Land of bitcoin

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350 views | 19 Feb. 2015



Land of bitcoin

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PayPal removed from Earth2 settings, now what? How to buy land now.

454 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Now that PayPal is gone

Now that PayPal is gone from deposit options on Earth 2, there are a few more ways to go about getting money into your account.

Earth2.io Code for 5% rebate - 2Q81GG0GUY

Transferwise is recommended for withdrawals. Sign up through my link and get a free transfer up to $600 - https://transferwise.com/invite/i/keving1484

Up to $15 free bitcoin - coinbase.com/join/gillem_s?src=ios-link

Join Robinhood with my link and we'll both get a free stock ? https://join.robinhood.com/keving-2ef3e2c

Masters United Discord- https://discord.gg/ZjV6bWrjn8

Masters United Strongholds:

Grenada - https://app.earth2.io/#propertyInfo/46ecc90d-36c4-421c-b674-d3004450f320

Ilha de Pecixe - https://app.earth2.io/#thegrid/5409e9c2-1b33-4f53-b6be-545be1669f62

Ilha dos Mosquitos - https://app.earth2.io/#thegrid/571e8d49-f880-4486-950c-850cbd088080

Myanmar- https://app.earth2.io/#thegrid/4fc8c4d4-89bb-401c-b8ee-224d9175e484

Facebook Group - Facebook.com/groups/earth2club

Also, if you use my discount code to purchase land, leave your code in the comments and like the video for a chance to win my land giveaway on my next Earth2 video.

Subscribe to my this channel for more Earth2.io specific content. I am not a financial advisor and nothing on this channel constitutes investment advice.

Santiago Maurer M

Hey! I would love to join you're guild. How can I Join? Where can I find that Information?

Phoenix 15

My first noob mistake in E2?
I didn’t think about buying credits so I decided to buy single tiles different places for 10cents.. the problem was tho..I didn’t know my debit card provider charges 1$ fee for transactions?, and I spent twice the amount I was supposed to spend

mario winkler


Phoenix 15

For me the reason I prefer PayPal is cause it’s easier to purchase with it, just email and boom

MS Fishing

5% ?Cashback ? Code:  93TLH4JOD3

Tanuj Arora

Code - 4BY48JZ959


D32RP7SP4R <------ Send me a DM of you using the code and i will use yours!

Nathan hernandez

Hi I love your videos and I been using your Referral Code for a week already it will be nice if you can use mine:)

Lungu Alexandru

I cant buy cause it ask for DYNAMIC PASSWORD... Can anybody tell me what is that ?????

Living Water

e2 doesnt accept my credit card, thats the only concern i have

Rasmus Tagu

Seems like a red flag..


Glad I found you?



S. Tristan Hoverby

love the high quality vids keep them coming. Especially the Dubai situation!


Ayyy use my code for good luck lol ? AU4N0L9Z3J

S. Tristan Hoverby

I personaly dont really like it but the reason is valid so its for the best. I waould really apprieciate it if you use my code :R6SMKHZQCE


If you use my code F80SCZ1TKZ comment yours and ill use it when i buy land!

Iker Garabana

Use my code!!! ill use yours too: VH1CYLKR3Y

ravi kumar

in India most of the credit and debit card do not have default option for any payment outside India. So it becomes an issue .. also foreign transaction have extra charges

Gus Higgins

Country specific credit cards can charge high forex fees. I'm in Australia and have a good credit card specific for traveling/international purchases, so that'd be the way to go.

Official LEF

this is rly annoying to get rid of paypal
since i only use paypal
im 15 so getting all these other things are hard

Jeroen Drent

Great Video!! From my perspective, I live in Holland and when you have a creditcard here you get a BKR Registration. If you want to get a loan to buy a house you allowed to loan less because the credit card or other (Tel Abbo etc) Whe pay a lot more with Ideal. Another thing is that paying and having money on you're PayPal is less visible for the tax authorities.

The United Provinces

This is horrible for Europeans. Debit cards here are still king. I don't have a credit card, nor do any of my friends. Now we simply can't invest

Will Keut

in the uk we have debit cards where they are the best, you can choose how much you have on the card. this is a perfect way to invest and now we just can’t invest. awful.. anyways would like to win some land

Grumpy Top 5

Credit cards not the standard as everybody usein debit cards here, also high fee's

umut naz

you keep it up. amazing content. thank you for updating us everyday

Earth 2 Memers

03:20 Thanks for using screenshot from our post.

