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Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire

10 327 562 views | 2 Jun. 2017

Music video by Vangelis

Music video by Vangelis performing Chariots Of Fire. (C) 1981 Universal Music International BV / Polydor (UK) Ltd.


#Vangelis #ChariotsOfFire #Vevo #Electronic #VevoOfficial


youre ears are virgins until you heard this

Z Szilagyi

I’ve just played the Hymne on my piano and remembered it must be from Vangelis that’s how I got here and subscribed.


“Oh, sugar honey ice tea!”

Kristey walker

this reminds me of my graduation so i searched it up and started crying couse this is beautiful ❤️

Claudinho TV

Like if you know the Song but not the name.

Finally I did it ! ! !

Jess Hull

This song used to be everywhere and I remember my Dad hating it with a passion. LOL hahah

Henry Weil

whats the chord at 0:28

Curie Obinque

I really love this song! We used to play this when I was in Elementary in our Drum & Lyre Corp. This brings back so many memories ?


absolutnie fantastyczne. Bosze, jaką głowę trzeba mieć, żeby taką cudowną muzykę tworzyć..

Don Juan Naldhy

Mr. Bean bring me here...


40 long years ago!?????????????????????????????????????????

Justin Wallace

I was born in January of 1982. I wonder if my parents played this to inspire me to start walking?


I was today years old when I found out this song actually had a title

Michael Smith

Best classical ever written .SHOW SOME RESPECT

Dionne Sebastian D

A moment of silence for those who are still searching for this song


who search this music after watch mr bean live performance at olympic 2012?
you are legends

tré sor

Musique walf fin du monde Bangui ni boko dégué deuk bangui takk

Morten Skjøde

1.10: The diametric opposite to Prince Malagant... an innocent and ever happy kid

F.A. Monje

This has been comically spoofed so many times, I can't take it seriously. Just like "Sweet Victory".

TailsGamer1107 _YT

Who else here from Good Burger?

Rembrand Van Dooren


_Justagirl _

I tried it with düü dü dü dü düüü but I cant find the song Im looking for I tried everythinggg


i listen to this and want to run through a brick wall




Ah yes, meme

talent sn Sénégal

Depuis Sénégal ???♥️


good burger flashbacks

Ryan Blood

From The Office, anyone? :P

Amina Nina

This music make me cry every time ???

Ludwig van Beathoven

I can see Rowan Atkinson playing this one note


Mr Bean in 2012 Olympics games ... LOL


Wii Music


Kesini karena tiktok. 2021

Madison Dines

What's funny, is I've actually watched this movie before.

André Frelet

J'ai adoré c'est musique manifique inoubliable ??????❤❤❤❤

John Noel Gozarin

Thank Gosh i finally found this freakin song thanks to the one who made the subtile of the movie "We Can Be Heroes" ?

Vane Pin

jajja i love this coments.... the secret club of vangelis

Alexandru Carjan

Mr. Bean winning în style.


Currently watching GameStop stock prices climb to this song.

Rahmi Scott1

Mère Anta bengné from ??

Alvee Noor

limitless paper in a paperless world

Роман Епишин

Эта композиция будет ассоциироваться с Олимпийскими играми !

Lutfi Iskandar

Beautiful song ????


I was searching for Mr. bean the whole song

Luis Arias

When you learn the name of a song after a lifetime of hearing it everywhere.

kitty._. nails

Why this is so funny

Zirkus der Wandeloasen



Macintosh Introduction 1984

Arthur Morgan

I've never watched the movie but this song makes me think about what happened in the 1800s idk why


Me Running At The Beach After Deku And Their Friends Chased Me In The Beach When I Had Sodas And Pizza

Martin Dufek

to žváro

Marin Behnke

Now i can Dies

All Day Gaming

Oh Sugar Honey Iced Tea!


Great song for us Patriots!

Jack Dawson

From my childhood song now I get it in YouTube

Alejandro Martín zurita



The season one finale of The Middle brought me here

TheLittleAxolotl :D

I found this in the movie We Can Be Heroes lol

Sebastian Indertat

Is this the music used in movies where two people run to each other ?


Te reklamy tandetnej muzyki przed takimi arcydziełami to już przesada!

