The elio

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a look better look at the elio

1 625 views | 1 Nov. 2014

a look around at the elio

a look around at the elio 84 mpg 6,800 brand new

The elio

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310 views | 5 Apr. 2016



The elio

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Let's Talk Elio: Follow the Elio Money Trail

6 898 views | 27 Feb. 2017

We talk about Elio's money

We talk about Elio's money trail from KTBS Louisiana.


Thank you Joe. Hope you feel better!


This doesn't seem that hard. They should be able to find an automaker out there that will just build it and sell it giving the automaker a chunk of it. The way they are going about getting this car built seem like it will never happen.

John Colella

follow the money SCAM car will never be built here in the USA


292 remaining on the countdown.

No Future 68

sounds like a scamola.


I am really thinking that they just changed to updating their numbers once a week, and recently changed it to mid-Monday is when they update their numbers.  I am hoping that as development gets closer a lot of people will feel better about it.  I hope they post some videos of the crash testing and engine testing.  that would make me feel better anyways.  keep hunting the information, you are my primary source of information for the Elio so I hope you get better soon and thanks for your work and research

Tim Dexter

I haven't even got my t shirt in all theses years,what makes me think I'm going to get my car,money lost just like a Nigerian 419 scam


Question about building the body panels on the E1c which made its first appearance at the LA auto show.
I used to teach engineering and made field trips with my students to a firm that made and set up the large dies used to stamp out parts. It was an expensive operation just to make the progressive dies. After that a manufacturer had to buy or lease the big presses. Lots of money there too. Here's my question. I understand that the first 5 prototypes and the E1c were hand built, and this includes even the extra body panels on display at the LA show. If this is correct, then Elio is no where near production, even by 2018. The dies have to be designed,, built, set into presses, and used to make some parts to make sure they are what the customer wants. After that Elio workers (have to be hired first) would be trained to operate the presses (for at least a week) at the engineering firm. Then the dies would be shipped to Elio's plant and set up in Elio's presses. Again, Elio workers would have to be trained (for at least a week) at the Elio plant. Meanwhile, steel would have to be ordered and received at the Elio plant. That's a big time table and a whole lot of money.
Sure a lot of the little parts can be "farmed out", preferably to American suppliers, but the big body panels are going to be the major hurdle. After that some welding jigs, and maybe robotic welders. More big $$$
Bottom line, I have only best wishes for Elio Motors, but without some BIG money it's only a dream.


Good work Joe, I enjoyed your latest,seeing as news on Elio motors happens slow its must be tuff to find a new topic each week. all the wheeling and dealing looks complex to most of us car fans who just want to drive. we shouldn't forget the other big car companies would like nothing better than to crush
a startup like Elio. I think the 65,000 potential sales should prevent that . on the fun side look on YouTube at Europe's Microcar,
its so cool . One video shows them having a road trip by the Micro car enthusiasts. Our future too for the Elio . Give'em time to build our little dream car.
Rich LA Calif.


Did we hear that right? KTBS said money to line Paul Elios POCKETS? Sounding more and more like a big Scam.. $123M ?

MarvinL Thomas

Joe, thanks for all you do. Do you know anything about the manual transmission? One site I found made it sound like the manual transmission is somewhat sophisticated. If it's not a "regular" 5-speed like I've grown up with, I'll probably spend the extra and get the auto.


So do they have to get to 65,000 reservations before they declare bankruptcy? Oh well, at least Paul Elio and his friends made a few million of this scam... I mean venture.

Noncoincidence Synchronicities

It's difficult to come up with what each prototype costs without knowing what they paid for each design, how many man-hours for engineering, management, technicians, cost of facilities, tools/equipment, marketing, interest on loans, etc. etc. Prototypes also must go through much more testing and evaluation, until the bugs/kinks are worked out, and the vehicle passes parameters required based on design, laws, etc. What I can say with certainty is that making anything mostly manually in small numbers costs many times more than mass production. Numerous reasons why mass production costs so much less include: economies of scale, gained efficiencies via automation, lower cost for parts/components (I.e bulk buying), trained labor and knowledge base after production reaches certain level of maturity, etc. There are also higher expenses in production (facilities/equipment required, larger labor force, more marketing, etc), however the bottom line cost per vehicle is dramatically lower when manufactured in large numbers until you reach a plateau (law of diminishing returns), as well as market saturation. If Elio goes into production, reaching that peak would be WAAY out there for Elio Motors.


So Elio is 120 Million in debt & they only have $120,000 dollars in the bank. So what money are they using to build the "E" series vehicles? Does anybody what Elio is doing NOW with only $120,000 in the bank? Are they just in a holding pattern right now until they get more dough?

Andrew Cornell

Old news and perfectly legal. Nothing to see here. Local Shreveport news wanting to make something out of nothing to get people watching.


Apparently the CEO just can't make the deadlines he sets. It's a simple car... doesn't make sense why R&D is taking so long. by the time they get their car on the market either the customers will have stopped caring or someone else will have already stolen the idea. My bet is the latter.




Will Elio ever have ENOUGH money to build the car? How much is enough & what have they been doing with the MILLIONS of dollars they have already received? They have made a handful of prototypes which shouldn't cost as much as they have raked in.

Len k

Man if I won the lottery I would just donate it all to them. Get these cars out!


Thanks Joe for exposing Elio and his BS!


I hope Elio finds a partner to assist in success ; I cannot believe some wealthy Americans will sit on their behinds and let Elio fail when this could be such a great shot for the free market. Trying to put Americans to work producing an American product is hardly fraud; Elio is a modern American hero even if Elio Motors fails. I hope there are potential investors out there that comprehend Elios next auto might be an electric car for the masses! C,mon! Invest in heros!

Jamie Cutrer

thanks for your videos
good or bad thanks for the easy to find updates .
please keep it up.

Chris Carroll

The slingshot was designed and built FOR 40million and took 2 years to put to market


I have an '03 civic with a 60 amp alternator... and I have aftermarket electrical items...


I would like to see GM make a 4 Wheeled version, 1+1 orientation. 3 wheels isn't very safe, and they could make a sweet performance variant.

Half Star Films

It seems like he is making bad deals at the reservation holders and shareholders expense. He lied to everyone. Before he said all he needed was the factory and they could sell off the extra equipment for funds.


Designing and refining a handful of prototypes isn't the big cost. Going into factory production with the aim of producing 100,000+ vehicles a year is. ELIO is not attempting to start small. They're going all in. Big money = big debt = big risk. But companies live on credit. A startup mortgaged to the hilt isn't alarming. Their shareholders and venture partners are bearing most of that risk not the 65,000 who paid to be first in the order book. I hope ELIO succeeds. I will buy one if they do but I expect the price to be in the neighborhood of $10K by then.


Elio was a little late getting the number out. On Monday the remaining reservations to get the "locked in" price is 292.

Joseph Jagatic

Shark Tank?