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Hypnosis: Increase Trading Gains. Trading Zone. Win in Stock Market. Forex. Day Trading (REQUEST)

132 113 views | 29 Nov. 2016

Market traders can use

Market traders can use this hypnosis to amplify their trading gains, by increasing focus and execution speed of winning trades. Day Trading, forex trading, serivatives trading, stock trading can all improve with a better mental function

creep tho

I've lost a 100k since listening to this ever night for the past 60 days


Very good...Thanks....I can use this. Most traders will make much better decisions when relaxed. Sadly, a lot of traders trade with too much risk and then have too much emotion.

James Antol

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Georgina Barrera

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Mark Mack

Trading is a decision making exercise that is no different than any other business. Your best decisions are made when your mind is in a calm, relaxed, and confident state. This hypnosis application aids in attaining a desirable mindset that gives you a better chance for success in an uncertain environment as you trade your own personal business plan.

Rodolfo Vitangcol

Million Dollar Potential in Ruvol

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Over time, Ruvol will surpass chess as the “Number One Board Game in the World.”

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Ruvol is played somewhat like chess. I purposely invented Ruvol to give chess a direct “apple-to-apple” competition.

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Early bird catches the worm!

John Seeley

I wish I could like this more than once

bhavnesh sachdeva

It will be part of my everyday ?❤️


Feeling the difference already. Great tool. Helps calm me right down so I can see what is happening with my trades. Have downloaded it from his website for $5. Thanks so much!!


Thanks very much indeed! Very, very good! i can now trade calmly, focused and with a lot more profit! God bless!

Yung Chocc

Got out of a shitty trade with a lil profit off this ?

Luca Puzzoli


Faris Najmi bahari

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All i have to say ever since listening to this i have been profitable over and over! Thank you #sograteful

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Charlotte Bingham

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Bimlesh Kumar

Thanks !

howdy ault

Thanks for doing this!

George Calvert

Wish he would offer all his sessions as a downloadable MP3 file. He offers a handful of them on his website for a reasonable $5 each, but this one isn't available for download, as are many other sessions that I like and would gladly shell out $5 for...


The comments are all nonsense and not related to the video, please consider disabling these gibberish comment section


You don't have to know what happens next to make money in trading. Their are contradictory statements made here. Better stay away. Good luck. ✌️


thanks. i found it a bit long but it's ok.
I would have loved to have a trigger to come back to the state of feeling the best trader, at any time

Ming Yip

Having a good and trusted broker plays a huge role in determining your success as a trader.

mind maker

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Manvendra Singh

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do you think sports bet count as a binary option?. Can this help chose the winner outcome of a bet?

The Gas Tap

Love this before I go to sleep at night.... Can you make one for alcohol abuse? Im having a bit of trouble with that interfering with my trading and success. Please make a video or recommend someone else's.


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Rex Motha

Better not hear your voice. Music or natural sound better


Gratefulness towards➡➡ you?

Jennifer lara

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nallathai latha

Hi there, I want to know if Trabeplom System, will work for me? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular forex system.


I just started day trading, and this shows up, awesome synchronicity. ?

Lorean Keith

I read lots of superb reviews on the internet about how Trabeplom System will help you making some money in the fx trading . Has anyone tested out this popular forex system secrets?


Absolutely THE BEST! Love these statements and perfect hypnosis execution. Thank you so much! ❤

Robert Cole

How do I purchase this MP3 recording?

sarah mwangi


George Calvert

This is the best trading hypnosis session I've listened to by far... Great Job!

Peter Peter



thank you


love this channel
thanks for your work

Carrieann Mellor

hi..i have watched many meditations..but you really work for me...i go into a trance very quick..wish i could contact you in private message...

Arhan Arya

Thanks buddy., But, it's too long video but good. It would have been better if you curtail the duration of the video.?❤️

Hey, I forgot to tell you that I just simply love your voice?

14th Mar 2020✔️

Damian Callender

Is it just me? I usually fall asleep midway through this audio. I’ve manage to get great results either way. Thank you for sharing. I listen every night.

