Reverse batman

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BATMAN V SUPERMAN FIGHT // in reverse mode

288 views | 26 Aug. 2019

Reverse batman

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Dr. Manhattan and Batman vs Reverse Flash

203 513 views | 9 Sep. 2019

So I had this and forgot I

So I had this and forgot I had finished it. I actually do that with a lot of videos lol. Stay tuned tomorrow for some Spiderman action. Hope you enjoy!

Batman #21 - Rebirth for those wondering !

My message to Marvel



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Benjamin Lim

He's God and he's American. :-D

Sunil Fernandes

4:36 shouldn't mess with THE BOSS!!!


It was more of a failed defense and also a failed burglary and also a failed attempt at arriving on time

Pratik Chaudri

You should have put the Pruit Igoe Prophecies track (manhattan's theme) when Thawne went "I saw God".

Dominic Buck

Flash seems like he doesn’t rise to his full potential when reverse flash is around. I know I know, only a certain amount of speed force, but come on Barry, it was yours first. Be a man, stop getting wrecked by thrawn.

Nick Riviera

Flash.... what a looser

Hector Andem

04:38 How the hell can Reverse Flash not react in time to avoid this? To him, that should be in slow motion! ?‍♂️

Flying Dutchmen

How Batman can survived from speedlight punch?


He didn’t have to rip up Thomas’s letter :(


1 Hour here is 7 hours on earth


3:58 little did he knew... He just bought a ticket to pain train

Nuba Linggi

Batman is Power less still fighting with everyone sucks I wish Batman dies?

Dayo Olufade

Should've cut the vein in the groin

Dr Donald Blake

Thawne's ego will always be his downfall.


Did Dr.manhattan just observe the brilliance of the world's greatest detective first hand?

yok pok

i dont understand how reverse flash got burned????

austin sheridan



I think , Batman would have win,. If he had time to study flash's weakness.

Frederik Frane Kornaj

Manhattan can be overpower by many charakters
Because its just bullshit that guy who have acident is the strongest beaing


Reverse-Flash: God... I saw God... s wang. It's blue and not even that big. You'd think since he's a God he could make his penis whatever size he wants. GET THE IMAGE OUT OF MY BRAIN.
Passes out

Lord Solar

Haha thawnes a dick

Saiman Latinski

I don't understand what happened...


I remember following this channel when this channel had like 285 subs. Feels good seeing the success you have now man.


Barbossa : I feel........cold
Thawne : I saw......God

Agent Venta

Did batman have prep time ?

Mike Evans

I cant understand for the life of me how a speedster that moves at lightspeed gets caught with punches or anything from batman or anything else not a speedster !!! They can see , think and react 1m times faster than the blink of an eye...but repeatedly gets beaten by batman ???


I would have liked to see each second as a second

G Aug

6:30 WTF ??? what happened?

Raphael Boykin

4:48 he let that bastard have it.

Richard Arroyo

Reverse Flash was like Jimmy from the Sopranos in the end

Trinston Michaels

trinston was here

Vicente Fritz

4:38 How did that work? Is it safe to call PIS?


Typical flash


Even if batman knew to stab Reverse Flash in the leg, 0.0000000000001 second from stabbing reverse flash legs, Reverse Flash could see batman's movement in slow motion (as time passes slower for him in his perspective). Batman getting a stab in was just stupid.

Gabriel Cavadini

BatMan Always Badass


Gotta love that the fastest man alive is always too late. ^^

william graves

Tritianian pastors cool ...
He says name of father , son and holy spirit.
Too much, jesus has body?? Jesus is just a soul man.
I can understand about God and jesus ...
Example ....
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Jesus is a healer? The cross or stake...
Whoever writes about his person life.
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Mattlew says what do you believe jesus is name of father, son and holy spirit. Jesus is GOD.
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Gansta Kermit

I keep coming back to see reverse flash get owned by manhattan. It’s just so op

Chay Warburton

And if we did, without protection by the Spirit this is exactly would happen lol

ayoub ibourk

That’s one thing I hated bout the flash don’t matter how fast he gotten he always manages to let Batman down


Zoom could of fazed and created a Mirage. Like he would not see that coming ? these writers need to understand everything is frozen to him in time and not moving.

Brother Alaric

Thanos Vs Dr Manhattan now . . . that would be fun to see thanos snapping him again and again and again , watching the doc reassembling himself . . .

Jon G


Lord KMS

Reverse Flashes fragile arrogant ego gets shattered with every punch Bats lands on him.

Johnny Payares

Damn!!! That was bad-az.

dara jabar

Can anyone in DC beat Dr. Manhattan?

Dan Esp

Finally, I found you!
lol who the fuck this raises hand

Only Human to a point

This was amazing, the choreography, the music, everything. And the fact that it was a race against time made it even better!

Takahiro Karasawa

I farted right before Neo from the Matrix pointed and said we were all breathtaking. He's very smart.

Ricc Rozay Rush



Certain friend

Ya mean Dr. Manhattan saved Batman against reversed flash

Eldain ss

Dr.Manhattan sends Reverse flash to kill batman by manipulations, because Batman wants to find evidence of what or whom ever is behind some strange events. (Dr.Manhattan).
After Batman is killed, Dr.Manhattan then kills Reverse flash himself, to cut the lose ends... of what ever plans he has.

