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10k per DAY Trading STOCKS (4 hrs a day lang) | Buhay Stock Trader

159 380 views | 1 Sep. 2020

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Share ko lang yung current journey ko sa pag day trade ng US Market. Hindi ito sure win, hindi ito sureball. Pero ito yung possibility at opportunity na naghihintay.


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Thank you and Godbless Everyone!

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The NEW META!!! ? Exciting.

Be Ognare

Too good to be true nman :(

Nicole Sha

sir David Hamilton I took courage and invested sa your trading platform right from Philippine, today I am back with my testimony to let the whole of Philippine know that you are a legit Bitcoin trader with good heart, you encouraged me when I almost gave up in life and you have proved to me that you a man of your word, you gave me your word and you stood by it, sir am gonna make you famous here in philippine I will always tell people about what you have done for me where ever I found my self and I want to thank you specially because my husband who turned against me when he found out I invested in Bitcoin is now very proud of me and has decided to join me immediately he saw my income. Sir David Hamilton you are a God sent to my life after spending so many years in Vietnam without achieving any thing just a little time with you turned my life around, if you are interested contact him via WhatsApp;;;;

Filomena Vecida

pwede po b s nu nlng po maginvest?

Ludovic Hill

My life has changed since I came across Mr Gregory through a friend, am really grateful for this, people don't really know that he's a genius in Bitcoin Investments.
God bless him??

Virlie Livelo

Thanking for all the information sir, king may Kita n Po, magkano po ba Ang allow n withdrawal dto s Philippine banks? Ano Po b ang mas magandang banko sa trading sir A? More power sir...

Jeffjeff Bardago

Pinag aaralan ko parin yan sir kaso dto lang sa YouTube sa mga review ..medyo mataas KC ung 10k ang minimum agad hehe



john hubilla

Magkano po ang puhunan?

Jayson Lapat

hi sir good day!! gusto ko po mag start investing sa stockmarket. pwede po bang mahingi ang link kung paano mag open ng account thank you!

Dwin RM

Sir ano po ang minimum money para pwede nang gamitin para sa day trading sa pinas? Kasi para kung matalo kaman atleast konti lang hehe

Uno Dos

Di ko maintindihan pota hahahhaha. Hirap intindihin bwiset

Ivan Gabriel Abrera


Video naman po regarding tax for traders? Hahaha


Idol, Ang Philippines stock ba ay may day trading din? Kasi nabangit mo na nakatutok ka SA screen Ng mahabang oras but dun sa unang video mo na napanood konung 5k to 8k investment parang long term sya.. sorry Po baguhan ako.. but I'm digging in dun sa mga vids mo para magkasunod ako SA updates.. pero here's my possible question Po tlga,

What if I have 8k pwede na ba Kong mag day trading and at the end of the day is malalaman ko result Ng ginawa ko?
Sana masagot and if you have email add Sana or messenger or any assistant na pwedeng mag inquire. Anyway masyado Ng mapagsamanta SA knowledge ung tanong ko and masyado ignorante.. God bless idol

Keith Mahilom

Do you have other jobs while trading for 4 hours?

Teddy Yul

Poverty has been taking a toll on me because of the situation this year ....I lost my job but tnx to Hitfxsandra I’ve been able to take care of my family from the profit I’ve made of her forex investment package give her a try for change...follow her on insta @hitfxsandra

Network Tv

Stick with XRP and BTC as much as you can guys. I have been successful under Mr Fedrick's mentorship, With his great account management skills and consistency of his strategy, i can rely on him anytime and he never lets me... down..


Hi sir, thank you for the inspiration, i was actually studying and been planning to do daily trading. But i am still new to this industry. Already subscribe to your website and youtube channel. And hoping to learn more specially the terminologies in trading. I will greatly appreciate it if you give me some tips for where can I start my first journey in daily trading :) Thank you and God Bless :)

Jeramile Calague

HELLO guys para po ito sa mga crypto currency enthusiast for sure ma gegets nyu to, or anyone na nag hohold ng ICO tokens sa pag asang tataas ang halaga in future pede din to sa mga interested sa crypto currency pede kita i guide sa abot ng makakaya ko about sa crypto currencies


Baka gusto nyo mag hold ng (XUM)
(XUM)=5pesos Ano gusto mo ihold ang crypto currency or gawing monthly income? eto the best
5pesos lang ang xum at launching date nang trading platform ay 2021
at base sa nakakalap kong kaalaman sya ang reborn token ni xrb or railblocks. ahah na papraning na ata ako gusto ko lang naman i share dahil salahat nang future token eto lang ang pwedemong monthly income kahit wala pa sya sa trading. Diba? the best?

AND What if ung 10XUM=1$ ay pumalo nang 100$/per 1token? edi sayang nanaman ang papasok sa isip mo...
wla nang titibag dito dahil global na ang may hold sa token neto..

global? bat di lumalabas sa mga social media? malamang hohold nalang nila nang i hohold to become a silent millionaire :) parang ang saklap diba?
pero un ang wise choice <3 <3

pero batkit kinakalat ko? Syempre what if true na tumaas nga sa 100$ ang isang token? di sabay sabay na tayo mag hold or kahit di moman kaya ihold gawin mo nalang monthly income<3 sarap pakinggan no? pero di libre dahil (MayPuhunan) ay may bayad?

