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Spanish style rice - Definitely not a Paella

133 views | 14 Oct. 2020

If you have a medium size

If you have a medium size pan you can try this fabulous rice recipe at home. The ingredients can be found at your local supermarket, make sure to choose the paella rice.

Paella is the Traditional recipe from the region of Valencia. Other short grain rice recipes where the ingredients are changed are often called "Arroz con cosas" (Rice with things). You can have them with seafood, chicken or other types of meat.

The Sofrito (tomato sauce) will make the difference, adding extra flavour to the dish. Perfect to enjoy on a Sunday lunch!

#AlmostPaella #Spanishrice #Chicken


150gr paella rice

50gr green beans

100gr red pepper

6 small pieces of chicken on the bone

1 pork fillet

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp sweet paprika

1/2 tsp salt + salt to taste

1 sprig of rosemary

100gr of Sofrito

Paella food colouring/ turmeric (optional)

For the Sofrito:

200gr tomato puree

100gr onion

3 garlic cloves

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp parsley

1/2 tsp salt


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Sound credits:

Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com











Eduardo Kofman

[email protected]

Mª José Guijarro Díez

Como os lo currais!!!

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Making a DWM Status Bar and Adding the Bling

11 605 views | 27 Jun. 2020

Lets face it, all of us

Lets face it, all of us like our distro of choice to look good. And when it comes to a standalone window manager like DWM, a big part of the look and feel is the status bar.

I don't know why, but since trying and playing with various tiling window managers, the status bar seems to be what takes me the longest to configure.

So in this video I run through the process I've followed over the last few weeks in DWM.

I start by talking about the development of my collection of scripts (largely borrowed) before moving on to talk about how to get a bit of colour on the bar, dwmblocks, a single script, etc, etc.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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Danny Mexen

Out of town for work but when I get home, this is what I'll be doing. My status bar is nice, clean and minimal but it could look better.
Thanks for a great video.

Bernardo Henriquez

In Gnu/Linux world all you need is IMAGINATION, and you will get what you want :)


You should make a complete xmobar video there aren't many going over it :)


If you save the weather data into tempfs directory you can make things faster

Andrew Palm

Thanks for another very informative video, OTB! Indeed, my experience with tilers is also that the status bar is the trickiest to configure (e.g., Herbstluft using a bash dzen2 script and stalonetray). I learned a lot, but that particular aspect of setting them up was one of the reasons I eventually went back to Xfce. And then I committed the worst of sins and installed the Gnome shell. My panel setup now consists of installing Dash-to-Panel and a couple of other shell extensions. I must confess there is something satisfying about using the DE that all the Linux Kool Kids hate. ;->

LD Williams

Well done for finding ⛅ ?️ ? ⬆️ ⬇️ ? ?️ ?
I've just found emoji picker on Manjaro as you can see, lol


use the other color statusbar patch

peasant vasea

What can I say.... the memory consumption is similar with xfce4 in a regular day of work. I can specify what services to start and I keep it minimal. If is too much, I switch to openbox with all the tools needed to replicate the functionality of a normal desktop.

But for tutorials and when promoting Linux to newbies, I can't ditch the Cinnamon.


used your cpu usage script for some reason the one I used wasn't very accurate I could be compiling a program with all my cores and it's be like 5% bruh

Mike Long

Hi OTB, I do a bit of coding but not with dwm. I noticed a possible an error in your dwblocks configuration. The last comma before your final brace likely shouldn't be included. The line with the {"", "dwmclock", 60, 0}, should be {"", "dwmclock", 60, 0} (no trailing comma). All the lines above it need a trailing comma but the last configuration line does not.


Awesome video, thank you. May I ask what background you are using and where you got it from? It looks phenomenal.

Panagiotis A Natsis

lol thats exactly what i did i gave p on dwmblocks then found that script and added my own stuff


Just out of curiosity, why do you need to constantly know the CPU, memory, and temperature ?

Jake Pedersen

Thank you, this helped immensely. Quick question though, my bar is now looking good but everything is crammed together, how do i space things out? Thanks.