Kayleigh Thompson

Good choice with Coke Zero! I have only used PayPal to put money in. Sad to see it leave! Code:NB32GDDBES

:Dorkslayer- XR-3

When I discovered bitcoin it was the solution to send value person to person instantly privately and without a middleman collecting a fee. Bit coin was virtual money that everybody laughed about that had to be pushed by free give aways . Later I was paying 4 bitcoin for a cartons of 200 cigarettes that would arrive in the post tax free. Happy seller happy buyer. The exchanges were raided and shut down so the world controllers, the hands of the few, own the majority now. The problem with PayPal and all centrally controlled systems is you are forced to consent. Forced to be traced tracked controlled and taxed.
Bitcion was a failure due not scaling for mass transactions. Fees cost more than the value sent. But now we have xyz. Privacy, Smart contracts, free to send cryptocurrency technology that needs no middle man. Off block chain transactions with no parasite feeding of your creations and life-force energy. Rip PayPal

Dimitris Valsamidis



42 dollars!!!Thats all the money i managed to find from purchases to buy land in UAE. And i will use the code of Kevin 2Q81GG0GUY because he is the best!!! Now for credit card i afraid to use it,maybe earth2 will rip off my money,i dont trust them. Paypal was ok, safe, 0% fee here in greece,i have been using it for 10 years to buy in ebay, and everywhere with no problem.

S. Tristan Hoverby

oh wait, I didnt get why anyone wasnt putting their codes in the comments but now I do. Youre not buying land with our codes but for us and you probaly just use your 2nd account for the ref. Thanks Chief.

Jeffrey Carrier

Will you show the TransferWise steps

Arian Malone

Thanks for the amazing up to date contents!



seyar Af

BRUHHH im only 12 i just got some money i wanted to buy some land and i saw that i couldnt buy with paypal now i gotta find a way to invest with paypal

Mr Crafter

✅ My Code - ? WCG4RH68NS ? - i will use yours ✅


I used your code i hope anyone use mine?:GV1PI1E4Q4


Hey guys can someone tell me how to get in contact with the person you just sold you land too on earth 2

Epic Jasper

I can't buy any tiles right now, in the netherlands almost no one has a credit card

Electric Pineapple

I used your code! HG34LGGXCQ

Moe Alradaei


mario winkler

Thank so so much for keeping us updated!!! Really helpful and very kind men :)

Ievgen Lavrentiev

Good video man


well just my opinion but the PayPal removal may have something to do with scams i remember a while back on Roblox people were buying pets on eBay using PayPal and then after the pet swap over they go back to PayPal and say they didn't receive the item this is because its a virtual item and then PayPal refunds them so the seller was out of a pet basically a scam its just my opinion im not saying this is why but it could be a reason

Land of bitcoin

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Cory Klippsten | Networking In Bitcoin Land and Beyond

24 views | 3 Feb. 2021

In this episode, I get to

In this episode, I get to share with you conversation with Cory Klippsten.

For those of you who don’t know Cory, he is the founder of SwanBitcoin.com and GiveBitcoin.io. He also serves as an advisor to Unchained Capital and Riot Blockchain and is a partner in Bitcoiner Ventures. As an advisor he has supported more than $250M of fundraising since 2016, and as an angel has invested in more than 20 VC-backed tech companies.

In our conversation I talk with Cory in depth about his what inspired him to become so highly focused on networking and what practical strategies he has implemented throughout his career.

This is an amazing resource for those of us who are looking to grow our own social and professional networks to expand our influence and contribute to Bitcoin’s growth at the same time.

We also talk about clubhouse and how Cory thinks that it holds the potential for extreme growth as a platform this year.

Cory is an exceptional conversationalist and I wanted to include our pre-show conversation of this episode to showcase this.

Be sure to follow Cory on twitter @CoryKlippsten and check out SwanBitcoin.com for setting up your personal automatic dollar cost average as well as one time purchases of Bitcoin.

6 Degrees of Lois Weisberg by Malcom Gladwell http://croker.harpethhall.org/Must%20Know/Psychology/WeisbergGladwell.pdf

With The Bitcoin Path, my goal is to grow my understanding about Bitcoin and help others do the same with podcasts and private events. In the podcasts I get to sit down for deep discussions with some of the great people in the community. The events give you the opportunity to go deeper down the rabbit hole with personal guidance from well respected Bitcoin educators.

*Intro and outro music is the song Hearts, graciously licensed to us by Blackbird Blackbird. Be sure to check out his other great songs on Spotify!


Really enjoyed this! Cory is a smart dude, very articulate and offers some unique and insightful perspectives here. I've learned a great deal from him and the whole Swan team since they started putting out bitcoin content, they're a real credit to the space imo. Congrats on an excellent pod Jon!