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History of Iraqi Dinar - Past to Present

49 673 views | 29 Oct. 2020

In this video we go over

In this video we go over the history of Iraqi Banknotes. From the past to the present. The first series of Dinar dates back to 1932. It was issued to replace the Indian Rupee and its design featured King Faisal I. As time progressed, images of Royalty were removed from the faces of the banknotes and were replaced by scenic imagery of the country like, landscapes, buildings and landmarks. Later on banknotes started featuring former leader Saddam Hussein. Due to sanctions on the country the quality of the banknotes during this era had very poor quality. The last banknote to feature Hussein was the 10,000 Dinar. Afterwards came the current series of circulating banknotes. They no longer feature Saddam. The red 25,000 Dinar is the most popular of the series but, recently a brown 50,000 Dinar was released for circulation. What do you think about the evolution of Iraqi banknotes? We are also swapping Dinar for Zimbabwe Dollars, if you are interested check the link below.

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ملقرت ملك صور

It's not Eye-rack for God's sake.

Chace Awesome

Hello I love your website

Mahinda Githaiga

I wish I had some Iraqi Dinar for my coin and banknote collection and some Iraqi stamps.

Mohd Azmeer

When dinar will RV?why taking so long..


Where I buy these banknotes

Biea Da Rsonist

This is a very good example why you should do thorough research and know the true value of banknotes you hold.
I would only trade (1) low Iraqi banknote for 5 to 10 of Zimbabwe's 100 Trillion Dollar Banknotes. The Resale Value is Awesome on those.

Joel Norton

Perfect ending.

Cave Mane

Keep your iraqi dinar they gonna be worth a lot in the future

roman lopez

Good video! Keep it up!


so you will give me Zim for IQD? your funny!

Banknote Collector 27-BC27



If I have 20 million IQD, what would a Zim trade equate to?

sfhjytrh jhgfd


Banknote Collector 27-BC27

I always just start lerking around you website

Real estate305

Let me know if it will revalue


they wanna swap notes lol HAHAHA

Jordan Evola


Jew and Greek

The IQD is a valid currency. The ZIM isn't.


I wish you put an Arabic translation to understand what you said

Henry Womack

The fact that a video was made is proof that this note will have a value much more than it has now.

Valentino Esposito

I have some my friends dad gave me after coming back from Iraq in 2003. All had Sadam

Jackman Leong

I have Iqd and drogon note, jim as well, but met alot scammer in this few year... There is no real buyer


Amazing video....I❤️banknoteworld...super website to order banknotes online

Hamza al_Qaisi

Thank you
and I'm from iraq and I love you

Niño Fabre

I have one 5000 dinar bank note

Ganesh D

Want to see indian rupees

Iqd latest update

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When Will the Iraqi Dinar Revalue? Let's Follow the Money

11 786 views | 7 May. 2020

Following US Government

Following US Government appropriation of contracts for Iraq gives us a good idea when to prepare for changes. As it stands the US Government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraq. We can use these actions to help determine exactly what is going on in Iraq. See Links Below:

Purchase Iraqi Dinars:


Purchase Vietnam Dong:


Learn to Trade in Forex Market for Beginners:  Funny High Ranking Course Udemyhttps://buff.ly/36rqPoO

How to Become a Government Contractor


Example of Request for Quote


Department of Defense Contracts


***** So when you see an RFP for items which pertain to Revalue...… then you'll know. ******

Foreign Currency News:  Currency Increasing


IQD Rate:  https://iqd.fxexchangerate.com/

How to become a government contractor. 

Request for Quotes for Iraq Contracts. 

Request for Proposals; 

Fulfilling contracts with the US Gov

Money appropriated to Iraq

US Iraq relationship 

Money being spent in Iraq by US Gov,

Abd Kader Duasa


anh tang

wow great video

Uber Paul

Thank you

M. Sinclaire

What a mess! WTF...

John Sadler

Aloha from Kauai Sandy. I have a question for you. I've been holding on to a few hundred thousand dinars since 2005. I know a rate change is finally about to happen and I was wondering where or how you come up with a value of 50 cents American to 1 Iraqi dinar? I know nobody really know for sure of when or how much and do you think that 50 cents is the value of a dinar or do you think it could be more as a lot of us Iraqi dinar holders are hoping for? Thanks Sandy, nice place Puerto Escondido is. I went surfing there in 1985 and the town was still really small back then.
John from Kauai


You mentioned RFP's in regards to revalueing..did u find that in your research?

