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Skyrim Mods || Skyrim Special Edition || Skyrim Special Edition Mods: Helgen Reborn - Part 1

4 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Skyrim Mods || Skyrim

Skyrim Mods || Skyrim Special Edition || Skyrim Special Edition Mods: Helgen Reborn - Part 1

Helgen Reborn by Mike Hancho:


Helgen Reborn is a fully voiced adventure with over 20 superb voice actors. As you help rebuild the town you'll reunite two old friends, uncover an underground slavery ring, battle in an arena and many other adventures! If you enjoyed other Mike Hancho mods, you will be blown away by Helgen Reborn as this is my most ambitious mod to date.

#Best Skyrim Mods

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#rpgs Games

#skyrim Special Edition Mods

#skyrim mods of 2021

#helegen reborn

Used Mods In This Video

Helgen Reborn by Mike Hancho:


VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE


Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K


Combat Animations


H2135's Pirate Series2 CBBE 3BA & BHUNP Bodyslide v1.1


[SSE] H2135's Modern Series3 CBBE 3BA & BHUNP CBPC-SMP Bodyslide


Modern nexus

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Is Simic Nexus VIABLE in Modern?

4 418 views | 3 Jan. 2021


WATCH ME LIVE ► https://www.twitch.tv/harrymtg

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Deck: https://twitter.com/harrymtg/status/1345435013798633473

Deck Tech: 0:00

Golgari Yawgmoth 1:43

4C Kiki Combo 29:55

Rakdos Shadow 58:56

4C Urza 1:26:02

Rakdos Midrange 1:47:16


Epsilon Karamazov

Holy fuck, man. Got enough ads

Pau Perez

My leagues are not like this


Oh gods I hope so!

James Myers

I think its worth testing hydroid krasis or coiling oracle could be fancy

Game Daiv

Why you dont play snapcaster?

Philip Sipos

Love your content man!


I honestly think that we could easily slot in a couple field of the dead’s. Swapping a single snow island for a non-snow basic island to fetch out for a different name is a pretty low cost. Same with a single forest. It would just add so much late game inevitability and a reliable fast clock for when we are comboing off


you may as well play chalice in side if no any 1 drops

Andrej Dedik

5:54 i see correct line was growth spiral > island > cc, since you had no chance to protect cc in gy due to double green, would have granted you nexus next turn, but im not certain wheter im missing something


I wish we coulda seen how salty your 4c Kiki opponent had been...


@5:00 you could have growth spiraled into cryptic instead of just cryptic, would have set you up to cast nexus the next turn. Huge misplay.


Which would you recommend between this deck and sultai control?

Caleb Hopper

I'm loving the spicy decks!


Hello HarryMTG. I tried this deck but the guys and gals I played against were really mad when I started taking extra turns. Can you help me? In my first match against a burn player, he had kind of a slow start and I managed to go infinite turns but I did not attack him, I just spread my arms and told him he needs to concede. He called a judge and I got a warning for teeposing? Or something like that, so I had decided to attack him with one of my UROs and he used deflecting palm and I died hahahaha. I then ripped his deflecting palm in half but he called a judge again (such a crybaby) and I had to leave the tournament. I think that the deck is bad because of that, you can't expect your opponent to like you taking all the extra turns. Anyway I also wanted to mention that there are suddenly a lot advertisements on your videos, why did you choose cocacola as your sponsor? My family and me always drink pepsi and it's dishearting to learn that my favourite mtg content creator has such a bad taste in sweet beverages. Other than that, this video was really good, you're putting in good effort to appear as a good mtg player, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

Smegma Lasagna

27:44 Using Field of Ruin here would not only be the safest option (to fix your mana since there is a chance that you don't draw another blue source that turn) but it would also shuffle away the Young Wolf that they put ontop of their library with your Aether Gust which is the reason why I think that this wouldn't have been a bad option. But you did get unlucky that's true.

The Sheq

Suprised game 1 you didn’t use cryptic to bounce the ooze

Laurits D

Clicking that like button before the games, this deck seems sweet!

