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How to Get the Green Tunic, TUNIC OF THE WILD - COMPLETE! Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

1 614 011 views | 20 Mar. 2017

Austin John Plays here

Austin John Plays here and I'm going to be showing you how my 120th/LAST SHRINE to get the Tunic of the Wild in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U video game consoles. It is the 19th main installment in the The Legend of Zelda series. The story is set in Hyrule and follows amnesiac protagonist Link, who awakens from a 100-year slumber to a mysterious voice that guides him to defeat Calamity Ganon.

The title's gameplay and mechanics constitute a departure from the series' conventions, featuring an open-world environment, a detailed physics engine, high-definition visuals, voice acting, and the ability to play through the game's dungeons in any order. Announced in 2013, the game was initially planned for release as a Wii U exclusive in 2015, but was delayed twice prior to its release on 3 March 2017. Breath of the Wild was a launch title for the Switch and was the final Nintendo-produced game for the Wii U.

Upon release, Breath of the Wild received widespread critical acclaim, with critics particularly praising the game's physics-driven open world and gameplay that encourages player experimentation. The title is one of the highest-rated games of all time on review aggregator Metacritic, and has been deemed by several critics to be one of the greatest video games ever made. sheikah breath of the wild master sword prince sidon

Gonzalo Guerrero

I have 91shrines


Well just get all the shrines

Mr. Hispanic plays

i olny got 60

Ryan Giancarlo Sutter Cruz

Who else finds the tunic to be ugly?

Gavin Bedell

That was my last shrine as well.

Spencer Bowden

Finding all the shrines is harder than beating them

David Phillips

thx to u i beat all the shrines!

Elcin Mamedov

I complied the game and it my faivret game and I’m playing it again

Parker Keegan

Funny this was my last shrine as well



assassins gaming

When u sacrifice your stamina vessels for the master sword




what was blurred?

FlopKatz :3

I have 100 shrines completed but I don't even have 80 golden poops collected so it's kinda sad ;-;

SnowTheWolf 981

The problem is, i cant do all shrines the ones i cant do is the friggen motion controls because my brother broke our 2nd joycon and my controller doesnt support motion controls..

Gage Peterson

i need 13 more shrines

Fortnite God

77 shrines completed

Farmer Dutch Gaming

This was my last shrine too

Henrik Bjorkman

Umm did that guardian you killed just drop 2 ANCIENT CORES? That is super rare and i’m surprised you didn’t notice. 7:41

william hanford

I only have 37 shrines

anonymous the mystery

The ancient armor makes ancient weapons stronger (I think it's only more strong for guardians though)


Ooooh so that’s how you get that oh man so I have to find them all I’m gonna try for my life to do this!!!

Icyboi 2.0

“I feel like the DLC is gonna included 12 more shrines”
Well you’re not wrong

Ryu primeus

My favorite gear is the Barbarian gear ???

Da Frick

Dont buys the 60 dollar amibbo just buy both dlcs and do the other shrines


Congrats on completing the shrines, I know I'm 3 years late.

Deppressed Dinonugget

I restarted the game so like 30


When you say “complete the game” does hacking or “glitching” count?

Gage the Demon Slayer

Its ezer to buy an amibo

Nate Canas

Bro I’m bored



Kate S

I ? it

The stem Flish

I did not know you could get them in amibos ?‍♂️ I had to go and finish all shrines

Shannon Langston



Honestly, Hestu's gift for getting all the Korok seeds is my favorite item in the game because you can dance infinitely with Hestu.

Standing Brick

I’m not sure about this but don’t the amibo’s give you the twilight set not the of the wild set


This video is epic ?

Samuel Verbis

I just started watching your videos, you’ve helped me immensely. Going back watching this video is hilarious cause you’re so much further in the game now and your videos are amazing.

evan petersen

I still have 100% of the game left

Apple Juice

Ohh now is there memory storage glitch

radio ron santos

Honestly dont think ill ever get this done :( only 53

Luke McCarthy

Austin it was the exact same for me lol

Slang Blades

The tunic should have been available from close to the start and then after all the hard work to get it, it is very dissapointing. He looks like a gay elf when using it.