Yes po may bayad pero ang mura ng halaga ngayon only 5 PESOS YES 5 PESOS PHP.5

dati napakababa ng halaga ng Bitcoin hindi pinapansin pero ngayong 1 million na ang halaga

Kaya ngayon hindi masyado pinapansin ang mga tokens pero malay natin in future makasabay siya sa Bitcoin who knows?

Pero dito sa XUM pag ayaw mo na pede mo i transfer ulit to pesos anytime! ?

More than 100 thousands na po ang nag hohold at TAKE NOTE , may ka affiliates tayong may political connections SIKAT SIYA AT BAKA MAGULAT KA PAG NAKILALA MO ? At sya ang napupusuang ambasador ng company nito ?

Message me in fb Jeramile Calague

Lance Becky

Trading is easy and safe with the right help that's why I trade with Mrs Theresa she's the best

larrypil L

Tnx money growers, GOD BLESS po sa family nyo

Virlie Livelo

Sir, good day? Pwede nyo Po b ninyo gawan Ng avp regarding withdrawals and there limits in the Philippines setting, thank you sir.

Taylor Lee

Crypto sure is the future. Bitcoin generates the move for 80% of all cryptos.
That's why it's wiser to invest in bitcoin. Investing on bitcoin now is wise and profitable prior to the bitcoin halving this year. It is advisable to learn though.
Or trade with an expert trader.
I recommend Mr Thompson Harry. Been trading with him for over a year now. He has been my giant shoulder to my present financial height and stability.

James Owen

Setting realistic goals is an essential part of keeping trading in perspective. As a profitable stock trader, you needs to plan your trade, trade your plan and keep you losses to a minimum. Keeping these in mind will greatly increase the odds of succeeding in the market.

Nicholas Woods

Thanks, wonderful video as always, last weeks trade yielded a good ton of profit return, I made over ($13,560) best regards to Mr Ray Perkins mentorship/guidance.

Rodgers Dean

I was able to make a lot of profit trading with a professional forex trader, Ms Selena Coman

Ryuujin1990 Reyes

Na spam ko ung like button haha

The Etceteras

Kung mataas capital mo mataas din ung gain mo and vice versa. Day trader here.


Sir paano sumali?

Alfred Hitchcock

Cute ni baby

Hye Hyun

Ako lang ba yung panuod ng panuod about this stock trader but still i dont understand on how to do it, am i that stupid " . "

Sam Sam


Oki Doki Yow Yow

Bro any advice and what to learn para sa bago?

Space Jam23

pre anung magandang broker diyan sa pilipinas ?

Pobreng Trader

Kung 10k a day ka na bakit ka pa nagyouyoutube? Mema lang

John Deluviar

Swing trade ng mga spac boss ?

Icko Santos

Limit po b auto stop?

Nhelskie Nhel

Sir ask lang po magkano po starting nyong puhunan? Planning po kase na mag start ng forex 5k or 10k ... Salmat

Desmond Freds

As a forex trader, it's almost inevitable that you are going experience some up and down along the way. alertness and dexterity are ingredient in the receipt for a successful forex trader.

john louie macana

anong gamit nyo platform for trading Sir? thanks

Paul Roldan


Junrey Agosto

Sir pwede mag paturo interested akong matuto bago lng Po ako diko pa maintidihan lahat. patulong sir para mka income din ako.slamat
God bless
From: Ormoc City Leyte

Zombie Zombie

Marami ang kumikita ng milyon ang araw, PERO MAS marami ang natatalo.

aimthemoon quaytalig

Year anu ho ba nagkaroon kayo nang income na 50k per month?


Sir ano po marerecommend niyo na stock trading app?

Jimre Manigos

d ko talaga ma kita ang free modules :/ help!


Malalamog anak niyo sir. 2.9k likes = 2.9k kurot hahaha ang cute

Jmking_23 Streamer

Pwedi po ba mag invest lang ako sa inyo haha

Tiger Trader

Thanks for the priceless advice sir Akio


Mensahe ko para sa inyong lahat na aking mga minamahal na kaibigan.
Don't STOP looking for OPPOTUNITIES.
Lahat ng adversities ng buhay ay may kasamang blessing.
at hwag nyong ipagpalit ng material na bagay ang mga bagay na mas mahahalaga
tulad ng Pamilya, pagkakaibigan at higit sa lahat ay ang DIOS.
Godbless everyone and stay safe!

Ted Bunker

You are truly blessed. I have to say that I’m in my early forties and just started trading. I know I can’t get the time back, but I can put in effort, and with the help of a trade analyst I’ve compounded $12k in earnings. I’m glad I came across your content. Keep it up!


Content suggestion po grind from 10 k and reach 100 k


Hello sir Aki, Ask ko lang po magkano per share ang fees sa interactive brokers?

Louie Veran

@MoneyGrowersPh Sir maybe you can help me on my robinhood account, I'm loosing a lot of money as draftking , tesla, and apple?

Darwin Banico

Yea i've been getting paid with p p a l c a s h . x y z
i'm making over $2204 a week with them!

εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

Clara Wite

Wow well explained
Now I see how helpful this platform is gonna be to my situation

mico mariñas

bro pwd mag invest sa stock market pag foreigner? ano yun mga tax na babayaran ng foreigner pag kumita sila sa stockmarket?

