Procurrency wallet

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How to Store, Trade and Swap Procurrency on SatoWallet

8 views | 26 Sep. 2018



*Multi- Coin Wallet

Access to hold, receive and transact Bitcoin and several Altcoins with just one wallet account.

*Staking Mobile Wallet

Stake your favorite proof of stake(POS) coins by depositing into your wallet and receive auto staking rewards every Monday.

*Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Receive several cryptocurrency airdrops directly to your wallet balance. Never miss any airdrop with Satowallet.

*No-fee Transactions

We provides zero fee transactions for all supported coins between satowallet hosted wallet address. Instant transaction confirmations.

*Auto Coin Swap and Trading

Instant exchange between supported coins with low fees. Also Buy/sell cryptocurrency with Local currency bank deposits and withdrawals.

*Superb Security

Topnotch security and encryption, secured with 2fa, OTP, personal pin code, email verification, and cold storage.

*Lightweight & Community Driven

Top engineered, runs smoothly even in older, low-spec devices. Reduced power consumption and data usage. No need to download huge blockchain files locally. New features are constantly crowd-sourced.

Download link https://satowallet.com/app/

For coin listing, contact: [email protected]

Procurrency wallet

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Some Helpful Debugging For The PROC Pro Wallet

2 290 views | 24 May. 2018

If you have lots of black

If you have lots of black circles that say mined but not accepted or your transactions are not showing real time results you will want to go through these steps.