Lord Megumin

Why is there a blur


112 shrines

Slayer Runefrost

Do all 120 shrines then make your way to the goddess statue in the forgotten temple. There, I just saved you 12 minutes.

Vikunth Omkumar

I did not do all 120 shrines

Squished Toon Link

The "Korok seeds" might just be little poopies

The Biggest Disappointment

That was my last shrine as well

Ben Adlard

is his name Austin or John??????????????


So u have to get all the shrines and then u can go back to this location then open the chest and that’s it


I have 86 shrines completed.... Its a struggle


use the heart doup glich on youtube

Tabitha Tilton

Congrats ????


i think concerning being the completionist and getint golden poop for all the effert is the same message being sent to us by the game creator thats in the movie ready player one...where its not about the reward and what you can get or achive but the joy you experience from playing in the present momment is more valuable than any future reward...thus golden poop......similar to meditation...better to be the source of your joy and be able to enjoy everything than to let things be the source of your joy ,for when those things fade which is enevitable nature of all things so to will your faulse joy...like golden poop

bijan sz

People, just use the hylian trousers. Goddess hylia, do you not know what fashion was when you made those clothes?

Christian Gray

Does anyone know what that Cool music that Austin has in the background when he defeats the last shrine

Samuel Lee

i just beat meadoh my first beast :)

William Santiago

0:23 just going to screen shot this real quick don’t mind me


After I watched this I was like crying couse I beat ganon the second I got the sword and I never even got anything cool

Ryan Giancarlo Sutter Cruz

Why did you blur the lower part of the beginning part of the video?

Michael Elia

i will get the gold poop

Vincent Magallon

Thanks for your videos on this game. I just got me a switch lite and started playing this game a few days ago finally. And i love it. I haven't played Zelda since N64 Ocarina of time, which blew my mind away at the time.

Tyler L

I actually wear the Hylian Trousers with this lol. Who tf wants to wear bike shorts?

wwe and fortnite 123

You can have all the all hearts and all stamina

Ronan McDougall

what was eh censoring about


Now how do we duplicate it


There's 20 shrines

Kalyan Mekala

I only have 59 shrines


i have completed about 90 shrines so far and i have to admit.. the ones that i was most excited about was... those with Kass riddles! :3

gideon m

Just do the essence dupe glitch for full both


How to get it
Step 1: be gud
Step 2: collector's anxiety

Gogeta The Ultimate

I think I’m good with my amiibos.

Michael Weiss

I'm like 68% of completing all the shrines

Sawyer Bryan

Ganon is super easy

Peir animations

I can't find my last DAMN korok aghhhhh

Erin Garrison

i completed the whole game yesterday

Russell Bradshaw

You should try to get all the shrines with only 3 hearts

Cay Hogle

This isn’t a how to video, its literally just you getting the last shrine. Don’t waste peoples time.


everyones talking about the shrines but im just sitting here like, huh how do you not have maxed out champion tunic

Alex Powers

My last one was namika ozz shrine

BlackDash09 Black dash

How do I get the blood moon

Spider 21

Currently this video has 666 dislikes

Jayden Lucas


Darkboi The other part of the name

Hmm mortal

Karmel Pl

My song from game is parfect timer than your


joy is in the play not the reward

Farmer Dutch Gaming

That was my Final shrine too ??

Xs HuskyBoiii

The golden poop are for the completionist, but for casual players who dont want to spend 10+ hours on koroks alone and just max out their inventory without missing any important items, but if you want to get every seed you can but it wont be important. I see why people are mad, but it's for the casual players

john burns

I'm 35% done with breath of the Wild


Whoever wrote these item descriptions deserves a raise.
The Hero of the wild set descriptions are so satisfying to read.

