What is fundamental analysis

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Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis - Which is Better?

11 086 views | 13 Nov. 2018

In today's episode of

In today's episode of hungry for returns we are going to talk about technical analysis vs fundamental analysis.

I'm going to show you the differences between them, their pros and cons, as well as which one is better for trading stocks, in my opinion.

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Gustavo Buquera

As Charles Dow wrote: "The Market Discounts Everything".
This is the main reason why technical analysis work.
Great video!

Johnathon Wright

This is well freaking said. The best I've ever heard it


Really helped me out I want to be a swing trader but fundamental just seem more my speed of understanding.

Derek Lambert

One big caveat... 2020 market...*cough* Hertz, cruise line stocks, pick your poison...

Uhdbc Yjg Noraine

Clear explanation. TQ SIR!

Ken Griffin

even a downside can be a good chart?

Amin Jahangard

big help,thanks??

Sean Lynch

Good video thanks

Z Serna

how the heck did you write reverse that well

Kawthar Jassim

This was truly beneficial, thanks sasha!

A Man of Balance

Thank you Sasha!

chaitanya ravi

Good info

Hannah Burke

This was sooo helpful!! Thank you so much. Studying for the Series 65 and came across your video. Subscribed!

Victor Funk

In my opinion it is best to use both. I use fundamentals to decide on what to invest in, and or trade, and I use technical charts to determine when to buy and when to sell. For me I have had good returns from what I think are the 3 best ways to make money in the market which is 1st Dividend investing, 2nd day/swing trading, and 3rd value investing for the long term.

Farhan Abdi22010


Le Mont Blanc

Is apple good buy now after the flash? Thanks sasha, I love your channel

Mahsa Doorfard

everything was explained smoothly and easy to understand. thanks a lot.

Udit Uday Aggarwal : Network Marketing

my trades are of usually 1 year so should i use fundamental analysis?


Tech charts can change overnight

Ken Griffin

Shorting tesla is dangerous bcz the company showed good earnings.

Patricio P.

What can cause a company to have great fundamentals but bad technicals? What are some of the characteristics of discrepancy between the two?

Udit Uday Aggarwal : Network Marketing

you look like mr. been

Mohit Parbat

1 subscriber = 1subscriber + 1 like 101percent working ????

Judith Abadilla

Ya both,,

What is fundamental analysis

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What Is Fundamental Analysis ?

1 561 views | 20 Dec. 2019

Fundamental analysis can

Fundamental analysis can be explained as a method of estimating a security which involves attempting to evaluate its basic value by assessing allied financial, economic, and other quantitative and qualitative factors.

Fundamental analysis aims at studying everything which affects the value of the security, including macro-economic factors (such as the overall economy and industry conditions) and company-specific factors

Chandan Gupta

Hi, how important is Fundamental Analysis in Forex trading?

Tara 2daG

Thank you for posting. The report example was a good way to imagine the information you are explaining about Fundamental Analysis.

Jewel Studio

You are taking too much time on economic calendar - few true nuggets, lot of rambling. Overall great material n effort.

What is fundamental analysis

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Basics of Fundamental Analysis for Stock Market Beginners

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saroj pranay chandekar

Kya option trading me fundamental analysis karna chahiye.

Vikas Chauhan

gracias por el conocimiento from spain

Preeti lunavat

You are a great teacher

ChoBeJi Gaming

Ab.. me Is course se ke baad hi stock pick krunga

Raju Pandey

Hello guys if anyone wants fundamental analysis course for cheap price plz let me know it's more than 18+ hours of contents and it's worth the money I have paid for I have bought the course for higher price and now I m Sharing the course so that I can recover some amount from this course Plz let me know if you need fundamental analysis course for resonable price ?


Sir make a video on balance sheet!!
How to read understand balance sheet ?


Hello Pranjal kamra sir ji sir mai aapke video continue dekhta hu aur sharemarket mai kaise invest karna hai seekh raha hoo.
Sir meri aapse request hai ki jab aapka mai video dekhta hoo to sochta hoo ki akhir aap samjha to camera ke saamne rahe ho aap ke saamne koi public nahi hai aapko pata to nahi hai ki saamne kaun hai mail hai female hai kaun si age ka hai phir aap itni confidently kaise bolte ho sir mera YOUTUBE mai channel hai motivational speaking par, mere channel mai views nahi aa rahe SINGORE ASHISH channel ka naam hai mai kaise assume karoo public ko video banate samay taaki mai achhe se samjha sakoo

Debasish Ghosh

Exclnt vedio,,all queries have resolved..thnx

Shilbhdra Kadam

Thank u so much sir, for incredible knowledge.... But rohit is better than virat

Hasmita Darji

Hello sir your vidio ni e?

