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Marvel Spider-Man 2 2021 | Peter Parker's New Job & Eddie Brock Info

54 246 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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Marvel Spider-man 2. What's going on guys? RBG here, bringing you more coverage on Marvel's Spider-Man 2. First off I wanna give a big thank you to everyone who tuned in for my previous video reviewing Spider-Man Miles Morales. It did extremely well and you guys seemed to really enjoy the breakdown and theory on things we might see in Spider-Man 2. You may have thought that was all there was to talk about but there's still more to dissect so stay tuned. Will Marvel's Spider-Man 2 be on ps4? Spider-Man Miles Morales provided us with a hefty amount of clues on what Peter Parker will be up to in Spider-Man 2. Speaking of Miles Morales Sony just confirmed that both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 version of the game sold 4.1 million units as of the end of December. Which is pretty big numbers to boast about considering the fact that it's a spin-off that's merely half the runtime as the first installment. And its really no surprise since Marvel's Spider-Man 1 took just under a year to sell through 13.2 million units, so while it’s unlikely Miles Morales will hit those dizzying heights, it’s shouldn’t be too far off when all’s said and done. I think when the PS5 shortages start to let up and the units are more plentiful Spider-Man Miles Morales will undoubtedly double in sales.

0:00 Intro

0:09 More in store

0:28 Tube Buddy Ad

1:26 Spider-Man Miles Morales 4.1 Million Sales

2:18 Miles Morales IS NOT Spider-Man 2

2:54 Ultimate Spider-Man Inspirations

5:23 3 Venoms?

5:39 Eddie Brock's Whereabouts

7:09 Peter's New Place

8:36 Peter's New Job

10:21 Outro


Steve Austin

Honestly will we finally be able to cross that damn bridge in a Spider-Man game?????


First they need to bring over a physical, PS5 version of Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered.

Jaden Mcmillan

I’m hoping we get online coop so I can play with my bro and my friend

Elgin Griffin

As long as the black suit shows up

GOGETA The strongest fusion

Yes Eddie Throw Harry out the suit and give us the character we wanna see


maybe we will have the symbiot suit like how on spider-man web of shadows, u could turn it on at anytime and take it off. i really hope they do that, it would be awesome

Dwight Norton

I Think Peter Can Be A Teacher


Peter Parker as a high school science teacher is just the best career choice for him, I really hope they go in that direction in the future.

Kael Nelson

Somehow this guy manages to never end up sputtering or stammering when talking about spiderman or any topic its awesome

Beth Doyle

Is This Another Pic From Marvel Realm Of Champions?

Josh Jones

Man...I still can't believe the first game had the balls to kill off Aunt May. Its such a bold step forward I just gotta see where the story goes next.

Yousuf Khan

Stupid Question: r there spoilers for the previous games?

Noah Jahnsen

I want to play as Venom, That is all.


I hope I can change into Peters suit in an alley and do peter missions like go to take pictures of things as peter and go to events like carnivals , it’d be cool if There is multiplayer

WebSlinger 3000

I can't wait for Spidey next month in Avengers game


What game was that at the very end?

Spectacular Ultimate Spider-Man

6:07 in the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics Eddie Brock was a Childhood Friend of Peter Parker

Brittany Bell



Eddie Brock is gonna be Venom, it's gotta be Eddie Brock they can't totally change an iconic villain

Sonny Demetro

I think Venom Might be the Main Protagonist of Spider-man 3...

Irfan Iswananda

Need high school teacher Peter Parker. What a great run.

MarioXL Eldelosfierros

Watch dogs legions?

Radames Rivera

It'll be nice to have a mode or DLC to play as Venom


Which spiderman cartoon is that?! At 10:24


Do you think there will be any dlc for miles Morales?

Izuku Midoriya

1:35 "both the ps5 and PlayStation 5" ok then

Fernando Ponce

I sadly won't be able to play the 2nd game and I am extremely upset ?


What if the Venom game is its own separate game? Like the venom movie...

The Wolffdudebro

Yoooo RGB, don’t forget that in the Financial District, there’s a building that’s got Horizon Labs on it. I have a feeling he’ll be working there and that the location will come into play regarding the black suit in some form or fashion.

Matheus Henrique



Why is youre thumbnail from realm of legends bro?

