What is keybase

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Building a Secure Password Store Using Keybase and Pass | Tooling Tuesday!

6 492 views | 28 Feb. 2018

Those of us who work in IT

Those of us who work in IT usually have to manage a lot of passwords. I was never happy with any of the password management apps that I used, until I found pass. Pass is the perfect solution for people with hundreds of passwords, and joining it with Keybase makes it just that much better. Pass not only stores your passwords safely and securely in Keybase, but it's also a random password generator, if that's a feature that you need.

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Github: https://github.com/WebInspectInc


security questions are a good idea... if they're required with the pw, not an alternative


Thanks for the video man ! Good job.

One question though: how would one be able to retrieve their passwords if they were to lose access to their computer ? In the initial setup, you are required to supply your gpg key ? If I install pass in a new computer how would it let me access my passwords if the second gpg key that's generated is different ?

Brandon Hurt

“Unable to locate package” //solution

Looks like you just haven't updated your package lists, this is missing from the link that you gave -

sudo apt-get update

This should download the list files from the repos in /etc/apt/sources.list so that apt-get install knows what packages to look for.

Dmitry Volkov

how to setup second machine?

Asteroid Ninja Super-Steel

Hopefully your channel will get more traction, very useful stuff and well-presented!

Yashu Mittal

How to install Pass on Windows?

Bang jery

Hello sir, I forgot my password, can I open my account?

Domithacus Van Thistlebloom

Great so anyone on your computer can type in pass and get your info. Is it possible to provide a login password to open password-store?

ky primo

wow im not a dev but im super impressed with your delivery of this information. i just installed keybase. subbed

Michael Rupp

I lie for all my security answers! Ha! Glad to know other people hate them.

The Humble Developer

how do you only have 190 subs, content awesome, personality awesome, tutorial awesome, deffo subbing.

What is keybase

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Keybase Removing All Firearm Related Groups: What You Need to Know and Where to Go

7 207 views | 16 Jan. 2021

New Chat Invite:

New Chat Invite: https://matrix.to/#/#AWCYwaitingroom:matrix.org?via=matrix.org

New App to Use Said Chat: https://element.io/

Keybase Policy: https://keybase.io/docs/acceptable-use-policy

Travious Andrews

So tired of everyone saying stay safe


Bruh. It really do be like this now.

Dead Baron

welp time to uninstall keybase

Jackeroni Bologni

it's a shame seeing people have to run and hide like this trying to keep their free speech

Richard crazymind

Thank you sir

Matt Linville

Your freedom of speech is not being attacked.....
It’s dead


wtf I thought keybase fancied themselves an actual safe space


What, how do we communicate?


You were the chosen one keybase! It was said you would destroy censorship, not join it! You were to bring files to my slicer software, not leave my printer in standby.

Joseph Felix

Need to codes. Send link to [email protected]gmail.com or where to purchase keyfob with predownloaded language

Pepsi Man

ctrlpew is saying that we need to go to rocket.chat ? im confused


Just sent you an email.
Think its time for me to buy a 3D printer.
Thank you for keeping us updated.


Ok look, right after they were bought by Zoom. No one believed me that they should migrate away from Keybase the second they were bought by zoom... Hmm... But yes, either Matrix or Session are great alternatives!


Anyone know if ctrl+? switched too?

Peter Lin

thanks for making this video

Deterrent 6161

We have to move to LBRY. TV


Just start a mass file dump on keybase. Projects finished, to be finished, experimental, theory, doesn't matter. Send it all so the signal has it all. Just like before torrent sites went down or even paladin press( if you're old school). Info is info. Our words and knowledge have power. Our freedom of speech is all speech.

yomustdie 94



god dammit it pisses me off that the internet is no longer free.

MeBe Ramen

Don't worry my guy 2021 will be the year of decentralized apps. crypto is doing big things scaring big bank and tech.

The Fan Of Nothing

They hate you guys ?

John Cline

Damn. I went through the trouble of installing keybase not even 18 hours ago. Just seeing the message in det_disp. This is unfortunate for all of us. But we'll always be able to share knowledge as a community of likeminded tinkerers.

