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WHOOP Explained | Quantifying Recovery

251 465 views | 25 Jul. 2019

Wearable technology is

Wearable technology is quietly revolutionising physical performance, and one company at the forefront of it is WHOOP. They invited us to their HQ in Boston to see what it’s all about - so here's the in depth first look accompanying our video on Global Cycling Network.

In association with WHOOP.

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Am a whoop yo ass!

Jason Smith

Correct me if I'm wrong - but I think you're wearing the strap incorrectly - The WHOOP logo should be facing inwards...? The correct way is shown at 8.59.


30 American = 40 Canadian, for that price I can get netflix, Disney plus and have money left over. I have an oura ring and I'll probably pick up the Bio Strap. It's unfortunate that they charge that much monthly. It's a horrible business model. If they are gonna do a subscription plan then sell the band for 300 and have different plans. A free plan a $5 and $10 a month plan. Then I'd consider getting one.

Devin Mendoza

Ours Ring same thing no membership fees

Mike Savege

I have been using Whoop strap for the last month. Seriously unimpressed. I have to re-sync the Bluetooth several times a day, resulting in the strap "catching up". With regards to the data, alot of it makes no sense. It tells me my sleep is poor, yet I achieved "100% sleep performance"
It tells me to go to bed at different times due to different sleep needs then tells me my consistency is poor. The strain measurements are extremely erratic and seem to have zero consistency (I genuinely do think it just plucks a number).
Overall, I'd definitely say people save your money.


Fuck that subscription option bullshit.

Travelling Ed

What exactly do they have a patent on? I thought the oura ring tracked all the same sleeping metrics.

Acupuncture Connections

I would like a watch on it and to see my HR live time without having to look at a 3rd party product. The subscription piece of this is a huge turn off.

Scott Whitten

The subscription price is 10X higher than it should be.

Dennis G

Just how tight does the band need to be? In the video it appears to be quite snug on his wrist. I think that would drive me crazy if it has to be that tight.

Black Sunshine

A Whoop Strap is a Juggalos nickname for his side piece


So basically, a Garmin watch but you have to pay subscription fees...

Lyle Murdoch

Can u still use the watch after the subscription ends?

Lyan Villacorta

subscription to what exactly

Drone Pilot

You got that Whoop on backwards brah.


It’s disgusting they charge 30/month. I’m stunned.

Frankie Cuellar

That thing is almost $300 I bought one from Amazon that cost $32 and it does everything that thing does and actually think mine's look better too! I think it's a waste of money it's more for styling point I think because you could get that technology for like under fifty bucks

Ken Sato

I am wearing one of these now and have been wearing it almost continuously for almost 6 weeks. I won't go over the positive aspects of the device since the company does a great job of tooting their own horn. #1 it's expensive. #2 it does work as a heart rate sensor but for workouts, it is not as accurate as my chest sensor so I have started wearing both during workouts. #3 the device's strongest point is the sleep analysis but after about a month I have learned that Whoop always tells me I need more sleep even when I think I have slept very well - it never tells me I have slept enough. #4 it does tell me when I am recovered but it's very hard to tailor my workouts to coincide better with the Whoop suggestions. #5 it almost always tells me I have trained well both on my hard days and my recovery days so I am not getting useful feedback. #6 it a time-intensive process it requires a lot of user adjustments, for example, it often miscalculates when I get up in the morning so I need to manually enter the time in the morning and it never automatically enters naps. In summary, glad I on the shortest 6-month plan since I doubt very much that I will continue past then and may end up aborting even earlier despite still having to pay for it.

Kayo Haven

Use code SUMMER30 right now for 30 dollars off. I only payed $8.99


Wish I watched your review first. Would’ve saved a lot of time. Thank you for something so simple and concise.

Ryan Brown

Lots of complaining from people that probably don’t really care about your body. The BEST investment is in yourself... Don’t like it? Take your useless comments elsewhere...??‍♂️


So they have a patent on measuring your heart rate at night to use as a benchmark? Sounds like bs.

Jeremy Adam

hahahaha im good with my apple watch. At least its not ugly.


I'm in. I don't like subs either but it's only $18 / mo if you do long-term. I'll always use my phone for measuring distance, location, playing tunes, running apps, etc. This covers everything else. HRV as the objective function for optimizing athletic gains makes sense and the research seems solid. Sold.

Joseph Davenport

I bought a medical grade hand held ekg machince for about 100 (actually recommended by a cardiologist). it will tell you if your heart is pissed off. you can also get blood pressure cuffs you can while working out and sleeping that will interpret similar things indicating stress or low bp ie lower than 90/60 while sleeping or over 120/80. both of these can be had for lower than a 6 month sub to whoop. the thing is cool but overpriced. and instead of getting some arbitrary number between 1 and 100 you get real data that can be stored and interpreted yourself or you can take it to your primary doctor to see if you hurting yourself from overtraining.