Jackson Yollin

will it be a ps5 exclusive or will it also be on ps4?

soultiger 267

With This Marvel GamerVerse Insomniac Is Building I Wouldn't Mind Them Making a Moon Knight Game Or Maybe Even A Venom Game

The Real WBC

Thank god, miles morales is a fine Spider-Man to play as be he doesn’t have the same rouges gallery that Peter does

Jwizz Z

If you play miles morales and go through the social feed u will find another hint to Eddie Brock


Do you know when it will come out

GBW Productions

Ok the real question what game is that at 9:35

Toly Gunn

I dont mind a new location but I hope it's more then just another city. We need random activities and ways to interact with the environment. Maybe like when u go to arcade u can play older spiderman ones game or something. Be able to buy a hotdog etc

TYCOON spiders


Rafael Codicheira

in the ultimate universe Eddie and Peter are old friends


Co-op should be a option

Kristopher Wickline

I were wonder if Peter was with the Avengers in Miles Morales?

The Great Bergamo

Where is that last footage from? I legit thought it was footage of MSM2

Michael DeRespino

I sure hope we get a new map with Marvels Spider-Man 2. Not just a few changes to it like in Spider-Man:Miles Morales. I feel like it will.


Please for the love of God let us have this damn game to be co-op with Spiderman Peter Parker and Miles Morales...?

know technology official

Wow very good video I love your video that you can make up your video

William Beck

So I had this weird theory. That what if the 'three Venoms' as you say may appear... what if the first two, Harry and Peter, are oversimplified versions of Venom. Like Harry's the wild and vicious animal that people assume Venom to be and Peter's the ruthless and dangerous Lethal Protector before it ends up on Eddie who's a mix of both of them PLUS his, maybe brief maybe not, rivalry with Peter for lying about who he was for all these years.

El Negro Fantasma

I hope we get to fight the green goblin.


Hey what's that scene from the outro is that a game or?

Tcap One O One

8:58 insomniac deciding if Peter should be a teacher in this universe

Giovanni Roman

So is Miles Morales Spiderman a spin off or just and or not the proper sequel because at the same time there was the "chase of goose" reference when Miles talked to Rhino in their first fight.im confused?

RNJesus King

Do you think we might see venom, lizard and green goblin in marvel spider man 2


1:33 “Both the PS5 and PlayStation 5 version”

Galatians 5:16

Mane, its been awhile since I seen a video from you. Praise God


I think peter Parker should team up with Spider-Man 2099 again like they did in Edge of time for example they should just add a dlc of it or in the marvel Spider-Man 2 in the ending Spider-Man 2099 could just come out of nowhere and tell peter Parker that he needs his help and leave us clue less after that lol

John Stevens

I hope we get a spin off game that shows Peters origins in this universe. It would be pretty cool.

AbdulAzeem Shaikh

I'm really hyped to see more
about Spider-Man 2, but I want Insomniac Games to fix Peter cuz he looks young and a lot of people have so much concerns about his new face. And I wanna see a more darker story in the sequel!!


They have to give peter the wall and ceiling stealth takedowns for the sequel. Leave the perch/gargoyle hanging for the batman.


I’m just hoping for a gameplay update a little bit bigger than Miles’ venom powers. The symbiote suit could give peter additional powers, also I’d love if the web wingsuit became a thing maybe to make it easier to traverse queens because there aren’t as many large buildings. More playable characters would be amazing too

Devon Fleck

I hate the ultimate origins of Venom. So stupid ? lol. Idk why every adaption of Spider-Man always goes off of the Ultimate comics ??‍♂️

Ballz Diggity

What was the game play at the very end of the video with World Breaker Hulk, Suri as Black Panther, and a female Sorcerer Supreme? That game looks awesome.


We got more news regarding a new map location and Peter Parker's new job!


My huge strongest opinion with Peter's face (Even though I'm very late to this) It did look jarring at first. but after seeing it in the beginning of the PS5 version I'm starting to like it a lot. No matter the changes of the characters of how they look the voice actors will always be the same. ?

Albert Harris

Imagine if he gets a job delivering pizzas???


I hope they make all characters and villains playable post game


I wonder if theyll have the same map, i mean ofc it has to be New York but how will it be different to the original ?

