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Technically Speaking: Trading the Trend | Weekly Charts | 5-16-19

647 views | 16 May. 2019

Whether you’re a

Whether you’re a short-term trader or a long-term investor, it’s important to see the bigger picture. Many investors don’t realize candlesticks, price patterns, and support and resistance also apply to weekly charts. In this episode, Ben Watson will introduce ways to identify potential bounce patterns, potential breakouts, and how to determine potential price targets using daily and weekly charts.

Options are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to potentially rapid and substantial losses. Options trading subject to TD Ameritrade review and approval. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options http://www.optionsclearing.com/about/publications/character-risks.jsp before investing in options.

To see webcast schedule as of April 6th - https://education.ameritrade.com/content/PDF/webcast_schedule_040618.pdf

Trend charts

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Business English: How to Describe Graphs and Trends in English

367 848 views | 6 May. 2012

Simmonds online English

Simmonds online English lessons presents an English class all about describing trends and graphs in English. Edward Wood analyses various graphs descriptions in terms of verb and adverb collocations, adjective and noun collocations, prepositions, and numbers. Students will learn verbs like 'to increase' and 'to decrease', adverbs like 'gradually' and 'sharply', and how the prepositions 'from', 'to', 'by', 'at' and 'of' are used correctly.

How about testing your knowledge and comprehension all about graphs? Did you understand the video?

Use our free English test:


For further information please visit:


Rahul Adhikari

Thankyuh somuch... Now i can describe a graph n can score good band score in ielts..
This will really gonna help me out..

King Rauschi

i think you are german


Great stuff. Do you always speak this way?


Simply great and well produced, very clear pronunciation, perfect!

Poetry - Reads and Writes

The many ups and downs, peaks and troughs of Schein Limited makes for a fascinating lesson. There seems to be a hint of dry humour being resolutely contained throughout the video. This makes it far less dull than many other business related videos. Always useful in my presentation classes. Video appreciated.


its very helpfull. thanks sir

Nadine Z

thank you very much for this helpfully and well understanding description.


Potente el vidio

Тетяна Дворянова

Good job!!


OK, but the sing-song verbal presentation is distracting as hell!

im Afqzz

thanks for the explanation


Excellent stuff. I loved the fluctuations in your accent. Makes it all the more interesting.

Ganesh B

are you Guy's from which planet...

shristi khadka


KiHak Lih

이거 진퉁배기네

Isaak Bleijenberg


Tony Thomas

Great!!! Its Very helpful.. Thank You..

Tanja B

This is actually very helpful. Thanks!

Nitesh Bagri

Next month I will write PTE exam. Please suggest me videos or strategies that I can apply during the exam to get good marks


You are awsome.. Thanks really ?

Ahmet Topacoglu


Oscar Martínez

Thank you very much for this really useful video. Warm regards.

David Wenzel

thank you very much :) hast mir sehr geholfen !!

Syed Zeeshan Safdar

A very precise and accurate information packed in this video ... Thanks for sharing :-)

moulali d

Thanks so much....this helped me immensely...very impressed. Great job, keep going.

Christoph H

Sehr gut und komprimiert aufbereitet

Jin Chen

very impressive. I like it. it makes my business presentation not a nightmare any more.

chinma Vivek

itz very usefull and informative. thank you so much

María Angélica

Excellent explanation :-)

Philip Korinek

There should be more teacher like this very motivation and damn well explained

Enes Arslan

TOP!!! very good

Lena Fischer

great job!


i feel quite offended by the way u talk :p

asavela somaxaka

Great Video. But the way you speak is funny....its like u one of those Politicians from South Africa..LOL

Shamin Shahid

Best description ever.

Sommerfeld Francis

Thank you very much for your sharing with video, and it benefits greatly to me.

Dries Vanlommel

What the fuck is that intonation, I had to stop the video due to your uppermost annoying intonation. Like, is it intentional or what are you even doing? No way you speak like that in ordinary life.

Harkiran Kaur



I don't mean to be mean but why you sound like a robot ?

Ruben Ayvazyan

Wow Bro! So glad that I've just watched your vid! Great work and huge thanks from Germany!

Alfonso Lopez del Hierro

thanks! My business english students loved it!

