Spank chat

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2 299 528 views | 7 Jun. 2020

lmao it got too far tho he

lmao it got too far tho he had turn them donos off

bronnys twitch: twitch.tv/alwaysbronny

Keeks Keeks

They legit donating to a billionaire ? ? ?

Tony Cassiere

Bronny just tryna play some 2k?

Jack Wallis

He looks just like his dad

NBG Nitro

Nobody talking about how he looks EXACTLY like JuJu Smith-Schuster

Nemo Taylor

whenever bronny get a sus donation CHat Do yALl here dat?

theo torres

Why his room look so normal

Miya J

They asked him if he would smash zaya wade wtf ?

Zieven Games

This was so funny


Wtf is going on with chat ?




His reactions to it ?

Jared Flores

Bronny is dating Chat confirmed


bra they sayin these things to a 15 yr old

Cyclone edits

0:33 is the mario speaking



Lance Brown

Is it just me or does Bronny look like Juju

милан ћурла

Bronny looks like a child of MJ and LBJ


“Did i jus hear that” wat u think


Bronnys voice is deeper than my essay

Tijann Mf

No way this is 8 months ago


Michael Jordan when Charles Barkley won the MVP
(DNA test needed)

Alejandro el bachatitas



This is actually way to funny for some reason lmao


Plot twist: those donations were actually ziya

Austin Statin

Zaya wade lol

Zuhur A

Yo they mad sus

Robert Golda

0:34 mans sounding like Mario bruh

ThatManJosh 1

The basketball godz stuff is bad and demonic because there’s only one God


Recommended after Bronny like Larsa pic on IG??‍♂️


I bet u bronny is way cooler than his dad


Bronny got them Solluminati faces lol

House Grumpy Boys Universe

Bronnys an 11 year old stuck in a mans body


The hell he needs donations for? Am I missing something? Maybe he's collecting for charity

Help me Killer

This is a child

quintin price

Years from now they gon accuse bronny of sum crazy shit on espn I already know it


0:50 broony gave the camera a "solluminati" look

Shon Phillips

It should be called when a normal person twitch.

jason Montgomery

People really donate money to him ?

Judah Richardson

Jesus loves you


Is he Lebron’s son?

Ben Simmons

Bronny always get trolled


Who tf is out here giving lebron james kids donations fr


I already do ship Zaya and Bronny together tho

Reyy Boyy

? He's obviously still a kid ?. This shi funny tho

If you are reading this, you are a fucking donkey

link this vid to his dad

T Man

Damn bro, Im kinda shocked how alike him and his dad look. They even sound the same lol.


Yo counter: 12


I’m hearing Zaya I thought her name was really Zion this whole time lol y’all should do some googling


Savannah's genes are strong af

Bob Franklin


Ramen N00dles

It’s one in the morning for me and I’m crying my ass off to this waking up the whole family

Juan RR

Poor dwyane wade ??


i think his favorite word is "yoooo"

Jay Singh

Plot twist: Lebron's the one sending the messages

Drake VEVO



It's funny on the outside of the stream, HELL ON THE INSIDE


Lebron shldve became a streamer too


he tries so hard not to laugh at the ziya ones ??


Plot Twist - James is the one donating all those, hoping his own son would go out with Zaya

Sheluvs Julian

love the fact that he was listening to tjay


1:41 Andrew Wiggins?


Bryce should be for ziya


He look like juju smith-shuster



Justin Sanchez

this made my night ?

Lil Friend

Anyone else think he look more like Michael Jordan as opposed to lebron?


yo on a clix stream all this shit is normal lmao


Imagine giving money to a kid that has everything

Invisible Pluto



He sounds just like lebron

Ethan Hamel

Idk if chat heard that did chat just hear that!?


0:05 yoo meme face check

DawdawTheGoat ツ

ziya wade one killed me fam

proapprentice420 _

take a shot everytime bronny says "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

yur stepdad chad :-

bronny: yooooo!

kai abdu

does anyone call bronny like lebron james jr


i watched this

Funny Money

His reactions are great

Mustafa Mohamud

bro the dude is only a teen let him live his life

YagirlMay 999


Rouge Clips

Nigga look like handsome squidward


its funny how i know he is on xbox because of the party overlay...