Le Aja

Nice, but I believe that this sort of functionality is already available in my Garmin watch. And it's free! Nice but REALLY don't need another added expense.

Raf B

I wore it for a few weeks now, it’s clear that I fell for JRE and your marketing hype (funny that pnoe guy said on your podcast that wrist wearables are all useless before ceo (Will Ahmed) redirected the convo lol). Your device is absolute garbage, it’s way more inaccurate than Fitbit or Apple Watch, they're mostly relying on user input and fishing for correlations. I am returning this piece of junk and getting my money back.

Jay Evolve

PLEASE sort your twang/ tone you keep adding at the end of sentences.

Kyle Vebber

Makes a video and literally wears it the wrong way lol

Daniel Saba

Is this waterproof

Pete the Pirate

Not cheap. Other products do similar things and are more cost effective. Need to compare them with other devices.


is there an alternative to this that is not subscription based? i wear a "real" watch every day, so i'd like something like this that is more of a bracelet than a watch.. but everything i find is watches..

Fred Bread

To be able to use my toilet I have to pay for a toilet paper subscription


Awesome content as always!

Jerry Rasmussen

30 bucks a month to use this??? ????????????????

Evin Kaless

What about the fact that optical HR data for cycling (or other interval-like, non-steady-state training) is utter junk? WHOOP needs to add the ability to incorporate HR data from a chest strap.


Can you direct me to some thing on how the video camera works and how one download the videos you would take while working out thank you

Christian Ford

They could of made this app for all smart watches.


Oh, funny! The ad shown at the beginning of this video was for competitor Oura!

Mel Dejesus

so boring

Aaron cooper

It is pretty good to have especially when you can track your sleep a lot better. But trying to cancel the subscription is easier said than done. On the site it said I can cancel after 3 months... 6 months later I’ve still got another month until it ends. Plus because it’s a none English purchase they charge you more than just the whoop subscription. Other than that it is good to have.

Rustam Gross

a lot of People Say 30$ is too much but buying aero Helms ect is ok.


30 a month??..pppfffffff

Kristián Baláž

Get a free WHOOP strap and your first month free when you join with my link: https://join.whoop.com/#/14D26B


It's 2019 & now you have to pay a (30$ ?!??) monthly fee to have your data sold ?? Am not gonna owe rent to a wristband & some fucking sensors.

Brian Erwin

$30 a month for life ? naw

Lexi Moody

Should've said subscription thing AT THE BEGINNING. Deal breaker for many people.

Mark Mitchenall

Shame you never explained that if you're an Android user, then you're basically paying to be a continuous beta tester


Does it work if you wear it on your leg (I am not allowed to wear any bands on my arms and legs, therefore the only option would be hiding it in a sock. Or can you maybe add a „workout“ or practice without wearing it during that time?

Daniel S.

Strava and whoop have both (subscription modeled) their way out of my life.

Ismael Gaytan

I use the whoop and it has really helped my understand my fitness and sleep needs. Wonder if Si would be willing to share his Whoop recovery and strain data?

s e b

Thought I would share my experience after 7 months - I bought the Whoop for my son and after 7 months of use I will not renew the product. Nothing bad really, but the more you know and use it, the less it becomes interesting. The data model and information are hard to pin down on key elements and Whoop do their own "interpretation" of results. With my science background and training for decades, this was hard to get, and the price hard to justify. Even after a few email exchanges with the team, they just never seemed able to explain the best way to get "better results.” Also, I was curious to see the results compared to my apple watch using very basic and cheap apps and I can't justify the cost and performance when you can get an Apple Watch at a similar price with much more capability in the end. I have nothing against Whoop, but ultimately the cost doesn’t really justify the performance (the data is there but very hard to pin down). On a final note, getting information from the team was most usually hard and long and customer service in general was just “meh” - so nothing special here.


Whoop, there it is!

Kentucky Hiker

My experience sucked:

My Whoop failed. No customer service number. Took a few weeks to get an email response, then a few more weeks to receive a replacement. All the while still getting charged a monthly fee

Samih Soylu

Is this water proof? Do you wear it in the shower, or do you take it off?


We all have the same issues with the subscription . Any other device does similar things for no subscription. I want that recovery feature on fitness watxh

Angus MacGyver

I tried it for a month and ended up returning it. In theory it is a great idea, but it is extremely innacurate. Sleep cycles were way off, so much so I would be in bed for 6 hours and would only register 2 or so. Not even close. And Whoop customer service was super slow and had poor communication.

