law for 50cc scooters that requires riders to dismount, cross like a pedestrian, then re-saddle at the other end of the intersection. THAT is a ridiculous law.

J L.

In jail: chris walks in..

Big yakuza guy with tattoos all over his body: hey gaijin, you gonna have a reeeaaally bad time in here heheheee.

Chris: i did ride my bicycle on the sidewalk and I got videos to prove it.

Yakuza guy: ? sorry Master (walks away backwards)

Bernardo Zirpoli

Hey, guys! Cop from a shitty country here! I studied community policing from all over the world on my formation, and the reason why the 'japanese poriceman' introduced himself to chris was to reasure the bond between the community and the police. they take it really serious over there and this model is studied worldwide. nice video! keep it up!


im not gonna lie, Chris looks really good in this video. :thumbs_up_emoji:


I approve of launching people into the sun face first and embrace our god emperor Chris

Erick Villegas

Damn, Joey got a lot of connections


I love how Sharla is always trying to reason about why laws exist, Emma is always confused about them, and Chris just claims bullshit on everything.

steel spider

How'd you get in this ? hole?
I cut in line?
How are you not in solitaire ?

Mok the Magic Man

I genuinely wonder how much they work in Japan to make sure that obesity isn't a huge problem. Hell of a lot more than the USA.

64 Ahmed

I wonder what happened to get the authorities to think "we have to make a law to stop people from putting ice creams in mail boxes"

Chris Banana

@6:30 You do not need a law to be a good person.
Just because the age is 13 doesn't mean you have to use it.... you can easily wait until 14 or 15 or 16 or 17 or whatever magical age you wish to use.

Amarie B

I saw on one of Chris' videos he mentioned that his colleagues(?) When he was teaching before is concerned about his diet. Maybe that's the reason (for the waistline law)

Richard Robertson

I've never heard that term, butt-lip, but I can recall many times where knowing that term would have been helpful XD

Brian Crosby

Needs more Natsuki ... Just saying

Jimmy Camey

Hey about that age of consent thing, the national age of consent in Japan is 13, but prefectures set their own age of consent laws. There are almost no prefectures under 15, most range from 16-18 years old. The 13 year national is basically a minimum, if a prefecture wanted to be messed up and set it as low as possible, that’s the lowest they could go.

Doggy Pi

I read in a manga about that waist law thing... Also some
---oscopy at a certain age as well~ for health reasons of course~
That age of consent thing is also true... Or so at least in mangas ages again lol~
I am mystified as to the reason why that ice cream in mailbox turned into some incredible violation of law... It sucks I know but c'mon like really?~
...damn that exposure by mistake is a killer one lol~
I kinda wanna see another episode like this haha~


Isn't the age of consent law based on the age of the other person? I thought I read at one point that it was lower if the older person was female, but if it was an older male in his 20s or 30s that the legal age was 18.


Chris seems so uncomfortable with all the colors around him


Good lord, those complete-eachother's sentence montage bits commercials, those are AWFULL. This one was not as horrible as those radically-pollitcally-correct-multicultural ones, but still pretty bad. Though Chris looked pretty stylish in that blazer in the ad, so that was a kinda good thing.


5:00 1940s bugs bunny accent


7:35 + same law in our country +-. You either get on road designated for bikes or you use the road. Too many people walk on sidewalks.. 1 guy on bicycle could endanger many walkers on his way. On road you are the "fresh meat" that needs to know rules and laws and stay out of way from cars.

Bat Guano

5:55 Age of consent (calm down, you pedos!): 13 (the lowest in the industrialized world), minimum age of marriage is 18 for men and 16 for women. Please do not get married when you are young! The southern Bible Belt states in the USA have the highest divorce rates because so many get married when they are very young and such ends up in disasters. And for Christ's sake leave the junior high schoolers and high school kids alone!
I heard for many years, the Vatican had the lowest age of sexual consent in Europe (also 13).

Addison Peek

Please ship Sharla and Chris

That One

4:20 his face just shows the worry because he knows he’s done it


Both parties in marriage under age 20 must have parents present to consent to the marriage in japan

Ivorella Rackley

Chris hitting his can on his tooth ?