Janardhan Chatare

में आपके वीडियो देख के बहोत प्रभवित हुवा हु में आप से ट्रेडिंग करना सीखना चाहता हु

Priya Sonevane

Case Flow

Dheeraj Mallempati

sur ew hour en encperashan

Storyteller KD

Awsome example. I love your video.

Desi Upchar

Sir ji please .. Y bhi batae kro ki jo jankari janni chaeye vo hum kese jaane kis site p jakr jane

Milind Tambe

Where is 2nd video of this series


Sir, i want to take fundamental analysys adn technical analysis but couldn't contacted ur office
8847831878 pls call me

Bashir Masih

Thank you Pranjal, you made video very simple to understand . You trade US Stocks in New York Wall Street also ?


Very nice discription of fundamental analysis

Education And Learn

All share brokers and experts are crying now?



pankaj kadam

Very nice video pranjal ji bahot bahot dhanyawad apka

rashmi jain

Very easy to understand video. I loved it❤️❤️❤️

Satyendra Kumar

Jai hind Jai?? bharat. Very very nice information. Absolutely right for buy share fundamental analysis because technical analysis destroy and loss 90% of shares holder specially follow technical support or advisers, who's and how can deside market today approximately increase or decrease. Bharat mata ki? jai

Mithun Singha

Wonderful explanation by practical example, Thank you sirji for such a wonderful video

Zeeshan Khan

Sir idea bag ka packeged life time rhayga one time payment pr

Nilesh Varade

Best you tube channel for stock market.

Umang Shah

Agar itna easy h to sab Rakesh ya Warren q nai bane?

GST Firm

Amazing Explanation ✔️

nitesh gaikwad

Jitna Important Fundamental hai utnahi important Technical Analysis hai.
Fundamental batata hai konsa share le to
Technical batata hai wo share khahase le.

Sandesh golambade


Kishlay Raj

Sir jaab aap itne expat hai aap av tak kitne pesa kamaye share Market se ... ? Btaiye jra .....

Hrithu Raj

Clear explaination . Want more like This

Rishabh Jain

All steps are important to learn and understand.thankks

Italian Job

Never late than sorry finally found a great channel ?

Beautiful dday

thank you so much for valuable information


How share price decide

Rajeev Narayan

Thanks for conducting uor lecture.

Robindro Sapam

New subscription here cos I think you worth it

Yaduvanshi Bhupendra

Is it same as technical analysis????

Pallavi Mehta

Cricket example- not understandable

Nandu Sandanshiv

Are bhai koi demo dikhaya hota to Accha samaj me ata


How to get the documents to analyze?

Sanjay Bhandari

What. A smooth way you giving solution sir...

Yogesh G

Pranjal ji. Good morning. Your way of presentation fantastic. You are making complicate things simpler. A lay man can understand stock market in easy way. Thanks for providing financial literacy to society

Raju Pandey

Hello guys if anyone wants fundamental analysis course for cheap price plz let me know it's more than 18+ hours of contents and it's worth the money I have paid for I have bought the course for higher price and now I m Sharing the course so that I can recover some amount from this course Plz let me know if you need fundamental analysis course for resonable price ?

Amol Ranshur

Very easy language to beginners good.

Fin Saver

Amazing explanations sir every one taking about HiFi analysis and claiming inside news but no one explained the fundamental like you

Amar Patel

Wow sir आपने बहुत ही आसान भाषा मे समझाया है फंडामेंटल एनालिसिस को....tnk u sir

Dark gaming

Aap website batao na plzz analysis kay sir plZz

Ansh Banik

Sir plz make a video Entertainment and pharma sector fundamental analysis

Rahul Kumar

Sir fundamental yani bailen cheet ke upar video banao bailen cheet kaise dekhe kaise puri bailen cheet ko pade ya padna sikhaiye

Sumeet Karmali

Thanks Pranjal. You have given enough motivation and even more knowledge in very simple explanations. All of this for free. Wish you the best in future.

