Wells submission

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Wildcard Module 2: Photo Submission

37 views | 6 Jul. 2020

One of the great features

One of the great features of the Villanova Wildcard is that you are able to upload a photo of your choice for your student ID. In order to do this, please submit an appropriate headshot ahead of time by going to www.villanova.edu/photo and signing on with your Villanova Username and Password, or LDAP.

Your photo will then be submitted for approval. If the photo submission system is having issues, a photo can be emailed to [email protected] Please be sure to include your name and student ID # in the e-mail. Resident students will receive their Wildcard upon moving into their residence hall. All other students can come to the Wildcard Office up to two weeks before their classes start. No wildcards will be mailed

Wells submission

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Major 2 Submission for Patternbank

16 views | 16 Jan. 2021

Wells submission

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Landon Tewers - Kill Me Ft Rory Rodriguez

108 492 views | 18 Jan. 2021

Pre-order Frontal Lobe

Pre-order Frontal Lobe Submission now at www.landontewers.com

Out Jan. 29th

Director/DP/Editor: Brandan Lee Keller

2nd Unit DoP: William Helmuth

1st AC/Grip: Nick Carter

Special thanks to Zach Zoellner for the drum composition, and Rory Rodriguez for the vocal feature.

I know I gave up things

And even fucked up dreams

But you’ve been here and I ain’t ready to change

Cus when the weight I pull

Begins to tear my rope

I know you’ll carry me the rest of the way

You’ve left me bruised and scathed

I love we mess you made

Even the things we try to hide every day

It’s like I fall so short

But you just still want more

So I will give until you take everything

I don’t think I will ever get enough

So kill me, I won’t even feel it if you’re with me

All that I can say is it’s the worst I’ve had

But fallin deeper yeah I’m falling deeper in it

I woke to bloody hands

Another mark on me

You left me vacant and I’m starting to think

That if I sold my soul

And gave you all control

I think I’ve paid with all the struggle for peace

I gave it one last chance

To let my sickness pass

I ran a mile just to fall to your feet

So take my everything

Just let my last words sing

So they can see I’m not worth remembering

So kill me, I won’t even feel it if you’re with me

All that I can say is it’s the worst I’ve had

But fallin deeper yeah I’m falling deeper in it

I’m saying oh, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever had

Pacing, all alone

Chase me, I’m below

Crave me, from the soul, or none at all

Lightningmonky 7

Also here to say underated lol, really good ep

Tyson Ryan

God dam 3rd day in a row watching this... The man can do no wrong


I just got out of a relationship that was pretty hard. I really resonate w this. Keep up the grind, fam-o.

Love from Texas!


so underrated. phenomenal as always landon!

shirley goodwin

it's almost unhealthy how much i like his music


God tier


Your back!


Dayseeker and TPIY WOAH


When the guitarist kicks him away actually hit hard...friends so tired of his shit they don't even want him near during a song,

Gerrit Todd

Doesn’t he do acting?

Woodlands Crew - PA

I hope you guys write more stuff like this. I explored your other music after listening to this, and I’m never gonna say it’s bad, because it isn’t. It’s just not my style. Seeing you guys can do this so well, makes me want to hear more.

Tiffany Nguyen

I wonder how a mic smells, I should ask him

michael E

Reminds me of my relationship with cocaine and heroin

Leon Peon

Wonder if he's using a metaphor, or an analogy. Wonder if has Talking about addiction, as if he's in a relationship with it. Which is very true for anyone that struggles.....

Nibedita Deogharia

Ahhh man ❤

Mikhail Grigorov

Мне под кофеёк с утречка зашло.
Буд-то к ягодицам любимой женщины прижался.

White Noise revived

Holy fuck two metaclcore legends in one song took me a bit after work to figure out the leadsinger from dayseeker Is on this song as well

Ty Smitty


Andrew Barnhurst

The Drop at 1:45 gave me insane Cold Chills


love this song more then my life

josh nadeau

When I first hear a new song by landon ( I don't know if I like it it's pretty good )a couple days later friends family and myself(dude how many f**** times are you going to listen to the same song) luv it!!!

matthew. E

Absolute slapper. BIG


Who is guitarist ?
I respect him

raven core

Pinche Landon!!... eres un desmadre!!!.... Jajajaja ... Chingona rola.... Yeeeeahhh!!.... :)

Septus Varren

Fuck. I love this.


you never cease to amaze me landon.



Ryan Debuse

this fucking slaps! I honestly love this man xD always a great song. can't wait for the album!



Jake Smith

This is a duo I didn’t know I needed. This is catchy af, kudos mate

Nathaniel C.

Man, the emotion and power in this song. ?

Mitchell Sanders

You can literally do everything.


I need a drink.... this is really really good my brother!


Mr Tewers is by far my favorite writer. Even with TPIY, even his songs that he seemed to just scribble together. The absolute most inspiring voice i think ive ever hear. My boy will always have my praise and my love for his words. Hoping one day im able to get his graph on his merch, framed in my room

From The Attic

Unbelievably good.


my artist fav.

oh lawd

Landon is magic.

James Deberg

this is beyond awesome

nicholas wehner

a bottle of titos would kill me too.

Sheet Cvnt

Why you gotta make me feel like this man? I’m already in it.

