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296 views | 26 Nov. 2019





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Storm Trooper

CME can still flill a gap and the price bitcoin doesn’t move. It’s happened recently too. So don’t assume a price gap will actually affect bitcoin.

Storm Trooper

Not true the CME wicked down after it lol you didn’t even see that

Robert hemmink

my prediction is 6080 or 6295

Halimi Bilal

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Storm Trooper

Don’t need a full daily candle to fill a gap. Incorrect

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8 812 views | 9 Jan. 2021

#bitcoin #crypto

#bitcoin #crypto #alltimehigh

Telegram channels: https://t.me/suppoyoutube & https://t.me/suppochat

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. Everything expressed is my personal opinion only!

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John Murphy

Love your Crypto Songs. We are killin it.


Your deep dive on wise didn't do much good.

sybil peter

Lost so much trying to earn a profit on Binance, I almost gave up on crypto but Chris brought me back to track. Thanks God for him

gema leroux

Nice analysis! if only we had more people paying attention to the crypto market, the bullish movement on the crypto market these past weeks has been beneficial to both the hodlers and traders alike, but more for the traders. This i can say for fact because i personally being a signal user, i was able to trade and make profit running over 56k usd, although i had guidance from Chris Wade, we all can agree it has being a good run for crypto assets. Being a signal user for a while, i can firmly say Chris Signals are the real deal, i have made quite a lot using his signals and others as well. strictly for crypto inclined concerns Chris Wade can be reached on telegram (chriswadetrading).

Mr Davidson

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Frosty Dog

Hit the LIKES !!! how's that SUPPO ?

Roshan Kumar Dixit

When next Ethos Suppo bro ?


You make us happy thank you

Daniel Dailey

By the start of this week’s trad!ng session, moving between losses and gains on its neutral weekly outlook which makes it a tough decision for investors to decide how best to utilise the current market; as for me it can’t be more obvious that trad!ng Bitcoin is way more lucrative than just hodling and waiting for the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket. I didn’t think it was possible to make constant win from trad!ng till I came across Matthew Bolton program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how trad!ng Bitcoin works, to help them recover loss from the crash and also stack up more bitcoin, since late last year till date I have made over 9 BTC with Mr Matthew help. You can easily get to him @TeIeg:ram @Mattboltonfx

Juda Braun

cv# wen wen

mizzyKnight bahamonRoberts

Bitcoin fizzled just recently as the broadly volatile cryptocurrency pulled back a little following a spectacular new-year rally. After a parabolic 2020, the digital currency had begun the new year with a blast, flooding as high as $42,000 and hitting untouched highs just recently. As ever in the realm of crypto, it's difficult to pinpoint the proximate reason for the most recent episode of volatility. Bitcoin is up over 300% over the previous year, driven by a theoretical fever from retail and institutional investors on the conviction that cryptocurrencies are arising as a mainstream asset class and can go about as a store of significant worth. I trade daily with Mr Lyndon Bernhardt’s signals and the outcomes have been stunning. Since the time I began copying Lyndon’s trade signals, my portfolio has increased with profits, and it's time investors get informed properly and approach trading with a guide like him. He can be reached on Teleqram (Crypto_bernhardt ) and Whatsapp ( +1 (760) 913 - 7481 ) for any crypto-related enquiries


Hey guys!!!

Marius Fourie

Make us a top 5 buy January coins for bull run

Cosmi Manole

Dos Network will integrate Dot!

Resdr Fdare

You are doing good sir people tell me about u I try and I win my money back successful without issues from @Zombiecrypto on telegram show me how to earn money with BTC

Hot Girls Video XXX

Really nice ? ?? ??❤️

Death Beach

that WISE bear flag is really a bullish pennant...someone seems a little bummed about missing out on the launch. see yall on the moon

Safest Assets

39:15 lol

Maximilian Ashlee

The cryptocurrency bitcoin has quite recently hit a record high and is ready to rise further. Bitcoin has seen some blended value activity starting late, with bulls attempting to safeguard the cryptocurrency against a break underneath $40,000 as bears attempt to turn around its energy. The crypto's capacity to hold over this level is promising, however it stays muddled concerning how long it will hold . On the off chance that bulls can flip this past opposition level into help, it could end up being a solid base for the crypto to develop upon in the close term. I have been a horrifying trader up until I saw Ethan Mckenzie program on trading crypto assets, going before using his signs. Ethan disclosed to me the most ideal approach to beat the market, fittingly administer danger. I began exchanging with an initial game plan of $15,000 and made a huge favorable advantage of $48,500 in only three weeks with his trade signals. I should state, being guided by an expert seems to connect the impediment to understanding crypto trading, Ethan can be reached on Télégr (ethanmckenzie) and whátsâpp (+447723042647) for enquires

Business & Finance Friends

Voice of an angel ;)

Samir Hussein

Hey!! Please do a review about HYDRACHAIN (100x project!)

dorotha turnage

Most bitcoin traders run behind the prices and focus on the currencies which are available at a low price and exchange them for bitcoins. It is irrefutable that it is a profitable deal, but if you focus on the future, then altcoins will not offer you the returns that you can get with bitcoins. Bitcoin is expensive but is also the most-valued cryptocurrency in the market. If you buy digital currencies which are a low price, you may save some money, but you won’t be able to earn profits from them as they don’t have a good market cap. So, instead of price, you must focus on the market cap of currency. Chris is the best man for you.

