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Ep 2: How to Setup List View in Agent Workspace ServiceNow Orlando

991 views | 29 Mar. 2020

This video will show how

This video will show how you set up Lists in Agent Workspace as an admin and Service Desk User.

Please see Episode 1 to understand how can we set up Agent Workspace to receive chat from Virtual Agent.


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Sagar Cn

Where the system admin will use the chat option to send a message ..now aget where it is

Phanikumar Pediredla

Hello Hardik I'm on Paris version. I can't see workspace categories.

Sagar G

I couldn't see the configure workspace under the user profile. I am using New York Release PDI.

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Android Studio Tutorial - 63 - Working with Expandable List View

60 110 views | 20 Jun. 2015

How to add an expandable

How to add an expandable list view into your android Studio project.

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Is this extensible to nested expandableListViews?

Jay Vikram

How can I populate it from the data I am getting in text view, instead of a fix list?

The new Soft Roid

well done

safal bhatia

R.layout,R.id show errors please help sir how to resolve it

Manju Priya

Excellent Explanation with good example.... Very thanks

Karan Jatav

You should have taught how to animate as well..

Salha Naser

how can I get item inside exanpdablelist

Alvaro Henrique

Thanks for the great tutorial ! Please, make more!

Cesar Ochoa Michel

Bluetooth turorial please!! D: I watched your tutorial of bluetooth with textlist but You develop in eclipse and I develop in android studio and It work's good but when i got the paired list i need to connect it so please make those tutorial "how to conect bluetooth with textlist"

Mosharaf hossen

How can i add search option?

Rushi Desai

Nailed it!

Simone Biliato

Hello. How do I start with the first item always open?

Vikas Kachwaya

hello sir, in my expandable list view my child data is repeating in all header. what can i do?
i am retrieving data from JSON.
please help.




Thank you for tutorial!!! It really help me!

Diana Pinto

thank you! it helped me a lot and understand

Nurasyikin Hashim

Its worked for me! thank you sir. Can you do a tutorial of expandable list view with intent activity, please....

Samuel Ribeiro

Please help me!! Where should I set the listView this code? My application works normally, I get the data from adapter, but the listView only flashes on the screen and returns to the previous Activity, not showing the data! What should I do?




Good video (subscribed).
How would one add a gridview, like the one here: https://goo.gl/T9GHnJ as the child item instead of a list of items?

Wilayat Yamani Ansari

Excellent explanation. Thank you.

mysterious billionaire

i want to further improvise this so that i can add child items by long pressing parent item and also add price to each child items on the right side, is it possible?

Mikheil Zhghenti

What does it mean? -----> for (String title:headind_items)


how can i make an independent radio group for each parent that contains radio button childs

Bavya Acharya

i am getting error in java file, near l1. could you pls suggest me what could be the problem.

Dipankar Bhattacharya

how to add parent without child in between ?

Joe Lowthian

Is there a way to have an expandable list view that creates a new list and list contents every time I add data to a table using SQLiteDatabase?


Thank you! These videos are a big help for me.

Deepti Pednekar

Thank you ! For this tutorial ,But if i want multiple selection of child items and display those selected items in next activity then how to implement that?

Olek Nowakowski

Awesome tutorial, thanks a lot

Nikhil G

thanks so much/. sir i need ur help. i want to store the data when user entry in second Activity and data will be display in first Activity with Expandable . and data save in local

Nigel Pallatt

An extraordinary journey into the Expandable ListView, possibly the most complex tutorial that I have ever experienced and one of the best explained too. A truly great tutorial. but be very patient.

Leche Quemada

Thank you dude, nice video


can we add image with expandable textview by putting them both in separate layouts ?


List<String> headings = Arrays.asList(heading_items);     ------ is much simpler than making loops. Nice tutorial tho.

Luis Alberto Carvajal Galbán

how can I populate an ExpandableListView from a csv file?

MJ Des

how can I display child elements from database "sqlite"

Kimkima Sailung

good tutorial .please can you tell how do add a search item in the expandable list view ..i try many way i cnnot do it please can you upload how to add search item in expandable list view


is there a way to animate it so it slides? instead of just appears

Flame Princess

Are expandable list view meant to have multiple parents only? I only want a single string as parent, and I only need 1 list that should be expandable... But it seems every tutorial works with multiple parents...

Karthick Yuvan

plz upload a how to display a data's in SQLite manager(Add on Firefox) in listview with one detailed description plz


Thanks Sir, but i need more help.
I wants to add SubChildItem so is it possible using ExpandableListView and how?

sumeet maan

Excellent example.
I am trying to implement expandablelistview in one of the fragmentsof navigation drawer.How do i do that?Can you please help me

Sridharan Natarajan

I want to know how to make support all screen android device app through android studio.... Can you help me...

Mohammad Zakriya

Hello sir can u help me out with this Expandable list view making the each child to call a new activity by clicking on them. Can u help me out with this either with the code or with any related links . Thanks in advance

chethan kumar v

when i click on any movie name it should open another activity. How can i do that.

Raddaoui MohamedRaid

are the childs cliquable ?an action can be implemented by clicking for example on the movie the dark night

rayhan ahmed

many many thanks.

Mahidhar Guggilam

Hi Thank you for this video and it is working fine.But can you please explain how to add search for the expandable listview for the same listview you explained


Hi I follow you instruction but I cannot run the app
It said Error at
But didn't show the way to solve
I checked syntax over again and couldn't anything wrong ...Please help~

issam alhindi

I wont to edit on your project
I wont to add button and in textview each child and when i click on the button mast be change the text in textview in the child


Prabeesh I just want to say thnx for all your help so far. Your videos have been most appreciated! I wish to have the same knowledge of android studio as you do someday :)


rose rose

why when i make this the list go randomly ? not in sequence ? i want to make it


but the list become



Thank you Sir for this great tutorial.

Jean-Paul Bella

Thank you very very much. You're really clear in your explanations. Great tutorial !


what is the R mean ?
like R.id.child.....

where you defined this obj ?
every R pointded like sn eror on my project 
plz help

Net Ediction

But, how to add expansion effect slowly,
can any body tell.

Stephen Davies

This was an excellent tutorial. Many thanks! I shall be subscribing!

Srinivasan Sampath

Sir i need ur email id? Thanks

unyck shakya

How do i add multiple textview columns in the expandablelistview?? For example:
asd qwe
zxc ghj
rty poi

something like this....
If anybody can help me ... plz comment!!

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Change a list view in Odoo

26 270 views | 6 Jan. 2015

Odoo allows non technical

Odoo allows non technical users to make small changes to the view, to fit their requirements without having to write one line of code. This short video shows you how it works.

Good Luck!

Sehrish Naz

I have just written same article on my blog. I would like you to read this post and get me the quality level of this post. I think you are the right person who can get me the right feedback.

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Yabet Kevin

Hello The web site does not function !!!!

ALfie QAshwa Habib

could you change the voice? her voice is like my grandmother's

Om Prakash Maurya

Hello team
I am new in Odoo i want to learn about odoo please guide me

Entertainment by Hassan

Override odoo functions CRUD : http://learnopenerp.blogspot.com/2017/11/how-to-override-odoo-functions.html


Contactez Nous :00 212 707 420 430


please share any video in which odoo source code conver into setup.exe file Thanks...

Mohamed Zantour

Thank you for the video, but how to add a sortable field? thank you