Price/sales ratio

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Price/Sales Ratio: Explanation and Backtest

1 431 views | 4 Feb. 2015

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1. Price/Sales Ratio is defined as simply the market capitalization of a company (i.e . what it would cost to buy up all its outstanding shares) divided by the trailing twelve months of sales.

2. Advocates of price/sales believe it is superior to price/earnings because earnings can be more manipulated based on how expenses are calculated and recorded, and because companies may have greater volatility in earnings due to one-time expenses. Thus, a decline in earnings might not be cause for concern, whereas a decline in sales might be.

3. A backtested study conducted by FatPitchFinancials.com revealed that stocks in the lowest 20% of price/sales ratio significantly outperformed the S&P 500 from 2000-2013 (see full study).

4. The general recommendation when using value metrics is to use multiple metrics to refine your analysis; for instance, price/sales can be combined with return on equity, price/earnings, cash/debt, as well as various growth rates to learn more about companies and their potential.

Noah Mathews

Does TTM of sales refer to the previous twelve months including or excluding the current month? In other words if you are in January 2016, does TTM of sales include January 2016?

Price/sales ratio

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Introduction to the Price-to-Sales Ratio

8 694 views | 23 Nov. 2018

This video explains what

This video explains what the Price-to-Sales Ratio is and why you might choose to use it as a valuation metric instead of P/E or PEG ratios.

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lovely video

Jason Oppong

Nice video. Would you be looking at companies Price (market cap) over the same interval as sales e.g. a year and how do you account for companies issuing more shares or buyback shares

Price/sales ratio

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Price to sales ratio - Why I'm not buying Shopify now

162 views | 22 Jun. 2019

In this video I talk about

In this video I talk about the price to sales ratio metric:

- Initially didn't like price to sales ratio... but now tie it to operating margin

- Good for companies not yet profitable

- Revenue/Sales cant be manipulated generally

- Roughly divide operating margin by a quarter for reasonable price to sales ratio as rule of thumb ... assuming some revenue growth 10% and above

- Visa example

- Eyeing Shopify, great company, haven't been able to pull the trigger

- Facebook and Shopify case study

- Portfolio update

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Shopify is my favorite stock for call options.

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