Lynsey Gardner

Another great live stream - and we got spoilt with a intro song ❤️?❤️
Thanks Suppoman loads of fab information like always! Have a great rest of your Saturday ?❤️


yure gonna regret selling your bondly. mark my words

mizzyKnight bahamonRoberts

Making profit from bitcoin is as simple as finding what works and sticking to it for as long as it works irrespective of the current market trend which is so sideways right now, the faint hearted may just throw in the towel and probably sell. This of course is a good time for me and its been going on for months now since I heard about lyndon and signed up with his trade program. He provides trade signals and within my first month, I had turned in profit of over 3 btc from a meagre 0.13 btc under his instructions and daily signals. This current price position doesn’t make any difference as anytime is good for trading if you know what to do. Lyndon can be reached via *Tlegram: @Crypto_bernhardt for his assistance on all crypto related issues. Whtspp: +1 (760) 913 - 7481


Bitcoin's next move is 45k. End of this month it should be 60k


Next move Bitcoin will go back to 42k and increase to 45k

The Truth

Npxs is going back to 1cent

Фил Айви 1

Dfinity top5 cmc

Emmo Red

The only consideration here is if you are bullish on ETH. If you are and holding ETH then its a no brainer to hold WISE. In CODE we TRUST.

Peter Mitchell

Hasn't Suppoman been consistently wrong except for Bitcoin????

Frosty Dog

Matic Network also waking up for its 100 x run

Pernette Lucas

After numerous losses I keep making 300btc monthly with Dr kelvin Peter trading strategy all thanks to him.

Michał P

what about Bytecoin?

Frosty Dog

WISE , HEX and AXION = Taking a break from companies and playing in a casino for fun and possible giant gains

Johnny Catsville

ShareRing will definitely do well. Partnership with Tencent, Rakuten, BSN.

Frosty Dog

AXION for sure...

gram crack3r

Look more into share token. FLOWBACKS! FLOWBACKS! FLOWBACKS! Definitely the next 100x coin.

owl live

It is great choice to put investment right now. Alt season is incoming and earn more profit. Velas is the ecosystem blockchain that has position in the 50 top CV Company. With their scalable transaction and partnership it will be legit, isn't it?

Matt Robinson

Common suppo, you need to be at ease with VGX Voyager..... its taken off since the Ethos days.

Frosty Dog

Yes on WISE


Yeah, what is going on with Bondly?!


My new Telegram Channel & Group: https://t.me/suppoyoutube & https://t.me/suppochat - get the inside track!

Josh B

falconswap is live... game changer

Geoffrey D

BCH to the moon

The Cybernauts

Haha best opening song ever Suppo!


Cardano all in

Jigga Don

Great singing pal!

Peter Mitchell

Feels like Ethereum about to go to all time highs

Frosty Dog

CARDANO going to $2 - $3 + in the next few months leading up to the release of Gougen


Hey suppo ! Thoughts about quanstamp, bitshares, iota, and hpb?

Sammy H

Bought wise in pre - 4x my money within a few days, out for good back into Eth

My Parents Music

ill invest in wise already did 8000

Achmad Firdaus

Nice! People tend to consider investing at top altcoins but never have a look at underrated project like vlx. This is perfect time to invest on vlx because it will moon soon. Besides, velas also provides users with a lot of benefit

Artur Kirjakulov

3 worda: Trust Wallet Token


I think UNISTAKE will at least 50X
This project is going to make providing liquidity super easy and profitable.


Guys if you are into gaming $SAND is super worth checking out. One of the greatest projects I've seen.

Brandon Scott

just tell me what he said the 100x was

Dauda Jimoh Lamen

No one has done it like hackbyintel on IG I am so happy I came across this team service

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Effect.AI LIVE AMA with KuCoin's Community

992 views | 1 Oct. 2020

Welcome to a special

Welcome to a special KuCoin edition of the Effect.AI Monthly Ask-Me-Anything! This one has Chris, Jesse and Laurens to answer your hard pressing questions and give you the insights you desire! Along with the live stream we will simultaneously be taking questions from the 70k+ community members from KuCoin's official Telegram channel. Feel free to also join the party there... https://t.me/Kucoin_Exchange

Effect.AI Socials:














Turkash Warrior

When Binance? guys please


I've never been more confident Effect.AI will become really huge... Unicorn status coming!

Rodrigo Egana

Excellent Ama! Great job guys!

edder vazquez

Excelente proyecto está realizando un trabajo extraordinario, Efx siempre hacia al futuro


lol. join the project now , or read about us later. Fresh

Jeison Andres Herrera Garzon

por favor podrian poner los subtitulos en espanol, felicitaciones por el proyecto!!!!

Miguel Angel

Subtitulos en español por favor!!

Bitcoin Kang

For free EFX and NFX tokens follow me on Twitter.com/bitcoinkang and DM with message "EFX KUCOIN AMA"

ACE 11

Amazing to see you guys making progress every time! Keep on moving and stay healthy boys! ^^