Bster Z.

i love your voice...... very comforting.... thank you very much for this and for many wonderful things to come my way :)

Omar Usman

No way this is real I want to try this

Pannier Fx Quant Trader

I've managed to listen it entirely and typed out his beautifully crafted statements that suits traders like me.

Here you go and you're welcome ?

1st Set :

1. When you trade, your mind is calm, celar completely aware and completely focused. (x3)
2. As you monitor the market, any other issue naturally fade. You hone in on of what's important.
3. Your mind is still as ocean depths. And you perceive every new ones with the indicator.
4. Your vast intelligence notices all that it needs to notice.
5. You sense it happening in the depths of your mind.
6. You react with total precision.
7. Every breath you take fills you with calm.
8. You sense every angle for winning trades.
9. As your mind executes beautifully and you take advantage of all that you notice.

2nd set :
1. You perceive the matrix behind the numbers.
2. You perceive the stillness behind the motions.
3. As you stay in the now, completely unaffected, completely vigilant.
4. You can sense things before they happen.
5. You see the matrix of the traders, you see the behavior and patterns of the market and you can predict what will occur.
6. You get immediate and clear picture in your mind of trading opportunities, because you are so attuned to the market.
7. Because you are so focused and the unfolding of the market direction, you see it so clearly.
8. And you just capitalise on opportunities.

3rd set :
1. With every trade your reactions improve.
2. With each and every trade your mind is sharper,  your' reactions quicker, you have clear methodic confident, intuitive mindset of the trading zone.
3. You remain in your trading zone, no matter how your trades go.
4. Because you know you that you are playing for the probabilities.
5. With any game of loss you are equally unaffected.
6. Because you are fully concentrated on the moment and the market infront of you.
7. You stay in the present, noticing all that you need to present for the present moment and your current trades.
8. There's no emotional residue in your trading because you stay locked on to the present situation.
9. And your confidence is strong and your your strategy and indicators guide you.

4th set :
1. You become a master of trading as soon as you sit down and start trading.
2. As soon as you sit down trading you immediately go into your trading zone.
3. Your mind drop into the zone at the peak ability.
4. Sitting down to trade is your key to transform into a master of trading.
5. No matter what day it is, no matter what activity it is you were doing before, as soon as you set the intention to trade, you go into peak trading mode.
6. You just go into the trading zone, your own intention is the trigger.
7. Sitting down to trade is the trigger.
8. You instantly go into that wonderful zone of of trading.
9. You become a master of trading as soon as you sit down to trading.
10. You effortlessly and easily tap into your best trading zone.
11. Just imagine now, infront of you, as the master of trading.
12. Just see your best self. Notice the expression on their face. Notice the posture, notice how they hold themselves.
13. See the look in your eyes and notice how it feels as your best trading self.

5th set :
1. Notice how they react effortlessly to the data.
2. Notice how  easily and quickly they execute successful trades, taking decisions without hesitation.
3. This master of trading is always at the right place and right time to pick up the trades, because the moment is always now and the place is where you are right now.
4. You come to the conclusion that you are the most fortunate person to be right where you are because you have so many winning trades infront of you.
5. As soon as you sit down to join the market to trade, the master trader inside of you wakes up and is fully present, fully in the zone.
6. As soon as you plug into market, you instantly become your best trading self.
7. When a trade requires instant action, you act immediately without delay.
8. You effortlessly and easily proceed with lighting speed according to your strategy.
9. If the trading requires a precise setup, then you become the most patient person in the world.
10. You monitor the action, ready to strike instantaneously and meanwhile you are perfectly calm, perfectly aware and waiting in focus like a cobra.
11. You strike like lightning with total precision because thats what you do and that is who you are.
12. Your strategy tells you when it is time and you simply proceed whether it's placing a buy, sell, stop or just being vigilant, you just work with precision.
13. You lock on to the trades. Your emotions are in check. Your mind is attuned but not effected by all the other minds of the market.