Andre Stangue

I love Reclamation decks. It just pisses me off that on MTGDECKS there are alot of Rec decks, that play no reclamation!


Subscribe or I will take all your turns...


I REALLY hope decks like this are never truely viable as meta decks. The play experience as the opponet is one of the most miserable ive had


my cat walked on the like button. you can have this one harry

Modern nexus

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King of Case Airflow: SilverStone Raven RV02 Revisit

161 957 views | 23 Feb. 2018

This is a revisit of one

This is a revisit of one of the best cases we've ever reviewed: The SilverStone Raven RV02 inverted case. We're benchmarking it today to see how modern cases match-up.

Ad: Buy the EVGA X299 DARK on Newegg (https://goo.gl/b2egWE)

If you still want this ancient case, it is actually still on Amazon: https://goo.gl/EH2uhQ

This re-review of the SilverStone Raven RV02 sets forth to determine whether the case remains one of the best, as it once proved itself a chart-topper for performance. The Raven RV02 is tested against SilverStone's own RL06 and PM01, but also appears versus new cases, like the H700i, CM H500P, and more.

The case did a lot of things right for airflow, and that can't be said about most modern cases. We'd love to see something similar to the Raven RV02 revived and modernized. It's getting long in the tooth in a few places, but still remains the top case for airflow.

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w: http://www.gamersnexus.net/

Host, Test Lead: Steve Burke

Testing: Patrick Lathan

Video: Andrew Coleman

Links to Amazon and Newegg are typically monetized on our channel (affiliate links) and may return a commission of sales to us from the retailer. This is unrelated to the product manufacturer. Any advertisements or sponsorships are disclosed within the video ("this video is brought to you by") and above the fold in the description. We do not ever produce paid content or "sponsored content" (meaning that the content is our idea and is not funded externally aside from whatever ad placement is in the beginning) and we do not ever charge manufacturers for coverage.

The Q

Sometimes I come back to watch because I love the way this case looks.

Gluten Free Gam3r

LOL. Airflow is NOT affected by gravity. 3:55


Hey, with the new Alta series coming out would it be worth looking at how gpus perform in these 90 degree mounted cases? I've still got an ft02 which I've updated with pwm air penetrators which is great for the cpu. I got a blower (I know!) 2070s thinking it might be ideal for this orientation and it wasn't - 80c in a minute under load. I've read even for normal cards it depends on the type of cooler they have and the orientation of the heatpipes. Those that run the length of the card can really struggle, versus those cards that have them running across when the card is mounted at 90 degrees. Because... gravity, apparently. Be cool (pun intended) to get an actual answer to that!

I ended up using a g12 bracket and watercooling the gpu with a 140mm rad using three of the 5 front 5.25 bays to exhaust. Bit tight but worked a treat!


i have this case, those fans are still going strong


The 5 optical drives taking huge amount of space is a dealbreaker. Having only 5 drive bays in an enormous case like this just doesn't make sense, even my much smaller mid tower case has 6 drive slots.
Also this case can't be placed on the floor either since it sucks all the air through bottom fans, so most likely it will be on the desk closer to the user generating much more noise.

Del Ivanov

door for the front panel with hot-swap support for the HDD/SDDs


I have one and love it... but atm I have been using the antec 1200, maybe after this video I will just dig it up and make a new pc...


At least there is no GPU sag lol


Still rocking this case with my new rig I purchased over the Xmas period 3900x. Still working well, cant fault it at all.

Kevin Lynch

The "optical drive bays" are not optical drive bays. Hosting a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray drive is just one of their uses. They used to host 5.25" hard drives. They also used to host fan controllers back in the early days of overclocking. But these days they're more useful for hosting hot-swap bays. 3x5.25" cages can host 4x3.5" hotswap bays. Most half decent motherboards will actually support hotswap for SATA.


GN: That airflow though!

Michael Jan Acurantes

I still have the Original RV02 yes you are correct.