Juan Hidalgo

Whoop is just idiotic. Who cares about whoop. You can do all this by training right. Use Suunto or garmin. You can also sleep with Suunto and garmin watch and use a chest strap. You paid once and you have all these. Also the best assessment of hart rate is via chest. Wrist is not a good area to measure. My advise is not to spend $30.00 a month for something you don’t really need. Also, if you are professional athlete you want to consult your trainer. So much to say here. Finally, if you are like me doing to stay fit now days, a simple monitor watch will do. If you stumble on this review ask yourself first are you a professional athlete if not this devise is not worth it.

Marco Lopatto

application only english other languages

Jasper Daschot

Stopped hoping for this because the prices are out of this world

Scott Cugno

I have had mine for 5 months and I absolutely love it. Stop sweating the membership if your serious about your training it pays for it self.

Derek Eggiman

Id love to hear an unbiased review of why this Whoop is worth ~600% ($720/2 years!) more than any competing, buy ~$120 every ~2 year, smart trackers? Garmin, for example offers many of these same features sleep tracking stress monitoring, "body battery"; as do most other competitors. Whoops interface looks nice, but I'm struggling to see anywhere near that much value added. If it is indeed very good analytics it could be competitive at $5-$10/mo, not 30/mo, IMO.

Juan Carlos Paiz

The pricing of this product is idiotic

Nalinan Raju

Well good alternative for this is biostrap try it instead guy's

Broken Games

This kind of outdated technology is worth 99 cents and nothing more. you pay more for it. You just got scammed.

Freddie Jackson

Subscription model is a stupid idea for them, someone will use it against them

Daniel S.

Not worth the subscription price to me...
Too bad really.?

Erik Kullerstrand

I got one partially based on this video and it's a hunk of junk. The heart rate sensor is extraordinarily innacturate. Want to scratch your head? Your heart rate is instantly at 140, laying on the couch but moved your arm slightly? Heart rate at 120. Cooking supper? Heart rate around 150 for fifteen minutes straight. Even though movement itself shouldn't increase the heart rate reading that's just what happens. Contrary to what the company says this happens no matter which arm your where it on and despite any band tightness whatsoever. There's no way it's worth paying $30/month for a device that struggles this badly with basic accuracy. Go with fitbit, they've had that down for many years now and it never gets affected my arm movement.

Garett W

Whoop is actually FAR more expensive than an Apple Watch. You are paying $30 a month. That is $360 in one year. So you are going to pay $360 year after year after. That is an absolute JOKE/SCAM. This product is only good for serious athletes who are sponsored by the product. I had the Whoop 3.0 and returned it after 2 weeks

Kentucky Hiker

My experience sucked.

Whoop failed. They didn't have a customer service number and it took weeks for them to respond, even longer to replace the device. All the while charging me a monthly fee. That's stealing in my book.

Kev P

new promotion - free Whoop strap 3.0 and first month free when using the signup link https://www.talkable.com/x/kO9Fdz

Charles Bray

I can’t figure out how to even put this fucking thing on.. I’m going to send it back if someone doesn’t help

Parker Rex

I need to sleep more. Got the Whoop. The setup process is a lil tricky but overall I like it. Just uploaded a more honest (nonpaid) review.


I would have bought this thing probably a year ago when i found it but the subscription model is the hang up for me.... :/ wish they didnt do that.

Travis Bromell

Whoop there it is

Kev P

Looks like they listened to the complaints and have a New Years promotion - first month free PLUS the strap is free, so try it out first


Nalinan Raju

Can you do a review on biostrap? Wish to know the comparison between them.

Peter T.

Though it would be great to actually see training effect and be able to adjust training plans on short term, I have had bad experiences with HRV measurement. I have been using Elite HRV for months some years back and have been testing its consistency. Luckily, it was incredibly easy to test: the morning measurements (before getting out of bed) can be done as many times as you want in a row. And the results were shocking: at times on both extremes of the spectrum, by measurements right after each other. On those occasions when it was "rather consistent", there was still always a deviation that could not be explained by the body "gradually waking up". It may be that Elite HRV has flawed sofware, but at least I could prove for myself that it made no sense to continue using it and certainty is everything when it comes to measurements in training. The issue with Whoop is that it seems to be making measurements according to a pattern for reasons of "consistency", so you cannot redo measurements right after each other at will, to test for accuracy. In other words: the singular HRV measurements at night prevent you from verifying whether the system is accurate or not by doing several measurements in a row (which should all show the same results due to minor time difference of minutes). In fact, since for some reason the makers decided that it should work that way, there is no way to verify whether the software makes any "self-corrections" either, to "even out" any inconsistencies. What you see in the end is just a matter of programming.. True, none of the HRV equipment software can be verified that way (unless some smart programmer disassembles it fully, but I doubt such an expensive commercial product is open source), but if you use an other HRV app, you can redo the test and in the case of Elite HRV it just proves that data is inconsistent. It should not be possible that you are 3 in the red and a fewminutes later 7 in the green on a scale 1-10..
As for all the other measurements: most mobile phones nowadays have a built in giroscope, I use a sleep app myself that measures sleep length, depth, etc. with a lot of analytical options and correlation analyses features ("Sleep as Android" from Urbandroid). So this strap is not adding much to measurements of a (HRV enabled) strap and a mobile phone, other than more in-depth software. At 30 USD a month I find it overpriced for what it offers, especially considering the questionable HRV measurements that is not properly developed yet.

