Satoshi meaning

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What Does Satoshi Mean?

60 views | 7 Oct. 2019

Satoshi - the name or

Satoshi - the name or pseudonym of the person who created Bitcoin. Satoshi is also the smallest unit of bitcoin. It is 8 decimals. Also called sats. So if the prices rises very high, you don't want to me able to only buy one bitcoin. Easier to also state prices in many cases.

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Satoshi meaning

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The Truth Behind Satoshi - Hyouka Episode 21 Analysis

54 068 views | 25 Apr. 2019

On the penultimate video

On the penultimate video in the Hyouka analysis series, we take a look at the Valentine's Day Episode - the final instance of Track 43, and the bow on a long series of scenes featuring Houtarou and Satoshi. Episode 21 is my favorite episode from Hyouka's second half, and I'm excited to break it down - from the cinematography in the beginning to the thematic nature of the snowy bridge. We're in for a fun ride, so let's take a look at the truth behind Satoshi.

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Music: Hyouka & Psycho-Pass OST

Thumbnail Art: Drawplex

Sherlock Holmes

Been waiting for this. Now to the last episode i guess. Replay value deserves a lot more subs. Good job as usual.


Satoshi's just a loser character. Lel

Habitable Fiction

Loved the Blaze it text at 4:53. That's a nice touch to an already amazing video.


My favorite moment is at the end when Hotarou decides to eat the chocolate his sister gave him after kicking it previously during the beginning of the episode. It shows he learned from the experience how your own actions can hurt the people you care about.

AMX M4 45 100

1-To my understanding episode 21, Satoshi pretty much say no to Mayaka.
2-To my understanding episode 22, Eroki mysteriously say yes to Rose coloured life. That does mean that he want a future with chitanda. This is confirmed by last phrase in hyouka said by chitanda, "no it is spring" and eroki smile in the end indicate a big #Yes you are right Chitanda I don't want grey life anymore I want to be with you.

Jerri Kim

I was super invested, then about half way my attention was cut by the Psycho-Pass Soundtrack. Awesome music selection.


I just finished Hyouka. Sometimes, I see shows which make me wonder how much a story should make a reader work to understands its meaning. Some great shows shamelessly throw their themes in your face and dare you to think about them, like Gurren Lagann. Some use wordplay and double-meaning to hide it right under the surface, like Monogatari. I used to think that there was no surefire way to bury a meaning in subtext without demanding sheer speculation out of an audience, but Hyouka proved me wrong.

The characters in Hyouka are introduced almost as archetypes, a high school club cast we can easily imagine in any other slice of life show. Detail by detail, Hyouka proves our assumptions wrong, our character stereotypes misguided. The Hyouka cast are still funny, interesting, surprising, and lovable-- but by the end of the show, we've found their flaws in those details. They're characters as deep and as flawed as we were willing to notice and deduce. Fitting for a mystery story, isn't it?

I love Hyouka, and I think you're doing the world a great service with this video series. Helps all of us detectives unravel everything that this show has to offer.

Gabo Villalobos

Man I loved playing detective on this one

Fernando Barraza

Yea satoshi and mayaka end up dating

ellewas nottaken

Don’t forget: Mayaka was pushing her chocolate and feelings onto him in an unfair way. Sure, he returned her feelings, but she didn’t know that. In the end, she was being just as selfish as he was, maybe more.

lazygamer - Doom Content when I feel like it

I got so angry with Satoshi in this episode when I realized what he had done, I though for sure that Mayaka wastes her time with him. The ending phone call mitigate that SOMEWHAT but it was the realization as I pulled back and knew that it has been a while since I myself went to high school.(or the Norwegian equivalent) that made me give them a second chance. They are NOT grown ups with years of experience, however much they appear that way sometimes. They are all trying to lock in the person they want to be battling with the prerson they currently are. Still, he'd better apologize and lay himself flat, otherwise I can't really respect Satoshi anymore.

Ero Zephyr

Am I the only one who thought that satoshi likes oreki?

Daniel Fok

Looking forward to the final episode

Mary Famor

My personal favorite episode. Great analysis. Sad to see this series ending.

Jeff G

Oreki's coat in this episode makes it all the much better.

ellewas nottaken

I feel like I’m the only one who thinks Mayaka deserved it...