Ugly as Sin! nuff said

Fernando del Ama Esteban

hmmm my case!!! (really i've one black and one with) .
i replaced 18cm PWM fans from Phobya (MB controlled) with less noise and very good temps

Paradox Maelstrom

I will love this case but it's discontinued now is there another SilverStone case that has great airflow?


i have been using this case since 2010.. dust-free case... problem is the 180mm fans are failing and expensive to replace. cheaper for me to buy a new case


Perfect case concept for ultra glass cases, no airflow sacrifice for that aesthetic. Move the drive cages to the rear, make the side panel cover the front 75% of the case and make the entire front panel glass, put the front IO features like fan control on top as well.

Arcade Alchemist

i need to replace this, i been using the RV02 since my i had an AMD Phenom II 1090T I have the V1 tho, so the HDD cage is removable and has to be inserted in the drive rack from the front of the case, this redesign is much better. But still the big 180 fan under the Storage is blocked by a flat plate and really doesn't work well at all.

i had to recently blow out the dust grillz which in the cheaper RV cases now slide out from under the nose of the case like a toaster crumb tray.

i really love the torent fans tho, i had to buy my AP180s post purchase, even was lucky enough to get replacement buttons for the front which is still poorly designed cos it should have switch clickables not just a snap button that are prone to damage, (but replaceable)

i am going to need to buy a new case at some point when i do upgrade to a ryzen case. decent cases are a lot more expensive in 2020 tho.


This case would be amazing tf they chopped the front by like 4-6" and drive cages out of the front, leave 1 optical drive and like 3 3.5" drive bays and put a glass panel on the one side.

J Slo

I've had my main system in a Special Edition FT02 for 10 years now. When Silverstone came out with the rotated motherboard design, many reviewers decried that it left no room for water cooling; missing the point that this design is narrowly focused on air cooling. It has not been dethroned in this capacity because this design optimizes the key metrics for gaseous heat transfer.

1) The total airflow distance from intake to exhaust is as short as possible; roughly the length of a long GPU card.
2) The case is wide enough to accommodate high flow 180mm fans. Most cases use only 140mm or 160mm fans.
3) The front and center fans are positioned directly beneath the CPU and main GPU slot respectively; these are the primary heat sources.

This configuration maximizes turbulence inside the case while minimizing air residence time.

Thanks very much for the great video! I agree with the points about updates to modernize the case. It always has bugged me that the optical bays disrupt the vertical airflow over the drives.

On the negative, liquids spilled on the case will go straight onto the components and the reset switch can too easily be stepped on by a cat. :)


One thing to really keep in mind, is the simple fact that, most GPUs today, dont have the same orientation on the cooling fins. Basically all GPUs today (aside from the blower style) have the fins running from the front of the case to the back of the case (side panel to side panel*). The MSI GPU here (and many GPUs from that time) has the fins running the length of the GPU, assisting the the airflow path. So, realistically, this case WAS a great design for "airflow" back then. Quite a unique case though, indeed.

Kenny J

Awesome case. I'd love that case for my Workstation. Thank you for the video. ???

AlphaJon 81

Excact Same layout as the The Fortress FT02 (I had one)
1. Superb cooling. Airflow according to physics.
2. No videocard sag (and load on PCI-E slot) when wounted like that.
3. Possitive pressure! You can put 3x GTX 1080 Ti (blower style) in this case, and still no worries for high temps.
4. Build Quality. You can have 1 case 4 life.

-Aleeke -

Wow! I'm building a plywood case inverted like this with a 200mm coolermaster fan. Just got rekomended this. Seams I'm on the right path. Thank you Tech-Jesus.



Daniel Sawatsky

I have one coming up for sale
If anyone is interested


You can most often find the Raven on pirate ships


I have this case with a Noctua Nh-D15

Jason P.