14. You sense their emotions but stay aloof.
15. You see things that are about to come and you quickly and decisively profit from this.
16. Your movements are like clock work, Your movements are reflexes guided by your highest intelligence.
17. You seem to have the ability to read the events before they happens.
18. Your strategy tells you what to do and you are very confident.
19. You patiently wait to pounce on an opportunity.
20. You are connected to the market and clearly understand your role to make money.
21. You are detached and calm noticing everything that is relevant for your trades.
22. You see the emotions of the market but do not indulge in it.
23. Your execution of the trades is ahead of the curve because your mind is clear and perfectly attuned to your market indicators.
24 . And you are master of trading, stay in the zone and you succeed.

Jan Hui

This has made incredible changes for me in a very short space of time. I scalp the London/ny cross (in a certain screen share ?)...this has been the best pre-trading material I have used. Thank you very much.

Dean Handley

galactically stupid and moronic - what a joke!

Puryear Eaker

I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on WooPep page, great for health :)

eric miller


bhavnesh sachdeva

Really loved it❤️


Thank you for this. Just made a short trade today and the damn stock is climbing! Ug!
But now I am not anxious. I am a Master trader!
I believe it now!


you would be a dummy to use the trabeplom system, stop the advertising please, study the market!!


people often make the mistake of trusting these broker platforms who only want their money, everyone notices how you get calls until you made your first deposit, well thats because they only gain when you lose,they promise profitable output but also deny you of it in the end with some ellaborate excuse. i had to get myself out of the system; Sincere gratitude to Garth Avi Londren who put me on the right track to profitable trading.

Market increase

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2 781 views | 5 Oct. 2020

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Killer_ Instinct

Superb man.
Very intricate, in-depth analysis, as usual

ja N

Hey Troy, I left a comment in the black pill video about hitting rock bottom we had a brief chat. I was wondering how much you would charge for a 1on1 consultation?

michael picardal

...out of all the Rule Zero crew, you and Rollo are the ones i can consistently listen to...sometimes the others can be a bit too much...much respect to your opinions

Oliver Wilson

Cheers Troy, was a good laugh that. You do the accents well. Just read another 2 of your books. Keep it up !


Excellent show. Love the new cad format.



Not a Giraffe

Ray Winston should get a guest credit on this episode


Time-stamps for all you fine lads:

[00:03] - Troy will answer any issues you may have surrounding the dating game in the live chat.

[0:32] - Exposition on Rule Zero Live event and the group talking about different topics like, but not limited to: Harem Game, dating, day/night game, etc.

[3:34] - Black Pill Haters, Awareness of Sexual Marketplace and Elements Important to Dating Life, Primer on SMV.

[5:11] - Love/Dating in the S-Marketplace and how our Western and European traditions affect our perception of love and romance. How art, music, literature, movies, etc. have conditioned to foster those perceptions. The narrative they make you believe that love and romance will just happen, and the hot girl will just fall for the doofus; mentions scalability with SMV.

[7:41] - People bristling over the concept of the S-Marketplace. People’s agitation on how one could reduce the more important human emotion of all to a condition of commerce within the S-Marketplace. Expressions on these things (e.g. leagues/hierarchies) alone are proof of there being a S-Marketplace.

[10:44] - The problematic nature of the concept of leagues. The different brackets and leagues in the S-marketplace, and value exchange. The lies we tell ourselves to alter our socioeconomic status and other elements towards this S-marketplace.

[12:53] - Troy on when he was growing and how he didn’t have a GF until he was 20. How the One-itis/Soul-Mate myth affected his perception; the girls that didn’t like him were ones he fell in love with, and the ones who did like him were ones that he rejected.

[13:41] - More on Troy’s adolescence. The over-generalizations media sells you on that all you have to do is to be true to yourself to get the hot girl. The Nice Guy vs. The Jock. How social media offers us to share notes that others couldn’t do back then.

[16:20] - Troy’s rude awakening. Societal narratives and the superficiality of things on the surface level. He was skeptical in general, and he was trying to understand what others were telling him to buy into being true to yourself.

[18:08] - Troy on the first time he asked a girl out who was most likely one of the most sought after girls in the school. How calling the girl worked out for him and his nervousness and how he used a comb to try to deal with it. He asked for her permission to be her boyfriend and she friend-zoned him as a result; how women do it to lessen the blow on rejecting a guy.