Tokyo Creative

Let us know below how many you guys got correct! ?In the meantime, head on over to TC Learn to get your first 30 days free for signups in March 2019.
Sign up here: https://www.tokyocreative.com/learn/

Daniel Mendoza

Chris presents himself as the most professional but he is easily the cheeckiest


Legit....all my favorites... in one video.... I can’t rn?? i love it

Riccardo Z

As italian i am deeply offended... wasting a chocolate ice cream in such way should have been punished for heresy, with public sentence to be put in a mailbox without ice cream


why is the camera so weird and stretched? was the birds-eye view absolutely necessary?

minustaco42 zero

Damn they need to make illegal to cut in line here in America because people just don't care but most people say something and they they are forced to go to the back of the line but sometimes people can't be bothered to set them straight

Chris Banana

In USA most major cities have such laws too. Some cities only apply them to busy areas through and enforce is little to none, depending what city.
In Austin, TX there is a special map that shows which sidewalks on which days you can not ride your bike on.

Mario Mackerelwain

This video is unintentionally making the case for Canzuk. We'd never get on this well with most Europeans.


Today I learned that my 2 least favourite words in succession are "Butt" followed by "Lip"... followed by "Lip" and then "Butt" now that I think about it... Let's just keep those words separated by as many words in between as possible from here on out.

Ingrid Pereira

I saw Sharla, I saw Chris, I'm here

Best Beekeeper

regarding the age of consent: 13 is the MINIMUM age a prefect can set their age of consent. the prefects can all set their own ages of consent, 13 is just the minimum, it is not actually the age of consent anywhere in japan

Conor McMullen

The Titans of Japan


I know there are prefectural laws in essentially every prefecture that make the age of consent functionally higher than at least 16 in all of Japan


I knew the bike rule was a paw but what gets me is the sidewalks by me is split for pedestrians and cyclists lol

Jeorge max

what is that orange bottle that she is holding?


0:10 holy shit I am going to need more caffeine look xD




You should have mentioned that the age of consent is a federal thing and prefectures have the limit locally set to at least 16yo.

Mark MacKay

Are there videos of Chris dancing after midnight? Please say, 'yes.'

Matt Preece

some of the lawmakers there should be arrested for talking out their "buttlips"

Destitute and Decadent

studying for the Japanese bar be like

Timmy Too Woke

I'm a simple man. When I see Chris I press *like*.


It's also illegal to ride a bicycle on the pavement in the UK: section 34(1) of the Highways Act 1988 states "... If a person drives a mechanically propelled vehicle (b) on any road being a footpath, bridleway or restricted byway, he is guilty of an offence"

Nathan RB

cant take my eyes of sharla’s iykwim ?


Interfering with post tends to be a serious offence in most countries, so the ice cream one didn't really surprise me.


omg, please make that sitcom XDDD

Praveen b

The question "And what are you in for?" would get you some strange answers in a Japanese prison.


corset waist training for ladies - have a 100cm butt, 110cm breasts, and a 50cm waist. a western curvy hourglass. muwahahahaaa.

Jamal Moir

The law doesn't specify icecream - it's just something that can cause damage to stuff in there
第七十八条 (郵便用物件を損傷する等の罪)  郵便専用の物件又は現に郵便の用に供する物件に対し損傷その他郵便の障害となるべき行為をした者は、これを五年以下の懲役又は五十万円以下の罰金に処する。

StandardDifferent aka. samsausage

was I the only 1 supprised that children are allowed to drive on pavements bieng from the UK where by the way it is illigal regardless of age. get on the road, a bike is a vehicle.


Wow, its dave in Japan.

Chronic Doll

Lived in the UK all my life. Had no idea it was illegal to splash pedestrians with water from driving through puddles. I suppose what are the chances of police catching someone doing it? Pretty low.

Orange Bear

Japanese waist line law obviously works, obesity isn’t an issue over there ?


I've seen girls there in short miniskirts and I even saw their butts exposed. How can you make it a law if you encourage them to wear clothing that risk exposure? Its like you're baiting them to get in trouble that way, it makes no sense. XD

Jim Nixon

Butt. Lip.


Analyzing both Chris's and Sharla's body language, I would say they feel attracted to each other (at least Sharla to Chris), since they tend to mirror each other's gestures and posture.


The Cycling law with the sidewalk is more or less the same in my country (Germany). Bicycles are vehicles that belong on the road with the exception of those who would be a bigger risk in traffic, i.e. children


Queuing for the train - Osaka 2018. I was kinda surprised when Osaka Obaachan cut in front of me. ILLEGAL!

