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6 850 views | 19 Jan. 2021




Well guys I hope you liked this video let me know what you think about CREX in the comment section below. Is this the best stock to buy now ? Is this one of the best penny stocks of 2021 ? This penny stock could experience a 1000% gain during the next few years or for January .

Is CREX one of the best HIDDEN GEM penny stocks in the stock market ?

Creative Realities has a diverse mix of seasoned leadership with vast experience in strategic planning, digital design, CMS and custom software platform development, Operations and Field services. Entrepreneurial in spirit and consultative by nature, we have the intelligence and discipline to collaborate with clients, partners, and vendors in a way that removes the noise and worry from the process. We are 100% committed to putting the client first. Bar none.

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Legal: I am not a financial advisor nor is Torrito the dog. This is my opinion and I am not liable for any stock market blunders/ losses. Any stocks shown in this video are not "investment recommendations". Please invest your money with care ! This is an educational channel that provides stock opinions and as well as advice. Keep Trading on !


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Randle Parks

Nano dimensions is going to $15+ this month. $50-100end of year

Scrappy ChildHood

I bought 101 shares ofCTRM ticker symbol

radhika adhikari

I love your voice.

jeramy mendoza

Can you do TYME?

Your videos are so helpful!

Joe Farrell

Are you familiar or know much about GHSI?

Syahmul Aziz

It is struggling to breakthrough its monthly resistance at the moment. I'd be interested to buy if it breaks through and close above the 1.6 level and then make a pull-back and retest that level.

Mike Burrow

Nano dimensions to the moon. Such a strong stock could 10x this year

Sai Hram

Please could you tell us DSS stock

Gowtham Mudunuri

Great! video. Any thoughts on STCN?

Michael Y

Can i ask your opinion about SPPI? They are about to receive FDA approval soon.


Can you try CTRM? Probably one of the cheapest stocks on RH

jordan smith

"OTRK" is has a great opportunity within these covid days - and - an even bigger opportunity after the virus effects are realized - the visionary CEO understands the value this [Teladoc / Livongo-esque] product/service has in the [costs reducing] overall healthcare space.

Randle Parks

Any thoughts on Senseonics?

Ronny Cluck

Nano dimensions to $100 this year!

sanyam gulati

Hi mate
Please check mbii stock? I think its Very interesting penny stock. Please make a video on this stock if its possible. Thanks

Faded Polo

ubx ubity bio anti aging pill


This stock is trash theres another stock that i think will double this week

Whirlexx Roblox

Hey, have you ever looked into JNCE before? I figured that it would be a good company for a video.

Marvelous Adrian

Haven’t watched yet but great vid ??

gt blader gt

Tboughts on elcr

Ahmed Al Katranji


The Note 2 Self Guy

Can you do a video on AITX? Thank you. #TheNote2SelfGuy

Mike Burrow

Already gapped up big on Nano! Boo ya!

Pablo Caso

Take a look at NDRA. It looks like something ARK Invest would buy down the road. They are working on a NASH ultrasound device with FDA approval coming soon. NASH is a liver disease with over 50 drugs in the pipeline by all major pharma companies. Based on ISR 300% gain for their FDA device approval, this could be a easy setup for similar gains with lots of future potential upside.

Rosalind Segura

I love Torito! Thanks for making these amazing videos!


Bro do a video $busxf i think its a gem ?

Benjamin Mobley

Idk, I’d say Tito the dog is smarter than us. I mean who pays who’s bills without question?

Stock Doctor

Nice video

Pop Squash

Nano dimensions is already exploding. $15 THIS WEEK! Love the updates on it

Don Clady

You and nano dimensions make my finances easy!

etienne poulin



I'm buying GTE and NIO tomorrow anyone else???

Villamor Jose Lorenzo

How about stocks such as IZEA, GSAT, JAGX, or maybe even GEVO although GEVO just reached 10 dollars today. Keep up the good work man!


Crex... i think CLWD is much better in my opinion

Don Cladmier

Lordstown motors video soon?

tol tu

If you watched Tom Cruise movie "Minority Report" back in 2002 that movie gave us great hints about cloud, data collecting, AI, and especially this stock's technology was everywhere in the movie.... back in 2002 and probably script was written in 90's and started filming in 2000 or 2001...Wow!

The Midnight Spectrum Club

Sundial Growers :-)

Infantry Rocks


Gary Walburge

Nice gap up. Thanks for the nano updates!!!

Ajay Singh

Great pic, I will add to my watchlist. Also check out CBDT and see what you think!

The Note 2 Self Guy

Sir, you are good. Thank you. I appreciate your input. #TheNote2SelfGuy

Jason Clark

I see others asking for AVGR
I’ve been in since .47
It broke $2 for a while today
Has a great product Tigereye coming out

Alfred Omega

Full nano dimensions updates?!?

Omar Ashour

What are your thoughts on BUSXF?