[21:11] - More on how Troy had a dual way of looking at these things. Female love, and Troy revealing insecurities he had. The rejection for him was cold and jarring. Women being harsh vs. men being straightforward, at least even if they were harsh in their own ways.

[23:29] - Feminity, Intersexual dynamics, College Years (17-18). Dad giving him some advice to get Troy with a girl that probably liked him. The girl rejected him for his offer on a drink and her kissing a guy in his 30s, and how it crushed him. A guy with his head on his shoulders vs. Troy being aware of there being a marketplace and how he had a certain value; humbling but depressing for him.

[26:49] - How Troy learned from these experiences with the second girl. His place with value in the leagues and brackets in that marketplace. More exposition on elements on value, value gap, and how these things were in the back of his head. How the second girl made more sense in someone he could approach and how she rejected him. More on Black Pill video that he did previously with despondency, hopelessness, blank-slate equal-ism in value, etc.

[28:41] - The existential shock he experienced, and how this marketplace became apparent to him not by social media or the Rational male, but by life itself. Troy on: Depression, self-esteem, trauma, and how when he was in his early 20s and how this concept of the S-marketplace was ingrained into him.

[30:21] - Troy on: Nightclub in Manchester, Rough and ready guys; the bad boys in clubs and how the girls would go for those guys. The girls would have these innocent upbringing and being potentially good mothers vs. them going for the bad boys/chavs. Elements on success with getting with these women (e.g. height, clothes, looks, money, and other leg ups).

[34:03] - Troy’s transformation and his traction in getting more girls and dating them. His disposition with being cheeky and cocky. How he leveraged working in a bar with his interactions with women. When he tried it alone in a different club and how he wasn’t the dude behind the bar sent his value down and how he did ridiculous things to get with chicks.

[36:10] - Troy on: Startup project with someone for a magazine. How he would show these printouts and use it to leverage his game and value, but how that didn’t work for too long. He needed to show value over and above himself, which was a mistake looking back for him; the old RSD idea. Blank-slate equal-ism and how he didn’t have a sense of these things back then.

[38:32] - Troy on: Accolades men would use to show value. Late 20s to early 30s - he understood the SMV and how he was trying to communicate that value to women. Social media and DHV. Mechanisms to display value efficiently to women you want to date in the most authentic way.

[40:52] - Troy on: Dating coaches, skills, SHOW YOUR RECEIPTS, etc. and how they get a lot of criticism. How women don’t want to be with a guy pretending to be someone they’re not. Game and other dating skills are a way to show value and bridging that gap in value. More on how he progressed with cultivating game, losing his V-card, break-ups, etc. and not staying with one girl for life. Fearful of falling into the dry spell and black pill mindset, and how it screwed him up.

[45:11] Argument on SMV being fixed and his proposals of two unique values with the S-Marketplace. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the markers are not absolute. Actual market value vs. perceived market value and how these two concepts can fluctuate and are circumstantial. More exposition on CAD Academy and how it teaches social skills.

[50:01] - Lead up to charisma and mentioning concepts from Art of Seduction and him going through the 10 elements. How people have no purpose other than what other people give you vs. your own crafted purpose in life. Not being afraid to be noticed in the crowd can increase your SMV.

[58:34] - More exposition on those 10 elements, communication/sub-communicating your desire for her, etc. Loosely referencing what he mentioned in the webinar with Rule Zero. You don’t have to be born with these skills; these are things you can work at. How people want to believe in something and having ego investments in things. More exposition on not supplicating and always agreeing with the women you’re dating and ways to augment perceived SMV.

[1:01:23] - Vulnerability and how it’s a tricky one to discuss. Sometimes showing a bit of vulnerability is a sign of confidence that you don’t care about what people think about it. Robbie Williams and how his vulnerabilities and what his shtick was with gaming women.

[1:03:33] - Adventurousness vs. boring lifestyle. Touching up on last elements with the Art of Seduction. Grooming fashion, money, fitness. Breaking out of trying to go along with the societal plan. James Bond and how he wouldn’t want to take a simple life, and how that wouldn’t even be a scene in a future movie with him. Have a vision in your life, and leading up to hints of prognostication, calibration, Gainsbourg, etc.

