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Monaize ICO: Your Questions Answered - Episode 1

562 views | 23 Oct. 2017

Vincent, Guillaume and

Vincent, Guillaume and Robert of Monaize answer questions asked by people in the MNZ token Slack group on the lead up to the first ever completely decentralised Initial Coin Offering starting on Friday 10th November at 12pm (GMT).

As part of this “Banking meets Blockchain” project in partnership with Komodo Platform, ICO participants will be purchase their MNZ tokens directly on the Blockchain via cross chain atomic coin swap.

Episode 1.

[Useful links]

- Monaize e-banking platform: https://monaize.com

- ICO: https://monaize.com/ico

- White paper: https://monaize.com/assets/pdf/monaize_whitepaper.pdf


Robert needs a bigger shirt.

Komodo ico

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Komodo: Private, Fast, Atomic Swaps, ICO Platform

159 views | 21 Jan. 2018

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Komodo ico

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Buy Komodo Coin? Decentralized ICO's

4 642 views | 6 Nov. 2017

Komodo Coin is constantly

Komodo Coin is constantly in the top 25 overall cryptocurrency market cap.

Ace Stojevski

Power Ledger is going to do very, very well! The project & vision is unique but the best in the energy space - much needed. Massive year for them.

Glad you looked at Komodo, such an underrated value and such a solid coin, there is a lot of support for a reason. The platform is fantastic and very flexible, Komodo with Lisk will be the go to platforms competing with Ethereum. Komodo's first ICO has a token sale next week. 2018 is going to be moooooooooooooooooon time for all 3 of these coins. Nice video!! As always, great taste for the future! You're definitely mooning my friend.

Lucas H

Haha! 15:01 - "My name is Jeff" I got a flashback to 22 Jump Street.
Aaah, I love you Jeff <3

Joshua Verbitsky

100 million supply** lol




Good video, dude you replace words when you speak. look over the part when you read out and you misread or replace words? keep up the good work and just focus when you readout