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How to install and use a Playspace Mover (with Gravity settings) on SteamVR

10 034 views | 16 Mar. 2020

Today I will show you how

Today I will show you how to inastall and use a playspacemover on SteamVR




i like how you say donlod

igga with a banana

in the community for me no one has a play space drag set up that I can use


I hope someone makes something like this for psvr

The Holy Almond

I use the binding but it doesnt seem to be working, any help? i use the Rift S


Nebelniek haha ?

Cupcake RR

How do we cheer for the ps4?

LuckyDucky_ HUN

Can u do this on oculous quest 2?


It's hard enough to figure this out but then you show a German menu??


Nebelniek am anfang XD

much resonance

Instructions unclear Index Controller got stuck in my mouth


If u connect oculus quest to pc can u have playspace on quest?

dutch doofus

not the best first video of you to see but eh if it works it works i guess, also did you choose it to be in a steam folder or not


what app is where u say setting bc it cuts out


Is there any way to make my vrchat body follow the moved playspace without full body tracking or something?

Castie 9o44

That mic qaulity though


Do you need full body tracking?

CohenPlays Today

Does it work for mixed reality

Charlie VR

My download will stop right at the end how do i fix it

Swagger Gangsta

i dont know what im doing wrong because nothing changed ingame every download worked but i cant climb or swing anything

DA lil killa

Does this work on oculus quest

Kai Snowfall

I can't see what you select with the videos covering it at the end.

Rec Cat

Wen ich ne vr hab lass zu sammeln spielen und antworte mir auf Instagram danke

Sparks VR

dudes playing on a toaster

Lil Wayne

Every time I restart steam vr, the advanced settings disappear. How do I stop this?


Cheers on making the tutorial! Once i get a rift s im gonna go ahead and set it up

Liam Plays VR

for people that forgot there admin password or parents have it on there install ovr advanced settings on steam.


I try using this in rec room but I get kicked with the message “you where too far from you play space”


I made a second Channel and I will (try) to post daily : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLqQOkHUSz1GbZX-sTSOxAw


Can u do this on quest

Plastic Gamer

This is to epic for me

Leozinho G4mer

L have that but downloaded by steam have a problem?

Thor Vill

i don't know how to use it pls helpppp

miow tj5

I will watch that when i get vr AND THATS ALL FOLKS HEY ZERAEX AM Cboi007


Like the end part when you was choosing a playspace mover option which did you pick, i tried the first one and it didnt work in game,


Ur wallpaper is epic where can I grab it


Hmmm imma download it from the ps4 xd. - Jante


Does it work for Oculus rift?

Ryze Vr

So playspace mover isn’t on quest?


does wmr work?


Is that you default dancing XD

Play mover

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Messing around with a PLAYSPACE MOVER in REC ROOM..

7 005 views | 10 Aug. 2020

i got this video idea from

i got this video idea from Zeraex so all credit goes to him

please subscribe to Zeraex here -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgRiDMmUVhIOydiQBsDyiJA

please go join my discord we need more people - https://discord.gg/nTwZ5Fc

Kemah 123

This is the content I subscribed for ?


Are you using play space on virtual desktop or oculus link

Jay Harcarufka

That mic tho

Mr. Pigeon

This is epic

Castie 9o44

What’s the back around music in the intro?


whats the mod called?


i got this video idea from Zeraex so all credit goes to him

please subscribe to Zeraex here -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgRi...


There is no option for rift is ?

Bat Vr

How do you play games with playspacemover

Naofumi Shield hero

A fun little thing is that you can use it to teleport behind you so when you reset you literally teleport


Nice video what kind a vr do u have??


Wish we had this fr psvr

Rush Nexusonrr

How did u change to grip?


You should do a part 2 :)


wait doesn't kick you?


Cadonious look at how many views you got


I have a problem when I open the advanced settings it doest show the options

It's empty my advanced settings

If you know how to fix this Pls help me

Jacob Luhosky-snyder

If you want more ideas I can teach you more I do this for fun also I enjoyed the video


I have this exact mod lol

Anderson -_-

Hey l have the playspace mover downloaded by steam ok?


Imagine entering the rec centre only to hear 100 gecs at the mirror

X games mode


Soper Soper

Do you need full body for it to work?


I’m jealous


Ah Yes “the fly hack”

Virtual Reality

Can anyone tell me how to run fast in recroom idk if it’s ovr or something like else


Thank you cadonious for putting me in a video ?

Physicx ,

This is a really good vid part 2?


me when i see someone use playspace mover for the 849th time ??????????????????


Nice! Been thinking of getting a playspace mover... What are some things you should avoid when using it in Rec Room?


2,420 views lmao


Dose this work on oculus quest?


This mod is really annoying in pvp

GravySpice -

I was making a go kart with wraithking in the rec center

Cupcake RR

How do we do?