I love my RV02 case. What first caught my eye, besides the rotated m/b mount, was the clean back of the case. I liked the top cable management with all the messy motherboard ports hidden away. I also like having the heavy video card 'hanging' from the case's top bracket rather than putting a bending strain on the motherboard as with a normal orientation. I managed to attach a Corsair Hydro series single fan water cool to the existing 120mm exhaust fan, which seems to have worked fine. Biggest hassle I had with this case was my GPU was too long. To make things fit I had to remove the central 180mm fan, which is not ideal. Otherwise I've only added in a front USB 3.1 panel, Optical drive, and a little storage box in the front bay for clutter like USB sticks.


I'm going crazy looking at the mountain of cases available today. Was curious what the RV02 was, looking at the GN graphs in 2020 it still tops many of the charts o_o


one thing I had noticed with the inverted / rotated motherboard arrangement is that the GPU core runs hotter but the VRM modules run colder
I think this is due to the heat pipe tips being lower down than the heat spreader, so the heat pipe fluid could not return to the heat spreader with the assistance of gravity
mostly the fluid would have to return via surface tension and the heat pipe wicking layer
as being so close to a fan would prevent evaporation
add to this most VRM are air cooled and now heat from this is being blown up towards the GPU core

the fans do most likely overwhelm any stack effect
but this is contingent on higher fan speeds and having a lot of grill at the top of the case
if you were running hotter hardware with larger radiators you might start to notice the difference, because there not is going to be much flow on the other side of a radiator


I've had the FT02 for years. I love it, but it sure is hard to work with. Cable management is nearly impossible for me. I've replaced all three 180mm fans with their upgraded AP182 version with the dial control, and added an NZXT Sentry 3 fan controller (one of the few with enough power to drive those fans). I can go from nearly inaudible to jet engine now without opening the top. After 3 builds, I've never had an issue with temps, but I agree that it's time for an updated model. I look jealously at all these new cases with their features and ease of use.

Mike P.

Meeeh and I thought that all the case manufacturers were stupid. Now I can't use that argument.

PLUR Panda Live

I just bought this case on ebay today. lol Building a batman themed build for my brother.


Hello from 2020! Any modern cases that currently exist that do the inverted thing?

Tom Kerrigan

By rotating the motherboard, they were able to make the case really long? Er, what? Can't case manufacturers make their cases as long as they want regardless of motherboard orientation? I don't see what one has to do with the other.


I was just looking at buying this case then I found out its no longer for sale.... Then I found out not only does it have the features I want in a case but it is actually good! Of course its not for sale any more... Bring this case back. You should try the Cooler Master Cosmos.


Agree to all mods! That case with 10 HDD/SSD cages will be a dream for a home server :D


I have this case and have no plans of changing it.
However, if there was an updated version of this with more back panel space and about 1inch wider and 5 inchers longer, Id buy in a heartbeat.

K-plus tunjevina

I love mine. Why isn't this standard?


I have a Silverstone Fortress FT02B which is more or less the same case. Amazing case but those 3 fans on the bottom are loud af even on the low setting.

Artyom Sherwin

Why wouldn't someone want to buy this case today? The ATX formfactor is still the standard, so the case works just fine.


Sad an RTX 3080 will not fit this one by the looks of it.


....christ. If I had to replace my HAF X, of the various mess of tempered glass and other solid front cases now, I'd be more interested in this case than any of those. I would have to replace my seven and a half year old H100i with a chunky air cooler, but that would be worth having a case with excellent airflow.


O hail the King, King of Airflow, Silverstone Fortress FT02. Yes, FT02 full metal case, not the plastic crap RV02.

The Emo Emu

Did this case since then get replaced?


I'm trying to find a more modern replacement for my FT02, which is basically this same case with slightly different aesthetics. It feels like I have to downgrade. Case design hasn't really become any better than this, it's just flashier with RGB and glass now.

Nathan L

Why not just use 5.25 bays for icydocks hot swap bays making great use of this case design? This would allow each 5.25 bay to hold four 2.5 drives or two 5.25 bays could hold three 3.5 drives.

David Gardiner

Still my case. Has been so easy to work with.