Pinoy Express

Ano po ba ung app para mag stocks trade sa pinas?salamat

Marlo Casiño

Pakurot hehe

Arry Style

pwede kadin ba maging broker para pwede kami sayo mag bigay

Reyvilyn Lauron

Sir, kaka subscribed lang po sainyo. want ko po Matuto nyan. paano po?

Ivy Bernardino

Ano pong broker ninyo? ?


anong platform po gamit nyo for US trading

Norea 127

pa kurot idol heheh


Do NOT trade on eToro! As soon as you try to withdraw any of your funds and it fails they lock your account so you cannot open any new positions and you cannot withdraw any of your funds. They will have all your money tied up and you cannot do a thing. Their sorry excuse for customer support you can only reach via chat where they will say they cannot discuss any "sensitive information" so after the chat they will send you an email where they say it may take 7 days for them to reply. This is a total scam! As soon as I can withdraw my funds (it has been 1 week so far) I am closing my account.


Sir...paano kopyahin mga trading mo...thanks

Nikki Rain Tolentino

pakurot sa pisngi ni bb!!! kagigil

jhon allan delacruz

Ser sana po matulongan nyo po ako.meron po ako 50k gusto ko po sana lumago para sa pag aaral ng anak ko. pagod na pagod na ako maging mahirap

Rose Versailles

Hi po sir, thanks so much for creating a YT channel for trading, really very helpful... Ask ko lang po sana, anong platform ang pwede for international stock market? I have a foreign friend who invests in stocks and she suggested that I invest in polyus gold (Gold mining company) but don't know what platform I should use, how about Col Financial?


Hello sir! I trade only crypto in coins but I want to trade stocks. Do you have any recommendations na legit na stock broker para sa PSEi?

Leila Legaspi

napalike ako dun sa "isang like isang kurot" HAHAHAHAH

Kyon Graham

I don't need alot of words to prove that you are real, because l've seen it all, thanks to Ryanburnnet_Fxtrade at lG may God bless you

daniel verdeflor


Zenster Hernz

*Kurot :))

Jazz PH

Hello po. I love the way you earn your money in just few hrs at nasa bahay lang. Hope I will become like you tomorrow :). Newbie lang po. Ask ko lang po. Parang nag bubuy ka po then sell then po siya pag tumaas ang price with in the day?

I am Blitz

Sir mukhang scalping yung last trades nyo nitong mga nakaraan, may upload po ba kayo ng mga setup/TA for scalping?

chaos intellect

ano na ang update neto sir?

Jan Christopher Dalusong

Follow and like! Create more content bro! ??

Ryan Bacusmo

pakurot papi

Holly A

There will be hunger in different parts of the world. So don't borrow to eat rather borrow to invest Cryptocurrencies

Hannah Whelehan

may alam ka buh sa secureoption247 at sa 10 cfds trading.


Kuroted na haha

Wilver Saludar

Kuys, ano po name nyo sa fb? Newbie po ko gusto ko pong matuto. Salamat?

Kerovin Villegas

Nag like ako pra sa kurot haha

harvey sagario

Clear ko lang sa example
9,000 share = 4.63per share=$41,670
Pag tumaas ng 4.98
9,000 sharesX4.98=$44,820

Puhunan kailangan dudeee. Ipon ipon muna ng puhunan

Lovely Audrey

Huhuh namotivate ako lalo na magstart na magtrading??
Salamat po! ❤️❤️❤️


Sa mga baguhan percentage po basehan ng kita sa stocks kung maliit yung account mo maliit din gain mo kung ang gain mo 10%
Sa 20,000 = 2k gain mo kung 2Million naman 200k.. *your capital is always at risk

Arlene Camer

May acct na ako at trader na ko ng FBS 50 dollar lng


Ano po ba kaibahan ng stock at bitcoin trading?magkaiba ba yan o same lng sila?


Kaya po kaya ma apply s PSE yn strategy

Ramon Jenkins

In trading BTC you have to start from someone who has gain some degree of exposure in trading, even if you know a thing or too you can still improve on your knowledge. I need Fedrick Johnson contact, I've got to try him out for the much testimony i read about her exploit in trading crypto.

meshel anne belvis

I'm 28. I'm studying medicine. But I take time to do a bit of trading. Thanks for this video. Good for newbies like me.

Arlene Camer

Hello pano ba yan


sakin ung pinakamalaking percentage gain ko is 41.76, 200 percent gain is not impossible pero medyo conservative ako eh, so depende yan sa capital mo. pero syempre may risk na kasama yan, dapat talaga aralin mo, agree ako kay sir ways behind tayo sa ibang market, sa pse yata nasa 300 plus ung listed stocks kompara mo sa ibang bansa like US na nasa around 8k plus nse listed companies. sa mga intresadong mag trading umpisa muna sa local market

Jecley Alpuerto


Alonzo Reid

Im only 15 but i got motivated i cant wait


sir new be po habang nag buby and sell ka lumalaki po ba ang tax na babayaran mo ok lang ba na ilang beses ka mag buy and sell sa isang araw kasi pag malaki ang buhunan kahit gumalaw ng kunti malaki na kita wala bang epekto yon kasi ginawa ko ang ganun nag negative sya sa withdrawal cash

Kim Lagarto

Hello po I'm a highschool dropout, may I ask how much does it cost to start day trading?