Patrick Humphrey

Firstly, this video nearly brought me to tears more than once. Thank you for your beautiful insight. Secondly, I thought I'd share some interesting facts from the short story this episode is adapted from. On the bridge, Satoshi reveals that Mayaka not only realized the truth, but knew it the entire time, even aiding in his conspiracy. Adding to this, the novel is told completely first person, meaning we never get a scene of Mayaka clueing Chitanda in. There is also never a phone conversation between Chitanda and Hotaro, with him even saying at one point that she will probably have a lifelong dislike of the girl from the Astronomy Club. Overall, this is a much darker version of the story. One the other hand, some fun differences are included, such as a very amusing extended interaction with the Astronomy Club. I always personally enjoy seeing the changes that an adaptation makes, especially when it comes to my all time favorite anime. As a side note to this, I hold the unpopular opinion that the dub of Hyouka is vastly superior. One stand out translation is of the "You're good at what you" line. In the dub, Hotaro, brilliantly portrayed by Adam Gibbs, tells Satoshi, "For all your deftness, you're still sloppy." I feel that this version conveys much better the meaning of the statement and the friendship of the two, all in my best boy's signature laid-back style.

Houtarou Oreki

finally someone made a new video

Look at the picture

So many times I have been in Mayaka's place... Maybe as many times I have been in Satoshi's place

a prima vista


I actually can't accept that they're both dating in the second year. I haven't read the book though, but ... how do I put these in words, I see myself in him so much it's hurt and I can't aside the thought that the reasons why he asks Mayaka out are because he's pushing himself and guilty for what he's done.


I literally don't know how to express my gratefulness for you. Thank you very much for making these videos. You gave me and to others, the opportunity to look in depth Hyouka. I aspire to be as good as you when it comes to analysing. Thank you, again.

jensa shrestha

As frustrated as i was at first knowing what Satoshi did to Mayaka , he turned out to be one of my favorite character in Hyouka by the end of the episode when he gave his reasoning to Oreki. I felt him and connected to him on whole different level as a person who is trying her best to become the best version of herself emotionally and mentally!

Gordon Heath

This is analysis is so beautiful, it made me go through an array of emotions I experienced watching anime all over again. Satoshi is definitely one of the most human characters in the show and is involved in the most poignant scenes of the show and this analysis articulates his character in the best way I have ever seen. This is honestly incredible, your ability to state the nuances of themes and characters is craaazy. Please keep making these videos!!

Ka- cchan

I find myself in satoshi just everything about him is somewhat about me too

Shania Azzahra

Im scared of satoshi, I don't know what's the deal with him

Himanshu Thakur

Brilliant analysis. Satoshi became my favorite character in this episode all those years ago.


I cant believe how underrated this channel is

Amalia Anguiano

Hi, ¿Considerarías agregar una traducción al español en tus videos? realmente quiero entender),:


This is why Satoshi is my favourite character!

Li rax

I want a replay value on Sakurasou no pet kanojo

Tri Indra


Actually right after satoshi call mayaka, he finally asked her out, houtaro only knew about this in the next light novel when satoshi's sister tell him about it

Marcel Weber

Virtual on is a cool game.

Rose-Colored Girl

4:53 420 BLAZE IT

Futaba Gen

Chitanda just happens to be caught in between this nonsense

Cebo Khumalo

I just realized just how much I missed while watching this episode the first time around...

Chaechae . Xo

Satoshi is scary, he's the type of character who would die in a series

lake jimin

people saying that they don't understand fukube while i felt so relieved that there was finally a character i could relate to.

Floor Gang Betosky

Story like this really have such complicated things and thanks to this explanation we finally understand the story thanks

Jyothi Shetty

I am very interested in season 2, I think it went little in ending with houtaro and chitanta and they are just going to realize what they are , May the season 2 will completely realize them what they are as more than friends, and the most interesting thing is , I want mayaka and Satoshi to be more than friends, and season 1 is ??, I loved hyouka, when it was ended, I feel lonely because I was feeling it as a reality and I was involved in it and i had never seen a person like houtaro , he is amazing?


I forgot why I’m here


Honestly hes my fave character. I love him a lot and see myself in some aspects of him.

Adrian Christopher

I would say this is probably my favourite episode as well. To see the heart wrenchinhdisplay of Satoshi's action. Hotarou actually losing his temper for once at someone and that resolution. Not to mention this whole epusode was a romance one ( which I adore) .I give it a kudos for being everything I love about Hyouka


This actually keeps me up at night bro..