Rush Nexusonrr

Best vr fov ever

Play mover

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Play Space Mover - Oculus/SteamVR [Tutorial]

5 036 views | 28 Oct. 2020




Advanced Settings - steam://openurl/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1009850/OVR_Advanced_Settings/

Space Calibrator - https://github.com/pushrax/OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator

Background - steam://openurl/https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=802424278


1. Download and install SteamVR and OpenVRAdvancedSettings. Then turn on your VRHeadset, launch SteamVR and put your VRHeadset on. (If you're running oculus or a rift headset also download and install the Oculus Desktop app)

2. Click on the options tab in the SteamVR window(the one that shows your VRHeadset and controllers). Navigate to "Devices" - "Controller Settings" - "Show old binding ui" (if the option isn't there make sure to hit show under the "advanced settings" tab at the bottom left)

3. Inside the "Edit controller bindings" UI hit "show more applications" and navigate to "VRChat"(or which ever game you want playspace mover to work in).

4. Click "Edit current binding" then underneath the "use as button" option for whichever button you want to playspace move with. Select the option to right of the "Click" button, and set the value to "none".

5. Hit the "back" option at the top left twice and hit "show more applications" then navigate to "OpenVR Advanced Settings"

6. Click "Edit current binding" then underneath the button you disabled in step 4 click the "+" and select "button". Next to "click" change the "none" value to "left hand space drag" if on the left" controller or "right hand space drag" if on the right.

7. At the bottom of your SteamVR menu there should be an option called "OVR Advanced Settings". Click on it and navigate to the "motion" tab.

8. You'll see an option called "space drag" make sure to check mark which ever hand you enabled space drag for in step 6.


9. If you're running oculus or a rift headset with full body download and install "open space calibrator" if it isn't already, then launch it. select one of your trackers on the right hand side and your controller on the left. Select "Start Calibration". Slowly do an infinity pattern until it's done calibrating. If your trackers are in the wrong spot try selecting a different tracker and calibrate again. you can also manually edit your calibration if it is slightly offset.

10. If "OpenVR Advanced Settings" doesn't appear at the bottom of your SteamVR menu try relaunching SteamVR and make sure it's not set to safe mode. If "OpenVR Advanced Settings" doesn't open when selecting it at the bottom of of your SteamVR menu try restarting your headset and making sure SteamVR isn't running off of integrated graphics.

11. If you're using index controllers with an oculus headset you can turn off your touch controllers before launching SteamVR and then do step 9 but with your VRHeadset and index controller instead of touch controller and tracker.

12. If you are still having issues with the tutorial and or need further assistance try the discord link below or the comments section.



Txxic Puxple

Is this only for Full body tracking?

Icebound Glaceon

For People having issues with the tutorial not working I forgot to mention to go to "OpenVR Advanced Settings" at the bottom of your SteamVR menu and select the "motion" tab. There you can enable which hand you want playspace mover to work with.

Red NK

You know, I wasn't prepared for that at the start of the video.

Interesting home lmao


please i need to know how to use index controllers with oculus.

trey duncan

what headset do u use!?!!?!!?!?????????????!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!???


so do you have to use virtual desktop or link cable to use this normally? (Oculus quest 2)


it works but I am unable to pull myself up, any reason why this might be happening?

Brainy Janie

I get it to work in steam. But not when In game


does anybody know if you can use ovr on virtual desktop

Lacey Vallance

im really confused on where the button is on the menu of the steam vr im on step 7


the steam menu for the advanced settings tab wont even open

Space Monster C

I have a problem, I installed it but the settings don't pop up.. Like I see the button to go to the menu but there is no menu.. It's just blank

Raienryuu Guy

if you have the quest 2 isnt it super expensive to buy fullbody since u need to buy base stations aswell?


Is it only me or whenever i click on the cogwheel in steam vr for advanced setting the menu doesn’t pop up

Ntgm Gaming

whats your home lmfao


Mine shadowing my base stations at my feet

Living Litchfield

Okay, I have the original quest. Do I need fullbody for playspace mover or can I use it without full body? I have spent a day struggling so any help is appriecated




I don’t have full body


agggh, theres literally no recent vive tutorial

SilersOn RR

Doesn't work not helpful didn't show menu


if you have the quest 2 why do you have quest 1 controllers


Im not going to watch your tutorial just because of your background. Dislike

Icebound Glaceon

I think imma delete this tutorial xD realized I forgot to show some things when rerecording it... the description shows how to do it better...


Yo everytime I try to open the steem menu I take a screenshot now how to fix that and I've tried to use ovr to fix it but that's also not working

Hedgehog the Savage

When I click the ovr the screen that is supposed to show the menu but it did not show menu it just shows that it is black screen


do you need a pc?

ArcticFox SE

does not work my playspace movere does not work