Ransomware uk

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Datto's State of the Channel Ransomware Report - UK

22 views | 8 Jan. 2021

Datto surveyed more than

Datto surveyed more than 1,000 managed service providers (MSPs) around the world about ransomware and published the key takeaways. Watch to learn the key trends, statistics, and recommendations for ensuring recoverability in the face of this growing cyber threat.

Report: https://www.datto.com/uk/resources/dattos-2020-global-state-of-the-channel-ransomware-report?utm_campaign=2020-global-ransomware-report&utm_medium=youtube&utm_source=199

Ransomware uk

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WannaCry Ransomware Infection Heat Map

57 716 views | 19 May. 2017

On Friday, May 12, 2017,

On Friday, May 12, 2017, the WanaCrypt0r ransomware was detected in hospitals in the UK. It then exploded across the globe, impacting tens of thousands of computers in over 150 countries. It was the biggest ransomware attack in the history of the internet. Here's what Malwarebytes detected in the first five days.

Learn more about Malwarebytes:




L3møn Guy

R.I.P Russian PC's.

Ryan Bobis

My brother downloaded MalaareBytes and it works. But he download the MB in website. Still a chance of virus? Or a protection?


the count paused temperarely, likely the killswitch?

Vijay Arumugam

Please correct the video


this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I use Linux


HAHA WannaCry COME AT BE B*****! Good luck infecting my ssd with NOTHING but my files on it... IT'S NOT CONNECTED TO A PC! Oh yeah, you encrypted my Minecraft save file I didn't bother backing up... Bummer... :(. Anyways, no my important files aren't enycrpted. I'm just sad I need to bother formatting the ssd on my pc, then gathering all those drivers.

Drake Ives

I don't even understand how so many people are getting infected with this. Is it like an email attachment and people run it from there or what.

d 3

I had a lot of viruses, before I thought I had 14 or 25... nope FRICKING 534 thanks Malwarebytes for making it so my computer didn’t blow up

Siddharth R

i am glad that my pc hasnt been encrypted by wannacry


Malwarebytes:a ransomware with 700,000 infections is the biggest ransomware attack
Locky:well i guess the 5,000,000 infections i got dont matter

Undercover Kermit


Çağan Sucuka

Also Turkey didnt much efected in first 5 days

a single weed

Jesus christ Russia got REKT

Tiger9194 Productions

anyone else notice Canada really wasn't affected?




notice how north korea has 0 dots, meaning we should all use red star linux obviously

Petar Petrovski


Uzair Ahmed

Shaheen Airlines is based in Pakistan, not India, you imbecile buffoons.

Mr Sir

was that first dot patient zero or the guy who first sent it out?

Optical Yolo

i need to install malwarebytes anti malware but i installing malwarebytes , do essentials real time protection closed ? my english not good sorry

Mohamed Gamal

Try petya. It's WAY powerful than any program


song reminds me of Red Alert2 intro :D


Malwarebytes I just scanned my cousins computer yesterday and it picked up a lot! Then it told me to restart my computer so I did and this morning I scanned again and then they were all gone! Thank you so much guys at MalwareBytes! You guys are awesome!


I like the scary music, it really adds a dramatic effect! :D

potato potato potato potato potato potato potato

update window lololol

Tiger Stover


Declan Woolworths

Well atleast AUstralia didn't get hit to bad

Robert Bannocks

Can you tell me what is the source of the data for this video?

de stompy gamers

Holy moly look at holland!

Jaspreet Singh

Shaheen Air is from Pakistan and not from India.


wtf.... :o


Unknown person:want to try my new software.


Unknown person:here ya go

Me:downloads it and runs it

Me:oh shit

I would never do this or even download unkown software this was ment as a joke.


the first wannacry infection happened in asia, thanks malwarebytes

Abdullah Zahid

1:09 Shaheen Airways is from Pakistan and not India, correction


nowadays wannacry is sometimes used on scammers. like Deeveeaar

davves moto adventures

Was that only What malware bytes found?


Russia attacked Russia.

dedi abel gnagbo

TRES CORDIAL activement honneur pour moi d avec vouis../gda/


It's shocking how many organisations and individuals out there can't be bothered to invest in a decent anti-malware product like Malwarebytes to protect their servers, workstations, laptops etc. If they did, I bet that this ransomware wouldn't have been anywhere near as widespread.


But what about Finland?


Is Cork getting RansonWare?

Miguel Borges da cunha

Malwarebytes you are great! I use premium version, and it blocked 1 pup, 13 exploits and 8 malicious websites! Totally recommend it!


