Mpc stock price today

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7 eleven owner to buy marathons speedway for 21 billion

442 views | 2 Aug. 2020

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CapnHoezay Garcia

Good stock to buy?

Mpc stock price today

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Episode 10 COST AVERAGING STOCK - MPC (Stock Talk with Scott)

86 views | 27 Jan. 2020

The market is down but its

The market is down but its a good day to cost average my MPC. I'll explain why I do that and how I do it. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

Chase D

My buddy


Subbed. I bought MPC over the last couple of months. Cost basis is about $59. Didn’t think it would go down so much. But I think it’s very undervalued, so I’ll hold on here and see if it climbs again soon. You said you’ve been trading it for a while. So do you think we’ll see it go up above $60 again in the near future? My time horizon is long.

Mpc stock price today

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