Jeffery Allen

My sources say, if we do not hear anything by October 9th Thursday. There will be no currency exchange this year, truth be told not opinion.

Asa Marduk



THERE WILL BE NO RV........ There will be NEW BILLS with a new value when they're ready.
The current situation can last INDEFINITELY. U.S. troops in Iraq? Government corruption? NO CHANGES ANY TIME SOON.

Dinar Chat Voted #1 by Dinarians

Your title doesn’t match your video content.

Born Selfmade

God bless & thank you for this powerful informative video feels like the rate change is close enough ??

Lashawn Johnson

I’m a newbie! What does RFP stand for?? I guess what I am asking is it close to ReValuing?

Nicholas Rodriguez

So in your opinion how close are we?

Grace Walker

Great information. I learned a lot but the reason I watched was the title of the video so I think I must have missed the answer?

Firdaus Mohammad

Hi mom


One of the greatest mysteries of all time is how did Donald Trump get elected. After watching this and reading the comments, I now know


if anyone says they know when the IQD will become relevant, they are lying. RUN the other way.

william ball

I missed something- to be a fed contractor means the RCP is close?

Da Wanderer



those are OUR tax dollars going into Iraq, lol


Yes, because an RV means money before the RV is still valid and now worth the price of the new RV! That's how economics works! You get to just name a new value whenever you want! Weeeeeeeee! We're all rich now!

Yeah, the DOD is investing in Iraq because of a little thing called The Iraq War that happened between the years of 2003 - Forever. We have 9 trillion bases there now and blew up half the country with depleted uranium so a LOT of money goes over there, lol.

Crazy, huh?!

As for becoming a government contractor, you better be able to fulfill the job or a little thing called PRISON is awaiting you. Can YOU supply the entire US Military with microwaves?! Go ahead and try! Lmfaooooo

Rick Stone

What is RFP?
And what items shall we watch for?

Iqd latest update

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Iraq's central bank devalues dinar by 22%

8 147 views | 24 Dec. 2020

(19 Dec 2020) Iraq's

(19 Dec 2020) Iraq's central bank on Saturday announced it will devalue the Iraqi dinar by over 20 percent in response to a severe liquidity crisis brought on by low oil prices, a measure that has sparked public outrage as the government struggles to make payments.

Riot police were dispatched outside the central bank headquarters in central Baghdad prior to the announcement in the event news of the devaluation sparked protests.

A leaked draft of the state budget law for 2021 caused furor on the Iraqi street last week as it confirmed plans to devalue the dinar.

The new rates represent a dramatic reduction from the previous official rate of 1,182 IQD.

It is the first reduction in exchange rates that the Iraqi government has made in decades.

In a statement, the Central Bank set the new rate for the dinar, which is pegged to the U.S. dollar, at 1,450 IQD when selling to the Iraqi Finance Ministry.

The dinar will be sold to the public at 1,470 IQD and to other banks at 1,460 IQD.

The devaluation raised the prospects of the dinar weakening further on the street.

The rate has already risen to 1,400 IQD per U.S. dollar on Saturday, up from 1,300 IQD last week, at currency exchange agents.

Since an oil price crash earlier this year, Iraq has been grappling with an unprecedented liquidity crisis.

The crude-exporting country has had to borrow from the bank’s dollar reserves to pay the nearly 5 billion US dollars in monthly fees for public salaries and pensions.

Oil revenues, which account for 90% of the budget, have brought in an average of $3.5 billion.

Efforts to introduce reforms have been met with opposition and to date, the government has been borrowing internally to foot state bills.

A devaluation would give oil-rich Iraq, which imports nearly all of its goods, more dinars in hand to make urgent payments.

But setting a new rate has been a delicate balancing act to satisfy the government's needs for liquidity without impacting the average Iraqi.

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Henry Womack

I honestly don’t believe will last too long. Hopefully by the end of Q1


What the hell did I just watch....no voiceover no subtitles ?


The Dinar investment scam started 12 years ago. The “reval” is always just around the corner...

barbara Burns

The CBI told the people they would not devalue the currency very recently. So what game is the CBI & the IMF playing.
Can they blatantly lie to the citizens like that.
It was there in black & white for everybody to see.
So what are we dealing with, a bunch of liars & corrupt people handling the worlds financial system, God help us.


Dang i feel bad for these people! God please help them and make there money of value.

chris barker


Ed Reyes

I wonder which central bankers are doing that. Didn't 'USRAEL' destroyed the whole entire country to overtake the Iraqi dinar?!?

jani sports live


Rosli Aman

10 years already.. Right here Waiting ..???