[1:07:12] - Answering more questions and more on Gainsbourg and his shtick. Aesthetics is part of the equation; not the whole. The Keystones you want to be looking for.

[1:08:31] - Looking to answer more intelligent questions. Guys in this area (red pill) tend not to be the stereotypical alpha.

[1:09:37] - Closing thoughts and mentioning future events, videos, and other avenues to reach out to Troy.

Kristian Kasanova

Pure quality Troy, thank you for consistently uploading solid, valuable content

Fletcher 007

Troy you are right about Manchester being a rough City back in the day! I grew up around the Hulme/ moss side area as a kid and we had to move out of the area because of the gun and knife crime going on on our doorstep and move to a safer part of the city. Troy will know exactly where I’m taking about. Manchester is great for nightlife though, especially around the northern quarter which is the bohemian arty area with some cool bars, restaurants, record shops and Trendy coffee shops. Some of the local women especially those from the tougher parts of the city can come across very masculine, and they can tend to go for extremely masculine men as a result, which Manchester has an abundance of due to being quite a tough working class city.

Andreas ATST

I was there. My only education about women in my youth was Hollywood. The only advise i ever got from my father on women was "they like little presents now and then". I grew up thinking the white knight is going to get the girl and of course he didnt. I hit the wall with 19. Guys, educate your sons!

Killer_ Instinct

Nonchalantly talking about sex , in a cheeky, confident manner demonstrates high value to her.

Mark Shenouda

I always suspected you were the voice of bet 360.

Market increase

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Exact Housing Market Crash Date & Price Increase (New Data)

22 790 views | 12 Nov. 2020

Home values have

Home values have skyrocketed in 2020 and will probably continue to go up until 2021and 2022 before we see a major housing market crash. Because the federal reserve already has said they will be keeping interest rates low until at least 2023 and because more and more sellers will probably not be listing their homes over the next few months, the demand for homes will stay high while the supplies will continue to shrink. All market cycles do have to come to an end though and I predict a housing market crash around the spring of 2022.

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Make sense more people will want to sell after Covid but where will they move to? Not everyone want to go to an apartment. New Supply is nowhere close to demand. I think it may be even longer til a crash.

Ani Zakaryan

Clicked on this video for real estate update. What I got was covid/vaccine propaganda. No thank you!

Malcolm Lawson - REALTOR

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Ja Lee

The reduction of price may start end of 2021 into 2022. Then 2023 is when we will see a bottom.

Kaitlyn Nguyen

Cant wait house market crash again

Faksi Bey

National figures and analysis will NOT follow regionally. Ohio will crash in 2022 as a linear market, but California will crash MUCH earlier like 2021 because it is non linear. A single buyer of distressed property does NOT buy the overall average like a stock in the financial market . . . A single buyer only has to be right once with a single datapoint.

Hanh Hoang

open to do a collaboration? let me know! im here in SOCAL. LA area.

Sandy Koski

I don’t see the virus being uncontrolled for 2 years. So you’re saying house prices are going to stay the same especially with another wave of lockdowns and job losses? And they will be able to figure how to keep their homes or renters ? a lot of people will run out of their forbearance and cannot get a extended after 12 month’s. I see a decrease prices lowering in the next 6 months ?‍♀️

Sandrine B

I just sold my house in CA. It may go up even more in the next few months but I'm not ready to take the risk. I will rent for a few months and then see how it goes and buy something cheaper in another state, for the long term.

Moises Martinez

Before you upload make sure you are giving accurate info.

Stay Curious

Nah, this phony economy is not going to be indefinite. Just wait until December and beyond.

Alexis Buchholz

How about everyone who is behind on their mortgages tell their banks that they’re “not comfortable” in selling yet - that should keep your theory going, haha!

gloria foster

What if the people who own the house has had Covid-19 that’s a risk for the Buyer

Ni Yo

Good video, I think the trust in the fed will break at some point. Domino effect will occur with sentiment.

David B

The moratorium in the US end at the end of this year.

