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Lost and Found Pets on FaceBook

386 views | 2 Feb. 2017

This video courtesey of

This video courtesey of http://www.johnsinformation.com

People who post or share lost or found or adoptable pet links on FaceBook need to see this to help increase the chances for these little animals

Pet lost and found facebook

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KLM Lost & Found service

25 319 530 views | 23 Sep. 2014

KLM’s dedicated Lost &

KLM’s dedicated Lost & Found team at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is on a mission to reunite lost items as soon as possible with their legitimate owner. From a teddy bear found by the cabin crew to a laptop left in the lounge. Locating the owners can sometimes be a challenge, so special forces have been hired…

And remember: if it happens to you, the KLM Social Media team is always there for you on Facebook and Twitter!







Yes, it's a lot of fun. Personally I think he is a real asset to the company. And he can really do something no one else can. Our main goal is to return lost items to the owner. As fast as possible. To do that, we monitor social media. And the crew checks the plane after every flight. I really like the fact that we are now getting some help with that.

We train for muscle strength, endurance, and of course socialization.

When you see the reactions of the passengers that really is amazing. He drops by regularly but I have to admit: I do spoil him a bit.

Chandu Kale

Ingenious. Both the dog and KLM.

Elaine Ricketts

GOOD DOGGIE..........

S Trenes Perú

Hello KLM, please make that your airplanes travel to Perú

wit sri

KLM dog soooooooo cute

Meowthew Playz

That dog is brave to go on the baggage carasol


whooooosss a gooooodds booooyyyyy

Joseilton Oliveira

Wow, so cute, I love dog.. ????

Kanchan Sabharwal

Love this dog ?

Gopi K P

Very good dog

Heathcliff Phookphan-Venables

Batdog to the rescue

Jeanne Stark

Hey KLM : tell everyone over in Amsterdam and Schiphol airport we said hi over here from Florida USA. I live on the West Coast of Florida and your airport was the first airport I never been to in Europe. Hug the dog to for me hug the dog two for me please. I have a beagle also. How do you get him from not running off running away?

Zara Hernandez

I own 2 beagles and love coming back to this video. It makes me smile. Beagles are the best

Room 2 Grow Production ®

What’s interesting about this KLM, lately they kind went down right the opposite of what this video says. I am still battling to retrieve a missing property within KLM structure, so then to find out that this luggage gets to fly around the globe on a plane with no pilot. It is July 5th and since june 22nd we try to get back the property. Honestly, we cant wait for you to really mess it up even more and deeper, enough after where all stress levels will be repaid and multiplied.

p.s I was under the impression that Dutch general citizens are mannered, educated and more, not to get really condescending, aggressively rude and speaking like boots, siris and androirds.
It has been witnessed via some videocall dialogues with KLM staff in personal action between consumer (traveler) and provider(klm) it was ? jaw dropping. I thought Holland profession regulators are 2020 social level living, not condescending. Not good. KLM, once my property arrives, you can then add me on your black list of traveling. You just lost us as consumers, that’s all?

for reservation and case nr details, maybe later. meanwhile we watch where this case goes ?

Renee Marcellis

I have watched this sweet pup five times, I just love it. Great dog, great idea.

Steven Ulosevich

The Dutch are in a class of their own. Fabulous innovation!


Good Morning,
Yesterday, September 10, 2019, we took the KLM 1200 flight from Stavanger to Amsterdam, to continue our trip to Barcelona. On this flight, KLM 1200, I forgot in the compartment above my seat, a bag of the Duty Free of Stavanger Airport with some of my belongings: an orthopedic bandage for my hand, a bottle of perfume, a bottle of cola, three packages With candies My wish is to know if I can recover this bag and its contents? Thank you!

M Pilar Capdevila


One of the greatest assets to KLM. Who else is still watching this advert in 2020? Like and subscribe to my channel =D


This is so fake


Starting in 2020 they now just pick everything up with rubber gloves and send it to be incinerated because.....ya know...covid.

S Friv


Zineb El ghadouini



Good KLM

Pete Shields

Amazing work Sherlock.