KillsForCookies Kleo

No way XD i dugg this out of the attic seeing my new mobo is e-atx and it was the only case i had that fits it, figured id look for a review and its from 2018 XD this case is ancient though ive had it longer then the house i live in.
Must say perfect case for a threadripper build.
Edit: ps there is a ?new? version of the fans and its 3 step speed instead of 2 not sure how much newer this is i had to order one seeing one of mine was worn out.
They do however still fit the old mounting holes in every way.

Clifton Rogers

Best case review yet and I would love to see the Steve Burke suggestions of layout implemented on this case!

Nick's Stuff

Have you proposed a collaboration with the manufacturer, like Der Bauer with Lian Li?

Greg Wallace

On their website they have a RV02-E which is newer than the RV02 but not sure if it is still available.


I have FT02, what is just more elegant and cleaner look of this one. And this is the best case ever, just old, and have solutions that are totally unnecessary today. And yeah, it is freaking heavy.


I had both the Raven RV01 and the RV02 and both had the inverted motherboard form factor. Badass cases, didn’t realize or appreciate how amazing they were when I had them.

A Zax

Remove the bays, get 4 ssds space, get 2 front fans ss with pressure, 2 bottom, 2 top and 1 rear all meshes and this would dominate in airflow.

Aaron Moody

The dust filters are really good at catching the dust but unfortunately they also break really easily also the original RV02 comes with USB2.0 on the front IO but you can replace it with their USB3.0 upgrade IO for not alot of money which is what I did on mine and yes I'm still using mine today with my Ryzen build

Dont try me 2



Case with not a single RGB and just desinged for pure airflow... I cant be dead yet? This cant be heaven?


One 5.25" and ten 3.5" bays? Fuck, yeah. Sold.

Christian xxiForza

Still not a new version of it?

Nite Owl

This is an old ass video. The case was cooler in its intended configuration. Regardless of the margin.

Why did youtube put this video up for me? Its not late and I'm not trying to fall asleep.


The RV05 has no drive cages... it only has 2 fans but it's still taking up all the space at the bottom because it's smaller. I don't know about the cooling ability of the 05, but my RV03 cools a bit better than the RV02 even though it has one less fan. It does have a backside fan that sucks hot air from behind the MOBO and whatever heat the HHD and SSD produce so that might be the difference. I like my gold lines too. Everyone else seemed to hate the look of the RV03 but I liked it from day 1.


How does this thing compare acoustically to the FT05?

criz nittle

Where is this case sold now, and is there a USB 3.0 revision out there?

George Head

This case ALMOST wants me to give up my Mountain Mod H20 case....almost


I have a FT02 which is the same case other than the outside design is a little different. I am running the Silverstone AP182 fans which have the variable dials. If you run the front fan (fan under the drive cages) at about 1/3 speed you will get better temperatures. I think the front fan messes with the laminar air flow and blows some of the graphics card heat into the CPU. For a good mix of sound and airflow I find if I run the front fan around 1/3 and the back two at about 3/4 you get almost max flow cooling (maybe 1C higher) and don't hear the fans near as much. That last 1/4 is where the noise really goes up but the cooling doesn't change very much.


Why not the FT02? I still love mine. ?
My next one will be a water cooling case though.


Case fans nowadays need to be controlled by motherboard PWM headers, not switches.


Let me translate 04:23, the "stack effect" claim is utter bullshit.


Looks like an amazing case. I was kinda hoping it would have eight 5,25" bays. I could fill them all. Now I have a NZXT Phantom where I have one optical drive, one fan controller, one cassette player, and am looking to install two more wonderful things whatever they may be, maybe some diskette drive, stereo amp, extra usb hub etc ...


Just ordered a USB3-kit to my retired FT02, gonna mod it a bit (duct one fan directly to incredibly hot RTX3080) and instead retire my FT05.

Mauricio Benzan

i still own silverstone rv 02,but i taked out cage for hdd,all on ssd,have corsair h55 installed,case that i dont see in your chart probably can compete with silverstone rv 02 and that is rosewill thor v2.


Two comments for future watchers:

1. According to their website the case has 5 5.25" drive bays and not 4 (I don't know if this has changed in the past two years).

