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Top 10 Richest Bitcoin Owners! (How Much BTC Should You Own?) | Bitcoin News - Bitcoin Price

4 060 views | 14 Jan. 2021

Top 10 Richest Bitcoin

Top 10 Richest Bitcoin Owners! (How Much BTC Should You Own?) | Bitcoin News - Bitcoin Price

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Awesome ?

Kehinde Kolapo

This is great.

Daniel Btc

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Richest bitcoin

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Top 10 Richest People in Crypto

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Matt for Mankind


Lil Dre Brown

Still jamming & its 2019??‍♂️??????

shrikant ji

Great crypto is future

Nami sah

i have a old 1990 Macintosh LC and listen to this song when using it


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And how are these fees generated ? It's simple, when you buy/sold POWH3d Tokens you pay a 10% tax, then this tax is shared between all the token holder !
And withdrawing your dividends is not charged by any tax ! If you want to check the website you can use this link https://powh.io/?masternode=0xe4f12ff52b33a17a5e3817e9a8cdf98a30626840
If you are seing people saying it's a scam, well it's a smart contract managed by the ethereum block chain no one can edit it.
The code of the smart contract has been check by many people and it's shows that the coins can not be stolen by anyone !

Trent Alexander

Nice cover Teddy Riley New Jacked it! Aaron Hall and Crazy legs smoothed out a lil’! Niceee!!!

win wardi

Not a single attractive man


I see where “always on my mind” by swv come from


BITCOIN IS THE FUTURE. IMO.⛱️????️?️?️???????️???️?️?️.

Latrice Reynolds

Yassss my guys!!??

Crypto Counselor

Thanks for the info cointelegraph?

Damian Rodgers

The Gap Band with Guy Flavoring!!!

Alexander Rosario

What about Satoshi? Or has everyone come to consensus that he doesn't exist and he is just the CIA/deep state.

Michale Davis Sr.

Teddy did his thing on this one.

Lanceklyn Brothers

hi coin telegraph can i download this to my youtube channel? thank u

Chitlins Laundry



how about Roger Ver ?

Leena Williams

I just introduced my 17 year old to both versions and she likes them both and said this is the best do-over ever and agrees they did The Gap Band justice but she loves the live instruments in the original. She is now a Gap and Guy fan!!!!!!

info animation

The bitquin will fall below EURO 4500

Soul Musiqlover

Miss this music they did Gap Band justice ♡

Latasha Chase

Still special ???

frostysnow w

The Gap Band - Yearning For Your Love ??????

Lucy Stewart


Heart & Soul

This is my first time hearing this cover. I’m so glad they maintained the integrity of this song!! Great job!

Stokley Ferguson Sr

Remake I think guy nailed it.

Jenny wakeman XJ9

Love this cover I appreciate guy and especially Teddy Riley for this

james howard

My favorite song of all time Gap Band / Guy

Daphnee Rene

Wow nice mix evergreen ??✊????????

Louis Gibson

Aaron want hard but can't touch charlie

Michale Davis Sr.

Aaron trying to hold back, I know he wanted to go full Charlie.

Ms. Rochelle75

Where you at 2020! Post up! This pandemic is not gonna get us! Groove with me! ❤️❤️❤️ #Guyzone???????

Zach Johns

The original from Gap Band really touched my heart. ?❤️

But this version does a little bit. Only difference is it feels adventurous to me.

Andrew Lineberger

Killer Cover

Demetria Walker

Great remake


My heart is Yearning For Your Love ? I like having you around in my life ?


They should have said no!

He is a great singer...but no!