Bronny starts a stream:



Every time someone says something dirty

Junesung Kim


Franz Ibano

I don't even know why they'd donate to bronny. The dude is Rich.

Alvaro 1300

Lmao briny listening. To shoreline

J_Igbo _

accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour sex before marriage and porn is a sin you will go to hell if you dont repent and turn away from your wicked ways GOD bless stay safe TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY

Rodney Copperbottom Jr

Why he sound like juju smith ?

J Wizdum

Love how everyone was doing the minimum $1 cause they knows he set but just wanted to get the reaction lmaoo

dat chief

Never seen lebron's son before but this dude is at least 20 yo

sick boy

Fine Youtube.

Krimson CODM

Niggas that dont need no more money be getting money for doing something everyone does ??‍♀️

Effects Master

he looks like mj

Lil X

Title should have been bronny saying yoooo compilation

Salantay Almontai

0:02 90% of lebron fans

SoFly Win

Wish I get donated $1... I’d accept all the trolls


bet half are about zaya

Brandon Flores

Bronny ugly

nico bino

Asks chat if they heard that.
Chat: “we invented it”

Spank chat

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Spank Chat Espionage

164 views | 29 Jun. 2018


Juicy Juicy

Howard is electrickery.

Juicy Juicy

Mr. Howard Massicotte ???


this is so weird, time travel lurkage with commentary! i love it! so glad you caught howard in this, cant have spank chat without howard. i said it before and ill say it again, if everyone on the planet pretended to believe the earth was flat, the flattards would start saying it's globular. ^_^
p.s. omg howard is in live chat right now talking about planet X! XD

p.p.s. Elderberry extract is amazing for the common cold, especially if you take it when you just start feeling it, as long as you remember to take the extract a few times for the next couple days you can avoid a cold completely.

Spank chat

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Girl Chat: Does Spanking Work?

1 831 512 views | 8 Dec. 2016

How were you disciplined

How were you disciplined as a child? "The Real" ladies share their experiences during the Girl Chat. Watch to find out who got spankings, time outs and the good-ol' chancleta.

Elle Williams

She could've just said slippers since everyone is not latino there, thanks adrienne

Maggie Yoshira

I feel like Adriennes earlobe are about to drop any minute now...

Jacqueline Banks

Agree totally.

Rebecca T

Gentle parenting look into it

Silvia j

That child broke mama mai


i thought this topic was about sex.?

i was like, "yup spanking def works for me"


Those switches and extension cords weren't no joke!


I pray for the day where you get locked up if you put hands on your child. Disgusting

Laura Bernal

Damn it’s almost like kids understand communication rather than being hit

David Wagner

If they called you by your full name.You knew you was In trouble. Do not think about running you will be caught before you can get away.

Tina Bahena

And children respond when it’s a stranger because they are more shy but with their parents they act out because they know they love them

M T33

My parents spanked me with their hands or the wooden spoon -(ouch..the spoon was a sharper pain!). And they would send me up to my room crying. And literally 10 minutes after crying they would come up and tell me how they loved me so much but what I did was unacceptable. I have never felt unloved or abused in my life or like they did it out of anger. And I’ve grown up to be so respectful that I actually have to tone my respectfulness down to survive in this disrespectful , cold world. So yes. I agree with spanking if it’s done the way my parents did it to me; which was in love but lesson learned.

Geek Protagonist

I love mama mai.

Ma'Kiya Hayes

Remember having to pick your own switch ?. All I know is I'm not hitting my kids

Janae Marie

I got the classic slap across the face :/


i'll just leave this here since most of u wanna defend abuse and act like there couldn't be any negatives despite many of u are all clearly aggressive..cuz last time i checked there's no study saying the positives of physical harming someone:


Renzostayslit25 Scott

I’m 25 and my mom always says I brought u in this world ? and I will take you out my mom is definitely old school well both of my parents are really old school that’s how I was raised I was born in 1994

Jasmine Lopez

I feel the white mom coming out of Tamera (talking soft). Nope I have a Hispanic mom... I caught hands & belt ?

