When will airline stocks recover

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Government assistance for airlines is negative for long-term investor sentiment: Analyst

6 059 views | 28 Sep. 2020

CNBC's Kelly Evans and

CNBC's Kelly Evans and Phil LeBeau discuss the state of the airline industry as United Airlines' pilots vote to accept the pandemic recovery agreement with Joe DeNardi of Stifel. Subscribe to CNBC PRO for access to investor and analyst insights on airlines and more: https://cnb.cx/2BT2E7y

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imeldo marcos

At some point, they have to let some of them fail.

Didier Champion

The government might as well take over the airlines. Why cannot get loans instead of asking for handouts ( grants)?


Keep handing out those little cookies and DAL will crush it!


They're semi-nationalizing the airlines. What is the point of trying to keep employees on in a shrinking business? Next, they'll have people digging ditches and filling them in later.


GooooooooooD Job

Shawn Colestock

All from fake covid


Bailouts is always a slippery slope. They never learned from 2000 and 2008....

When will airline stocks recover

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Should You BUY AIRLINE STOCKS? (Full Analysis)

429 views | 23 Oct. 2020

Now in todays video we

Now in todays video we are looking at Airline stocks! We will be looking at Delta Air and American Air. I hope you enjoy the video! Any questions let me know!

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When looking at airline stocks don’t just assume that the company will recover because most travel stocks had to take on some long term debt!

Investors should assume that through 2021 at least most travel will be domestic, and not international, and demand will be price-sensitive. In such an environment keeping costs low is essential.

In order to track how individual airlines are doing, it is important investors understand several airline-specific terms and risk factors before they consider buying in. Here's what you need to know about investing in airlines and how to pick the best stocks to buy.

Best Airline Stock

Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) is the driving force behind much of the recent innovation in the industry. It kicked off a round of consolidation that helped stabilize the business when it acquired Northwest Airlines in 2008, and in years since it has revamped pricing to better compete with discounters. Delta even bought an oil refinery to help ensure jet fuel supplies. Prior to the pandemic, Delta also provided some international exposure through its ownership stakes in airlines in Mexico, China, the United Kingdom, and Brazil, but some of those partners have had to file for bankruptcy.

Watchlist Stocks

1) GD

2) SHW

3) SYF


I got dal stocks . Believe they give fortunes. Thanks a lot

Carter Farr

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When will airline stocks recover

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Will Airlines Recover? | Stock Review | Robinhood Investing for Beginners 2020

111 views | 14 Jul. 2020

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I am not a financial advisor, nor do I provide financial advice. Everything on this channel reflects my opinions, and should be taken as such. Remember to do your own research, and formulate your own decision.This video was made for educational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice.

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Investing for Generations

Great content! I just own Air Canada. They have a special position and are the only airline I want to own right now.

Eagle of the Nebula

Can't wait for the face reveal at 100 subs!

Andrew Jones

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Mohamed Eladl

Good job