Never Time

Hey Leo!!! So happy you made a video about this!!! You made my day/night as I said. I KNEW one of those penny stocks would pique your interest. I bought Drive Shack shares a month or two before you did your video, so I know you have an eye for companies with huge potential! CREX is underrated so I'm glad you're covering it, helping making investors at least aware of it! You rock! Very thorough coverage. Keep at it!

Naveed Iqbal

OBSV..dont miss out on it ..its going into double digits...i will look into CREX.....

Workhorse Stock Boom

Nano dimensions is ganna fly this week! You should give weekly updates!


I already know Rodrrrriguez got the next hot penny stock !

Ronny Cluck

Nano gapped up to $11+ at 4 Am. Going to $12 today

ibrahim mokonzi

Ctrm for risk takers ?


You still confident in CREX? I’ve been adding shares

William MontPIRG

Do TSNP! They are going places! (I know you already did lol)

Trading With CJ

Almost at 10k bro!! Epic gains! Love it ???


Love to see a video on AMLM. Lithium battery stock seem to be booming. Seems like am early mover. Could be the next ABML ?


Bro, $INUV. It won't let you down. Torrido is going to love $INUV. Vanguard has laid down big money on this stock. It is also below .70 right meow. Also, thanks for this stock! I will definitely do my DD on it!

Malachi 4

Can you give advice on Jaguar Health JAGX?

Christian Anderson

What’s your Price Target for CREX? $5 is the only one I’ve found.

tol tu


Nathan Hakes

Take a look at RECON, pretty interesting company with lots of potential I think. I am curious to see what your thoughts after you do some research!! Keep up the great videos.

Gus Reed

Nano to $15+ this month

Shahzaib Ansari

When will you make a video on Novn bro considering its growth now and your price target on it and its future prospects


crazy how slept on this channel is, always appreciate the insight and information on stocks I would struggle finding myself

Miguel Disla

please let me know about zomedica
Thank you

Amir Kazemi

hair is a little more under control today

Gavi Freilich

Man im gonna help grow your channel leting my friends know about you . I really appreciate these videos you already made me $400 from BNGO thanks man


This mans called ZOM and TRXC and both practically doubled the next day he mentioned them ?

Soufyen Aoues

Great content man, can u make a video for TRXC

Pykc Edits

amazing video keep it up

Marko Egwaurdo

Yes more updates on nano dimensions!!!


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9 942 views | 9 Jan. 2021

In this video we discuss

In this video we discuss the top 3 PENNY STOCKS To BUY NOW That Will Make You Rich. top 3 PENNY STOCKS To BUY NOW massive upside. penny stocks to buy now, best penny stock to buy, top penny stocks for january 2021 robinhood penny stocks. Stocks to buy now, best stocks to buy now with MASSIVE Upside

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Add Me:

Instagram: practicalinvestingyt

Legal Disclaimer:

I am NOT a financial Advisor. This video is for entertainment and education purposes.

Contact a financial professional in your area for professional advice.

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Al T

Hi, check out ALYI. Cheapest stock on EV sector ( motorcycle ).something different.

Kaki Chum

I bought asrt at 0.68 should I keep holding? What is your target price on that?

Davide Santilli


Titans are the Goats

How long do you think it will take acst to reach $1?

Chris Davis

Buy ABML. Huge upside. Electric battery recycling!

Jay Q

Check zom out the have alot of potential


I'm new to this so thanks for the info.. I have this on my watch list but don't k ow what to do lol

Angela simmons Michelle

The rich see economic crisis as a garage sale that’s why investing in bitcoin now will be the best decision


Check out CLWD and GAXY.
My 2 favourite picks ?

Practical Investing

All 3 ? picks are available on Webull! My link gives you 4 FREE Stocks valued up to $3,700!!! ($100 minimum deposit) https://act.webull.com/kol-us/share.html?hl=en&inviteCode=I9OmCw93QbKB

Sara Aguilera

When it comes to making money, nothing pays off more than taking a bold step of investing which includes buying and selling stocks and you are a step closer to becoming your own boss


Can you please look at CLWD

Md Hossain

Thanks for good info and I will buy all 3 on Monday ?

Babe Forlife0t5906



Informative indeed. Having engaged in the tráde markét and made much profíts, I greatly believe in bitcoín lnvestment, mostly as the markét is currently soaring. With proper direction by a professionaI tráder and a working strategy/daily siqnals. For me it's been extremely successful because I’m always guided by a professionaI tráder named Hayford Kurt whose strategy/daily siqnals has proven to be so accurate and well analysed. Trádinq and growing my port folío from 0.9btc to 5.8btc within 6weeks is so astonishing. Tráde people! It's truly easy and requires less of your time. You can get to Hayford via whásapp: ⨥447862067036 and Teleqram @hayford_ksignals for programs on profítable systems. ?