Stephany Arias

Belt, hanger, pinches if I’m acting up in public, and the CHANCLETAAAAAAAA
Hispanic mamas have some type of superpower accuracy when throwing the chancleta ???

Tameri Harding

This is the best hair I’ve seen Loni have, she suits the sleek look so well ?

Jezicca Lorne

I grew up with having spankings. I didnt get it very often at all. But for me at least getting a bit older like 10 or so, I was more worried about dissapointing my parents, and looks I'd recieve knowing I've hurt them or disappointed them. Otherwise my mom had what we call a "dragon voice" and pairing that with the old first and middle name. Oh you bet I was running

Lilianne McDonald

We didnt have a slipper we had a wooden spoon and the belt

Willie Thee goat

The extension cord ?

Daniella Irera

Spanking makes more mature and smart about are decisions, but the downside is Depression, and sensitivity.


I will beat my child! They will bend to my will. If I have a daughter she will also be beating.


Kids are different. Some just need a warning and they will listen. Others will test you and don't care about the consequences. But discipline from a young age is important.

Patrick Neiswinger

That's why ignoring when they throw tantrums works. It works for my daughter. Now when she really does something wrong.

Hanh Dao

What Jeannie said is the equivalent of “you gonna catch these hands” ?

Ffion Baker

I’m sorry but I don’t think I could ever raise my hand to my baby, oh hell no, learn another way, if you didn’t Like something a stranger did or said you wouldn’t hit them

Flower Power

If you’re reading this I want you to know that God loves you and He cares about you so much that He became a man (Jesus Christ) and died for you. Repent and believe in the gospel, He is the ONLY way to heaven. You can’t get into heaven by doing good works and you don’t have to go to a priest to confess anything. Cry out to Him through prayer He will not turn you away. Dive into His word (The Bible) for guidance and do not continue in your sins. Make His word the final say in your life.

Visit living waters and the beat by Allen Parr (YouTube) for more clarity.

God bless ❤️

For those who want to get saved: https://youtu.be/ajWdkuvrT6s

Also to any Muslims who see this (actually click the links)

https://youtu.be/mGysOICFRlk ...

Kaitlin James

I got the hanger, comb, switch, belt, the hand, the foot, the shoe, the cord if she couldn't find anything she usually use she will throw anything that she knows will hurt and she a aim like no other.

Rachael Kopp

What age range to? Nobody putting a 14 yr old in timeout!

Marisa Kintu

In the current moments it does seem to work, but when the future comes, you will start to realise that you just gave your kids their own mental problems. So no!

Desiree L Beniquez

Don't do it you'll go to jail. The Bible is for disciplining and regulating so use it. Privileges take them away. You say u love them teach them it's your job.

Rebecca T

Black people ?

Abel Lewis

I believe in spanking when the situation calls for it. But not for every little thing.

Tameri Harding

It’s weird hearing some people talking about getting “whipped” when it lowkey sounds like the parent was just beating them up ??
the line is so thin between discipline and abuse

Che Patterson

I’m with Jeannie. It really takes a village but we lost that with all the “Don’t tell me how to raise my child.” That’s not just your child, it’s a person. And people can learn direction from anywhere.

April Dickson

If he says yes to a POW POW u must not be doing a pop pop. Cause I promise u he wouldn’t be saying yes

Shaun M

All of them got spanked and none of them use violence so how is Tamara sitting here saying by spanking her son she’s encouraging him to be violent when she herself is not violent LOL

Alyssia Trigg-DiAmparo

Word! I'm not admitting to spanking because the ppl like to snatch yo kids. I'm gonna say I do "timeouts" too ?

Harryson Hihu

Any African living in Africa watching this in disbelief!!!!Hahahah

Nawal Ait El Cadi

Tamera too perfect

Devin Wright

Spanking is best for children who are bad ass hell!