The Reddit and Stadia Boi

He said the ps5 and playstation 5 versions

Movie Hermit

What is the shot from 4:22 from?

Joshua Hamilton

Hoping for 2 player with Miles!

Will_ The_Bruh

Yo this looks so dope. You already know I’m gonna watch every one of these videos.

Jordan Perez

It would be a huge missed opportunity if we didn’t get to use the black suit but I doubt they will miss that

Fish Stix

Can't wait fo this game, and it gonna look good on PS5!

Joshua Hamilton

Sup rbg?! Keep the good info coming man!

Luis Chamba

Well maybe Eddie Brock wouldn't appear in Marvel's spiderman 2. Harry osborn is bond with the symbiote and become venom. If venom is defeat, the government would take the symbiote and make the project venom rebirth. And look for a soldier to bond it. Flash Thompson would appear and become agent venom.

Yxng-_- Goku

I can expect Spider-Man 2 to release in mid 2022 because insomniac seems to have there hands full with ratchet and clank

Omari Midgette

I hope it will be on PS4 ps5 yes

bryan ingold

Oh shoot weres this from about to watch it

B.I.L.L 0746

I hope Venom is in this as well


Every Spider-Man game seems to be the same to me. It’s like copy and paste but with better graphics and different suits and story

Tevin Harper

They play da same 2 me juz look better lol


ps5 and playstation 5 miles sold well , u mean ps4 also right ?

Omar Santiago

Awesome! :D I hope we get an awesome sequel to the 2018 Marvel's Spider-Man video game in 2021!<3

ville world

I never understood why none of the spiderman games never added all of new York as a playable area. But i still wonder whts gonna be next after spiderman is insomniac gonna make another marvel game or are they just gonna stop after spiderman 2 or maybe 3


i think it would be a complete waste if they killed peter this fast, second game really? there's so many villains and stories to be told with these characters that it would be pretty dumb


it’ll be cool if we get to play as venom in a game like how we could in ultimate spiderman


Tbh I just want progressive battle damage to the suit like in tasm 1 , tasm 2

Antwon Morton

Just do venom right and the a spin off like miles game with Eddie Brock

Hassan McMillian

Well I say why not I can't wait HOPEFULLY I can get a PS5 by then good video

red devil87

it would be good if in spiderman 2 you can choose to be either peter or miles and have to new game plus with the other character to get the whole story like nier automata

Karma -

They have mention he was teacher before so that could be more than a reference


In one of the calls, I love that we got some backstory on how Peter and Harry met, we get to know more about this version of Harry and know how they became best friends

Gary Gagnon

Awesome Video - Very in-depth analysis !! Makes me really want to play Spiderman 2

Tyrell Wilson

Really hope we get to play as symbiote spiderman with full fledge symbiote powers reminiscent of web of shadows doubt the symbiote powers would be as fluid or free use like web of shadows they will probably work as a charge up type ability like the venom blast if they implement it.


Damn, how did I not get the notification for this vid??? I’m super late but great vid as always! Keep it up bro!

gerard dasilva

Also in the tv series spectacular Spider-Man Eddie and Peter were friends

Repro Man

I was skeptical at first but I was really impressed with the review and thorough coverage... I’m glad to subscribe to your channel!


Eddie would be post-Bugle, where he is honorably resign from Bugle to pursue his new life between Miles & Spider-Man. In truth, his new life is secret, an info leaker/broker and a vigilante spy under alias "Venomous Anonymous". He believes in KOBK due having a tragic life of losing his parents as Pete. He secretly knew Pete is Spidey, and understand the risk of having secret identity exposed. Unlike Pete, Eddie can do what Pete & Miles cannot (see KOBK).

Eddie can be the Venom we know at the game's post-credit, & unlockable via Story Pass. A powerhouse who relies on symbiotic arsenals.

Justin Sullivan

The symbiote story is going to make the one from the third Sam Raimi flick look even worse then it is.

Cartoons Gameplay Animation

I love you everyone ?

Chadwick Davis

Just please don’t make the story short like miles morales ?

What does taas do

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How To Set Your Saddle Height – MTB Pro Tips

605 995 views | 6 Jul. 2015

The right saddle height

The right saddle height will help you to ride your mountain bike in comfort as well as allowing you to go much faster. In this video, Neil explains how to set your saddle height and allow maximum control of your MTB.