Jan Banan

PR stunt or not. Nice commercial.

The Flying Eagle

What a cute dog!! Great job guys. ?


I have a beagle as well but god it doesn't listen to me

Beate Reijnders

Een heel mooie hond van klm zelfs

Sumit Bhattacharjee

Horrible experience with KLM flight. They Lost my luggage and when we ask they have no idea. The staff is very very incorporate and rude.

DO NOT trust these videos, They make these videos with paid actors and misguide people. BEWARE before travelling with KLM.

Beaglefreilauf Kalkar

Beagles just love using their noses,

Mo Teaches

Good boy

Kelvin Ngo

Very sociu

Ian Amado

Hermoso el trabajo del hermoso

Naxeca Dianna Gill

The cutest thing I've ever seen ??❤️❤️

Mark Kelly

I'm going to Holland schipol Airport once I get my passport on monday


A dog with a job is a happy dog.

Lê Sơn Hải

In this video that’s a dog


What a cute idea! ?

AK Raharto

So cute & ? looks fun. Smart dog !!

Caterina Cirone

Every airport should do this

Anne Oliveira



KLM은 정말 천재적인 회사다 어떻게 저런 발상을 할수가...
내년에 또 네덜란드가야겠다

Ma. Sol Recalde Dueñas


fokje duursma

Ik wil iets terug dat in het vliegtuig is blijven liggen. Hier heb ik dus niets aan. Ik krijg geen telefonisch contact, het formulier wat er moet zijn komt niet te voorschijn. Sorry, maar dit vind ik geen klantenservice ook al moeten we lachen om de schattige hond

Rm Sf


klara savblom

I took a connection flight from Stockholm to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Madrid, Madrid to Vigo and this airline lost both of my luggage’s and it was a cabin bag but they forced me to check it in. They lost it in Amsterdam and it came back to me 5 days later on the last day of my trip. I had all my Christmas presents in my bag, my homework, cosmetics clothes jewellery. KLM you just ruined my holiday and you just lost a customer.

Christine Tanner

Gatwick Airport could learn a valuable lesson. It cost me twenty pounds to get my phone back from Lost and Found. I was happy, of course, to have it returned but a “token” five pounds for “admin costs” would have been sufficient and most people would not be upset to pay this.

ItzKoHp YT

Aww :D he should be called the Boeing dog - cute

Hendrik Bonthuis

ik heb wat laten liggen in de city hopper op Amsterdam
vlucht Dublin - Amsterdam KL0946 zaterdag 25 juli 10.50 - 13.16
Het is een plastic tasje met een shirt en een pet uit Ierland met een bon er in van 46 euro
Mijn Adres is Hendrik Bonthuis Bleekstraat 26 8754cl Makkum tel.:0651120466
Met vriendelijke dank

Dylan Power

I have a 6 yr minaure beagle and she would not return anything. ??

Iam Aron

I love that puppy is very nice

Emma O123

John Wick Approves

Dave M

That one dog is worth more than the entire TSA.


good dog


2020 somebody?

The Darkest Corner

Though it may be lost,
someday you may find it found,
things tend to come back.

VenLing Tang

I have just left my watch on board at the seat pocket on KLM flight can you please get me to be in touch with Lost & found team urgent thanks

Casas daQuinta

great dog

Bianca Vloon

Ik heb mijn iphone 11 pro max gold laten liggen in het vliegtuig gisteren 30/7 ik heb geen reactie gehad! Het was vlucht Ik zat op 5F en het is in het zakje ervoor blijven liggen. Het was KL1233 - toen ik erachter kwam was het toestel al weer vertrokken. Ik zit nu in Nice zonder telefoon. Kunnen jullie alsjeblieft met spoed checken of ie in Parijs of na de terugweg in NL is gevonden??

Fernando Da Cruz

KLM cabine crew : beautiful people ?

Marcel Moulin

Heel mooi! Fantastisch!


I'm going to Holland from Manchester airport on klm on Christmas I'm so excited when I get my passport


I must admit, I LOVE this.

July Miller

So cute and sweet. There are still decent people returning people's lost property... Now via the Canine Express! (I mean, did you see how fast that dog was going?!)