Omg. I Swear, if i was a Swat, id Arrest And Execute The Guy Who Made WannaCrypt0r RansomWare.
Lucky i have Avast And Malwarebytes.
Avast + MalwareBytes = Totally Protected From WannaCrypt0r RansomWare.
But Hey Guys, That Does Not Give You Comflict, They Work Together! (I Guess...)

Dee Snuts

they use metasploit double pulsar an stealed NSA exploit that he uses a SMB vulnerability of windows 7 and they can remote upload and execute the malware


My school teacher uses TightProjector, so our class uses TightReciever. Our teacher’s computer had a file that says wannacry. Even though its the Version that you can download, For some reason, The real version opened, then our computers had wannacry all over.


df those people with a computer doing in the sea

kadir arıkök


Tlotlo Senai

Latest conspiracy theory:
The wannacry ransomware attack is a false flag to attack bitcoin..

Your take?



I TF· ·FR ME· ·R ATE TenFramesPerSecond

notPetya = Kremlin


this is how the infection in the walking dead started huh


Time to total global infection: 5 days.
just kidding.. made me think of a horror zombie / infection movie.
Im in my 3rd year as a Malware Bytes user..Thanks for all your service provides!


Virus: WannaCrypt0r

Me: WannaKillY0u

your gay

I'm in Australia and the wannacry virus hit right around my state, how tf did I not get infected

Fishin' Ain't Easy

That Trent Reznor music though...

Alex Atasi

south portugal never got inffected. this is bs ppl.

Video Miner

I like how greenland was fine

Ransomware uk

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1 462 259 views | 19 May. 2017

WannaCry ransomware has

WannaCry ransomware has attacked computers across the world but how does it work?

Is this the World's Smallest Smartphone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gW7UqHyPyY

Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans

More info:





Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan

Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan

Texting Master

My brother did this to me and I went to my girlfriends house and she didn’t pay it and I got mad and smashed my laptop and perpisly crashed my car but I didn’t get hurt and OnStar came on

Chika Okere

Check wízzardtech on iG° out a real pro who got mine back.


o no my windows is pirated but it still got updat3

قناة المجهول

كان عند فيروس الفدية اونلاين نحيتو الحمد الله ستواجهون مشاكل في حدف الفيروس لمن يريد المساعدة انا هنا نوع الفيروس الدي اصابني daharma

fps gabe

Eyes: reads title
Me: Lil Tecca?


i once got wannacry, didnt do anything to my computer

Kristian Todorov

It's a virtual machine


Austin: protect ur toaster
Me: downloads mctoast.

Pavao Mrazek

Man it is virtualbox?


remember kids:NEVER PAY A RANSOM
theyre our probably a FREE Decryption tool anyway


My smart toaster is fucked


My school got ransomware when I was in 7th grade. It was fun


what you need to do is encrypt ur files first so only u have the key


WANACRY SUCK!!!!!! like if you agree!


I had a nightmare where my computer got a virus similar to the wanna cry but idk if it exists, It spread over the wifi and all my devices got infected.


My Samsung smart fridge has ransomware now I have to pay 100000$ for my food and my Minecraft Samsung Smart Fridge edition

Edit:I'm broke so I am only paying for bananas and peaches


cough cough the people who made Wannacry probably live in there parents basement cough

fps gabe



Where'd your files go?
They ran-some-where

Minecrafter Boy

0y n6teb662 has g6t v5r4s th5s 5s br62en c6de we5rd n40ber

muhammad izzat

hey gais did u know how the wanna cry spread or infect other computer??


Me: gets wannacry to hack into mia khalifas computer.

Matt Diola

Just got infected with .mbed :(


2020?? Bcps schools


i like it how the program says "oops, your files have been encrypted" as if theyre trying to pretend like they werent the ones who did it in the first place and imply that it was sommehow an accident

ً ً


Marlin Sensei!

Wow this is old


Hey guys this is ransom ware. Austin is everywhere right now.

Frank John Bally

I relly thanks for


My bestfriend ransomware and I cant find him??


Hey guys this is austin and this is something you never want to see points to pornographic image


Where's the hacker go?

Idk, he ransomware

James Harris

My father was actually dying when the NHS attack started he is now alive and healthy

Conner Morrow

Oh no my windows xp might get that

rocraft plays

its these dam hackers hacking into private stuff to create viruses to steal information

I Eats cookies

Can they encrypt encrypted files?