Dew Time

Good video. I might have missed it, but did you ever address the wave of foreclosures next year?

Also random feedback. Can you turn off that sound when the mouse clicks?


I live in WA state and just sold my house about 1 hour outside of Seattle and the market is soooo different depending upon where you live within different counties. The area where I sold, I now see compatible houses currently just sitting on the market and yet I hear a local realtor within that county saying sellers are receiving multiple offers and selling over list. Uhhh not where I sold! We have seen a softening. We had to drop our price and sell for another 10k less than listed price on a 760k home in order to sell. While the inventory is indeed low, they are still not moving and have been in the market for months. I don’t think anyone can make a blanket statement about the current market right now because it really depends upon your specific area even within your own city and state. Well, that’s the story in WA.

Steve Effertz

Masks don't work.

DJ Cruiser

At this rate who knows we might get paid to actually buy home.

David Ron

Our economy isn’t like Canada’s. Market will crash before summer. Bet the farm on it.

RentOS Property Management Software

Helpful data and very helpful analysis for the buyers and sellers as well. Thank you.


thankfully wages have kept up with housing price increases or does it even matter anymore when we have the 70% house price correction that's when I'm buying, ah grasshopper you say they won't loan money when this happens the smart money already has cash waiting, the house next door in 2007 was valued at $460,000 in 2010 it sold for $120.000 I didn't have cash then this time I'm ready to fill my American dream

Ja Lee

The values are going to level off. Before they drop.


If someone is facing foreclosure except for the moratorium, and in the meantime their property value soars as much as you estimate, doesn’t that essentially buy them out of their hardship? A home is the most leveraged investments anyone can make. With 25% equity, one could see their equity multiply several times over. By that time I would imagine many could reorganize in bankruptcy if necessary or short sell to walk away with a profit.

Frank Garcia

Hit the HWY


Very good and logical analysis. The only thing I could think of that might change the outcome you outlined is if we have a big increase in unemployment as the result of a lockdown. This may reduce demand enough that it will put a brake on the price increases over the next year.

esa denise

If the interest goes low houses go high. At the end of the day us consumers still loose cuz your paying for your home plus the interest which is not even going to your home. It’s like you bought 2 houses ? because the lenders still making hella money

If a home is 500k might as well make it it 700k because the 200k that the lenders making towards the interest are keeping that. I’m just saying ?

Norrie Show

400 million people living in America? A bit over exaggerated?

Joe Cab

Uh oh.

Danny Castaneda

Your forgetting the forbearance ending in March, I see a lot of homes in foreclosure by the summer

Arie Besserman

Who is this lobbyist working for ...

Ordinary Man

no correction or crash. supply and demand are old theory. home prices have only one direction that is UP. get real people. it is not your grand parents' market now.

E John

Ya know that feeling you get when somebody is blowing up a balloon and they just keep adding air?

You know it's gonna pop, but you start to cringe in expectation long before it actually does. And when it does pop, it always catches you by surprise, even though you knew it was coming.

That's market for ya. It's a fool's game to try and time it; the elasticity of bubbles can become unmeasurable. But you don't have to time it... you just have to wait for it to happen. You'll hear the pop when it pops. You'll only fuck with your own emotional state trying to predict the day and the hour.

Just keep your powder dry, and fire when you see the whites of their eyes. You won't miss then.

You're welcome.

Ste Koo

Nonsensical gibberish.
Hey, what happens if interest rates, now at 500 year low, start rising?

omg dontstop

Hopefully this is the case

Jordan Aubrey- Real Estate Investing Done Right

These next couple of months will be interesting!

sushmita Reddy

Foolish Analysis.
What if it takes 5 years for the vaccine to be ready? Do you say that house prices will increase 3.7% per month for the next 5 years?
What if there is huge increase in unemployment. Employers like restuarants and movie theatres can no longer pay their employees?

Sergio Villasenor

Same news..............

Steven Vanderheide

I expect a major supply increase in May 2021

Make America Great Again

This guy is an idiot. His figures are considerably off in every measurement he talked about. America’s population is just under 330 million and he quotes 400 million people in the US.

This guy is a fear mongering real estate agent who is providing incorrect/opinionated information.