Gordon Hagen

Landon's voice is so unique and beautiful ??


Good Fucking Move Dude.


Every once in a while I'll click on a random music video of a band I've never heard of that just randomly appeared in my recommendations, hoping it's the one in a million chance that it's going to be good and this was that one in a million.

Eric woodra

Wow ive never been so happy to be thrown into a huge depression from a song


God I swear I can never get enough of your music. Seen you live twice now with TPIY, and I'm dying for a UK solo tour

pea pod

Thanks for the emotions, you guys are great ??


Man, the power that music has... thank you. Great stuff, as always.

Kalum Marshall

can't wait!

Harrison Sutcliffe

This feels- and potentially is projection, incredibly deep and personal and I am extremely grateful for you to have shared this with us; thank you endlessly.
Not only for being vulnerable enough to be able to show this side of yourself but for being able to be honest and give the opportunity for someone to relate, in whatever frame someone they choose to see this through.

I simply hope that you are taking the means necessary to look after yourself and be loved by those around you; there is a beauty in this world we simply just need to sit back and see it.

If you are struggling; you are loved more than words may describe, in which simply being here is a blessing. Thank you again, hope you’re doing well friends ?

Joe Cook

imagine disliking this. . . . .

anthony adams

im really at my computer dancing in my chair sick to covid rn

Ebel Glass

This video is absolutely amazing. Landon Chugs the bottle. "Are you good man? "Yea sure"


Cupping the mic: broke

Putting the mic into your nostril: woke

Blake Noland

I see Rory i click

Luke Vigil

More. More of this please

Mikeyb this guy

fucking pumped for the album landon

Blacklungs Productions

the part at 2:44 kinda threw me off. BUT. still a dope song.

Amanda Busick

Kiger... i hope you're okay.


his cleans/uncleans hit so differently

Michael Seaman

Fucking Perfect!!!!


Two questions:
1) Why is this so good?
2) Why is the view count so low?

Eric and Emily somers

I'm so glad I got to meet this man. The only thing I could think of to tell him was how great his voice is in orlando fl vip a few years ago lol. He truly has the best voice and its awesome to me he looks a little like Bill the actor that plays pennywise. Thats a compliment lol

bob bobs

wow this sucks lol

Essa Jehad


Samuel Booth-Aalund

I can’t play this loud enough...

Madi B

Ugh I happy I fucking love this song

Levi Richards

It’s a crime that this doesn’t have a million plus views

Adityarr 21

Manyala ??

Trippy Sepent

good thing youtube recommends low views. good shit yo


Still listening to this every day. Best song I've heard so far this year. Is this on the radio at all? It should be.

C. F.

Love it. Curious why you did a song w Gabbie Hanna tho lol it’s a weird combo ngl

Shawnii Beeler

Damn! Just discovered this and I LOVE it!!!! ?❤️??

Definitely relatable!


As always, dope song and I'm stoked for the rest of em! What boots are you wearing bc they're sick??

Wyatt McCoy

Ive been listening to Ladon Tewers (Before Their Eyes, andThe Plot In You mainly) since around 2008. Met him about 3 times, and not only is he just a sweet dude to have a conversation with, but he is and always will be my all time favorite vocalist, and musician of all time.

This song hits home on so many levels. Happy that my boy is still making music ??

David Sanchez

Ayeee day seeker in the house !!!!

Tyler Farrell

Everytime i watch it i find something new i missed the last time.


Insane song. 2:18 was a recording fuck up, i hate being a producer and overanalyzing music save meeeee

Sanguinary Sacrificial Beast Of Knocked Teeth

what’s this pussy shit

Mr. Henry

This song seems to relate to Alcohol consumption

Robbie Hormann

Aw Landon my dude, you're always so sad </3

Ted Wahtola

When Landon waterfalls that booze ?


lets fuckin go


This is ?

Mike B.

Creative as always Landon. Love the new EP. Really cool to see Rory here too, you both have amazing vocals.

P.S. Landon please release some new Plot and Rory, please release some new Dayseeker, thank you. Lol. :)

Zsofia Sipos

I know it is on spotify, but hits differently when i am listening here. I cant be the only one.

jangkar pendek

Im come here to see Rory


Damn. Nice like to dislike ratio. I like that

Adrian Lopez

That's right bro I hope you don't stop making music I hope to hear more of the plot in you music too


This song hits me hard. A month ago my fiancé left me. I feel like I am living this shit right now. This past month has been one of the hardest in my life Man once again Landon shows what a talented artist he is.


just wow

christopher molina

Such an absolutely amazing song, also random question but does any know the kind of guitar the guitarist is using?

Michael Skinner

Your best yet homie. <3

chloe nichole

i missed ur music man?

Locally Hated __

When 2 of my favorite fucking artist make a collab , I melt dude . Just melt especially if it’s a banger

San Loe


Thomas Skullerud

like, the two best ppl in the same song? could not have asked for a bertter collab!! killer tune, champ!


Song is great. Am I the only one who gets serious Mr. Robot vibes from the Video?

Mr Misty Eyed

I swear everything Landon puts out is PURE A R T

Conor McCrory

This is so so good

Everyone Dies In Utah

amazing song writing