Brian Bryan

Satoshi is literally a Durarara character

Souma Desu

this puts a smile into my face.
i love your videos just to simply put it

ديسي رحمة إريا

I can relate to satoshi somehow,

Basement Guy

6:04 ay bro I didn’t realize either :/

Jerry Vee

Ah dammit. I'm crying in frustration for some fictional character's romance. It's just that good of an episode. Nice analysis.


Satoshi NTR doujins ?

Anime For Life

I had lived my high school life as rose coloured.I fell in love and got heart break during my university.I again fell in love in university and got heart broken but i am grateful for whatever happened. I gave my time for myself, i began to love myself and i am in the process of self love.Everyday is a happy day in that context as Satoshi said.I am so much into myself now that i donot want to go into past where i should compromise on every little things. Now i am afraid that if i live in relationship, i will become the past me for sure and i dont believe  that i can move forward or remain as now.in this process, some time i want to have someone so badly but tge desire lasts only short time. I have hurt many people out there..I have made a barrier infront of me, so that noone can enter. Thats why i can understand how satoshi feels and it resonates with me so much. Lets see what happens in future. Even satoshi can take his own time to build confidence and accept someone(may or may not be ibara is moving forward with other)by accepting himself( not losing to present him).Maybe I can do the same in future, can turn grey colured life into interesting one without losing myself. And I am happy that satoshi and hotarou feels the same way probably.and This anime lies inside my heart as it speaks  reality not fairy tail.

Ivan anOrdinaryPerson

I know satoshi is the culprit but i don't know why he did it, it's hard to understand at first and get even more confusing for me thank you because a moment in my life i felt what satoshi's feeling in a situation like that, silently and doing noting but i forget that my action affects people surrounds me. I sympathize with and felt his feeling even more for me that a great thing, knowing what characters feels is my favorite while watching.



Iggy P

what microphone do you use?


youre such a underrated youtuber. ive been watching your content since last year and ive binged watched a lot of it. great analysis and well constructed videos! keep them coming and i know youll keep growing your audience

Raios Ephi

Hyouka moment on Satoshi

vikram dela cruz

Thank you for clarifying this even more. Not only that you always comes up with answers that satisfies your viewers but your voice is so satisfying to hear as well.

Max Gemmill

This video came out on my birthday so thank you for that even though I couldn't watch it until today. Same as always you managed to make a truly impressive video. Every you post a video I just want to rewatch the series.

babbin tandukar

Satoshi is the reason i guess sticked to the show until last ep

Ferdauz Espino

Goddamn, I know this is about Satoshi but damn do I relate to his reasons. This video is such a great analysis oj Satoshi's character, but damn does it also feel like a huge personal attack to me lmao.

Raven Frederick Labora

I want more hyouka

carol rosas

Alguien más habla español y no le entendio nada XD


I stumbled across this video series as I was procrastinating and now that I'm on break I've finally had time to watch all the videos. I just binge rewatched the anime in 2 days and came back to these videos and I absolutely love the attention to detail and the obvious effort you put into them. I've always loved Hyouka and often cite it as my favourite anime but I could never really explain why and your videos do a fantastic job of doing that. I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you've done by blessing us with these analyses and I'm seriously shocked you don't get more views on them! Looking forward to the final ep video :)

Captain Valourous

( Looks on the Thumbnail )
Me: Why are you Gae?


Ur Sus

Too good of an episode

ellewas nottaken

Does anyone remember the episode where some random guy literally drags Satoshi out of the club room when the lit club was in the middle of finding out a mystery? Can anyone tell me?

Neo Recurdz

I'm at a loss of words and I can't thank you enough for making the whole series about the detailed analysis of Hyouka, considering the fact that Hyouka is one of my favourite shows ever and I connect to it on a personal level. I didn't understand Satoshi's point of view the first time I watched this episode but thanks to your analysis, it's really clear to me now. We all need others to give us a push to the final stage of maturity, and for Satoshi, it was Houtarou. Satoshi's mindset and actions are very much realistic and human, even if we hate what he does. And the beautiful symbolism and execution of Hyouka just magnifies it. Amazing work KyoAni and Replay Value! Love you guys forever! <3

Rose-Colored Girl



i cried a lot in this episode before

and now again ;-;

Ezra Sonn Tangog

You've made me understand subtle things in Hyouka, but one thing i can't understand is why you're not subscribed with a higher number with this work and effort you've done. ❤️

Calvin Hartman

Going off of what you said about dyes in people, I think there is more on that in the scene with Oreki and Chitanda walking. Oreki's white jacket represents his grey or colorless life and having that scarf shows that Chitanda is making an impact on him giving him color.

