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Long March-3B launches TJSW-6

4 061 views | 4 Feb. 2021

A Long March-3B launch

A Long March-3B launch vehicle launched the Communication Technology Test Satellite 6 (TJSW-6) from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, Sichuan Province, southwest China, on 4 February 2021, at 15:36 UTC (23:36 local time). According to official sources, the satellite has successfully entered the preset orbit. TJSW-6 (通信技术试验卫星六号) will be used in communication, radio, television and data transmission, as well as high-throughput technology test.

Credit: China Central Television (CCTV)

Jon Coffman

Peace for all at last

Fabio Ferreira Gomes

Espetacular. .......

Ricky Spanish

I am losing track of all the launches China has done recently.


Khrushchev: we build rockets faster than sausages


OK cool

joseph yumang

wow big rocket and payload to small????

Hiyh Gjh


tfsi wu


Alpha Dog

?? no. 1

Peter G

The Chinese be pumping out rockets fast

MR Channel

why do they always scream on the loudspeaker

Utc-6 time

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?Rocket live event? 6/10/21 at 6:30 PM HST. Other time zones in description

17 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Time Zones for live

Time Zones for live event:

United States Times:

PST: 8:30 PM

MST: 9:30 PM

CST: 10:30 PM

EST: 11:30 PM

Brazilian Times:

-03 UTC-3: 1:30 AM 2/11/21

UK Times:

GMT: 4:30 AM 2/11/21

UTC: 4:30 AM 2/11/21

German Time:

CET UTC+1: 5:30 AM 2/11/21

Russian Time:

MSK UTC+3: 7:30 AM 2/11/21



Utc-6 time

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#6 TruckersMP Report ID: 99155 TIME- 09:40 UTC (30-08-2018)

25 views | 31 Aug. 2018