Celia Curillan H

Great video, thank you! I'm preparing myself for a presentation so your video is perfect in this moment :)

ali yusuf

Thanks a lot

Jun Weng

very helpful

Roberto Persico

Very useful, greetings from Italy!!

Denise C

Very helpful! thanks a lot!!

Maitre Allou

really helpful video and the pronunciation also aids for non native english speakers

Bill Chan

I wish I can like many many times. So useful!


Thank you sooo much!! This really helped me! ??

Ted Francis Asuncion

all the phrases I needed are here. seems like! love the vid. this is my second time watching it.

Mohd Faris Helmi Bin Mohamed Zin

thank you sir ?


Excellent. Video. Thanks.

Itzel Irais

I really like you video!!!

Reza Amirtouri


nishanthi somatilake

Thanks a lot....!!!!!

Jen Hernandez-Dela Cruz

This is very helpful. I hope you have a similar lecture about describing images. Thank you very much for sharing!

Mijuna Mystery

This video was really helpful, thank you for that, but I really cannot listen to this way of speaking for too long. Somehow the sentences always sound the same, especially when your voice goes up after every one or every part of the sentence. But this is personal I think, anyway, great explaining and very easy to understand.

Saab Gill

Thanku very much for give me suggestions

Sandra Passos



thanks sir for this video. Can you help us different graph like Maps of country/continent., life cycle, etc. Thanks again.

Martin Tusch

thank you so much! the video implies everything, what I need for my exam.

Eunice Siu

this is by far the most useful 7 mins i have spent. very good stuff! thx


schein sounds jewish

Hasan Basri Imik

sehr gutes video gefällt mir sehr

Paul Perry

Great explanation, very clear and perfect for business English language learners.

ikhwan shah

Very clear good job

فيزيائي فضولي

very helpful, keep going ?


Great Video, easy to listen to, straight to the point. Like!

Sultan Reza

thank u....

Carina Szpunar

This video helped me a lot... Thank you =D
Greetings from Brazil!!!

Jen Hernandez-Dela Cruz

i love this!

Hajar Jo

Thank you ???????

Kim Mawar

Thank you so much for your amazing lecture!! Appreciate it!

Lewend Lewend

many thanks to u!


please up date a new video again...realy good

Daniel Veloso

It's a such nice explanation. Thx and Congratz

Eury Peña Rodríguez

Very good explanations,and i really like your accent ,thanks.

Ted Francis Asuncion

Great vid!

Murali Mohan

Was simple and really help full. Thank You

Imtyz R

Brilliant. You do great job???

Deepak Gupta

Sir, every time I write a manuscript. I watch your video. Thanks a ton.

Lorewalker Li


Farah Hassan

Thank you ♥

Sudharsan Sundararajan

This video was clean and with crystal clear speech, makes it easier to understand...!!!!

k abcdef

Excellent video I will share with my ESL Students in Oman! Thank you

Ben Peterson

Audio is wayyyy too tinny. Invest in a lapel mic. Makes your videos 100% better.

Ricky mehra

very tough

Zul Zainal

Hahaha thnks a lot man. Very clear explanation.

Maxime Masson

ce fût un moment fort agréable, merci.

Sri Vani

awesome video.Your suggestions are valuable.Thanks you so much.I am able to get the strategy to describe an image.

Marshal Dias

Great share

a u s t y

pretty crazy but i didnt ask

Matěj Brandejs

Thank you very much for the video :)

franky gee

absolutely helpful..we just had the same topic in busines english yesterday

Ricca Shaps

very good

Mercy Omo Oluwa

Good explanation

Patel Yash

i like

Shivam Sahota

Very help full video can u plz help on how to describe follow charts and maps!


I like the video, but I find funny the way you speak... :D Thanks for the video

Trend charts

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Trend Trading 8 Hour Forex Charts

9 215 views | 13 May. 2016

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nilbert pacheco

Please tell me how to put that vertical time frame in forex chart.


hey do you still trade using naked Forex ?

Gustavo Nieto

Hello Walter, is the forum still open? I'd would like to login or be part of it. Best Regards!!!

J.M Machage

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Dossou Sem

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Carl Hsieh

Can't sign up for the forum. That link doesn't work.

Olivier St-Pierre Beluse

Great content!

Emma Walker

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