MoonBaseAlpha Grays

Interesting video. The status bar is a pain on most WM's for sure! Lol
I like to use the word "Appropriate" , Stealing is a bit of a harsh word. Nevertheless the end results is the object or the stealthy operation of acquiring what is needed to get it done... :- )
Yes Google is you friend, it is also a butt biter too! Getting it to understand what you want sometimes is a bit like getting the X-Wife to understand why she is a X... Lol
Thanks OTB for the video and all the explanations. I am sure it will help others.
On my SpectrWM I just decided to use a Conky for all the same stuff, no colors.
Ya it is black and white but MX and Peppermint doesn't have the newer SpectrWM in the repos. :-(
I may have to compile it from scratch if I want color's or Not... :-D

vooop binary

I just use the slstatus program. It's a very lesser known suckless program


can you provide those scripts?

Sean M

Very nice. The next thing to do of course is change the emoji based on conditions, e.g. snowflake for cold. A red disk icon for low space. Haha.

Doomsday Machiene

cool boomer t-shirt

Ohm Ygod

I am using dwm 6.2 and I have trouble getting that status color patch to work, so before I investigate further,
could you please tell me which of the patches versions you have applied?

Philipp Scheibe

You can try the status2d-patch for the coloring. Also you can look in the torrinfal/dwmblocks GitHub repo, there ist an issue and a solution to the random-signal problem

Saeid Saati

Thank you so much for this clear and complete explanation.


I like dwmblocks in monochrome. Consider trying out dwmblocks in future again. I stole most of it from Luke and it works well with his scripts. Having ability to click on items in the status may be a useful feature.


Your dwmblocks was crashing because you had same update signal across all of them, and it really don't like that. Even if you don't really use them, you should set them differently for each one. Mixed update signals, even with just 2 modules can give dwmblocks a headache

Mark Scheck

Absolutely love the video!! I'm actually putting covid numbers on mine, also what do you use to record videos? Do you use a Linux based solution?

Renan W. P.

I am not sure if read the output or actually generate the output is better.

Scott Steely

Great video. Let me just say, I can only hope I have your passion for Linux when I'm 60. Although I've been using Linux in one form or another for close to 20 years, I've recently ditched windows on my main pc for arch, and it's reinvigorated my love for computers. Love what your doing OTB and you're inspiring the rest of us FOSS enthusiasts to keep at it!

apig sharbo

I use slstatus from suckless as status bar, although it doesn't have per script update interval. Then again i only display brightness, volume and time.

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MIUI: Shake to Arrange Icons!

172 801 views | 17 Mar. 2020

Shake to arrange icons.

Shake to arrange icons. Shake it oh shake it!

You can easily arrange the position of apps to make it neat! It sounds super cool, doesn't it?

Learn More:

https://www.mi.com/global/ (Global official website)

https://twitter.com/xiaomi (Twitter)

https://www.facebook.com/xiaomiglobal/ (Facebook)

https://www.instagram.com/xiaomi.global/ (Instagram)

https://c.mi.com/ (Mi community)

All Parts

Wow ? it's work

Carlo Alberto

Redmi K30 Pro, we want 90hz !!!

Vishal Kulkarni

we don't need such features. Rather than that we need clean Miui with no advertisements.

Ahmed Mohamady

Huawei android version 6 do it better


I wish you could choose to fill from the bottom-up instead of the top-down

Rahmat Sofyan

please fix miui font alpabhetic .. the non capital letters for each words verry hurt my eyes ...


Not working in poco x2 ???

Carlo Alberto

Redmi K30 Pro, we want 90hz !!!


Обновите Radme note 7 до 10 android!

Theyagarajan T.S 20CS214

Wow nice future

vimun shankar

Nice one

Dani 666hun

Not works on pocophone f1


Just did it that's kinda cool


Xiaomi. Better from best

Alex Sesto

Don't shake it too much, you'll become blind

Mario Ray Mahardhika

return of the old good feature, nice!

SSP unopursure

not working with my poco f1


Why it's not working to XIAOMI MI A2 lite

Raditya Rakha

Auto coba

Leonardo Regem

Xiaomi Brazil

Mudit Johari

Redmi note 4 mei ayega ya nahi

Izuku Midoriya

I already know this.


Give mi a3tips

Ashfaque Hussain

Bhai sbb maza aa gya

Vamsi Krishna Kolluru

Wifi calling for redmi note 5 pro please..!!