I've seen this video so many times but it still makes me yelp excitedly when I see that good pupperino run from behind the corner.

m. k.

After all this depressing news about covid, this video made my day! I have a beagle he would love to have that job.

Ed Winner

There is just some people who dislike videos for no reason. He is the cutest dog ever! This is why I fly KLM every time. KLM the best airline ever. And also Happy 100th anniversary KLM!


For the briefest of seconds, I thought they were speaking English. Lol then I realized I could only understand every other word coming out their mouth.

Abdullah Garallah

Amazing ?

Sam De Groot

Beagle KL248 “You are cleared for take off!” Have a nice sniff ??

Maria Nieves Fernández González

Pls remove this video. Reality is very different. I left an item at my seat, reported 30 mins after leaving the plane, the person did not resolved anything, gay en wrong instructions, I flew to MAD two hours after, another person, good word never heard back. No one was able to exactly tell me where I have to report. Different versions. Contact KLM vía WhatsApp’s, diverted me to airport by no clarity to who or how. Finally obtained a link of L&F airport. KLM did nothing. Pls remove the video and put a real link (no general website), to help people to report. Very substandard performance.



Isabel M .


Frank Seronello


Huang Letitia

米格魯 太可愛了?

Shanty Irish

I seem to have lost my mind....puppy! Oh, puppy!...
I just love the Dutch people!
I spent 2 weeks in Amsterdam in 1970....still the best vacation ever .Flew KLM, too...best airline ever.
Glad I subscribed! Thank you.

S Friv


Anthony Sumpton

Amazing KLM ?

Gabriel Joseph Maceda

so cute i cried with tears so nice

Bee D

This is amazing!❤️????

Andrew W.C.

You don’t need to train a beagle for socializing. They aren’t known as the merry little hounds for nothing.


I was so bummed when I found out this was just for advertising and they really don't have a search beagle! But he's so darn cute anyway.


0:01there is MD-11!

Donna Glee Williams

This is a fantasy. What they actually do, if you report that you’ve left something on their plane, is tell you they’ve dumped it with the Schipol lost and found, where it will cost you 30 euro to even file a claim.

hoeft niet

The dog was there for a day. Its just to promote the company.

Nerida Davis

Simply heartwarming

Beautiful Notes

This dog is a nice Lost and found service, I really want to meet him.


Zo fcking nep

Jeannine Royer


Seifensiederin DZ-Naturseifen-Shop

Großartig!!!! ❤

Laura Saxon

Very cute! I have been to Schipol Airport before and it was a nice airport.

Xgamer chileX

Ohhh he sooo very cute good boy :)

Lucy Flynn

I wish this can happen to all airlines

Erna Fex

What a fantastic idea!

Lê Sơn Hải

At 1:38 now have a lost and founder dog on the floor mover right???

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Patricia Marie

I love beagles!

Karin M

Too cute! Dogs rule!

anne hyams

Great story and a happy ending. Thank you do much for your video .Annie

Gopi K P

Nice and cute dog

Bryan Westphal

Can you hire my Beagle Laika?

Pet lost and found facebook

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DogLost: Reuniting lost and stolen dogs with their owners

68 views | 13 Dec. 2020

In this video, we hear

In this video, we hear from Jane from DogLost about the work they do to help owners find their dogs before they end up in an animal shelter or the RSPCA.

Jayne Hayes, founder of DogLost, describes how she started up the organisation 8 years ago. Her own loved pet, a Miniature French Bulldog, had gone missing but was eventually found after 6 frustrating weeks. In trying to find him, she had found the biggest problem was not only that the different organisations she approached, such as the police and local authority, didn't seem to care about a missing dog but also that they didn't seem to communicate with each other. The idea of an Internet based central organisation to hold information on missing and found dogs seemed to be the solution.

DogLost is a large and free organisation that can help in a huge variety of ways in helping to reunite dogs with their owners. Jayne offered a word of warning against some smaller organisations, which often make hefty charges, and argues that, due to the nature of the service, a central service such as DogLost seems to make more sense.

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