Gabe Shapro

I have 46 shrines

Ryn Thomas

tbh in each of my playthroughs i DO beat all the shrines to get the outfit. at some point it's like "yeah i have enough hearts, i'm only doing this for the Outfit"

malc7440 malc7440

no amiibo required just alot of terrible motion controls

Seba Elizalde

No amibos requierd!!! Me sees you need all shrines yeah I think I’ll buy an amibo

Hunter The Fox

DLC is required

Ray Animates

I have a question why is it when I take a pic of dark beast ganon it saves in my hyrule compendium but when I take a picture of calamity ganon or the bow of light it doesn’t save

Aurora Bassani


Marcelo Recinos

Don't worry guys! You don't need to purchase over priced amiibo! You just need to sink dozens of hours of your life to finding shrines! No big whoop!

Tbone F

I beat it the game with just 13 heart and I just realized it that I didn’t finish all the shrines

Link's cap

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Link vs Pit [ANIME]

4 416 105 views | 10 Jun. 2014

All rights reserved to

All rights reserved to Nintendo....imagine they made this into a series!


ok lets be real. Link would shred pit

Random Guy

Nah he can use stasis on pit and send him flying to the stars.


Link vs Pit [ANImE] 0:00


This is way better than the 1980s Zelda series

Mason Hartzell

Why is palutena tryna be a tik tok star with those intro poses




I love how this is supposed to be a reveal for Palutena but almost every comment is about Link.



Tea is taken

image if pit came back for a rematch and just saw the monstrosity of botw link

Diego Yepes

I miss Twilight Princess Link. I like BOTW Link, and all, but TP just has that manly fierceness to it. Also Clawshot.

The Catch

Link wins. Especially if it’s breath of the wild Link. The kid is OP.

Cisco Kid

Half the time I didn't even know what was going on

Binsider Squad

The Master Sword is running low on energy

Sam M.

Dude, imagine a series like this. That's what I really wished World of Light would be. Then again, it's probably a little too much to ask for.

Darth Squidward1

shaking laptop MORE GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jhonny YT:3

Foder tiene mejor animación que toda la temporada de Nanatsu no Taizai

Ceoah Fiske

zelda and paultena: lets make are bodygurads fight for fun

MG _ Lucario

1:15 I know you came just for see this moment ?

Harrison Kalbfleisch

“This fighter from hyrule is quite impressive , for a mere mortal,”
Link: has super strength, faster than a normal person, can regenerate stamina really fast, has a large maximum life force, eats mighty bananas and has the triforce of courage

Aathone Plays

I remember I used to spam the special move attack on people using Dark Pit


Link is going to kick your ass pit


Link vs Pit [ANIME] 0:00 Marie Chaboyea & Marie Chaboyea & Marie Chaboyea-Kingbird

Jay Da Demon God

Where da original one at!?

Fuyu Fatori

Animation, voice acting, and pacing is so good it feel like an actual anime


im glad link folded this bitch ass nigga pit


this is awesome POGCHAMP

Hyrule Kat

Palutena: “This fighter from Hyrule is impressive, for a mere mortal.”
Link, who has been re-incarnated 23 or more times and has the power of being resurrected by fairies and wields the triforce of an ancient god: “Hyah?!”


This video keeps on getting back and still as good but i would like an zelda, supersmashbros and kid icarus anime its gonna be fire when it happens


1:14 need I say more?

Kayla's life

I adore Pit and Dark Pit so much, uprising has to be my facorite game of all time, and i do really like Link and the loz games. This has come up in my reccomended countless times and every time it pops up i never hesitate to click.

Hirotaka Nifuji

His body may be mortal but not his brave soul

the continuous one

hero of time vs hero of what again , paultina intervines because time travel is taboo

Awesome Sauce

This was so cool back when it launched

Derpy Shark

Link would win

Dylan Ortega

A Smash anime would be the worst mistake Nintendo can create. Imagine how the community will feel when their fav main character dies against someone they doesn't like. With this toxic community no thanks.

Faize Wolf

Should be an actual anime


this jusut palu revel


Yeah, nintendo should totally make a smash bros anime of some sort.