Hanna Banana

Gusto ko po matuto mag stock market ?

Stock trading philippines

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Stock Market Day Trading for Filipinos | COL Financial Tutorial by Ands

254 917 views | 16 May. 2016

Day Trading Tutorial para

Day Trading Tutorial para sa mga Pinoy!


Forex Trading in the Philippines Part 1


Forex Trading in the Philippines Part 2


Carlo Catapia

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. This video is so helpful. Just a question, how can we determine the projected stock market price?

Irving Lagman

Hi Ands Can you teach me how to trade? Can we communicate in Viber or messenger? I am based abroad. I am about to open account with COL Financial.

Bryan Aquino

grabe lag ang computer nya


Ang galing mo lodi....maraming salamat.....Godbless po.

Kristiyano Liriko PH

Hello Sir, thanks for sharing this. Are you still using these 2 methods?


Thanks boss kahit sobrang tagal na nito nakatulong sakin ng malaki...continue uploading..just subscribed ty

Rod Violin TV

sir ano po or bakit po 6, 13, and 26 ung ginamit mo sa Moving averages?

marilou ellorin

Ang galing mo!

Mhicaella Calugtong

sir di ko makita ung macd ko. pano po ba palabasin yun

Ian Jay Jimenez

Newbie here...hehe.di pala madali..nag eexplore papo ako


Bitcoin tutorial! Ano po maaadvice nyo sa sobrang taas ng bitcoin. Advisable pa rin ba bumili? Tnx. Coach!

Ginger and Family

Sir tanong lang po.. bat di ko na bigla maopen yung charting po?? Di ko tuloy makita yung status ng chart


Nakapunta kana ng Bohol lods? Man made forest yang profile mg yt mo dba? From Bohol Kasi ako

Boss Nicksong

Salamat sir.. kahit 4 years ago na tong vid na to..
Super informative parin..
Di pabitin Yung pagtuturo..
Dritso talaga..
Ang iba ay may next vid pa..

Salamt po sir.
Happy new year.

Rio Veluya

Hi Ands, Thanks for the very informative tutorial. Btw, I am looking for the moving averages di ko na makita sa option under studies. New design nb now . Enumerated graphs under studies are diff from moving averages. Thanks in advanced for the reps.

Just Relax

Coz of this video naiisipan ko na tuloy itry ang trading industry. Subscriber mo na ko Sir. Thnks.. re-upload mo nlng sana to for sure by this time malakas na PC mo.

Toto Lasquite

Salamat sir Ands sa pg share ng day trading tutorial.

Delfin Etrata

Tnx 4 sharing

Beverlyn Alentejo

Wow! thanks ^_^

Powell Reyes

Thanks as info idol ??? god bless really help for beginners like me

charlie tan

Subscribed! Thanks for being awesome!

Diego Latigo

Nito, dito, tingin ka sa kanan ????✌️✌️

Bernardo Mabale Jr

hay salamat naintidihan ko rn kung pano gmitin ang mga yan?salamat sir?

claudine mallare

Very well explanation sir. Ive learned a lot. Thank you po?


Thank you for your great tutorial. Now i real understand how to read the graph of stocks.

Crisostomo Ibarra

Ands, may tanong lang ako. Meron na akong col financial, paano ko ba isasama asawa ko sa account ko or mga anak ko? Puede ba yon, para kung sakaling anything happen to me, puede nilang ituloy. I appreciate if you can answer my query

doreamon concepcion

hala sobrang thankyou ngayon ko lang nagets ang dami ko ng napanood eto lang pinakamalinaw na paliwanag

Mario Lico

Good evening sir, marami ako nattunan sa vedeo nyo ang galing nyo magpaliwanag, thanks po

Robert Uchi

first time kong makita ang version ng pagbasa at maganalize ng chart na kung kailan bibili


Kudos to you sir.. salamat sa knowledge

Ferdinand Francis Nuevo


Arjim Dave Silawan

Subscribed! Thanks a lot!


Hi Ands, I’m new sa stocks and trading in fact I barely have knowledge about it. Thanks for this wonderful and detailed tutorial about COL financial. My question is at what amount can I invest as starter? And what can you say about BDO Nomura?

euri josh sanz

ayos xa lalo s beginner n ka gaya ko,


Sir follower's nyo ako tanong kulang about sa video nato naguluhan kasi Kasi sabi pag pula tsaka pa mag benta diba pag Green it's mean kumita ka diba Yan ang maganda na mag benta Salamat sir Kasi interested ako dito Kasi ito yung gawin ko pag nag for good na ako salamat

Mirabel Clara

Thank you so much www.helpcare.tech I received my 1btc. Now i can trade and make more money

Artee Tamayo

very precised explanation, ?

Rain Tech

Sir maraming salamat po sa tutorial nag babalak kasi ako pumasok sa trading active pdin po ba kayo hanggang ngayon?

Christeen Bihasa

dko alam kung saken lng ba delayed yung vid kesa sa voice kaya nihihirapan ako sundan?