Hodayfa Hneihen

Very interesting

Michael Feuerbach

My two penny stocks are TSNP and RDGL....Huge upside with both of them!!


TRXC has a lot of potential IMO look into it

expert sarah

So much prospective on penny stocks. The key to investing is not assessing how much an industry is going to affect society, or how much it will grow but rather determining the competitive advantage of any given company of that advantage

Serena Jaiden

I'm single ?????

Humble beauty

Your the best at penny stocks thank u

Alien Wealthy

Bitcoin is the feature investing in it now is the wesest thing to do now especially the current rise

br a

ZOM is 80% now

Naveed Iqbal

TRXC....going up yesterday b4 market was closed. Plz check it. ...another hot penng stuck.. thanks for ur hard work

Jermaine Dunbar

GHSI is about to skyrocket to $3-4.

Desire Jason

To succeed in trading options, you must learn to manage your risk exposure intelligently.

Khalid Tabassum

I was scared at first dealing with COINEARNERS•FUND, but they kept to their words and got me 3.5btc after I deposited the little nedeed to generate more,

Sonny Masicampo

Thanks for the valuable info.

Unorthodox Savings

Seems like OEG has had its time but the sectors hot at the moment I’ll add it to the watchlist

Tyler Pratt

Stocks are good but , this is still a good time to invest in Crypto and Gold

Himanshu home

TRXC ????

Herriepen Tarko


Megan Theo

I just got into bitcoin trading 9 days ago and I just received my first profit, wish I knew about this earlier

Smith Edward

Bitcoin trading right now will be at every wise individual's list,in 3years you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

Eric Andrei

ACST to the moon ?

Himanshu home

CLWD ?????

Joy Martin

Stocks are good but crypto is the only way to make money online ? ? ?


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Is Senseonics (SENS) Penny Stock Still A Buy?

1 540 views | 26 Jan. 2021

In this video we’ll be

In this video we’ll be discussing if Senseonics (SENS) penny stock is still a buy at this current price of $3. I’ll also be discussing some potential catalyst taking SENS Penny Stock to $5 next. And at the end I’ll be giving you a new $1 penny stock I recently got invested into that has the potential to run up to $3 then $5. MUST WATCH!

Remember also, these penny stocks are very risky so be very cautious when investing into them.

For business enquires please email:

[email protected]

Insta - Cceugene1

Our other videos

Ocugen (OCGN) Stock - Still a buy? FULL ANALYSIS


Transentrix (TRXC) & SGBX - Stock Analysis + Price Target


Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisors. Please do your own due diligence before using your money to make any investment.

#SENS #SENSStock #SENSStockanalysis #Pennystocks #Pennystocm #SENSBUY #ISSENSABUY #SENSNEWS #Senseonicsstock #TRXCStock #BNGOStock #BestPennystock #CCIV #CCIVStock #TopPennystock #Senseonicstock #Senseonicsstock #SENSPennystock #Toppennystock #BuySensstock #IsSENSabuy



Jimmy N3utron

1000 shares ( GSAT ) at 1.06

Jakub P

Bought at $2.65 I think it’s a good investment

Georgina Eugene


Logically Offensive

It will still be a buy at $25. This thing is going to $150

Joshua Sham

More #sens senseonics videos!!! ???

Ricky Mckeown

Another banger

Amit V

100 % - it’s a good quality stock guys, on Dec 31 , I will open champagne ? for SENS

Bilal Mohammad

I am planning to sell some sharzs from ZOM to get into SENS CLII GSAT or ADMS , too many pennystockd are x2 x3 and i am holding the bag , this is why i want to get in.
Which one of theses 4 would you suggest me today ?

Mark L

SENS to the Moon!!

Remy Martinez Hvila Corral

Feels like alot has changed this week. We’re getting sudden sells out of nowhere in the whole stockmarket, and senseonics and transenterix seem to move at almost the same pattern. I’m waiting for the dip to go a little further before buying again. Sold when the market opened and, put into Atossa "ATOS" wich is a bio company you should consider looking into. They have a nice market cap and are at $3.50 atm.
A serious company. They look very promissing. Continues to go up, without these 100% jumps and corrections
T2 Biosystems also look very promising

Raj Chudasama

Good videos bro but you should tell us the day you make the investment, not the week after, after it has gone up lol

Bilal Mohammad

Should i wait SENS dip ? Or buy now

Charles Philip

Stocks are crashing bitcoin investment right now will be at every wise individual's list. In two to three years you'll be be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

Million Mile Investor

10k challenge + FREE Discord coming soon...??


10k challenge. Let's goooooooooooooo


Nice video. Thanks for keeping us informed


What's ur thoughts on on KWBT? Penny bio stock seems to be an early mover ?

Jim g

Your nuts

cristian yamaha

hey men! atossa!!!!

Rayan Jowharchi

How long should I hold it for