Bobba Ganooch

Keep thinking divine intervention when he puts on that fierce deity mask.

O - O

If Nintendo made movies or shows they would make bank not going to lie.

Cody Williams

They DO realize that an animated series for Zelda would be award winning.... right?


I want Link to whisper "HYAAA" in my ear.. uwu

Chilled pup


Village Destroyer1

I love how she says "mortal"... he's been alive for like over 7 centeries, lol

marissa baquiran

I wish this is a real anime

Sean Ali 7E

I refuse to believe that one person made this I just can't it's just to good I mean for like a minute or so that's some really great content

Future Sounds

Please make more of these ?


When Palutena appeared link should have turned into his fierce diety form

MASTER Production



"Eh huh"

Helena Mildner

Behold,... He CAN JUMP?!?



Jeff Shittles

pit got pwned

Drafstman Roski

Approved by Steve Bowling

anna fox mcdearmond


Miguel Yanez

Such a missed opportunity on Nintendo's end
The payoff would've been UNREAL!



Ashton Mitchell

I want to see this remade in 2021


What’s the music at the start called

The Storm

That ain't just any Link, that's the Hero chosen by the Gods, the Hero of Twilight.
Best boy & Bestest doggo.

Karl Vilski

Dark pit uh hu


Liiiiiiiiink!!!!!!!!! ❤️U!!!!!!


Now I call this Anime better than the 1986 Zelda Animated Series!

Marius Portmann

This looks soooooooo good ! THIS is how a zelda movie should look like. But why those stupid english dubs it sounds so awful


this video needs to be updated to Botw

Steven Spires

Part 2 please!


“Oh I’m not here to save you, Pit” *yeets into air*

Peach Eater 69

This Is why a super smash bros fight is just a uncinematic anime fight

Toby George

The exotic jason concordantly continue because pamphlet repressingly wreck throughout a uncovered titanium. deep, nonstop paste


Me(when Link a front of me):L-l-link!!!!
Me:❤️U Link!!!!!!


If they could have a solid storyline for Smash bros, the anime would be fantastic


Pit: yours nothing compared to the under world army

Link: grunt


Pit had no chance, that's Link at the end of the day

Iris Giles

Is it finished? I wanna see the rest of the fight-


In the mighty words of Link of Hyrule: H'YAA!!!!

Alila Sangma

Who knows Ben drowned?

the big oog

imagine watching dub

coolman who is also a girl

I like links expressions

Ray Smith

This vid is 6yrs old and I'm JUST getting a recommendation for it...

Freaking algorithm... ?

Jan Espanyo Kusyk

This isn't your creation

Siddharth M

Then Zelda comes out with her bow of light ready to fight Paluntena and Pit gets all flustered.

Link the Champion


70% Pure skill

As a wise man once said
"wElL eXcUsE mE PrInCeSs"


Animation is by studio shaft. They also did the kid Icarus game animation. Famous for a few animated series most notably Bakemonogatari and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Mario Wilson

There probably fighting for Zelda ?


*Drinks guardian potion +*



Palutena's tentacle split ends tho ?

Hiubeth Ching

Imagine how ticked off link is that goddess hyoid has to coexist with palutena lol


Link vs Pit [ANIME] 0:00 Marie Chaboyea-Kingbird & Marie Chaboyea

Angel Armstrong

1:14 Masahiro Sakurai is a man of culture from this point on forward

Mike _1810

link in this video is the imbodiment of improvise adapt overcome

Brian Deveney

Zelda anime? Smash anime? N O
Kid Icarus fans would love an anime. We have nothing besides a 3DS game ?


Is...now one gonna talk about that Palutena Introducing Animation?

Clara Cabrita

Rip pit


this all started with
"pit give me a cinnamon roll"


why did you break the hookshot how is he supposed to get another one

Doodle Amusement

WELP!!! I guess I like anime now


No one’s talking about Dark Pit? ?

ricky ricardo

I want a smash anime


is this fanmade?