Guilherme Rubio

9/10 japanese cyclists are breaking that bicycle rule


Cycling on pedestrian paths is a ridiculous thing to do and should be illegal everywhere.
I'm amazed at how many people/nations find it normal. If you want to use a pedestrian path, just walk.


A crevat on the Age of Consent thing.
It has to be somebody amongst their peers, and not somebody considerably older.
Within British AoC laws, we have it as a "understanding" that there will be expermentation between peers under the offical AoC. In Japan, they jsut codified it.

Verbal Ästhet

The bicycle on the sidewalk rule exists in Germany as well.


Jesus christ, Japan. We're barely human at 13 years old. That's the fucking age of consent? That explains so fucking much about shit in anime that I just did not understand

jdragon jds

jakenbake + abroad in japan ??
everyone else including u girls == garbage

Becky Dimock

I would totally watch the prison sitcom!


i had to check the age of consent to make sure because i was so shocked and then i had to delete my search history and felt gross ?

Japanese laws

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Why Japan's conviction rate is 99% | The Economist

1 169 387 views | 12 Dec. 2015

In Japan, crime rates are

In Japan, crime rates are low and the state incarcerates far fewer people than in other rich countries. But when people are accused of a crime they are almost always convicted.

Click here to subscribe to The Economist on YouTube: http://econ.trib.al/rWl91R7

Japan is a remarkably safe society. Crime rates are low and the state incarcerates far fewer people than in other rich countries. The emphasis is on rehabilitation

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Adil Bensediq

So that's what Carlos Ghosn is talking about...

BbVanz Tv

Money money

Millevenon 585

This is an evil society

R Hirshi

It may well be 99% convicted rate, but the clearance rates for crime in
the last few decades in Japan is much lower, most likely due to great
change in crime reporting trends, especially a hieghtened increase of minor crimes and more difficult
to solve crimes being reported, this was caused by the moral panic of the 2000s.

Ed Lake

Pretty toothless stuff. I expected more from the Economist.

Khaos Dalok

The U.S. triple those other countries per citizen in prison. You go to prison in the U.S. "you come worst off than when you went in" TUPAC

John Dawson

Came here after Carlos Ghosn .

tarun Samuel

make a Japanese subtitle so that Japan people can watch it

Martin E

If only prisons in the USA & UK were the same as Japanese prisons...maybe we would have fewer scumbags on the streets?

Na Na

Japanese legal system is a joke. International cases like Ghosn is able to shine a light on it, but the citizens of Japan are pretty much the main victims. This is what happens in a country that denies citizens even the basic right to self defense - they don't want you fighting against your own corrupt government.

Ako Feeder

Crime Rates are low because Ryuk was Bored...

Leonid Saykin

Of course they don't care about the crimes committed by Yakuza, so it's mostly low and hypocritical.

Paquito Ignacio

the Japanese justice is flawed, the people should protest but not like in u.s.a. if they will be heard the government is violating human rights not giving them a fair trial.

Adrian Moser

Sounds very similar to Sweden's judiciary. Juries are uncommon as well. Instead, the public is represented in the courts by means of lay judges.

Marcelo Kristian

Japnese hypocrisi - rigged and cruel justice system

lopes lula

japanese justice =midellage

Peter baris

dictator justice  Japanese regime is inhumane  as in the time of halter


Japan trash~~~~~~

Dani C

wow... the hidden dark sides to a low crime rate... shows how numbers in statistics are sometimes misleading.
i hope Mr. Ishikawa gets more of his voice heard, and that Japan changes for the better.

melon soda

the people are taught to love big brother above anyone else. japan is a dystopian society.

Umang singhal

Misleading title. click bait

Kim Il-sung ꧄

Why is conviction rate high in Japan? It's simple.
Prosecutors prosecute only defendants that are obviously guilty, hence most of those send to the courts are convicted. This is to prevent false charges. If someone commits crime and there is no material proof to prove it, they do not prosecute them. Prosecution rate in Japan is less than 30% and that means prosecutors meticulously scrutinizing whom to proseute.
And the case of this person in the video is very old and does not apply to Japanese justice system.(Look how old he is) In current Japan we have a visualization system in investigation by movies and sound to make sure the defendant is free from excess pressure of the police. And it says that Japan doesn't have a jury system but in fact we have two jury-like systems that for monitoring prosecutions and reflecting common sense in criminal trials of the most flagtious crime.(murder or arson etc) And all the defendants have at least THREE chances to appeal.
Indeed there must be some false charges and there are some cases where the courts hand down decisions of guity, but false charges are not a peculiar thing to Japan. It's seen in any country in this world and it's a challenge for all the humanity to tackle on.