Lains; Gate

ahhah 4:53 blaze it on the window hmmmmmm, greatt stuff btw

Kana Joshi

I've seen Hyouka 5 years ago but I never understood Satoshi's reasoning regarding Mayaka's feelings for him and it frustrated me the entire week. That episode was really painful yet the best lesson I can get from the entire anime itself. I now understand why and I want to cry. I can see myself in Satoshi, happy-go-lucky but is struggling and afraid to take a step even though we have someone who recognize our worth. I love his character so much. I love your analysis, it brings nostalgia from my past self. It may be too late to know the answer but yeah, at least I found it. Gosh I want to rewatch it again ?

Josh M

I think you've done a good job at detailing everything relevant about this episode that won't need to be brought up later, but one aspect I want to talk about is that Mayaka has been in love with Satoshi since middle school, which means before he's changed his attitude to be less committal towards his interests and be more committal to his interest of being a man of many interests, before he was the database that 'couldn't come to conclusions'. They are childhood friends. She knows who he was, loved who he was and still does love him now... For Mayaka, a classic is a classic when it's written. She knows it exists in the experience of the thing itself. That is the conviction she brings to her feelings about Satoshi.

Satoshi on the other hand, has no such convictions about himself. He's worried about what will happen if he proves not to be a 'classic', if he proves not to be the best for her. He's suffering from a type of learned helplessness. That's why Mayaka is great for him. To her he is already a classic and all he has to do is actualize his feelings and tell her his decision. But for now they're stuck in the long winter of their romance.

Kaiser Shounen


sιlvεя αcε

Hotaru can be very intimidating when he gets mad

Toxic Fiji

I though that Eru ate the chocolates lol


Fantastic analysis and well worth the wait.


I just finished Hyouka and Its definitely the newest addition to anime I've rated 10/10. This video encapsulates all my feelings on this episode perfectly and Satoshi is probably my favorite character in Hyouka. His viewpoints are definitely frustrating but understandable and I love that. Also he's a coward and selfish which makes him very relatable. I really wish I could write videos like this. Thank you for this and I look forward to watching more of the videos you've done on Hyouka. :)


When you said about the track 43 for the last time... It sounds now even sadder, for it is really the last time. Anyway, great Hyouka analysis, thank you very much for your work. It helped me quite a lot.


Will there be a season 2? I MUST KNOW!!

Ishwa Lyndem

This was the most intriguing and wholesome analization ever. Makes me love the show more.


My wish has been granted. Fantastic video

the Knight_0wl

Yeah, it's in high school that we realise that world is a place full of competitions, which makes us wanna grow into the better version of ourselves


With school papers and requirements piling up, final exams drawing near, I read the title from my notifications and found myself saving this video for later, but somehow ended up watching the whole thing (twice actually) . And again, I'm reminded of how Hyouka can make me feel so much - happy, frustrated, hurt, speechless... a massive unexplainable feeling that manages to creep up on me every single time.

Satoshi is my favorite character and that explains why - despite my reason - I went for the play button. And I hate myself for not knowing most of what you've told about him - the imperfect snowball, him and Tani, his immature side showing when he's with Mayaka - and a lot more of the subtleties in this episode. I like him so much but I know I can never explain all these as much as you did. Thank you so much

"He's at a standstill - he doesn't want to go back but he's hesitating about moving forward."
- probably my favorite line in this video


my favorite character isn't Oreki but Satoshi and Mayaka.

holy_ yikes

this show has changed me more than any other show ever, it makes me so sad to know i’m never gonna get a season 2


Amazing. You deserve more views!!!


You deserve more subscribers like your videos are AMAZING


I really enjoy your analysis. Depth unexplored is depth wasted.

With that said, the biggest mystery of this show is how "not horny" those two boys are.

I didn't get to choose between color or grey at that age, because my body demands color. Hotaro is probably some where on the aro-ace spectrum. And Satoshi is gay.

Eyes betray desire. Satoshi never stops looking at Hotaro. His favorite color is pink. He is in the handicrafts club. Given the chance, he will wear a leotard. The boy is not straight.

I don't have the stats, but the majority of gay people in Asia "will" marry the opposite sex. That is why Satoshi can not let Mayaka go. She is the logical choice. She represents "reality". While Hotaro is the "dream".