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Having the right saddle height will help you to ride much faster whenever you're pedalling in the saddle. Having dropper posts actually makes setting the right maximum saddle height more important as you don't need to worry about finding a happy medium between descending and climbing/flat riding. The perfect saddle height improves your bike handling, control, comfort and body position.

This video has our tips for getting your saddle height, layback and angle *just* right. Try them and let us know down in the comments if it changes your riding.

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The Global Mountain Bike Network is the best MTB YouTube channel, with videos for everyone who loves dirt: from the full-faced helmet downhill mountain biker to the lycra-clad cross country rider along with everyone and anyone in between.

With the help of our pro and ex-pro riding team we’re here to inform, entertain and inspire you to become a better mountain biker, including videos on:

- How to ride faster with expert knowledge

- Fix everything with pro know-how

- Ride anything with world-cup winning skills

- Dial in your bike with bike set-up advice

- In-depth entertaining features

- Chat, opinion and interact with us on the Dirt Shed Show

Welcome to the Global Mountain Bike Network | Covering Every Angle

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GMBN Shop - http://gmbn.eu/shopgmbn

Leave us a comment below!

Music - licensed by Cue Songs

Binsento Gaburieru

What saddle brand was used in this video just want to know.? Anyone?

Kimberly Bain

Hi again, guys. I pretty much answered my own question yesterday when I went out. 1. Lower the seat before the big descent. 2. Buy a seat dropper post. ;-)

Clemen -time

Good video! I've always wondered about how heigh my saddle needs to be lol!??


HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR MTB DECALS ON THE RIMSS ???? any answers ? please ?

Markus Aurelious

I didn't know I could set the angle of the saddle! Thanks Neil! and Ha, a little Marc on on the post :P

I get a severe sharp neck pain from riding seated. I've set my seat to the right height, and I've got no space left on my headtube/suspension fork. Do I need to raise or lower it? Or use a longer or shorter stem? Honestly, after a long ride I'll get a sharp pain from nowhere and it's really putting me off. Hope you can help me out. Great video again lads :)


Hello, great video as always. :)
I have a quesiton to my saddlebolts. The on in the front is screwed upside down, which means that the screwhead is looking upwards (to the bottom of the saddle)! Is there a reason for this? And if not, how can I reach it / remove the saddle to attach the screw facing to downwards?
Thanks for now and have a nice day!

Chris B

I see you use clipless but the pedal has a platform, which pedals are you using here? I use spd but could sometimes use a flat on tech stuff, cheers. Loving all the info.

Kimberly Bain

Hey Guys. Love your videos! But now I've got a bit of a dilemma after watching this video.... I agree totally with everything you said here about setting your seat height. It's what I do for my road bike. But after watching your "How to bunny hop" and "How to manual" videos, I'm seeing that your seat is REALLY low in those videos!
I'm about to go out to practice my hops and wheelies, but now don't know where to set the seat and I don't have a seat dropper. I also don't want to pause my riding to adjust the seat constantly. What do you recommend?
Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Brandon R

Do you have a pair of decent shorts and liners you recommend? Seat height is set, now I just want to stop the pain on my bum! Haha

Chief_ Trukalot

Ok I have a quick release seat post with a dropper post(Santa Cruz r build 2019). Can I adjust my seatpost myself or would I need to take it into shop?

Live Free

can i just use allen key to adjust drooper post without re- tension the cable like you? just release and drop and tight it again??? please answer!! thx!!!


I also have the orange/black colour scheme, what saddle do have currently?

Buddha Nguyen

Why do I see a lot of MTBer with very low saddle?? Is it because they can stand and makes doing tricks more nimble?

Frederik Van Eeckhout

Hey. What helmet are you wearing? Love it


Thanks, i was a little scared because i didn't know if you needed to have some precautions when changing the saddle height.

Blue Patch1413


DoAny Stuff

What are those shorts called?

Saifur Rahman

My height 5 feet 3 inch what is the perfect saddle height for me?


"I would say flat suits most people" .....Why am I watching these videos.

Jason Grady

Recently shopping for a mountain bike, I have learned that bike store people absolutely DO NOT WHATSOEVER want you to be able to touch the ground. Period. You are not allowed to question this in any way.