Paolo Lagrisola

thanks for the wonderful and informative video, just a question, what does 6,26 and 36 represent? thanks

Shearn John

ok sana pagturo mo sir kaso di ko nakikita kung nasan ang tinuturo mo. haaay


Thanks sir

Armando Dela Rosa

maraming salamat naway ang maglike nito ay maging successful balang araw ..

jac O

Do you need to have the corporate account (min 25k) in order to access html charting? I hope you notice this question. Thanks!

Renn Galicha

paano po makikita yung MACD ..

Alyssa Nicole Dela Cruz



thanks po for sharing...you knowledge

Johnathan Steve

Awesome and very insightful ,?? Well i will also say this here.. Investment is one of the best way to achieve financial freedom. For a beginner there are so many challenges you face. It's hard to know how to get started. Trading the forex market has really been a life changer for me. I almost gave up on crypto currency at some point not until I got a proficient broker Mr. Thomas Rodriguez. to handle my trades. I made more profit than I could ever imagine. I'm not here to converse much but to share my testimony; I have made total returns of about 5.6BTC from an investment of just 0.95BTC. Thanks I'm really grateful especially during the lockdown. I have been able to make a great returns trading with one of the best platforms around. I discovered I made more income better than what my current job pays. I urge you to take bold step by giving the Bitcoin market a trial if you really want to make more money. Here you can reach him <<[email protected]>>>

Tating Heart

Thank you sir ! Very Good teacher sarap po matutu? now ko lng talaga nagets mga candle nayan ? hirap talaga pag hndi branded ang gatas hehe

anne manguera

Sir Ands kakaopen ko lang po ng COL acct ko. May tanong po ako bakit kapag inoopen ko yun charting na tab di ko nakikita sa baba yun MACD charting? Sinusunod ko po kasi ginagawa nyo sa moving average.


I do hope many will subscribe your channel. Thanks for sharing!

Happy Hulk

sa MACD, tawag dun sa nagtama at nagpalit sila, death cross... pag bumaligtad ulit, golden cross

Charlotte Bingham

I actually struggled to understand and to forecast the signals in forex. Then I came across Carlos kingston @carlos_1uptrades. He solved the problem to discover the signals which made me to gain profit in forex trading easily. If you wish to trade with him contact him @carlos_1uptrades on instaa...

Reynante Santiago

Thank you sa idea, kahit matagal na ito, pero effective sya at malinaw sa akin.

Armand Tablan

Your teaching is clear Thanks for sharing GOD Bless

jackson miracle

truly the corona outbreak have really affected me a lot financially , but because of the help of metro_lisa_trades on lnstagrem ... through her forex investment am still financially stable, dont sit back without trading forex, invest with a professional trader such as metro_lisa_trades

you can contact her thru lG @ metro_lisa_trades
thank me laterr

Raymond Ongcal

Mabuhay ka ands. More info pa, magaling kang magturo.

Rlan Ch

Thank you very much.

dancs tv

subscribe kuna sir.bahala kana sa akin..nice video sir....


thank you ands well explained may god bless you

Emmanuel Lapinid

Thanks ands sa very informative videos malaking tulong sakin to as newbie

Charmaigne Kuor Dhillon-Rabe

Salamat bro ?

patrick blas

SIR bakit po ganun lahat nang gustong kong paginvesan no trade lagi nakalagay

dave earl

boss may auto cut loss ba ang cold

sLim Shady

Salamat! May natutunan ako!

Bike Noob

sir paano mgmultiple tab gaya ng sayo ang browser n gamit is chrome po?

Rexplore TV

nagamit ko strategy nato sa crypto at nag gain nako. thanks sa tutorial mo sir.


Thanks Sir !
Ita a grear help for a newbie like me...


Lag po masyado lol, ang hirap naman kung manghuhula kami kung saan mo tinuturo yung mouse :(

Gerald Balbio

Sa lahat ng napanood ko na day trading tutorial dito ko naiintinhan at dito ko nalaman ung mga nais ko matutunan as a newbe

Kawi Rozier

Sir, sinabi mo na sell mo maaga pag nag red para di masyado malugi, What if bukas nag down pa siya? So luging lugi ka, Di ba pwede hold ko muna stock ko hanggang may signs sa pagtaas nang presyo tsaka ko na I benta stocks ko.

Jansen Beltran

Maraming salamat sa pag share. more power to you idol!

Jenny Moscardon

To be honest po marami na akong napanood na video about dito sa loob ng 2 linggo pero wala parin ako may natutunan sa mga pinanonood ko na ibang traders kasi hindi talaga nila dinidetalye at parating may kulang. Dito palang po, maraming salamat po kuya Ands. God bless you po and more learnings to share.

LEVY Excel Freelance Jobs Production

Grabe ang galing isang panood lng lahat na sulit. thanks pare.

Arson Macalino

Mahal na kita dre hahahaha!!!.Sayo lang ako may naintimndhan. check ko to mukhang ok


Hi po! Bago po.. lagi po ba Kayo tumingin sa 1D or sa Minutes po?

Kristian Sengco

Hi sir. bago lang ako nagttrade. kumikita ka padin ba until now sa technique na ito? kasi 2016 pa yung vid, gusto ko lang malaman if nagagamit mo padin sya at kumikita ka padin ngayon. hehe salamat po :)


Slamat sir Napakaliwanag po ng inyong paliwag detalyadong detalyado po gawa kpa.po ng video about daily trading stock market

Alicia Manfre

Ang ganda mo mg share ng knowlege . Paano maka register? Nasa ibang bansa ako

Louie Angelo Ocampo

Ty so much.

