Jenny fielding techstars

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Founder Rising Live Podcast Recording: Christie Horvath, founder of Wagmo

77 views | 23 Sep. 2020

Founder Rising is a new

Founder Rising is a new podcast hosted by Jenny Fielding, Managing Director of Techstars NYC. Join us for this live episode recording with Christie Horvath, founder and CEO of Wagmo. Wagmo is a Pet Insurance and Wellness company that helps you take care of your pets and alumni of Techstars NYC 2019.

About Founder Rising

Running a startup is full of challenges, yet the perception is that it's more glamour than grit. This series will take an inside look at the trials and tribulations of founding and running a high growth company.

Each episode features a discussion with a founder where we explore key challenges around running their startup. In every founder’s story there are a few pivotal moments, make or break events where things could come together or go off the rails. Navigating those challenges is part of the journey and the podcast will dive into those moments, resolutions and outcomes.

Subscribe to Founder Rising here: https://shows.acast.com/founder-rising

Jenny fielding techstars

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IE044 – Combining Startup and Corporate with Jenny Fielding of Techstars

42 views | 14 Mar. 2017

For full episode, show

For full episode, show notes, links and resources, please visit: http://innovationecosystem.com/044-combining-startup-corporate-jenny-fielding-techstars/

In this episode we are joined by Jenny Fielding Managing Director at Techstars a global venture capital fund for innovative tech startups. Jenny has extensive experience in both the startup and corporate worlds and a strong passion for “marrying startups with corporates” to create innovation and cultural shifts.

In this episode we cover:

Jenny’s extraordinary success scaling and exiting her first startup Switch-Mobile in three years

How she moved a legacy organisation like BBC into the new digital era and founded BBC Labs, the UK’s first corporate incubator.

Why infusing corporate and startup culture is so powerful and how she continues to do it at Techstars with her IT dream team including the likes of GE, Bosch, Verizon, SAP and PWC.

What we learned:

Why listening to those from all levels of the organisation is so important in effectively innovating.The virtue of listening is also explored by previous guests Robert Cialdini and Kevin Kelly.

How potent and powerful the idea of bringing people together from different worlds can be and how it can be done effectively. A point also recognisable in our Innovation Leadership Circle which brings together leaders from different industries to address issues they are facing together.

How the startup scene has been hugely idealised and why it’s important to talk openly about the struggles founders face and how it differs from the corporate world.

Jenny fielding techstars

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SnapMunk SXSW Interview Jenny Fielding of Techstars

374 views | 23 Mar. 2016

Managing Director of

Managing Director of Techstars Jenny Fielding joins SnapMunk at SXSW Interactive 2016 to tell us about the challenges of startups and how to solve them. Discussing Techstars, Jenny tells us about some of the new global programs being developed. We also spent some time getting to know who Jenny is beyond the tech startup world.

Website: www.SnapMunk.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/SnapMunk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/snapmunksite

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/snapmunk

Instagram: @SnapMunk

Be sure to check out www.SnapMunk.com & subscribe to our channel for all your Tech Startup News!

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