Ramandeep gour

Always my favorite... This Sparks something inside my heart and soul. Till date have put on my phone ringtone, cos really want to hear it every day

Patrik Ricci

At first i thought the music was the most 80’s thing there was,but then i saw the video ?

Abdullah Alenezi

A good song to use when i die :)

Jackson Harris

Went through the entire Madagascar sound track to find this

Natasha Christopher

Finally ??? found it ??

Souley Man

Walf moment ?

Kelvin Ozaki

Mr. Bean?

peepee poopoo

When i drove to the building where i received my discharge papers from the military, i listened to this, full blast, windows down, waving and laughing at all the poor bastards who weren't free. Then i drove to my friends house in WV and got really stoned.

cheikh tidiane

Ana wa walf tv

Bed Person

Like a Japanese cowboy or a brother on skates
Like a blizzard in Georgia or a train runnin' late
I call out your name girl in the heat of the night
And nobody answers 'cause somethin' ain't right

Breakfast at Shoney's at $2.99
Saved me some money and eased up my mind
I'm walkin' in circles and feelin' the pain
I'm tossin' and turnin' and cryin' in vain

Like a Japanese cowboy or a brother on skates
Like a blizzard in Georgia or a train runnin' late
I call out your name girl in the heat of the night
And nobody answers 'cause somethin' ain't right

Here we go

I'm ridin' at midnight and crossin' the line
From the rain in my windshield and the tears in my eyes
Now the bedroom is empty and I spent my last dime
And the lovers are leavin', I got nothin' but time,
I got you on my mind

Like a Japanese cowboy or a brother on skates
Like a blizzard in Georgia or a train runnin' late
I call out your name girl in the heat of the night
And nobody answers 'cause somethin' ain't right

vikas vallapil

Kadhal rojave enke ne yenke

Christian Asimwe

Magnifique travaux

Melissa Mei

I found this song because I am reading Steve jobs’ Book , he is a real legend , in the book his first 60 seconds ads for Macintosh in 1984 jan 24 it’s this song in the ads? love it ?

Pablo Mogollon

Can't believe how many people didn't know the name of this tune. It's easily one of the biggest classics ever composed.

Филипп Лыков


JaneLee Keller


mister eco

Me running for my vaccine ...


about 7 months ago, this song suddenly got stuck in my head for several days and I didn't know how to google it. Today i finally heard it in some YT video and instantly Shazamed it, relieved that the search is spontaneously over ?

Alan Chegne

Wow did wow I give you 100000 subscibe

Adam Mort

Аа что??? Эту песню тоже они написали? Ебанутся. Они же и сделали ту песню для стиралки которую я искал всю свою жизнь

Agung Vega

hyper olympic

こんにちは さようなら


Pedro Rodriguez

Where is mr bean?

Tottie Newman

wonderfull song

Crimson Fern

Video game casette. Olympics?✨9999 games in 1.

louisse jeke

The first time i heard of this song was when i was watching an opening of OLYMPICS game..cant remember what date but it was on tv.. and eversince..i love it...took yrs.to finally know its title and artist name coz this wasnt really played in radio more often..only in special radio broadcast here in the Philippines bck then...hhh.so happy memories

Jonas Grendalen

Speakers: Death metal.
Headphones: Chariots on fire...

Рина Иванова

Очень круто!

Unbekannter User

Mr. Bean tapping piano intensifies

Kay B

My dad has this song in one of his weight lifting videos and had it when we layed him to rest. Now I can't stop listening to it ❤️

Mark The Spark

I thought this was from Wii sports

Hanamichi Sakuragi 18

HEY! Where’s Mr.Bean!?

Kel Trepes

Alright, who else pretended to run in slow motion....

Rodolfo Alberto Alvarez

Yo simplemente busque "cancion camara lenta y me dije ojala la encuentre...


does anyone know how to express yourself when u get alive after you were dead... thats a kind of feeling i've got right now... please express urself on my behalf if u know this feeling...

Shivam Sinha

Chariots of fire ?, nice music.

Blaise Lurie

I am here thanks to the series "YOUNG SHELDON S3E21"

Alfonso Aseguinolaza

If she kisses me one day, I'll smile and put this song back home.