Gulf Coast Florida Man of the Gulf Coast

Do you have Discord?


I'm working on a new website that will potentially work for this, my team and I will be creating a censorship free social media site for posting vids, docs, and images, it'll be like Facebook and YouTube mixed with keybase


what about mega . nz?

bit mammoth

Use Threema

abbi milagon

What's bitchtube like or pornhub for guns like

michael gonzalez

All major server providers will be pulling the plug on any site that does not meet their standers, 5 yrs tops .

chris manning

Ma keybase! ?????

Jeff The goose

China hates firearms until they need it for genocide on Uighurs

Mirza Munif

What about discord? Or reddit?



Nitro RDX

youmaker.com seems to be a pretty based video site similar to youtube


Just got home and seeing this shit this sucks. I thought keybase was our safe space.

Booligan Shooting Sports

Good information here, thank you for sharing!


...shouldnt of mentioned the backups...now your gonna get raided

Floriduh Man

All human freedoms are being destroyed.

Alvin Geroy

China is scared its people will wise up.


Telegram is good maybe better

Julian Nobrega

Maybe I got it from the wrong site but keybase gave my pc malware

nevadacario [nopaew pika]

Wow that sucks where we are.


Where is Ctrl going?


I guess some one needs to set up their own servers


Anthony, CTRL_Pew is streaming right now and pointing us to chat.deterrencedispensed.com, not the place you’ve linked to.

Andrew Jeffords

good looking out gunny

Son Of Tegz

Crap, thanks for the information.

Big D

THE War has begun! Do NOT believe otherwise!

Ёжик Лесной

Печаль.. мне кажется, что они не оставят нормальных людей в покое..

Derrick Horton

Thank you for this info.


so 2a culture is being purged from the american consciousness. as such goes the 1a as well.


This really sucks, I'm disappointed in keybase.

kaleb 1776

O wtf I just started with this stuff I even downloaded keybas due to you wtf man hey gunnymcgunsmith can you hmu on like my email or gab/clouthub/107daily/ shit even fb you have helped me a bunch already but yeah



Rob Simer

Are you willing to take up arms against our criminal government yet?

Ryan Garcia


Gunny McGunsmith

New Chat Invite: https://matrix.to/#/#AWCYwaitingroom:matrix.org?via=matrix.org
New App to Use Said Chat: https://element.io/

Keybase Policy: https://keybase.io/docs/acceptable-use-policy

1Delta 10Tango

Just when I hit buy it now on an ender 3... :(

R.G. Baer

? ?


I saw this coming from a mile away. Keybase really isn’t the “super duper 1337 super private anti-censor hackerman” application everyone makes it out to be. Glad to see the community migrate over to self-hosted solutions.

Dano NorCal

Wtf is keybase


Keybase got bought by Zoom (China CCP), so it’s best to find another service anyway.

CityBoi FPV



i thought keybase was bassed. fuk them

What is keybase

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Keybase 101: Crypto for Everyone (Cloudflare, 2017-09-26)

2 169 views | 29 Sep. 2017


Slides: https://goo.gl/DGLi5B

In this talk, hosted at Cloudflare, we introduce Keybase (https://keybase.io), a platform for securely communicating and collaborating with anyone on the internet. We will cover the basics of how Keybase uses social media to establish trust between users in a unique, end-to-end way, and how this allows Keybase to provide chat and file-sharing features that are more secure, and easier to use, than other existing products. We also introduce some new features, including secure team management.


57:11 huh? pgp is legacy? that seems to be the core concept.
what's that thing you said you use instead?


KEYBASE is high power shit.. Its liek an ecnrypted facebook... Nice Work!

Eric Davis

I'm having a major problem using keybase warpwallet can someone from keybase contact me?

Eric Davis

keybase needs a support contact.


No need of a private key if you are using subkeys :) A bit surprised to have heard that you need your private key ... Completely wrong mustn't be done this way ... keybase pgp import -i "path_to_subkeys"