Japan culture looks like a bleached down version of 1984

Jean Kerziska

Japan is not civilized. When the justice calls you, you are already guilty And in prison. Your rights tout defend yourself are Just a détail.

new england patriot

what a fair system

Randon Stuffs

A lazy justice system

Kavi Jackson


Daniel W.

Guys you're forgetting one thing why conviction rate is 99%.

Remember Phoenix Wright?


Wow, that's terrible!

Name Here

Aren't there only like two countries in the world who use juries?

Knowledge Is power

Right or wrong it has helped the country better of then this country


Oh boo hoo, what do you propose then 5 star luxury hotels for death row inmates!?

Darrin Funk

Everything I ever learn about Japan makes me think it's the most hellish place on Earth to live

Mert İndibi

I dont see why having a jurie is any better

Danny James

I've Walked Around In Kobe At Around 2 AM Till 5 AM All By Myself....Vert Safe, Even In A Dark Area.

AA Greg

I know a Japanese person who had experienced the 留置所(detention center), where non-convicted criminals have to spend there time.
He said the conditions are worse than prisons, such as not so healthy meals, guards ignoring bullying in cells, guards ignoring you when you need to use the toilet.
He thinks they do this to encourage people to confess quickly. In such conditions, they begin to think it's better off in actual prison, where the food is healthy, and guards are strict against conflict amongst inmates.


Thank you mister Ishikawa for exposing this corrupt and cruel system of Japan. You are a courageous man and I hope you will get justice.

Aidan Macias

Edgeworth is doing a great job!

Strawberry Kiys

now I realise why Ghosn escaped Japan, they're still as bas as they were in WW2


They play no games. So cruel.

Sallie Andrea

Why is this making me want to cry. His who!e life


Japan is a fuckhole.

Care Air

It is illegal to handcuff a suspect in public unless observational evidences have been verified to have the potential to inflict harm on others or himself.


Japan is NOT safe if you are a woman young or old.
Almost every woman has been sexually assaulted on the busy trains.
It's quite shocking, when you live here in Japan, you find the truth.

塞尔维亚 - 文化、艺术、旅行、人们

USA, criminals are punished very lightly, so people are not afraid to commit crimes. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of middle-class underage girls are forced into prostitution every year in the United States, and only dozens of pimps are punished each year. carry on

Darren Navarro

Sketch as fuck. No bill of rights

Ms Wonderfulgem

Disgusting. Inhumane. Wickedness. Not surprising.

Xenos X

일본 게임 페르소나5에서 "일본의 1심 유죄율은 99%에 달한다~"라는 대사가 사실이었군...한국 사람 대부분은 이런 팩트를 모를듯...


Japanese are born to be nationalist.


That's horrible. 10 years on death row without knowing when you are going to be executed, only to have your sentence switched to life imprisonment, and all for a crime you didn't commit. I mean, thank goodness they switched it, but I can't imagine what it does to a man waking up each morning thinking that could be their last, for ten years in a row. I wonder, what would if he had refused to 'confess'? Without his confession, they would have had nothing to go on. Do they use torture to coerce the confession?


The Ace Attorney games makes much more sense to me now.


and by 2030 every grain of rice will have a mini camera inside

Chairman Meow

In China, the justice system has a conviction rate of 99.9% ? There is no justice in China! If you are accused than you are already convicted ??
Of the 1.16 million people put on trial last year, Chinese courts returned a guilty verdict for all but 825 of them. That’s a 99.93 percent conviction rate.


Now I understand why Carlos Ghosn escaped from Japan

Chief Judge

Japan's justice system belongs in the middle ages. Apparently the only part of the country that America didn't civilize.


Wow, he blames himself and apologizes to state that practically forced a confession out of him.

Anoetic OddZero

Solitary confinement is not a sollution, but torture. US to Japan than does the like.

Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams

There's something vaguely unsettling about Japanese execution rooms.

Ethan MacRoberts

Carlos Ghosn is running from this right now, ex-Nissan CEO fighting charges facing a system that incarcerates 99% of people facing charges

HS Zhou

Taking the Blame wrongfully as self sacrifice in Japan is considered a sign of strong modesty which is highly valued. This cultural trait has formed many strange structures including this legal system through history. As a result Many people willfully confessed by themselves. But if society expects you to take the Blame wrongfully and not themselves then thats where Madness starts and moral balance is out of control.

Strawberry Kiys

now I realise why Ghosn escaped Japan, they're still as bas as they were in WW2

Martin Huynh

Most Asian countries are like this. Its a cultural thing rather than political (democracy or authoritarianism).


I just watched another clip that said this guy was a vegetable when he was released.


Reason why Carlos Ghosn escaped


How come there are so few crimes compared to europe

Andrew Drazdik Jr

The officer within the powers of the Japan Ministry of Justice showing cause of law is the primary motivator of Justice. The evidently circumstance of the evidence with all actors by class of law, and venue under the jurisdiction of Japan then has that condition to those powers. When the evidence by class of law is broader in scope that evidently the one actor, or actors, are permitted to disclose their evidence with their testimony equally under law and equity, the powers of the Constitutional officer as that agent of Justice deserve their cooperation fully. Just enough to dissolve the probative value, balance of probability, given the nature of crime is not a virtue of society. Only a just person can known justice by cooperation of the entire evidence which the circumstantial evidence has no evident question to risk the cause of justice.

Ibn Caravanner

Carols Ghosn.


Carlos is right

HS Zhou

According to the WJP Rule of Law Index 2016, Japan ranks 15th from 113 countries. The US ranked 18th and the U.K. Ranked 10th. And usually Nordic countries rank on top.

Glizen Manosa

Fuck you!

mo Gabriel


Man Das

This video is very biased and inaccurate.
Japan's conviction rate is misleading. Japan has the different system from the states and most of the suspects aren't prosecuted, so that people don't waste their life because of a false charge. This means if you get arrested in the states there's much higher probability that you'll be sentenced than in Japan. The number of prisoners in the states is over 2,200,000. In Japan that's under 50,000.

Sorry but that Americans are complaining about Japanese legal system is just ridiculous. Look who's talking.


to be fair, most people in jails in the US sign plea bargains even though they're innocent, cause they can't afford lawyers for a real trial. Same false confessions, but forced by poverty rather then policemen. While in Japan the powerful can get the same bad treatment.
It's really bad. But it's not like many other countries are better


Confession in-front of police is taken as confession. That’s cruel.

Ron Crider

This video doesnt paint a complete and truly accurate pictture, a lot of things are taken out of context. Most of the time in Japan when arrested, you are either released without the case going further(minor cases) or the prosecutor decides not make an Indictment. This is because japan for the most part, will not indict someone without 100 percent proof of crime. So if there is a shred of doubt, the prosecutor doesnt usually go forward with the case. Yea japan has a 99% conviction rate. However their arrest to Indictment rate is rather low. All things need to be considered, because if not, you paint a skewed sense of what is true. Just saying.


The answer is Japanese prosecutors never prosecute without 100% guilty evidence.

Miss Rebel

Anyone knows the case of Junko Furuta? If you dont know, then Warning its very graphic. The case is about 30 years old, but it shows how flawed the japanese law system is. Punishing the innocent and letting the guilty away.

george xmas


Slammer Mchammer

The amount of weebs and japanofiles getting pissy over this video is astonishing.


It's normal as the justice is hypocrite in Japan they press and push you until you have no choice you convicted just to get rid from detention and lonless this is a corrupt system

Mick Thunder

Its USA not America.


Why does people defend very developed countries while those developing countries they tend to criticize those developing countries and under developing countries. You can put hate comments though.


you can call them efficient?

ammm zeee

24 year of prison

matt knauf

i am very happy that i live in the USA.

Adam Bechtol

:( :( :(

Misty Camp

What is his name? How is he today?


Brendan Dassey of Japan.

Vancouver Canada

Japan’s Justice System is evil,, oppressive and unjust. PERIOD.