That's why I dont use wifi


Just pay for anti malware services and back your shit the fuck up ( offline ) and ur fineeee

11up77up Animation Studio

The fqct that it's called wanna cry means that your asking for it.

zayred lol

Memz is more dangerous, memz legit destroys your pc.

beru 安

i forgot to update my toaster to the latest firmware it seems.


damn bro they really gonna encrypt my homework folder

Kamesh Babu

Ømg Sliverhackz on IG just gōt me restöred, my lost long files his the best ever

Ty Sipes

My grandpa gave me his old windows 8 laptop,and it had so many "malware removal" apps,it was just sad. They didn't harm it,just made me extremely careful with my actions,and I actually still use that laptop for gaming (even tho an HP windows 8 laptop can't really game ?)


if your computer is up to date y...

rapidly checks for updates

⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

Once I got attacked by a FuckYou team
I committed auto destruction

Cali Qm

I got attacked once,but it really wasn't a problem.I got a message saying I gotta pay like 900 bucks to get my files back,except they only locked 6 programs but get this they locked the desktop shortcuts,not the original.
So,yeah either pay 900 bucks or just go to file location,tough choice

Ken Adhisya Winarta

Keep your computers, phones and toasters up to date...
Me: Mom? Is my Macbook Air considered a toaster?
Mom: Nice one honey. I'm still not buying you a PC.


am i the only one who realised its a virtualbox vm. that explains the little white line at the bottom of the screen

FAFA Charles

I got mzlq virus and now i cannot use my apps


DONT PAY WANNACRY! 300 people payed the ransom and none got their files back...


Austin: activates wanna cry

His editors: 3:38



Milciades Andrion

Great video. I was not aware of how dangerous is this malware. It seems that they can also demand bitcoins. Thanks for the video.

Windows 10

Austin - You cant do anything about it

FAT32 Bootable USB - Bout to ruin this guy whole career

Chika Okere

Wízzardtech on ¡!¶G reactivate my old acc back.

chimoks - YouTube

Let's have something inappropriate in our files to keep it safe.

Jeremy Esquivel

Hey Austin. This is guys


For jeff Bezos ransomware isn't paid

jayaprakash Gottipati

I have ramsomerawe


Did nobody notice he ran it in a vm. The bar is the bottom is from virtualbox

Arthur Adam radhitya


Ruby Mayy

I thought it was scam but my files were recovered by FASTHACKS506 on instagram big thanks to FASTHACKS506 ✌️✌️


My girlfriend ransomware and now I wanna cry. But hi dog! can I petya? HOLY SHIT I JUST GOT BIT BY SOMETHING! BAD RABBIT!! Never mind! they had a GoldenEye


Do you WannaCry?


Last question: why the hecc do ppl make ransomware anyway

IVS Booshie

One time i got this and on my file it said your files have been ecrypted


I got a virus on my car. Gotta pat $6000 dollars to unlock it. I'm in it.

Drèamy Bôy

TAKE THE F*** for the ransom

Ismael Sutello

since I formatted my computer after the attack my email accounts on social networks and even accounts that I didn't remember existed tried to be connected by strangers, what can that be?


Ransomware got into my schools network and the computers went down for 2 months

22黃子睿 Matthew

You are running on VMware!




I just got ransomeware wtf should I do

Sean Gulley

Just blow up your computer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

hamza algematey


Vloggy the Crafting Table

VM detected


t o a s t e r s



Not a single soul

Austin: hah I love it


Hey ladies click here to see why im worth it. LAMO


If this happens im replacing my windows computer with a window

Michael Darren Johansson�

ransomeware is e virus taht is knowen to hold ur pc hostage and demandding money and lockking you out treatning to destroy files when u give the virus money it will let ur pc go this virus has spred to 1T computers and the most wanted hackker in the world

Aljon Toledo

My mom not wanting me to buy even just a nvidia gt 220 makes me WannaCry


Me when I get ransomware panik

Me: realize what it does calm cause I don't have important data


is that wannacry ransomware

Ray David

I had a hentai ponr and it's gone by Ransomware

Deep_ Coder

tech support !!!!

i got a virus on my toaster !!!!


Bogdan Janicijevic

Wanna Cry deleted with malwerbytes.

Anthony Truong

Anyone else here from Garmin's attack in 2020?


Wannacry Is so harmless If u dont have any data

Crazy Gamer no.1

I always unplug the ethernet cable from my toaster when i am not using it


I want to just reset my pc totally because of this but there were always errors when I tried to. Is there anything else I can do?

It was ".msop" extension type of ransomware that attacked mine btw


help me guys, i got the virus. all my files have been turned into .vari files. i tried to boot in safe mode but i forgot the password, so i reset the 9assword then typed it, still it says the password is wrong

GG 397

me just feel safe with windows default antivirus

Poofy Plays

God damn it, my toaster got the wannacry virus. Now my toast is encrypted >:(




My Toaster is still running Windows XP


I have a friend...
He ransomeware

Nicolas Vera Regalado (Student)

Great now im scared of the internet and wont trust anybody

Commute Space