Keshauna Adams

Black ppl can relate to Jeannie and Tamera

Phillip Tillman

My mama said look at the fan and she chopped me in the throat ??‍♂️

Tanya Lake

Beating/spanking also stems from slavery/chri$tianity, and have been passed down from generation to generation. It is physical and mental abuse to control (kids) to become obedient sheep when they get older. Look at majority of "adults". "But over the last many decades while much of the rest of the world has been passing us by, it seems an insidious federal agenda has been implemented to condition and brainwash a population of mindless, robotic citizenry that simply does what it’s told, and of course the brainwashing commences early in America’s schools." https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-dumbing-down-of-america-by-design/5395928


Idk, spanking worked for me

Firey Greenert

I got the wooden spoon, the threat, and the hand. Never beat, or whooped and only happened a handful of times but... memories of those incidents are very clear lol. I heard " I brought you into this world I can take you out" atleast once a day lmfao

Mn B

Its a skill that people who are good at discipline have. They can discipline and keep kids in line without needing to actually get physical with them. Its like the teachers who naturally are able to command the respect of a classroom of kids. Kids can sense weakness a mile away.

Troy Bradley

Timeout is only traditional to white people Tamara

Kaitlin James

The backscratcher lord


If you could get arrested for doing it to an adult, you shouldn't be doing it to a child.

Tonya Hayes

Jus hearing that tamera son is hitting her is a big problem she really needs to fix that because he will get big one day and he gonna knock that azz out.... ooo I bet he dont hit her in front of his dad because daddy get on that ass yet listening to her talk you touch my child I'm touch you but she lets her son hit her ahh heck No handle that now

Connor Lachmanec

I don't have kids but I think a good rule of life is don't use violence to solve a conflict that can be resolved peacefully but if someone is being violent and unreasonable, sometimes you need to smack some sense into them.

Cynthia P.

hitting your child with an extension cord is abuse, that would sting and leave a red mark it might even cut


So f'n sick of jeannie

ᴊᴀᴍɪᴇ ᴊ

My grandma did chopsticks

Gaby Soto

I was a bratty kid, and I never knew it until I became a nanny to some of the worlds most brattiest children. I was like, man. I really wish I would’ve gotten more disciplined as a kid, even though I turned out alright. I can see where my parents lack of discipline towards my sisters and I really affected us negatively as adults. One of my sisters is about to be 22, and homegirl has only had 1 job that lasted 2 weeks. It’s sad. She’s all up in her feelings, and my parents don’t know how to help her so they just keep patting her back and taking her crap. Tough love can really reap some benefits.

Pankyes Dashan

The total collapse of any society happens when parents are scared to discipline their kids. That this is even debatable says a damn lot. spare the rod and spoil the child it's that simple. My mom and dad, uncles and aunts and neighbors knew how to restore us back to factory settings with just one good off time slap LoL ? ?


In the Arab culture, our moms use something called a shahata or shib shib (depending on the country). It means a slipper. I swear once I was messing around while some guests were over and my mom threatens me by saying wallah I will throw this shahata at your head and I ran. As I turned, I thought I was okay until I felt the slipper hit my head. It literally did a 360 turn?


My Mom used my Grandmother's 1950's 1" thick wooden teachers paddle... OUCH. My Ma-Maw used the paddle part of that toy that had an elastic string and rubber ball on it with the string and ball removed. That stung!

Vicious Von

Idgaf tamara said it right you touch my child it’s going down

Jeremiah Tray

Spanking definitely works

clint fowler

My parents spanked me and my brothers and we’re upstanding citizens

jenn warren

I love how real this show for real is lmao

Sam And Colby

I never got a spanking or anything as a child only timeout

Sara Mansour

If you have an arab mom you have all of that and even more.
Ps. They can do more than spanking with their hands ?

Kaitlin James

Did anyone have to stand like a chair with heavy ass books in your hands


Spanking is good for the kids. Look at what we got now. Snowflake millenials.

Tiffany Ramcharan

My mom still tells me "I brought you in this world and I could take you out"

2007 Baby

Im 13, and Hispanic, I got the Chancleta (slipper/flip flop) I got the belt, I got the hanger, I got a croc thrown across the room, and hit me right in the ancle. I would also get (rarely used) my mom would make me shower, (I was like 5) and then wait until I was nice and soaked to hit me, in the arm, or leg

Bonita Kemp

I love Mama Mai lol


“do you wanna get pop popped?” my dad didn’t even give me the option, it was belt against ass and then let’s see what happens if you try it again???? i turned out just fine


Kids these days need to get them type of ass whopping our parents use to give us

Daniel DeMartis

there is never a need for violence. you can discipline your kid with words and not violence. explain to them and be kind.