Nikolai Yuri Yakovlevich

Hi,i have front&rear suspension bicycle i already follow your rule about height of saddle.but i have issue with that my foot cant reach floor properly, only with thumb toe i can reach the floor if i follow your saddle height rule, i affraid and worry to fall when the light of traffic light become red because i have to stand on my mtb wait until green light turn on .so what should i adjust for my mtb for make my foot can reach floor properly and still can follow your saddle height rule? because i agree with your saddle height rule thank you

Akmal Vlog

Hey what do i have to do when i only have 1 pinch bolt

abdalla sada

They say high seats are faster and better

Max Media Solutions

noice on toyt o lol bit


How many BMX do you see like that?

avery walker

can you please let tell me what saddle you use? Thank you!

Eli Douek

Could you do a video on how to service spring suspension? I've got suntour sunrace xct forks with a lockout that clicks but doesn't lock out and the legs won't stop squeaking


Normally I love your videos but this one was pretty unscientific and apart from the heel on the pedal initial setup, the rest was bollocks to be frank.
also, when you say 'mark you seatpost' please tell people not to scratch that mark in as this will weaken the post at the exact point where it meets the frame and can cause it to fracture along the scratch.

niko nieminen

Thanks for this great tutorial. Im going for a 2 hour bike ride at a forest so i must set my bike saddle properly.

theif zelnite10

thanks for the help

Filipe Ribeiro Ferro

Great one there, Neil!Cheers

Elizabeth Aguilar Machuca

I don't understand, in this video the saddle is a lot higher than in this one (Is the same bike) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXY8SIEnCdA

Buddy Flankwood

what would you call that small piece on the saddle stem? looks like it keeps the saddle from sliding down

Brad g

I have a giant connect post and need the seat further back? not sure what post to buy

Motaz Zatom

How tall do you reckon I should be to buy a large bike (like what could I get away with im not very tall ?)


S to the E to the T...

Grant Hoff

thanks for the video. I have an xc race tomorow so this will help out a lot.

Ben Miller

if you are not riding and enduro style bike you put your bike saddle at the lowest point

Graeme Bauer

That's not a saddle... That's a fu**ing G-string.

Kelly Robinette

I know this is an older video, but I hope you guys will see this. I just bought a new bike after almost 6 years. The bike shop cut about an inch off the seat post when I bought it so it is bottomed out at my ride height. I want to be able to drop the seat height a bit for downhill and practicing bunny hops and other things, can't because seat post literally won't go down any further. I don't think I'm explaining this correctly. My seat is not all the way down to the tube, the post is just really long. How much more should I have cut off the post? Thanks in advance.

Mark Andrew Zurbano

nice man

Lobbie Rinton

Video Suggestion - How to set-up suspension!
I absolutely love the channel - keep up the great work!


I was always told the seat should be at your inside length height so you can put both feet on the ground

Jared Brown

Does one not want to take compression of the suspension in consideration when setting their desired saddle angle...?

Bruce MacFarlane

Get a bike fit, you cheapskates ;-). Seriously though, very informative.

James Fike

I know you have talked about servicing many components, is there any needed for a coil fork

Pineapple On Pizza

This video is so great. a lot of mathematical "methods" such as lemond method or 1.09% method etc. they don't work because human body is not mathematics. in fact, they put most riders on a position that's too high, mass producing funny looking hip rockers and toe dippers. the most simple "heel to pedal" method shown on this video is the second most accurate and scientifically sound method for saddle height before a professional fitting. so well done GMBN. by not introducing the garbage mathematical "methods".

steven scott

Very clear and concise. Great job!

Not Gandalf

Just bought a bike and whenever I stop i just fall off as i can barely touch the ground but the guy at the store told me that this is a good thing as any lower and ill be at risk? but im more at risk of a car hitting me if i fall off on a busy road??

Tony Brown

Saddle fore/aft position: shouldn't the "knee over pedal spindle plumb bob exercise" be done.....or doesn't this apply to MTB. This is really important to a correct fit, isn't it? Could GMBN please advise. Thank you.

Philosophy Of Horror

May I ask which saddle is the one you have. (orange)

Navneet Wadhwa

Hi, I need this shoes, from where I can get this?