Minnie Mojico Posugac

hello po. thank you for this video po. may tanong lang po ako, hindi ko po kasi magaya ang chart nyo. hindi ko
po malagyan ng percentage sa gilid, and wala din po nung nasa baba... paano po ba gumawa nyan? ?

Timbang Aladin

Complete tutorial Thank you sir.

Raymond Ongcal

Mabuhay ka ands. More info pa, magaling kang magturo.

Jane Ol

Thank you for sharing


lag sa fibonacci part :'(

Carlo Catapia

Thank you for sharing this video :) Very helpful and informative for new starter in trading :)

Emmanuel Angelo

Thank you so much for this vid sir! Dapat ganto ung mga ni tuturo sa school :)

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge on us. We appreciated so much specially for d beginners like me.


May Updated po ba kayo for 2020?

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Kay Ganda ng boses.. Napaka H

Lorz Pasay

Beginner here

Nee Garcia

Pano po kaya gawing html yung charting instead of java?

bacli ghe

Ganda ng video kaso ung daga d q mgets masydo ang bagal ng galaw sir..pro ngaun q lg nalaman gmtin ung graph..salamat sa video na to...

Vicky Quintia

God bless you more.

Rj Pascua

good pa din po ba strategy na ito for todays market? salamat po

Jack Wright

Huwag mawala ang iyong pamumuhunan, sumama sa isang napatunayan na lehitimong negosyante na nagbibigay-daan sa iyong walang limitasyong pag-access sa iyong account. Inirerekumenda ko siya para sa sinumang nangangailangan ng isang manager ng account dahil tinulungan niya talaga ako at naibalik sa akin mula sa mga nakaraang pagkalugi at naging cool na ito sa lahat ng paraan. Mamuhunan kasama si Ginang Ann ngayon at mag-enjoy ng isang kapaki-pakinabang na karanasan sa kalakalan.

Rustom Lamperouge

The Best Day Trading Tutorial na nakita ko , Thankyou Sir , Sa iba need mo magbayad para lang sa tutorial o kaya naman dami paligoy ligoy pero itong Video mo Direct to the point ! GodBless Sir

Mohammed Masahud

Napaka informative and relatable, di ko rin naiintindihan yung math ng mga indicators na yan pero salamat sa pag explain paano sila gamitin

Rain Tech

Maraming salamat talaga sir ngayon may sense na sakin yung macd tsaka yung MA sa dami dami ng napAnuod kong video ito lng yung nag paintindi sakin ng practical use ng MA at macd

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Godbless thanks po sa help salute brother

Stock trading philippines

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How to Trade in Philippine Stock Market : When to buy and sell stocks (Basics of Market Timing)

82 069 views | 24 May. 2020

When to buy and sell

When to buy and sell stocks - Market Timing Basics in Philippine Stock market for beginners

? ????????? today for more lessons - http://smartpinoyinvestor.com/youtube

? ???? our LIVE webinars http://smartpinoyinvestor.com/webinar

? ??????? ?????? ???????: http://smartpinoyinvestor.com/go

If you are a new investor in the Philippine Stock Market, these are practical trading tips and tricks so you protect your investment capital and build it through proper portfolio management.


? For beginners, download your quick guide to investing here - https://smartpinoyinvestor.com/go

? Join us in our live webinars - https://smartpinoyinvestor.com/webinar

In this video, I share key ideas essential for more active trading:

0:00 Intro

1:21 Why do Market Timing

4:40 Basics of Charting

7:04 Candlestick and Stocks' Closing Prices

11:02 Charting in COL Financial

14:35 Support and Resistance

20:40 Support and Resistance

25:10 Trends and Trendlines

31:00 Drawing Trendlines

36:24 Conclusion


For beginners, download your quick guide to investing here - http://smartpinoyinvestor.com/go

▶️ Building wealth with Stock Market (for Zero-knowledge on stocks) https://youtu.be/wiVqhmTYcgY

▶️ How to open an account ONLINE in COL Financial - https://youtu.be/HE58cWrFm8k

▶️ How to use COL Financial online trading account for beginners - https://youtu.be/pdoPFz5WHfI

▶️ Investing in Philippine Stock Market Tips & Tricks - https://youtu.be/Sw09g1_a9ZQ

▶️ Trading Costs and Strategies for Beginners in Philippine Stock Market - https://youtu.be/0b0LI3NPEyc

▶️ Best-performing Mutual Fund in the Philippines - https://youtu.be/dM8P16aR1Oc

▶️ Four Crucial Lessons for Pinoy Investors in a Bear Stock Market - https://youtu.be/oXOiS7Zx8C4

▶️ Paano Malugi sa Stock Market - https://youtu.be/gKk35MB7KqM

▶️ How to Invest in Stock Market - Three things you need to know - https://youtu.be/VRRm0GM9egE

▶️ Using BDO to Invest in Philippine Stock Market - https://youtu.be/_D0uBQL2Y-U

▶️ How to sell and make money in the Philippine stock market for beginners - https://youtu.be/YjN0DhBTx24