Hotaro is not helping either. Because girls are grey to him. I just watched your video on the swimsuit episode, so I guess he did show proper appreciation for Chitanda's form. But his decision to go after her feels way too cerebral.

He saw his future life with Chitanda, finds it acceptable, then decided to go after her. What is he, a thirty something woman? No wonder Satoshi thinks that he might have a chance. (No offense to smart ladies, but young people's love lies in their eyes. Shakespeare said so. Men just never grow up).

I think the British TV series said out loud that Sherlock is "not gay or straight, but something else". I might be wrong. But Watson is straight in that show. And got married to a wonderful woman.

I hate the fact that I can't just enjoy a good mystery show without thinking about those things. But primary motivations are key to understanding a person. And motivations don't get much more primary than sex.


At first I thought he stole the chocolate cause he just wanted to try and test Houtarou's skills as a detective. So I was really shocked when he said his real reason but I understood him on a personal level.

Oh hey it's me

Thumbnail is beautiful


wish I could like a video twice

Mark P.

satoshi is idiot.


"Satoshi heading up to the clubroom at 4 : 20.."

Ahh, that number. I see.

chongbura chhakchuak

Who writes these stories and why do you get the story so much

The cookie spartan

Do you know if a subscription service has hyouka on it?
want to watch it now thanks to this amazing analysis. replay value makes everything seem more interesting

Tex Poseidon

Oh man ??☺️ my heart ❣️

William Chabot

I usually spam F in the chat but here I just want to spam like, great job!


During this episode I had to remember throughout the actions of Satoshi, and others as well to some regard, that these characters are freshmen in high school. For a lot of Hyouka, in fact a lot of anime as well, has that perspective that the characters are as smart as adults and have wisdom to match but this episode reminds us, the viewer, that they are not always the smartest and/or are not wise, they are high school students. They are still relatively kids with relatively simple problems but those problem still mean worlds to them. This episode removed us from the fabled rose colored lense we got use to and now on the dark but ever present side of high school life. This whole episode is the trouble of adolescence: Satoshi making hurtful decisions while trying to actualize himself (the entire video), Chitanda and her tunnel vision anger, Miyaka a young women wanting love, and Hotarou being that best friend giving the guided push. I love how the episode calibrated us this episode and showed they are young people still trying to sort out themselves and take a moment away to remove the rose colored lense we often see in anime. That seemed rough but had to write quick, on my way to see Avengers.


Amazing video mate , i liked your reasoning , even if it's more than 1 year since i watched this show , this is still amazing and i can still remember those beautiful , sad , mysterious moments , especially with the outstanding job of KyoAni that made this anime more beautiful .

Satoshi meaning

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Paprika: The Storm of Progress

61 668 views | 2 Mar. 2017

Paprika, Satoshi Kon's

Paprika, Satoshi Kon's last film, introduces us to a psychedelic and surreal interpretation of the dreaming mind, but are these unconscious visions the only dreams it explores? This analysis focuses on what Paprika might have to say about our aspirational desires, and why we might fear them as much as we desire them.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video essay!

If you have any thoughts on the ideas in this video, or just your interpretation of the film in general, please leave them down in the comments. :)


► Twitter: https://twitter.com/whatssograce

► Tumblr: http://whatssogreataboutthat.tumblr.com/

That Movie Nerd

Is the dubbed version any good? Saw the subbed version and really liked it. Your analysis was fantastic!


"And hopefully whenever we chose or have chosen, our future can be informed, instead of controlled, by our past."
Love that quote!

John Jones

A lot of wasted time overanalyzing a very TRASH film. Totally NONSENSICAL and full of plot holes. Its really only enjoyable to artsy people. And plz dont say cliche shit like, "Its cause u didnt get it." Thats a cop out. Someone tell me, what the point was? I mean, are we all just supposed to go, "Man thats so deep" by the end of the pretentiousness? I hated this film. Id rather comb my underarm hair with a fork to kill time than to watch 30 min of this time wasting film. Garbage.

Topiary Creatures

Brilliant analysis that somehow umbrellas many people's interpretations. Your writing was so dense and nuanced I felt like I was reading Hegel. So good.