Tommy 's Girl

The difference between a whooping and a spanking is when you get a spanking it's usually 3 pops either with your hand or sometimes they use a belt and when you get a whooping it's a whole different story they use anything they can get they're hands on and you think they worrying about counting..... NO cuz sometimes it's so bad it feel like they never gon stop.


I associate spanking with parents who don't have the patience (or time) to properly raise their kids.

Lisandro Barcelo Kartiar

All My Mother did was Give Me That LOOK .. I Already Knew !

Tobias Exarchopoulos

"You do THAT in Compton you gone get hit" ??? I love Loni


My eyes: see the topic.
My thoughts: o , yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa baby
I thought it is about s E X

Mobile Customer

I come from a Haitian family and ass whoopings are the most common discipline techniques.

Troy Bradley

Slippers don’t work Puerto Rican people

Alexandria I. Hall

The extension cord brings memories back

Mia Emilia

Is hitting your children legal in the US?? My parents didn’t spank me because they didn’t need to AND they could go to prison if they did…

Amber Kestler

And look how kids are...... some kids need to get spanked... not beat.... but all the kids now days are disrespectful, ungrateful, and too sensitive!!! That's why the older generations who got hit have respect and act right...I have 3 kids all teenagers 2 girls and a boy and ive had to slap them ( not crazy hard) very few times thru the years but they dont talk back or give me trouble at all!

Frankie Moreno

Spanking now and days does not work like it did bck in the day my mama use 2 beat tf out of me wit anything in her reach lol back then there was no such thing as time outs lol 2000 babies got it hella good

tribal _

Shout out to the orange comb I don’t move at all when someone doing my hair now ???


Let's see here. I got the extension cord, coaxial cable wire, belt, chopstick, tree branch, honestly whatever that was in sight.

I turned out okay (as in never murdered anyone, didn't join a gang, anything extreme). But I will say that messed with me in an emotional and mental way.

If I ever have kids, I will never discipline them they way I was disciplined growing up. There's a fine line between spanking and abuse.

Saturn Barz

Y’all talking about the belt?
Bitch I got the FRIDGE

Rachel Taitano

My siblings and I got whooped with my dad’s belt.


I'm still traumatized by the extension cord. No bueno!! And ignoring is the worse than beatings, children don't understand it as reflex to their behavior. They interpret that as not worthy.

Lady Beldaran

Studies have shown that corporal punishment is useless and causes emotional damage to the kid. Anyone telling themselves that its all about the situation is just letting their own anger and frustration spill out.

Purple girl

Girl bye I will beat your son if he comes near me with the bullshit lol.

Xiomara Velazquez

God bless are you ladies and everyone that goes on there you guys are so amazing God bless in Jesus Christ loves you guys


That's simple minded nobody disciplines my child nobody touches my child baby it takes a village to raise a child you cant do it on your own

Bella Brooklyn

I never got beatings I can’t relate ??‍♀️Lol

kagiso mohlala

i simply tell my child that "you are not my child"pointing furious at him cause if you were! then you will not do that".

Seraphina Santiago-Block

"The good Ignore" does not exist.

April Pinkelton

Extension cords and belts are abuse. Spanking is for a butt and a hand and that is for kids 4-6 if youre going to use that method. 6 & up is timeouts and taking things. My timeouts consist of losing time on the tv or something they enjoy doing in their free time or losing time before bed. Depending on the behavior they may go to bed 30mins to an hour earlier. My kids hate losing time up after dinner because that's their free time. It even works with my 14 yr old. I allow her a ten o'clock bedtime but if she shows ne immaturity that means she must need to be in bed by 9 when I put her 8 yr old sister to bed. Taking time away and electronic time away works. They also have to do their chores and help around the house to earn electronic time so when they lose that time it hurts them much worst bc they put the work in to earn that time.