Ralph Lauren Nueva

What saddle is that? I like the touch of orange on it

chanith peduruarachchi

Excellent review

Goat Rides Bikes


Nate Wilson

I'm in a slight bother.
I set my dropper to the height that I feel is right. it's a 150mm Dropper.
However when I drop it to descend. It feels like it's still not low enough and could go further lower to get out of the way at the top of the seat tube... THoughts?

Lenin Mercedes

Excellent video.....Thank You so much. Keep the videos coming. ????????


all the way down.....the only way to fly....dropper posts are for losers

ThatbitchIrene.atemycannoli.goddamn g

crazy accent dude...

Tristan C.

You guys watching Tour De France?

Andreas MTB

This helped me a TON!


At the risk of sounding like a right noob.

Should you be able to touch the floor with your toes with the seat at its maximum height?

I cant, but also feel I need it higher as my knees are really bent mid stroke.
I'm 5'7, riding a med 2015 nuke mega.
The bike rides awesome out the saddle with the seat out the way, downhill etc but climbing I feel it needs to be higher.


i can't ride with the seat level, hurts my nuts. i need it full angle nose down to be comfortable.

Harry Schlager

You see I used to be a trial rider so I like my seat low

Steve james Steve james gonzales

Hi just want to know if it is possible to use 27size fork on my MB. I had 26 size.


My reverb is too high when it is at its highest point, yet it is bottomed out in the tube. Is there an adjustment to lower it so that when it comes all the way up, it's about half an inch lower?

William M

I am new to your group and maybe on the old side as mountain bikers go, I just turned 70. I bought a 29er (Stump Jumper) a few years ago and I have noticed when I ride over an hour, my hands or wrists seem to go numb and this is the reason I watched this video, thinking my seat height may have something to do with this problem. However, after watching this video, I think my seat height is correct. I have thought of buying a handlebar riser (stem riser) to raise my handlebars higher, thinking this may help. Do you have any recommendations or thoughts on how to decrease this numbness, other than just giving up mountain biking because of my age?


Where's that masterpiece seatpost mate?

John N

Adjust your saddle to a comfortable height. Test that you have the right height by sitting on the saddle with your heel on the lower pedal and your leg "slightly bent". I think Slightly Bent is the point to set your saddle to a comfortable height. This manual is on the Trek.

Jayson Magno

may i know the frame size and wheelsize you have on this video???

Daisy Powell

neil's face at 2:32

Tom Sharpe

i'm a pretty short person and find it much nicer to ride with my saddle lower but all my friends ride with higher saddles. As a very short person (at 5 foot 4) what would be better a high saddle or a low one?


how high should i set my saddle for wheelies and should i do it more to the front or back?

John D

2:29 , tell the roadies that.


I like my seat lower.

Selva Cinema

What bike is that? Love the color!


There's no such thing as too low imo

Benjamin Tan

hi , can i know what your height and bike size?

Shred Shed

Mr Donahue looks so young here ?

Byron Pratt

Somebody I was riding with one time told me to drop my saddle at least 5 cm, for a small roots and flow trail I did it and could not pedal sitting down.

Stephen Wells

What kind of saddle is that?


Great video! Now I need to buy a bike and a saddle



Marty Dee

Hey guys! I have a normal quick release, but I want to chop off at least an inch if not less just to get a little more clearance for the cheeks. Would cutting the seat post ruin anything?


thanks for reading my comment and making a vid on it

Sushant Kumar

Thanks man

Rebel Kitty

Great video, but just one question..
I set the saddle to low and I can't get it back up again, I don't know how to get it to come back up, I've tried everything I could think of, and I can't even get it to move. Any idea what I could do?
Thanks to anyone in advanced

Sam Ponder

What is that saddle?

Roberto C.

Thanks for this video tutorial

Average Man Show

Thanks mate ...it was really helpful man!

What does taas do

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VACO19: Rebeca Delgato - An Overview of TaaS Reliability, Security and Functional Safety Challenges

112 views | 30 Dec. 2019

Vector’s 2019 North

Vector’s 2019 North American Congress was held on October 8th-9th at The Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. Visit https://vector.com/va_veco19 to see presentation transcripts and photos.

Attendees from over 60 companies heard from industry leading speakers on topics ranging from Electric Vehicles to Agile Testing. They were also able to network and experience Vector solutions in person.