Great analysis. Inspired me to rewatch the film. Thanks. New subscriber :)



Julia Harano

paprika é top, muito legal o video

Elf Sieben

"Paprika" is one of the best sci-fi films ever made, together with "Living in Oblivion" it is also one of the best films ever made on the topic of dreams, and together with "Dark City" it surely is one of the best films ever made on the topic of identity, illusion and/or reality of personality.


Amazing Video. Thank you so much

min lucman

damnn that was a good review!


So good...gotta subscribe.

Laurel Evermore

Beautiful analysis! I have been meaning to watch the film and this has just convinced me to do so.


I subscribed straight away after watching this video. I love this film so much and you gave an extremely interesting insight into it. I now look at the film differently but still love it just as much. Thanks for this. This was great!

Lukas Kuhn

Hey just wanted to say this channel is magnificent i just watched your nights in the woods, adventure time, over the garden wall and paprika videos and they are all so on point that they resummoned the feelings i had when first watching/playing the things you talk about. Great job!

mohamed joestar

Now this is a great video ! Paprika is regarded as Kon's weakest work by a lot when actually it's the inspiration for his unique style(about the novel i'm talking, because he wanted to adapt it when it was released back in the 90s but he couldn't because of budget issues, miraculously the writer of the novel himself asked him to adapt it later on). but i don't think it's his weakest, it's a great one, the perfect portray of dreams, with their madness and influence on reality, the all carried with beatiful visuals,subtlety and great direction.
While i watched the movie twice i never went as deep as you in analyzing and extracting its treasures as you did, Good job.
Good luck and i really hope you review his other masterpieces such as Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress

Medlife Crisis

I declared my fandom of Kon in a comment under the first video of yours that I watched, so it was obviously going to be this one I chose to watch next. Just as great. Subbed & looking forward to watching your back catalogue. Can I ask if you've had any issues with copyright when using music from these movies? I made a 60 second anime-style opening featuring some J-pop (not film soundtrack) and whole vid was taken down with strike added. So bit nervous about doing anything similar again.

Prince Hans

You haven't once mentioned LUCID DREAMS


Absolutely fantastic video! Saw this movie recently and it bended my mind completely. I guess you could say this video bended it back and made sense of it haha :D

Bradley Lintmore

wow, great video. I was just trying to refresh on what happens in the movie but you provided a new insight. Thank you!


this is more than surreal memes


now i need an explanation video for the movie explanation ahaha jeez why do people want to talk like printed book i'll never get that.

Google made me do it

Satoshi Kon is probably my favourite director because of his originality in expressing the things that are so simple yet so awesome and contemporary. He really understands what things like social media would mean for the future and the way he shows it is just WHOA.

Also your last sentence really hits it home to what I'm attempting to make from my art practice: to be informed - not controlled - by the past. I might just nick it for my next presentation ;)

Moisés Lozano

Paprika is one of my favorite films and even tho I have re watched dosens of times I never truthly understand the meaning of the unstopable Parade. Is pretty instresting your conexte that it symboilises a dream of prosperity for humanity in contrast also being chaos that can never end because time flows fowards.

I really like you opinion on this, keep it up!


damn your channel is very underrated. subbed. thanks for this video. you provide a very clear reasoning to an otherwise cryptic film

youssef ElBouzidi

Fantastic analysis but I would have added that part when paprika says that men need women with a little bit of spice. Because love can be something that really makes us accept our current life (that is not our lost futures) and consider it worth living, overcoming the problem that resulted from failing in the pursuit of our original dream.

Taller de Retazos

Thank you for this :,)


as someone who's usually subs before dubs, I prefer the dub of this movie, because the soundtrack is louder in that version lol

Pedro Yepes

great analysis. thanks!

Stefano Sabido

Wow Love your videos and channel. Please keep it up!


why does the microphone quality pick up at the last 18 seconds? the whole video sounded like it was recorded in a muffled and padded room


Your videos are fantastic and excellently written. Subscribed!

Not Sam

I like to watch anime in the original language (with subs of course) but in these videos I'm in favor of dubs for clips. Nothing is usually lost and I don't have to suddenly switch to reading.


This is just the most beautiful video. Thank you for making this.


Great video again. I don't remember how I found your channel but I'm glad I did, keep up the good work!

Salman Zella

I must say, you did a great video I watched this in chinese website by translated chinese. i think this video is logical and thought-provoking if you can translate chinese in your video, chinese can see and understand you easily. thank you .