The man at the start was a Burakumin (the lowest social caste in Japan) and targeted by authorities.


That 1% is everyone that Phoenix Wright defended


Fascist nation. Fascist prison.


And how tf the cannibal men is free in japan

Albert Almodal

Why the fuck did the old guy apologize?

Overarainbow7 2013



Looks like two nukes weren't enough.


Guilty until proven innocent is a extremely flawed and lazy system for enforcing law and justice.


So we should force people to confess to a crime they didn't commit, or believe they didn't commit?

Zackery Parkhurst

The reason the us goes about a civilian being innocent until guilty, was because its better to let a guilty man free, than imprison an innocent man and let the true criminal think there is no penence to pay for his deeds...


Awful and shameful justice system.

Japanese laws

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Top 10 Insane Laws In Japan

53 668 views | 21 Jan. 2018

Top 10 Insane Laws In

Top 10 Insane Laws In Japan

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Alright, we all know that every country has their own weird laws and Japan is no exception. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 insane laws in Japan.



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Ryan Wazonek


Liam Collens


Theresa Morozovitch

Michael Sternberg

Blowfish venom is extremely deadly so of course the test is very hard.

Chris Yang

999th comment


Top 10 finish laws

Harry Asmith

#8 is actually a good idea.



Michael Smithson

With some of these laws I kind of understand

Christian kathryn Grimes

So in Japan is the lion king song hakuna matata about the devil?


Well the blow fish law makes sense because just if you take one miss cut it can kill

Allistor Kirkland

The age of consent varies between prefectures and it can depend on other factors. 13 years old is the minimum and requires parental consent.


Well, I hope asthma sufferers can survive in Japan since it seems inhalers aren't allowed... I know I wouldn't.


Part 2


What country are you from?

Tymarcus Newton

Do a video like this on Canada

Jordan Smith

You should do a top ten horror movies


Hi I'm Japanese


1:42 thank god I’m not fat ????

Hope .lowkeydancevibes



I'm Japanese. Half of what you said is wrong.

Lily Emma Lindsay

Don't ppl usualy dance at night clubs?


I am Japanese. "Liars are imposed a fine of 5000 $" Please add.

Liam Burke

Did anyone realise that at 5:17 the caption said baby name but that was the caption of number 2

Margaret Parypa

Oh yeah 4th viewer #ealrycrew #ohyeah #yes

Galaxy Fox

take me the japan landon

Nick Shamman

Lol age of consent 13?
No wonder hentai is popular?

Alice Willoughby

I'm not so sure the laws about blowfish are insane. From what I've heard, those things are dangerous!

Dannie My0wnReality

Hi Landon I hope you got my message not sure if I left it on Landon productions or your vlog channel. It was regarding your dad. Anyway I hope you’re doing ok or at least ok as can be And don’t forget to try and take care of yourself I know you wanna be there for him constantly but you’re no good to him if you’re not well. Anyway all my love prayers and best wishes to you Britney and your dad ❤️


Lie Lie Lie


That's because Blowfish is poisonous.



YouTube deやる夫



Well I like Japan yo now

John W

Age of consent = Baby name.

Richard Rahl

Top 10 reasonable laws in Japan. And regarding number 1, Japan's prefectures have their own laws about the age of consent, which set it higher, so effectively age of consent isn't 13.


I don't like your videos.....I LOVE THEM MY DUDE

Death Fish Of Earth

im dead

Nikki Villemaire

Number 8- what if you're Sumo wrestler? What then? They have to be fat. It's part of their job description.


The Richest did this too(10 laws in Japan) early today

Alice Willoughby

Being fined $2,000? Now THAT'S throwing money away!!!

Then again, why would any parents want to name their child Devil. That IS abuse!

Haruka Zucchini

I’ve know how to talk in Japanese for a few years now and the first time I watched miraculous lady bug and cat noir I heard the word akuma I said “ I thought this was a kids show ?!?”

rabba didi

The puffer fish law is logical

trinity wilson

Slide acknowledge economic heat lightly ready feeling sauce sue pitch mine gender.

Games devourer

You can have sex in America at any age there is a loop hole just find it ;)

Leslie Fisher

Kind of ironic that being fat would be illegal because of how popular Sumo Wrestling is

Ultimate Lightning 2.0

Japan is to strict.

Aracks 7

can’t wait to see #roadto5m . ive been here since 500k!