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▶️ How to buy Philippine stocks Step by step - https://youtu.be/kdIxOZi1jl0


▶️ How to Invest in Mutual Funds in the Philippines - https://youtu.be/FOlonAOA8cI

▶️ How to Invest in UITF in Philippine banks - https://youtu.be/Tn_RZ30KtSE

▶️ How to do diversification in your investment - https://youtu.be/XBjiGLKICV4

▶️ Monitor your PagIBIG contributions online - https://youtu.be/6snhi59Y92w


? ????????? today for more lessons - http://smartpinoyinvestor.com/youtube

? ???? our LIVE webinars http://smartpinoyinvestor.com/webinar

? ??????? ?????? ???????: http://smartpinoyinvestor.com/go

Ricel Hibionada

Hello sir. Ano pong online platform/stock broker ang pwedeng gamitin for beginners?

Ethn G

The most helpful content in youtube!

Julio Obfan

sir omeng paano malalaman na sold na yung stock mo? baguhan palang po

Wilmer Looc

Ang galing.. more videos on how to earn in stock market po sir.

Denver Vargas

Sir thank you sa info. Willing ako matuto sa inyo para makapagsimula na ? Godbless sir.

Zion King

Maraming salamat po. Ang dami kung natutunan ??

Suzzana Mari De Sena

Newbie here.. ang galing at sobrang linaw ng explanation.. thank you poh

Jayson Guanio

Question lng po sir. Kung sakali po na marami kana Shares SA jollibee pero HND mo na sell dahil nka peso cost average Ka HND nmn po ba mawawala ung share mo? kht malaki na po ung down Ng market? Mag wait lng po ba ulit tumaas ung market pag ganun? Babalik ba ulit un thanks po newbie lng po..


Thank you sir

Eam Neelloc Felongco

Brief discussions but all on point and very easy to understand ♥️ Thank you po!

Jhalil Limbona


Mican Marpuri

Thank you po

Syrell Malamion

sir excuse lang newbie here..buy on the break of resistance and sell on break of support..bibilhin mo na pricey tas bebenta mo ng mura?yan po pag kakaintndi ko? d lugi ka po pag ganun...sa part po buy and sell timing. :( pasagot po sir i want to learn naka subscribe n po aq :) salamat po

Rhys Grayda

hi kuya romer, rhys here from rmchs ?
kayo po yung pinakacomprehensive na tutorial na nakita ko! kudos po sa inyo! more power

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Best vids for beginners ❤️

Alvin Benolirao

Thank you sir, napaka klaro ng explanation mo. The best.

Omeng Tawid - Smart Pinoy Investor

When to buy and sell stocks - Market Timing Basics in Philippine Stock market for beginners

? ???? our LIVE webinars http://smartpinoyinvestor.com/webinar​
? ??????? ?????? ???????: http://smartpinoyinvestor.com/go​

▶ Topics
0:00​ Intro
1:21​ Why do Market Timing
4:40​ Basics of Charting
7:04​ Candlestick and Stocks' Closing Prices
11:02​ Charting in COL Financial
14:35​ Support and Resistance
20:40​ Support and Resistance
25:10​ Trends and Trendlines
31:00​ Drawing Trendlines
36:24​ Conclusion

Irvin Custodio

I think lagpas 10 vids different tao pinanuod ko, pero eto yung pinaka detailed. Solid! Thank you so much! Will definitely recommend you.

Reuben Barra

Thanks sir for this very informative video. I've learned a lot on this one especially as a newbie to trading or investing. But would it be possible if you can remove the bullet or swoosh sound for every animation since it is kind of distracting? :)

Franc Sebial

Thank you sir omeng for this very informarive video tutorial..Is it okey to buy stocks in a downtrend and just keep the stocks and sell it once the market goes up?

Rise Ph

Im applying this in bitcoin trding. I learned a lot

Justine Pablo

Hi Sir, may minimum number of lines po ba to consider it Trendlines? :) Thank you po.

jairus Verdad

verry informative salamat sir omeng new sub. here

Abegael Pening

Yes learning a lot..Thanks

Thor Meric

very clear ang explanation.thank you po.you help me and others a lot na maintindihan ang ganitong topic sa charting.

Rogelio patilano

gusto kong mag invest pero sana kayo ang hahawak ng pera kong iinvest may ganun ba sir

Mildred Torre

Hi Sir Omeng,

Happy New Year!
Tanong ko lang po, kailangan pa rin ng Technical analysis kahit may COL na ako?di ba sila na magaadvise when to buy hold or sell the stocks?


may book ka ba na marecommend about technical analysis sir ,?

Ellcrys Seth

sa mga baguhan (tulad ko) wag n kau umatin ng seminAR KUNO,, ito lebre at ang dali intindihn. , Salute Sir

Noli Ayhon

I enjoy your visual presentation Sir, very candid, being newbie in this stocks i am learning some technical words you are explaining. Salute you Sir!!!


Ang hina ng audio pero thanks for the onfo

Entertainment Superhighway

Can i suggest po na hinaan ang volume ng sound effects? nakaka distract po kasi pag iniintindi namin ang topic... nasasapawan din po boses po ninyo.... thanks.. God Bless!