My Autobiography A Fanfic

I'm not sure the pun about dreams and dreams works in Japanese.

delaney klutes

You cover some of my favorite topics and bring new insight I could never conceive of

Chikin Nuggits

Goddamn this was a good video! Subbed!

Mira Merali

Your analysis is great :)

Kieran Mandy

This is a fantastic reflection on a film that most people find impenetrable, to the point that even many Satoshi Kon fans write it off as eye candy with little in the way of meaning. Thanks for making this a more digestible and approachable film. I look forward to your future videos as well as my next watching of paprika.


This analysis is much appreciated. A lot was lost on me having just watched it, and I feel like with these ideas in mind I may have a deeper appreciation of the film the next time I watch it.

La Volpe

Fantastic analysis, you absolutely nailed it. Everything from the analogies to contextualising the events of this film were all spot on - you've essentially spared me the effort of having to make a video on Paprika, haha! Excellent work, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your channel as it blossoms!

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Who was the jerk that dislike this video?

Samm Lane

rest in peace shitoshi kon ! may you make the afterlife more brilliant


I fucking LOVE Paprika. Bad ass movie


Thanks for explaining the movie. I couldn't fully understand the issues and messages the movie was trying to discuss because of the weird visuals which bring up a lot of questions but after watching your vid, I have reached a satisfying conclusion to this movie I watched as a kid. My favourite character has to be the detective. I thought he would be the generic grumpy and moody detective cop but he was a really fun loving, mellow dude.

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Fantastic work, really thorough analysis. Watched the movie for the first time in about 7 years and felt my understanding of the movie had changed in a way similar to your thinking. Good job!


amazing video. keep up the nice work!


The parade being the Chairman's fear of the future was something I did not catch. Ace stuff. I dismissed it as wacky surreal imagery. Big mistake. It reminds of No Country For Old Men and True Detective. In NCFOM, specifically it reminds me of the conversation between Sheriff Ed Tom Bell and a fellow sheriff after the death of Llewelyn Moss. They talk about the times changing, how shocked they are that greed is causing such chaos as drug wars. They're confused that teenagers are dyeing their hair, wearing piercings, unsure of where it's all leading to. Then you have Uncle Ellis, towards the end of the film, telling Ed Tom that the world's always been an awful place. That nothing's changed. Then there's True Detective. You have Marty talking to Maggie's father. Her father is waxing on about how the world's getting worse, to which Marty replies, "You know, throughout history, I bet every old man probably said the same thing. And old men die, and the world keeps spinning." The DC Mini would allow men like Ed Tom, the sheriff he spoke to, and Maggie's father to bring to reality their ideal vision of the world, like the Chairman tried to do, instead of accepting reality as it is and doing what they can.

In another scene, Marty is talking about a feeling of time slipping through your fingers. The feeling that the future is behind you, and it always has been. He relates this to failing to be the family man he needed to be. It's too late to go back and pay more attention to his daughters, it's too late to be a faithful husband. He accepts it, and is able to move forward. For Kanokawa, it's too late to go back and undo his envy of his friend. It's too late to stop himself from tearing their friendship apart. The only thing we can do is accept who we are and do what we can in the present. Marty thanks his wife for the life they had and says goodbye, allowing him to fully help in Rust's investigation with no doubts. Kanokawa accepts that he can no longer become the filmmaker he wanted to be as a wide eyed youth, allowing him to help Dr. Chiba and co. with no doubts.

Thank you for this video. I finished the film recently and felt like I didn't get all I could out of it. This really helped.

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Watched Paprika so many times gonna watch it again.

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I worry that this may present more about your own frame of reference, or even bias, than a clear examination of the films content. I enjoyed it, the presentation was captivating and interesting. But as to validity it felt like an effort was made to fit philosophical elements to the film. Once that is accepted, one only need pick their philosophy and they can splice the film into it. While everyone has a lens, not all lenses are equally clear and some are intentional filters. While compelling, philosophical filtering can feel as artificial as compressed audio, even if subtly applied.


I watched about 30 seconds of this yesterday, but specifically stopped so I could watch the movie tonight. I just finished and immediately came back to watch this video. The movie was incredible and your analysis blew my mind. I probably never would have seem it if not for your comment on my video.
Thanks for adding to my dream world!

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This was an incredible piece! Thank you!

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Amazing analysis, best one on youtube, I wish you have the chance in the future to explore the topic you didnt get to put in this video :)

and my favorite line is 5:36 "we must accept that the possible futures we lose are the price you pay for existing in the present"

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I’m on board with all of this, but the English voices... gross lol

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Grace lee, knowns what she wants to do in life and its undobtly respectable. Congrats on being this amazing.