People want to see Dr.Manhattan as a good guy... which is why he can kill Reverse flash himself... but not Batman.

There is nothing what so ever that the reverse flash could do to even harm Dr.Manhattan the slightest.
So there is nothing about Dr.Manhattan vs Reverse flash here.

Kidkratos ki

" No one can see Me and live" -God.

Jordan McGinnis

The only reason i clicked was to see how on earth you were gonna make this a fight since manhattan is basically god.


this is what would've happened to stephen amell's arrow even with firestorm and barry. Nothing against him, the professor is just that good

Tyrell Liddell

I saw this title I was like is that even a fight at all


Fking flash man... if he got there ON time things could been so different

Donald Mixon

When batman stabbed his foot, there should have been a mini explosive attached to it, if it was, batman may have won

Lucky Wize

Watchmen and Flashpoint Paradox ??

I need this

kirby march barcena

Batman: hmm, overtime...

Wow, even while at the brink of death, Batsy surely knows Flash will be late for stopping at the Blades game.

Steve Parker

I've always felt sorry for Reverse Flash, must be a real pain, constant running Backwards into stuff.


Friendly reminder that manhattan tried to kill Zoom and failed.


You would think the bat cave would have counter measures for a super villain

Dr Lei Micky Lei

Dr Manhattan is a boring blue garbage. He is neither a hero nor a villian. He is just a stupid ape

กฤษดา กลิ่นพิกุล

Dr. Manhattan. Faster than light itself.

guillermo serrano

Can anyone name one character who could wipe dr. Manhattan?

william graves

Good question? Dr. Manhattan comic is an example of book.

Izreldan Immortus

Funny how Reverse Flash is notorious for being unkillable, he always finds a way to come back; but after just one encounter with Doctor Manhattan, he died brutally.

Doctor Manhattan killed the unkillable man, at this point he's just flexing on DC.

Living Honorably

‘I saw.... God’

Isaac Heredia

Sick video man!

Taz Simpson

What would be dope if they use Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan to soft reboot the DCEU. WB's made a live action Watchmen already. It can be done. Implement Rebirth and Doom day clock etc.

Nomido The Spanish destroyer

Reverse flash is death he will not back to Life like he did before ?

Gratis Beu

I wouldn’t mind having op superpowers if it gives people cancer :p
I mean if you can bend reality to a whim then u could turn the bad things you radiate into air and nothing would happen.

Alvin Chua

I thought reverse flash will be the slowest man alive

Christian Newaye

When they see your browsing history

Ohma Tokita

Which comic is it and where can i buy it ?

Frederik Frane Kornaj

Why reverse flash cant kill manhatan in a past?

The Beast

Clear proof that Bats can't always win, that improvising against dangerous opponents will always be his way to go. This makes me love the character even more, as it shows a flaw of his, and that RF is indeed one Of the most dangerous DC villains.


A personal Favourite

Lonely Wolf

Funny enough he just came back to life because he's a living paradox.

George II

Thawne: Destroyed the letter that Thomas Wayne made for Bruce and beats up Bruce for his revenge from Thomas Wayne impaling him in the chest. Took the smiley button and tried to escape.

Dr Manhattan: Being disturbed from his privacy. Fuck off.

Reverse Flash: *Dies*.


Its funny because this made reverse flash sooo fcking slow, like running to batman took 1 second and batman can trade punches with him? This is why comics is so ridiculous, they cant let batman look weak because the fans will get mad, so stupid.

Don Rekter


no homo though

Lonahora Earth's Core

Was Reverse Flash fighting in slow motion?

My pretty hot Momma

Hello guys whats the order of the button? I read flash #21 but it just repeat of batman #21

Savagewolf 101

Man Batman is such an interesting and intelligent character, this is why I love Batman so much

Wild Resin

How? Dr Manhattan will erase any ony with just a thought

Juan G

what is the song at the end

Maddox Tolliver

THANX for not being the ASSHOLE, who posts comic book videos, but for some reason DON'T list the THE VERY BOOK they're showing us. #youreAsaint

batman Lord

humm,batman win

Nafiul Haque Tahin

From which chapter is this comic?


The melody

Enuma Elish

"and Batman" as if plot armor isn't the only thing stopping him from turning into a puddle of blood.

Jerry M

This was an awesome comic, I remember when it first came out, I was in awe.

Thawne thought he was a god, yet came face to face with the power of one.

Brett N

its hilarious that they put batman as more powerful than dr manhattan, simply comical. manhattan is one of the most powerful in all of the dc universe

Gansta Kermit

6:29 on best part


So, basiccaly, reverse flash kicks batmans ass, and then dr manhattan decides to burn him for some reason.


Damn if he thinks Dr. M is god, what would he call Lucifer M if he saw him (or rather understood what he is)?


no, a letter from Thomas Wayne. ?

Corsair Caruso

I just happen to think this is one of the finest sequences in modern comics.

Reverse batman

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"You can call me Joker" in REVERSE! | Batman (1989)-Reverse Everything episode 49

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Watch the introduction of

Watch the introduction of Batman's nightmare in REVERSE!

the way things happen

Now it's "Rokoj em llac nac uoy" ???

Christopher Cravens

The joker brings jack palance back to life and then he leaves.....How nice of him....lmao

Davi Wing

You can make the scene of joker make a reunion with the mafia in reversed will be very funny.

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