Kirsten Wright

What happened to the British girl?

Stephanie Hernandez


OP Xcorp

Baby names relates to age of consent, how exactly?

R Sp

Strict name laws isn´t really insane, nor is it uncommon. Many countries have certain names you are not allowed to choose for your child, and "Demon" is not a strange name to prohibit. And even though Japan forbids parents to name their child Akuma, they do allow other strange names. Recently there has been a lot of new kirakira names, and among those you can actually find the name "Anaru" which is the Japanese pronunciation for anal.

Bloody Blast

Where the elephant ?

Tori Mallory

Can you do a part 2 please and thank you

Eashan Saju

Landon : banning fat people it is kind of rude
Me: why was I not born in Japan

Ight imma head out

57k viewer?

Eli Crowley


Mariko Wilkins

Liar liar pants on fire you don’t need to follow what he says people


Sweet watch Landon. BTW, I hope your dad gets better.


Top 10 insane Laws in Poland

J.J. Williams

#9 isn't insane ,it's understood.

Shannon Catney

So happy I can read Japanese. ❤


I am a Japanese, but lots of this video are lies. There is no law to be fat and I can not get married at the age of 13.
You gaijins do not understand Japanese Do not speak like you knew.I reported.




tomo H

Stop spreading fake news Baka Gaijin

Demir Kasapoğlu

0:25 tell that to logan paul


Don't you dare bust a move in japan

Samuel Melendez

I want to go Japan so I could be a grown adult

Jiminhasnojams -RM-

What if you're pregnant? How long do you have to lose the baby weight..

Carys Elizabeth



Every other country needs that strict baby naming law because some of the names celebrities have called there Kids should be counted as Child Abuse


#11: No Paul brothers!



Riko S

I'm a viewer in Japan, and the insane names, such as "Pikachu", "Prostitute" r so popular. Is that happening all around the world, or only in Japan?..

kokoa kokoa


Russia Hetalia

Legal age is 13


"I don't wanna get arrested for doing something wrong" aah I feel your pain ?


so you can be fined for skipping coins across a lake.


Top 10 Insane Laws In New Zealand

Jessie crystal123

Can I get 1000 likes

Minami I

I am Japanese but what he said is almost not true... idk how he could have so much confidence saying about our law....

Eric Amoriello

i am from America

Jethro Chan

Throwing Money is always done by those Chinese.


It's not illegal to be fat in Japan, stupid video. Another logan paul?

Ginga Infinity

Wtf #9 u can get killedif u eat pufferfish thats why they have to have a damn licence to prep and cook it




まさにfake news

J.J. Williams

U use ur hands alot


Illiagel to be fat. Can't make your own aahcool. No public trashcans. Wow Japan is retarded. How is Japan a great country. When there a lot of retarded laws.

Ripley Fry

Top 10 dumbest laws


I don't get Japan. They do not allow all that but yet they are happy to have vending machines that sell used schoolgirl panties!

Bryan Otero

Top 10 Insane Laws in Mexico


11/5000 Half the fake news

Richard Sheetz

No headphones on bicycles?

Michael Sternberg

The age of consent in Saudi Arabia is 6 years old

Matthew m

whats with the hands?

Æsir ツ Euro

Top 10 law about Dubai

Total Creative Gaming

I agree with you Landon. Japan is a wonderful and beautiful country even though some of their laws or traditions may seem odd to us westerners. But all in all Japanese culture is just lovely. And indeed, they are humble and nice.

Kusanagi Motoko

5:15 in Argentina is the same


Ohhhhh! Copying the richest now!

Matteo Clement

Want few reliable end delivery deck verbal vacation.

Mourning Daughter

Ok, well, the blowfish one makes sense. I mean, who wants to accidentally get poisoned? Especially if you're the lord, I mean, c'mon.


10. Dancing in certain nightclubs is illegal in Tokyo
9. Need a blowfish license before getting or cooking blowfish
8. Being overweight
7. Brewing your own alcohol
6. Throw money away
5. No public trash cans (due to previous terrorist attacks)
4. Bike regulations (using cellphone, holding an umbrella, have headphones on, etc)
3. Bring over the counter medication in the country (Tylenol is illegal)
2. Baby name (no inappropriate names)
1. Age of consent is 13
You’re welcome