Not everyone has been this professional with their work and still makes it entertaining too listen too and watch. Good job.


Love this video, I keep coming back and watching it again and again. Not many people can analyze satoshi kons work in such a mindful way, but you really did so.

( BTW: Do you have the name of the song that plays at 3:20 when talking about the characters pasts?)

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Beautiful video! I enjoy how you reference other philosophers while inputting your personal analysis.

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Just one of the best film essayists working right now. You kick ass.

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Splendid research. I like how Paprika holds so many meanings and themes that people might focus on one or multiple if can. It inspire me of creating a new character influenced and based on a Vietnamese creation myth and dreams. I thought the english dub was great.

Tales Of Color


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This was a gorgeous video essay
Thank you


I guess no one figured out that the main villain was still at large(literally) at the end of the movie and got away with his master plan. Hear me out. Tokita is the mastermind and main villain, he was the one that created the device and had chiba use it to create this dream world were she would basically experience this alternate reality or "dreamwolrd" were she would experience this story(the movie we just watched) were she felt she was progressing in the story thinking she was in control but in reality is was a just a script ultimately brainwashing her into falling in love with him.... think about it. For a genius like him it wouldnt be that hard for him to sabotage the device to brainwash her. This movie was so confusing that quite honestly just about any interpretation could be plausible lol

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wonderful video!
amazing movie, which i'm STILL trying to get my head around .


Not to mention the awesome soundtrack


Could you do dogtooth? you really make quality videos! <3

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Great analysis, thanks for doing it.

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Brilliant essay! Can you tell me what the music starting at 2:25 is please?


Thanks so much for this analysis!


Some of the most perfect imagery when it comes to dreams and mental degradation. Fans of the visuals, especially towards the film's climax, might like this image by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. https://reply2julian.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/gero_tan.jpg

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Great video! +1

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Losing our possible futures.... ?
Now that's scary

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OMG thanks so much for this essay, Paprika is so layered that i still don't understand some parts of it but it keeps haunting me. thanks for the incredible video essay, never thought about this as a metaphor for progress in life and technology. I've always thought it's about the dream and reality and how one should balance both influence in our own subjective consiousness but now that there's a theme of progress, it adds more layers to the whole film


Loved it. My video essays are nowhere near as well constructed/tightly edited as yours, so consider myself subscribed!

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Great video, the parallel with Benjamin's Angelus Novus is pure genius

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This movie woke me up

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Lol 66.6k subs

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Pretty fascinating take on Paprika! A lot of analysis focuses only on the "fiction creates reality" part of Satoshi Kon's works, but you covered some pretty un-looked at parts here and that was amazing. Thank you!

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Guys i still dont understand how the dreams merge w reality? Can someone pls explain it , or is it all still a dream where tokita is a giant robot and walking around town and when the chairman becomes a tall black thing?


nice one. as for Paprika's identity/origin, I think it only gets clearer when Chiba Atsuko (the real, conscious, ego) thinks Paprika is part of her mind. Paprika tells her ''have you ever considered maybe YOURE a part of me ?'' Suggesting that reality is subjective, just like consciousness.
Then ''To think that you can control yourself and others, you're just like an old baldy I know'' referring to Dr Sei-jiroh who is all ego and wants to control everything.
Paprika then pushes Chiba to admit her love for Tokita, and when Chiba decides to follow her heart and try to save him, Paprika says 'She's become true to herself'
My humble theory (after a first watch) is that Paprika is both the unconscious of Chiba and also what you could call ''God'' or 'Light', which is exemplified when she absorbs the darkness and restores light. During all of the movie, she wanders around dreams to show Light to the characters, even the bad ones (by revealing their harsh truth). I think what she is telling Chiba is that the unconscious is both a part of you, but also a higher consciousness at the same time. It's part of you, and you are part of it, and trying to control it is delusional and egoistical.


I think it’s fine that you used dub, just make sure to look at both because some dubs will probably change meaning in dialogue.

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Great take on an awesome film. Thank you for this.


Great video! I might also add though that the writer of the book was very nationalistic (not to be confused with patriotic), so that might've also influenced the chairman's "fear of the future" because the original author was that way.

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OMG I love your videos! They offer something unique I can't quite figure out but I love it!