Sovereigns coin

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5 Reasons to Buy Gold Sovereigns

9 737 views | 8 Mar. 2019

Daniel Fisher of Physical

Daniel Fisher of Physical Gold discusses the top five reasons to buy gold sovereigns

Daniel Fisher, CEO and founder of Physical Gold talks about the five most compelling reasons to add gold sovereigns to your portfolio. Owning smaller denomination coins can provide huge flexibility when selling and the quarter ounce sovereign, is a lot cheaper than one ounce gold coins. Greater affordability incentivises investors to invest in the monthly saver plan. An integral part of British coinage since 1489, the sovereign has a great secondary market. Combined with its affordability and its reputation across the world, it is the most liquid of all coins. Variety among the different issues of sovereigns is discussed. Tax efficiency of the sovereign in the UK also makes it a great investment. To view the thousands of sovereigns stocked by Physical Gold, visit Physical Gold.


You mean just UNDER a quarter of an ounce, right?


Do u sell sovereign ring mounts

Gold Digger Dave

Sovereigns are a quality investment. If you can pick up historic sovereigns at around bullion prices you can not go wrong in the long term. Never spend more than you can afford to hold for the long term, no point buying one month then having to cash back in the next to raise funds to fix the boiler. Most people could afford a sovereign a month especially if they ditched the £4 cup of coffee and the odd takeaway........ you would be richer and fitter!


Do you ship to Denmark ?

frankos rooni

really research the proof sovereign scarcity unless you just want to buy bullion ones
1989, 2002, 2005,2012 and 2017 are all stand out coins --but only in proofs

Daniel Fisher

You’re absolutely right if you look at pure gold content with the Sovereign containing 0.2354 oz- or just under a quarter. Because a Sovereign is 22 carats, it’s actual weight is just over a quarter of an ounce. Either way, it offers more divisibility than the typical 1oz coins. Thanks for the comment!


No website link in the description! Think you guys need Tube Buddy

Physical Gold Ltd

We only sell the coins I’m afraid

Physical Gold Ltd

You’re absolutely right Dave

Sovereigns coin

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The Sovereign 2020 Bullion Coin Range

3 660 views | 14 Feb. 2020

Benedetto Pistrucci's

Benedetto Pistrucci's iconic Sovereign bullion coin is available in three editions for 2020. Invest in the 'chief coin of the world'.

HT Moto

I am going to Buy one Minted in India !

Bill Holloway

Love the sovereign. Always want one but can’t afford it for my collection


I love Sovereigns but there was nothing in that video really about the 2020 bullion range


As always a nice coin to look at ?

Julio Fachetti

Great, Ireland severed and a little 6 county stump floating in the sea termed "Britain" WTF

Gold Digger Dave

Can’t go wrong with sovereigns!


proof sovereign is my choice ??

Aidan young 2004

0:56 ok ireland doesent exist then

Christopher David d' Van-Hilton

I have managed to get my hands on a New Half Sovereign, which is Absolutely Beautifully made and will be the Centre Piece of my small collection.

Sovereigns coin

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Gold Britannias or Gold Sovereigns - Which is the Best Investment?

5 669 views | 11 Mar. 2019

A comparative analysis by

A comparative analysis by Physical Gold on Britannias and Sovereigns

Daniel Fisher, founder of our company, Physical Gold compares gold Britannias and sovereigns in this highly informative video. This provides investors with five parameters of comparison when deciding to invest in these coins. Daniel puts forth a solid rationale that indicates sovereigns are a better buy for investors investing between £2,000 - £5,000, due to their variety, divisibility and liquidity. On the other hand, investors with £10,000 or more could look at Britannias due to the lower production cost factor. On the price front, the smaller sovereign coins provide access to the market for modest investors. In terms of tax efficiency and liquidity, both coins scored equally, although Chinese interest in the Britannia is increasing. To know more about buying sovereigns and Britannias, please visit www.physicalgold.com

Inspiration and learning

Found this very interesting, how best can I contact you for more information and answers to my questions? Great video.

Daniel McLaughlin

The Sovereign is the way to go!

Saxon Stacker

Both are worth having.


And what about 1/10 oz coins for small investors?

Physical Gold Ltd

Tenth ounce coins are a consideration for smaller budgets. However, premiums are relatively high so it’s better to go for a half sovereign


Thanks for this. Good comment about the emerging Chinese market, they want their gold pure! The Britannias are 24 ct which is a big advantage over the 22 ct Soverigns which simply don't look at shiny and beautiful. Old school British investors might not care about purity but new money Asian investors do. I'm also a fan of the Britannias for this reason.

Joe TZ

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Terry Oneil P

I would highly recommend this company.And Dan who appears in this video,he has given me excelellent advice on a number of occasions.I look forward to doing busuness in the future.Thank you Dan, and your first class team.You took any possible stress out of my transactions.Wishing you all the best in 2021.

Ashkan Nasrizadeh

Top man