2. Silverstone sells a device which turns 3 5.25" drive bays into 5 hotswappable 3.5" drive bays.


So it has 3- 180 high speed intakes and 1 measly 120 exhaust fan on top? I would Definately add at least 1 more exhaust fan on top if not 2 to make 3-120s to exhaust the 3- 180's Now turn them all on low speed. remove the drive cages add a usb-c plug. Done!

daniel velez

glad to see you learned that stack effect has nothing to do with absolute direction, the stack come from the fact that all relative motion is in the same direction like a chimney (less turbulence) and all the heat is not blowing into each other


I modded my rajintek metis for the gpu to get fresh air only. runs better than ever :)


got the premium ft02 case. It really does need a better update compared with what we have now. Couldnt wait much more though as i move to the sg13.

Gamers Nexus

1080p club represent! This is one of the best cases we've ever reviewed (in terms of thermals). It's getting a bit long in the tooth for some things, like cable management, but we wanted to revisit the once-king.
You might also like our 180mm & 200mm fan review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXsUdK05Nyw


what's the 2020 king of airflow?

Smash Depression

@00:43 Fans and Hair don't mix, play safe!

Desla Boyika

Just acquired two raven RV02B units in Malaysia, one RM350 and one RM600. It is expected that a top-of-the-line air-cooled computer system will be assembled in the next two years. An RV02B will be permanently collected to guide the assembly over the next 10 years.


i am running the USB2.0 version RV02-E for 10years with my AMD 1090T with a 120mm Corsair H80.

I am thinking of retaining this casing and upgrade my motherboard, CPU and Graphic Card + a front IO panel with USB3.0
Plan to change to the Ryzen 5-5600X + MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi + RTX3060Ti (not sure which card will fit in nicely due to the length constrain)

Like to hear your views, and also any advise on a HSF for the case.


I bought a new-old stock FT02 off the back of this review when it was published. Tried to find a nice used one, but all were either pick-up only hundreds of miles away or overpriced if shipped. I liked the internal design of the Raven, but not the dated futuristic outside of the case. The FT02 and Raven are more-or-less identical inside. I’ve been using my FT02 for 2yrs at this point and these are the shortcomings from my point of view, which should also apply to the Raven:

Cable management is terrible. This is probably the worst thing about this case. In a modern case you can route a cable in 10sec, where as you might spend 5-10mins with this case trying to feed a cable through tiny holes not really designed for routing and trying to squeeze your cables between the back panel where running two thick cables over each other might stop you shutting it – it’s that tight.

I’ve had to buy quite a lot of special cables over the years, because cable runs can be much longer than in a normal case due to the unusual layout (assuming you want to keep things tidy).

Running the external cables out the top and out the back is fine until you have a lot of stuff plugged in. Im using most of the mainboard 'rear' ports and even with super careful cable management I cant get things so Im not putting pressure on cables when I shut the top lid.

I find the fans kind of noisy even at low speeds and you have to keep cables away from them as anything touching even the edges of the fan frame will result in vibration noise. This can be a recuring problem because any time you do work inside the case and arent super careful, you may find gravity pulls down the cables over time and you have to go back in there a few weeks later because a cable has sagged and is touching a fan and causing a vibration. Because of the non-standard size of the fans, you are stuck with using Silverstone fans and there is no option to switch them out for something else.

Because the intake fans are so close to the mainboard, you do get great airflow, but you also get a big restriction on GPU card length. You have to be very careful when choosing a GPU, because even if it fits – you also need to think about where the GPU power cables are going because as mentioned previously if you contact the bottom fans you will get vibration noise.

My case has 5x5.25” external bays and 3 of the external panels are populated. I have 2x fan cooled hot-swap 3.5” drive bays (spaced apart) and 1x (combined) 2x2.5” hot swap bays and a slimline Blu-ray writer. I still want to keep those external hot-swap bays, so even today there isn’t a case that has the cooling of this one with the external bays necessary.