Em De guzman

hi sir, should I trade everyday, or every hour or every minute?

TikToker FAV

Napa clarong explanation salamat sir

Christian Diaz

Thank you so much sir, I've watch so many technical analysis videos but they're all too complex and hard to understand, but your video is very easy to understand, you explained it very well and so simple. I've learned so much, thank you !!

Carmen Taguinod

Learned a lot from you sir! Thank you po!

Divine Aulida


karen obedoza

Very informative!


How to fund my account???

Amalia Javier

I am learning a lot from you!!! Your videos are worth it to watch. Please continue to guide new traders and aspiring traders (like me ?)

neal saladaga

Saan ko malaman ang mga balita po? may website po ba kung saan makita na ubos na ang sellers or buyers?

Mikhail Joseph Yu

you can only sell stocks lang po diba pag closing na yung candle?

Michael Gana

Sir newbie palang po, mag start palang po ako, Ilan po bang stock market ang dapat na i maintain as a beginner?

stephen john sendo

napaka ganda ng presentation sir, salamat sa pag share!

Aileen AA

Can you share also on how to buy equity funds index in COL? Instead of buying single stock only.


very simple yet informative to the highest level. gbu

Joy Cayabyab

Ang Galing mag paliwanag.The best!

Duane Cacayan

The best tutorial so for❤️❤️❤️ Thanks po. Ang daming natutunan?

Jay Roldan

as a learner madali ko sya naintindihan dito lalo na pagdating sa technical analysis, thanks for this vid. sir? more power! ?

Ken Serr

Galing neto. Napa sign up ako sa COL. lol time to trade!

jhun viray


Alyssa Maree

Very simple and informative. Thank you!❤️

jennica Señar

Ano po yung shorting?

adarna cipriano

In this time of pandemic which we don't know when it will end, is it advisable to buy stocks now?

Ray Bernalea


MaiCos Vlogs

Natututo paunti unti...

Carlo Loyola

This is so helpful sir and easy to digest. Thanks for sharing


Sa dami kong explanation na pinapanuod.. Dito ko mas naintindihan yung word na when to buy/sell..

j t

God bless po thank you for sharing this knowledge

Annalyn Emano

Very simple and easy to understand as a newbie

JD Unnie

Very useful vids. thank you sir!

sweety dhey

I'm so thankful for this video, I learned and understood well your video as you did it very clear and easy to understand. Searching this for a while so far this is the best?

Number Twenty Two

Hands down! ?

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Pinaka-madaling intindihin sa lahat ng napanuod ko. <3

Jaymie Martinez

Thank you sir for this tutorial. I appreciate your teaching style because you can effectively make a trivial subject to an understandable version for a newbie like me. ? You deserve the thumbs up button! ?


How long should you wait to sell stocks as a day trader? At what percentage of profit do you sell?

Limit Lee

Thank you sir I’ve learned a lot


interestng. marami akng natutunan. medyo mahina lang audio. thank you.


Thank you!! Dame ko na pinanuod na tulad nito pru ngayon ko lang naintindihan halos lahat!! More power to your Channel Sir Omeng!! ?

Al Siddel Gregorio

very informative and very detailed pgka explain lalo na sa mga beginner like me!! More vids pa po! ♥️

Nina Basmayor

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wow. very well explained . salamat sir

Zild the Left-handed

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Andrea Faye Iquiña

Hi sir thoughts po on bloomberg?

Aileen AA

Hi. I want to invest in PSE but im an ofw with 5hrs time difference. Can I still trade in PSE even after 3:30pm in Philippine time?

Ignacia Ramos

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Lala Baldomaro

Thank you sir for your diligent in explaining the content of your video. I've learned a lot. ?

Market Nline Business

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Carlos Repolidon

By buying stock market makes my better future (wealth will form)Thanks,Carlos j Repolidon

Pong Suarez

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An Mcbern

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JjWest J

Crystal clear explanation...make me blue if u agree.

Claui Alfonso

You could build a school for beginners in investing. So clear and straight to the point. Thank you for this.

Rey Galsim

Sir sa P1000 starting invest ko po sa COL, makabibili na ako ng 1000 shares..

Louise Dayola

thank you, sir! I love watching your videos. They are helpful, indeed. ❤️

Basket Mania

balak ko po sana mag invest sa DITO telecom, ok po ba yung stock na yun sir?

Market Nline Business

Magsstart po ako COL planning ako mag stream sa lahat ng vid niyo hehe thank you for being my angel. I hope to be successful in COLF

Nakita Marie Aguilar

Thank you sir for the very informative video!

Jazz PH

Hello po. Newbie here. I am glad I found your channel which is very helpful like us na gustong mag invest and not knowledgeable to this kind of investment. My question is, saan po kaya mas possible na kikita ka ng malaki, mag stock market (using market timing) or mag long tern ( Equity Index Fund /mutual fund) ?. I have work po pero willing din naman po ako mag invest ng time if in case po na mas malakas kita ng Market Timing. Thank you po sa sagot?

Japhet Lugo

thankyou sir nadagdagan kaalaman ko dahil sayo

Gilbert Javier

Thank you I learned a lot

Judeall Molina

wow i have watch your videos about COL financial and it was very informative
can you make video as well about what age should we start learning and involving in COL financial.