Garett W

Well, I have have been testing the Whoop Strap 3.0 and the Apple Watch series 5 for 3 weeks now. One on each wrist. I will day that the Apple Watch is more accurate. Today was the 2nd time in a row that the whoop did not count my sleep. For some odd reason. Besides HRV, Day strain and HRV. The Apple Watch is just as accurate if not better. I also say SCREW the monthly subscription. That is so stupid.

Nilo Baranda

If you're wearing it 24/7 then it measures your heart rate when you're having sex or "exercising" your dominant hand.

Dragos Checiches

Is a subscription model with a twist. If you cancel after the 1st month and tou were stupid enough to pay in advance you see no money back. Its like whoop there goes your money.


Is it just for biking or can I use it running and swimming?

Sergey K

can you use your with this app?

Sergii Raspopov

Looks like a very marginal effect to me... It is much easier listening to your body and finding some common sense than getting obsessed with even more numbers...

Maximus Attackus

I used this religiously for 6 months , found it didn’t do any better than feel , in fact feel was more reliable , conclusion, waste of money !! taking my HR just before lights out at night was a good indicator of how much stress I had in my system .

Quantum Decoherence

You lost me at $30/mo. Stupid money. Maybe Whoop can see the comments here and ground themselves instead of paying for your typical GCN plug

Kentucky Hiker

Don’t do it. I was sent a faulty battery. Took them weeks to respond, and even longer to get a replacement. Meanwhile still billing me for the monthly service.

Jim Hale

Seems great... subscription is a dealbreaker for me :(

Michael Swennen

Heart rate variability can't be measured accurately over night like the Whoop strap does. It needs to be measured seated, every morning under the same conditions with an accurate monitor. The Morpheus M5 strap uses the only clinical validated monitor to measure HRV for consumer purposes. Also from a recovery standpoint, most wearables measuring HRV, show a sudden high increase in HRV as good, resulting in a better recovery score, which is not the case. When HRV suddenly rises, the parasympathetic branch (also known as the 'rest and digest' system) of the autonomic nervous system gets dominant meaning the body is trying to recover from any mental and/or physical stress. So adding too much training load may result in a low HRV score because the body wasn't fully recovered and shifts back to the sympathetic branch (the 'fight or flight' system) due to additional stressors. A higher training load would be appropriate again when the HRV score returns to basline (which is the average HRV score of a certain period).

Daniel Velez

The Oura Ring is so much better than this shitty strap



Abe Zilla

I have apple watches

All-Time Alien

I’ll stick to my Fitbit. $30 a month is a little much


Sounds great but the price is too high I thought about buying a wristband today but $30 a month?? It should be $30 for 6 months.

Edward F

100 gb not mb

Mathew Bishop

So basically it’s a cheap Apple Watch knock off with a subscription. Nope!!

Max Tejada

Honestly, I just bought the whoop because I was looking for something better than the Apple Watch. All these athletes promoting it, I was excited to try it. Day 1, ok - just getting started. Day 2-3 - not bad but started to lag data updates by 1-2 hours. Day 4 - stopped tracking at 4 am and didn’t catch up data fully until noon. Thank go because I was at the gym. It tracked my workout and somehow 2-3 hours later, it was missing. I’ve contacted support and hopefully they have an answer because the FAQ online suck. Stay tuned.

Nath crowe

The whoop band is terrible if you wave your arm around the heart rate sensor goes really high .. i got what it said was a great workout by cleaning my lounge table for 12mins.. if you spin your arm around like a windmill your heart rate goes up i also noticed it on an eliptical machine? Compared to my other device its terrible

Jamie McGilloway

Will I use it and think its amazing,

Get a free Strap and $30 with my referral code



Bla Bla

$30 per month for whoop? piss off

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