Abhishek padhi

This doesn't work on poco f1

Shiv Kamal Upadhaya

I really loved Xiaomi. But until xi xinping stays in power, I will never buy any xiaomi again. I will really miss xiaomi really from heart.. ??


Thank u


when will note 9 pro max come to za

Gulshan Kundal

Sir i have 9pro max when I unlock my phone sometimes my home screen icon are disappearing and then I lock my phone and one more time to phone unlock then he show icon on home screen can u fix my problem

jamelthon bron

my phone is redmi 8 i try that nothings happen!

Rofiq 401

Baru tahu njir

mVp • N E O

How to get app drawer on miui

Rayane's channel

Well I'm surprised.
I just can't describe my feelings.
So, good job, continue Xiaomi.


Are u dumb why u hide this ?

the white ninja

Plz add app drawer

Mr. Sam

give me a free phone -,-

deepshikha singh

Not working


More video like this plz

Halim wagih

Unlike software

کوڕە موسلمانەکە

really nice❤


It's not happening in k20.. help me to do that


No need of this... I use App Drawer

Funnime TV

My huawei y6II already packed with that kind of fearures which î bought since july 2017

Bipul Lamsal

Did i see tiktok?


Not 7pro android 10 update date..?


my huawei has that

Yeni Kusni

No just no

Soundhar Raj

Old feacture in vivo

Sean Ashton Jones


1000 subscriber without any video

Bhsdk pehly se pta tha

Ankit Singh

It's not new feature ?

sandeep yadav

Saalo update bhi de do chutiyo

Bana Z

Any shortcut for roof music player ?


U r great Pls tell us some more hidden features



Эржан Бапыев

Аххахахаххехкхаххаха, как будто я не знаю как это делается



Carlo Alberto

Redmi K30 Pro, we want 90hz !!!

Limited Is Live

When miui 12 will came in the device resmi note 7 pro....
Please reply everyones want to know

Amit Boss

I just tried, it's awesome ?

Maghanga Charles

my F1 isn't doing that.

Bardha Coka

Tik tok .....wow

kakadhies forever

How free dlivry

A. Hussain

More tips

Mochammad Dani

aku Redmi

Tyrone Cunningham

Sweeeeeet! Thank you Xaiomi for making a sweet phone!


I have redmi note 5 pro and i have this feature already


Who didn't know about that

Ryan Maulana s

I want Redmi Note 7 and Redmi 7 to get Andorid 10 updates

Da Soup


Law And

name mobile

Itz Kaheem

Bruh! even my first huawei low end phone can do that?‍♂️


Does it work to all phone?

Sreesanth Rocky

When I shake my k20 pro iwas locking screen


I know this

Luciano Silva

Celular .top é.lindo..

kamal uddin

Please give me xiamo mobile please I am from bangladesh from dhaka

Herru satrio


Ash Arya

How to enable

Gammy Ammy

Where is mi mix 4??

MohaMmad HaSan


Muhammed Sahul

Next mi 10pro video one more pls??

yellow crow

Hey bring volume adjustments brightness adjustments like iPhone ...???❤️..
PoCO F1 ..
Vaanga Dan mudila .. at least fake uh vaachum use panalaama..????

Rajbirsingh Chauhan

How about making a better launcher like vanilla android


but why....


For me hidden feature was that zoom gesture

Bekzat Adykhanova

?? thanks! ?

Aman Pathan

Ohh, thank you so much.

harris fs

I have the Mi A3 . Should I update to miui 11?

Helenildo Barbosa

this will be for all xiaomi phones

Carlo Alberto

Redmi K30 Pro, we want 90hz !!!

Abdul Mazid

I have tried. Yes! It works.


I've always knew about that

Jyoti Sharma



Woah....so inspirational


Do you face heating issue on redmi note 8 pro?

MarcusDad_03 Gaming

Xiaomi can you optimise well the phone..the animations...the software..and the game call of duty mobile..Mobile legends because when i play cod..its not optimise well..i have redmi note 8 pro
.please fix asap


Ive known this feature a while back but, I had to shake it real hard? mmm ?

Kelbi Pro

Suddenly using cowboy bebop's music huh? ?