The internal 3.5" bays are very well cooled, having one of the three case fans to themselves. This kind of layout is now old fashioned, but it is very important to me as in my experience well cooled mechanical drives last much longer than passive cooled ones that get little to no direct airflow in most modern cases.

In my normal configution, internally I have 4x3.5" HDDs, 2x 2.5" SSDs and 1xNVME. I mostly use the external bays for backups and copying drive to drive.

Finally, Silverstone may be bringing out a more modern version of this design in the form of the Alta. But gone are the external bays and it’s going to be much more expensive than it needs to be due to a focus on rgb and curved glass.

There are a lot of good things about this design, but if you want to give it a go be prepared to have to fight with the case because it is very unfriendly for building in compared to modern cases.


13:40 This is why I've made myself a fully fledged fan control panel controlling ALL of my 7 fans, including the one replacing the stock GPU cooler! Usually I don't game and half of my fans reamin OFF. When I want to game I re-edjust the CPU fan RPM and turn on the extra fans in 3 seconds. I can also switch the RPM readout reported as SYSFAN to any one of my fans via a 12-position knob. Did I mention it's got both PWM and regular potentiometer modules and is expandable? :)


Stack effect is really powerful, but you need a massive differential in temperature. If anyone has ever seen a cooling tower at a power plant, the weird cone type things you see at nuclear power plants for example. Cooling fluid at hundreds of degrees is cooled in these stacks so the water dumped on the cooling fins turns to steam and rises out the top and creates a vacuum that sucks tons of air in the bottom. Air is seriously moving inside those things.

bo pang

Unfortunately this design doesn't work for the new graphic cards. Definitely bad for RTX 3070,3080 and 3090. It's such a hard decision to make to have to part with my treasured FT02.

Kris J

I'm pretty sure this have been commented already. Have you looked at the RV05 or FT05?

András Bónitz

Please review the latest Silvertone Raven and see whether it works as you think it should.

Risto Kappet

this is what peak performance looks like
Silverstone needs to revisit this as well, just making it shorter by one fan and the drive bays


Oh wow Steve loves both Silverstone and Be Quiet like i do xD. I am really hoping for some kind of pc case that is a hybrid of what Be Quiet does with their cases and what Silverstone does. I want a pc case with such fans on the bottom, but with Be Quiet's touch of reducing the noise along with sound insulation material. I am not sure how inverted motherboard IO is accessible on such cases, but with my Dark Base Pro 900(without tempered glass) which sits in the corner of my room(to reduce background noise blah blah), it's really hard and annoying to play with cables. It's a big hassle unplugging all the cables and then back again. Having all of those on the top of the case would be so amazing, thusly i am not sure how Silverstone's work really. Oh and having hot swapable drives in the front(i know at least 1x Silverstone case has that) that would be amazing too. Are there any hot swappable SSD drives out there ? Would love to see some sort of hybrid that can fit either an SSD or a HDD.


Still using the Raven OG (RV01)... even after 11 years the looks of the RV01 still awe ppl who comes to my house :)


There has to be a Transformer in that case!

Eduardo Quiroz

SilverStone Gamer's Nexus Edition !!!


I still have my case, it's just too big though. Like you say, remove the 5" drive bays at front. Might as well get rid of 1 of the 200mm fans. You only need 2x 200mm fans and have SSD slots on the back and better cable management. I never put the top cover on mine it was so annoying when changing fan speeds and trying to plug stuff into the back/top of motherboard.
Edit and having to remove side panel to clean dust filters.
Edit has my Corsair aio cooler in it for 7 +years on my intel 3470k. Faultless! Kept it cool


I don't know if any companies still make those 2.5" hot-swap bays that you mount in stacked optical drive slots, but if they do this case would be perfect for it.


I used the FT02 from 2010 to 2018 and loved it! I wish they re-did that (i loved the more sleek look of the FT02 over the Raven) with modern features


Get rid of all the drive cages and make the case smaller and cheaper.


I’m still using this case. I love it. ?

Enio Apolinario

Sadly i cant find this case :/