Anjula Godakumbura

Why dont you SAY its in Hindi in the title?!?... bloody wasted my time!

Yatin Shah

excellent analogy of fundamental analysis with a batsman's stats. A big thumbs up.

Diptisankar Chand

How to get these details of any particular stock.

Sukumar Das, roll-09

My favourite youtuber always..❤️❤️

Atul Raj

Banki Ke Videos Ni Hai Discription Mein

Vishal Shirsath

This may be one of the best life skills...

prateek goud

sir please suggest among mphasis, jkcements and ipca labs

sandeep negi

where is more fundamental analysis videos

Gaming Badshah

Humko kab fundamental analysing karni chahie investment karne ke liye.. I mean to say jab company ke result aate Hain tab.. ya fir sab company ke share gir rahe hote hai tab... Ya fir March mein ??

Ya fir kabhi karke invest kar skte hai??

Anup Minj

Love you Pranjal ji


Loved it❤️

Pooja Mandhane

Where's next video

Amit Joshi

Pranjal ji I don’t see the next episodes on fundamental analysis. Please help


For basic market analytics (for example: sectoral move sizes or biggest individual stock movers etc) please see :


The above link is updated everyday - shortly before market open

megan Henson

Happiness is achieved when your aim and desire in life are determined,still doubting the efficiency of my words ? Give it a try and have the satisfaction you obtain for yourself. I gave it a try and I can gladly stand and tell everyone you're the best trade [email protected]__forex09 via insta..

Chandni Sushil

You are great sir I got it

Pritesh Gaonkar


Parveen Saini

gr8 way of explaining a tough topic with the simplest way

Desi in USA

Hello Pranjal, thanks for making such video. Where are the stock analysis links

Sveta Sveta2017


New Opportunity

Sir good job thanks


Aap pehle kyu ni mile . Your explanation is just amazingg???

Sunjida Farjana

Can anyone tell me fundamental analysis of share and fundamental analysis of stock are same topic?
Plz tell me

Gopal Patil

very good explenation

sheik basha

Then also retail investor and Trader not make money, not make profit, why you know 1.Detail analysis 2.Time of Buy or Time of sell 3.Patience 4.bad news 5.Opertor 6.Demond and supply. In market only 1 to 3 %investor or Trader only make profit maximum lose their capital, all player not winning gold medel in Olympic, However, all are good player..

VTG Cars

I will buy you in 10 rs

Kamal Thakur

Too good ?



We can look into Nifty 50 and Nifty 100 stocks and invest in the uptrending ones as only fundamentally good stocks are included in these Indices.


Vanita Bohat

Watch in 1.5 x speed

Prakhar Pandey

Love you sir

Swapan Sen

my buying course did not simplify me so easily

Civil Explorer

Virat Kohli= MRF. Both are Genius.

Anand Paranjape

Wonderful -you remind of Sunil Gavaskar - there is a Marathi song - sung by none other than The Great Sunil Gavaskar - हे क्रिकेट म्हणजे जीवन राजा जो हुकला तो संपला - life is like cricket dear | the one who misses is finished - i have become your fan

Mayuresh Varma

Accha hai


Bhai demo ke saath batate tobaur achha hota....

Suman Dasgupta

If possible show visual also

Mantosh Samadder

sir aapka jabab nhi

Kids inspiring Kranti

you are great

Partha Sarothi Biswas

7th step

Ravi ips

This video made me subscribe you and on notification button, tq u sir

J. Has

Bhai aap 1 mahine ke liye subscription banao plz..

aniket gotarne

Super simplified ??

Mohmedasrar khodawala

Sir, please make playlist of this series...

Jasdeep Sidhu

Actually, it is everything in One Video ??

Rahul Parmar

Ye candle stick graph ke bare me bahut suna hai mene sir, so plz aap uske bare me review dijiye... I'm new in this market, and idk ye candle stick me kya hota hai kya dikhata hai etc etc ..plz. give information about candle stick

Debasish Banerjee

Which Book Value to consider while calculating P/B ratio.
Book Value [Excl. Reval Reserve]
Book Value [Incl. Reval Reserve]

Anwar Badsha

Fundmental analysis and checklist.
Checklist ration and condition shall apply prior to pick, peg ratio, debit ratio, PE ratio, PBV ratio, EBIDATA, PExPBV ratio????? "we this stocks best with what condition and evaluation " "buy decided as per market performance "