Your Daddy

Garbage prices morons taking loans for triple
The real value of homes

Kandice Klein

Purchased my house for $445,000. 5 years ago and the value now is over $600,000 today and they just raised my property tax about six months ago I bet they’re mad at themselves that they didn’t hold off until this year


You look so much like Charles Day.

john davis

Sellers' "comfortability" becomes a non factor if they can't cover their mortgages anymore, which is very likely the case if unemployment sustains or goes higher.


OMG please get rid of your background music. I have to think twice about clicking your videos because I’m dreading your music lol! You have good info I just can’t deal with the music

Craig Crippen

The federal reserve changes their mind all the time.

Kirill Azarov

Total BS

Jeffrey Gould Real Estate - Tampa FL

Nice analysis. Not sure how it is by you but we have the ability to list a home, use 3D virtual tours, videos, and photos and not allow in-person showings. That said, I don't know anyone that is opting for that. I think most sellers are fine with having prospective buyers wear masks. It also seems like even though COVID cases are increasing the fear levels are lowering. I do expect in my market (Tampa) that we'll see additional inventory starting to hit the market in March.

Down Toearth

I have no choice to wait for home price get low
I need a home right now
And yes the home is hard to find not too many for sell and the price are so high

sophie art music

If sellers can refinance instead of selling, that reduce the # if inventory and house prices will still go up. I have a townhouse upstate NY that I’m waiting to sell. I over paid in 2007 or 2008 and still waiting for the price to increase a bit more to what I paid for. I paid 250,000 and it dropped to 190,000. Last highest price it recently sold last month was like 235,000. If I can sell it for 260,000, I’ll list it! Or I’ll list it if my tenant moves. We’ll see...


That fear is a driving factor for the feds to keep the rates low and to continue pumping a shit ton of stimulus into the economy. They will also likely add or extend programs to allow people in hot water to stay in their homes, thus controlling the inventory and artificially propping up the housing market. It will crash, and I say CRASH because we can count on a large percentage of Americans are going to overleverage themselves with debt, hang onto their homes until the bitter end, causing everyone to lose a large amount of equity in their homes. I think the crash will scale housing prices back to lower than they were in 2018.

Tommy Boy

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m a retired builder, developer and real estate investor. In my opinion you’re missing the biggest factor. People can only afford to pay so much. News flash: consumers are tapped out. It doesn’t matter how willing they are to buy when they can’t qualify for the loan. This housing market is going bust within the next 3-6 months. You’ll see!


I just dont see people still debating if they should sell 2 years later.

love Gold

Stop getting tested!

mearsglassworks Brian

Mortgage companies and appraisals would need to accept this kind of increase. I don't see that happening.


I don’t even know what the guy in the video is saying looks like load of crap. But the comments section is great a bunch of interesting people refuting everything ?

Rick Green

Got a couple houses to sell?

Joseph Of Borg

I think your nuts
How do the unemployed get mortgages in the mean time?

Jason Sidorski

Realistically diarrhea comes out your mouth.... good luck listening to this guy

jay smith

Zipper heads are driving prices up everywhere.. I cant even get a bid in wtf!!!! Go buy in your own country!!!!

DJ Cruiser

Was the Canadian Housing value chart represented in USD or Canadian dollars?

Donald Best

Those who choose to buy now will be fleeced, imo. Debt can’t grow much farther, it’s getting ready to implode, velocity of money is all time worst in history. I don’t see a bull market in real estate in an already over priced market, in the midst of the worst economic crisis in modern history. I am wrong often.
Australia is starting to tank, as most other city centers around the world now. Once everyone has finished moving from the cities and more ugly economic numbers, and information start coming out, there will be a huge onslaught of inventory.
We can also be assured those who are delinquent on mortgage, will at some point be evicted, and the banks will be having a mountain of real estate to liquidate. They were able to resurrect the housing prices on the last credit issue, I doubt it happens the same this time around.

Down Toearth

When u said home price are sky rocketed
I’m so sad because it hard to find a home right now

Mike Smith

great video. very insightful... curious why the music in the background? personally- it's super annoying