Your theme song while dying from lung cancer

Almudena Del Lago de las Torres

Actually, at some point, Mr was Always in the British race

Tune charts

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Zodiac Signs Compatibility in Love & Life ft. Dana Henry

115 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Welcome back to the She &

Welcome back to the She & I Podcast. This week B~Love & India Marie are joined by their friend and astrologer Dana Henry. India Marie and Dana have been looking forward to having Dana on to look at their charts. Tune in to find out how a Leo and a Capricorn co-exist.

Alicia B.

Love this!!!

Tune charts

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Vision Tune-Up Tuesdays #4: Eye Charts

2 688 views | 29 Apr. 2020

Every Tuesday in April

Every Tuesday in April 2020, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld will be going live on YouTube at 2:00 pm Eastern US time to host a free Vision Tune-Up Tuesday!

Each week he will guide you through a simple 15-30 minute follow-along vision routine that can help improve your eye health and your eyesight. After the vision routine, Nathan answers your questions in real time!

Join live to participate in real time, or watch the replay later!

Vision Tune-Up Tuesday #4 was on April 28th, 2020.

(Please pardon the slight sound issues in the recording of the livestream)


-Relaxing with Eye Charts

-Swinging & Shifting with Eye Charts

-Central Fixation with Eye Charts

-Memory Brings Vision with Eye Charts

-Near to Far Matching with Eye Charts

-Palming and Visualizing Clarity Near and Far

Watch the replays of Vision Tune-Ups #1, #2, and #3 at https://integraleyesight.com/live

DOWNLOAD THE FREE EYE CHART IN THIS VIDEO at https://integraleyesight.com/live

Interested in going deeper? Sign up for Nathan's Two-Day Virtual Vision Retreat on May 16th & 17th, 2020. Now offering a sliding scale! More information at https://integraleyesight.com/virtual

Stay tuned for the release of the new documentary Vision 2020: From Eyesight To Insight soon! https://integraleyesight.com/documentary

Listen to the Better Eyesight Podcast at https://bettereyesightpodcast.com

Thank you for participating!


can you tell me did by following the quantum vision improvement book can we improve our vision


Great info, really helpful thank you. The static noise decreases if you inc the playback speed

Rosemarie Van Berlo

Thanks for the video!
I only have the problem that I can't visualise. It's a condition called "aphantasia", maybe that's one of the reasons I'm high myopic. If I force myself to see an image I will probably strain a lot more.

Still love your videos!

영기쿡 young gi

can you turn on auto subtitles? then i can understand

Melissa TheBobcat Wyld

Thank you Nathan for all the videos. II have been learning and practicing from a book, but the videos really clarify the concepts. I missed the live versions, so I'm watching them now. I noticed that if I keep my eye lids loosely ha;halfway, I see significantly clearer than when they are fully open. Would you recommend keep dong that, or is that the equivalent to squinting?


Thanks Nathan. Great info and practices

Shivam Shukla


Nana Lehnherr

Hi Nathan, thank you soo much for your videos and explaining everything.
I practiced for 3 weeks morning and evening the swinging with or without thumb but the wall never goes in the opposite.way.
I can do slow or fast still the same, what am I doing wrong?


Excellent training information. Awesome. Thanks. Too bad there was some echoing in the background. Hmmm. What caused that?

Sa Ebi

What should we do about the specific charts with E in different directions which also eye doctors use? I guess they are to test astigmatism. Should we work on them like snelen as well? I really apreciate if you could answer.

Reshma Sawant

My english is poor I can't understand correctly but I want to reduce my eyes power plz guide me what I have to do?

Aziz Khan

Hey Nathan, do using pinhole glasses can improve eye ??


Hi Nathan, I was busy yesterday so I didn't see your video live but I did see it today. NIce video, thanks. I do have a question though. You say to keep chart for close if you are farsighted and keep far for nearsighted but the thing with me is that although you said I have very little astigmatism the reality is that I can't see close and can't see far either so what do I do? I have always had difficulty figuring out what I should do: should I practice with chart far? Should I practice with chart close? Should I have a combination? Or just shifting close and far? Please help me figure it out. Thanks

Spoke Hamilton

This exercise is so great, relaxing your eyes while focusing on the eye chart makes everything clearer. Thanks Nathan


I want to invite you to r/ImprovingEyesight

Hasan Cahyono

please give English subtitles so that they are easy to understand ?