Minecraft casino games

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How to Make a simple Gambling machine! Minecraft Java 1.15+

3 249 views | 12 Aug. 2020

Minecraft How to Build a

Minecraft How to Build a Simple Gambling Machine!

In this tutorial I will give a run down on how to make a really simple gambling machines with fully customization prizes! The machine is unbeatable meaning there is no way to cheat unless user breaks blocks! This is one of the easiest and simplest machines. I hope you and enjoy! Dont forget to like and subscribe to see more content!


I don’t personally play on Java but I subscribed because I think this channel should get out there it is very easy to follow along and is a great help to players who need it ?

Chimney Neutron

How to Make a simple Gambling machine!


still working 1.16.4+?


Hermit craft vibes with the shops on the mushroom island

Brogan Nyholm

thx so much for this i forgot to add 1 thing it still works in 1.16.4 :D


Does it work on bedrock


Awesome video! Pretty affordable for early game to get some diamonds going!


genius video! this is super helpful! if you do not have target blocks, I believe slime blocks work as well

Nature Scapes

Really good video my friend ? , Please keep the good work going, Have a happy weekend ahead. ?

Morgan Freeman’s Son

How do you clean out the machine

Minecraft casino games

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Tower of Luck Gambling Machine ? | Minecraft Java & Bedrock 1.15 / 1.16+ Redstone Tutorial

42 517 views | 24 Jun. 2020

In this video, I show you

In this video, I show you how to build another gambling machine for your casino! This was suggested by YolokillerMario on my Discord server and turned out pretty well! This machine uses multiple 50/50 randomizers which are chained together to give you random items depending on your luck!


? Discord Server: https://discord.gg/u9cc6VS

?️ World Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tv3zp2bctozi7b3/RexxStone_Tower_of_Luck.zip/file

? Resource Pack:

• My resource pack is a custom, edited version of Vanilla Tweaks by xisumavoid.

• Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cftvydeio4rqcyl/Redstone_Tweaks.zip/file

⏰ Timestamps

• 0:00 Introduction

• 0:46 Showcase / Explanation

• 2:48 Tutorial - First Two Layers

• 7:59 Tutorial - Additional Layers

• 12:48 Tutorial - Test

? Music:

• Atch - Journey

- SoundCloud: bit.ly/AtchSoundCloud

- Instagram: www.instagram.com/atchmusic

- Download: bit.ly/JourneyDownload

• Harris Heller - Dark Matter

- Video Link: https://youtu.be/GAh0JJ2RlI0

• Harris Heller - Beyond the Clouds

- Video Link: https://youtu.be/yD5k1m04zjY

• Harris Heller - Meteor Binge

- Video Link: https://youtu.be/gd8vgpwkFXs

• Harris Heller - Celestial Reverb

- Video Link: https://youtu.be/mqvI2HeRr_A

• Harris Heller - The Lights in the Sky Are Our Guides

- Video Link: https://youtu.be/Tl_auc-XCvg

• Harris Heller - Vertigo

- Video Link: https://youtu.be/jBpvbU3fpsQ

That’s pretty swell

Is there a way to make it drop multiple of an item?

Trag Is \_{‘-‘}_/

Can’t wait to make this but break a piece of red stone so you can’t win the top prize.

Christopher Cubeta


GamersLife hacks

Does it work in mcpe

Gavin Nelson Drone Cinematics

Troubleshoot: Whenever I place the diamonds, they automatically get sucked into the system without me pushing the button, and the system doesn’t work very well. What do I do? (I’m on bedrock edition 1.16)


hello i have big problem i trow diamonds to shulker ... and shulker sick diamond ... dont stop ... do you want help me ,


Hey, is there a way so that it takes more then one of the item from the shulker box ?

Tobi Assek

Too fast!!!!!


Hi can i ask if its needs to be shulker box or i can be just barrel or chest thanks

sorry for my english I'm from Slovakia

Ben Benzin

I just get the item that is in the button. The item that is very offen.

Lung Siang

This is Great!! i'll build this in my server for 100%


i made a better one, sorry


Is it possible to make it like you can pay by just throwing payment to the hopper instead of putting it to the shulker box?


how I will increase rarity of Jackpot?

Krokkokon GamePlays

can you alter the odds in any way? :)

Kenan Aragon

I am now the richest in my server as everyone here has a crippling addiction


Youre german


did a guy called pug_the_bug help u design it?

Paul Neil Maaghop

My tower of luck has 7 layers but after the machine passes layer 3, it would skip layers 4 and 5, it would jump right to layer 6


Good vid bro but you going to fast

Zachary Helfman

SOMONE PLS HELP ME, I want to change the odds to make it easier how do I change this?

jose lopez

Does the casino only accept the item of your choice? And like can people cheat and just push the button? Please reply!


Oh thank you so much, i already had a tower like this, but my random generators took up so much space and finally there is a more compact solution thank you ♡

Taco Rocket

For the most part it works but for some reason every once in a while nothing happens when the button is pressed. It doesn't take any of the item from the shulker and no sound plays. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what I did wrong. Thanks!

TAY Beats

sometimes it dont make the losing sound when im losing idk how to fix this


Does this work on xbox?


Hey Rexx, love your builds!

Question: What can I use as an alternative to trap doors, as people can open them and will loot the droppers.

Thanks in advance!


This build was really fun and easy to build! Thank you!

Louis Galindo

What are the materials for this contraption

Pani90 Buba90

I have a problem with this machine always when you get the bottom one you get the one above it guaranteed what sid i do wrong?

Jan Bulant

hello can you help me with this problem on my machine, so i have machine good built i think but if i will put 40 diamonds in shulker it will slowly deseaper to the barrel


Hi I wanted to build it on my favorite 1.16.4 server but it doesn't work. There the made it so a hopper sucks 16 items at a time and not 1. How can I build it so it works?


First to dislike I’m sorry I had to be first :D

Stanislav K.

how do you decrease the chance of win the best item ?

Shao-Lin Tsou

I built this with a barrel instead of a shulkerbox, but everytime I enter my diamonds, it automatically goes into the hoppers and I have put 2 non stackable items in the dropper, HELP


Thank you for helping me find the glory of capitalism

justin hobbs

did not work :( I sad

Julius -san

In bedrock edition you can't place item frame on a trapdoor.. what item should I use to replace the Trap door..
Btw I love that redstone build!?


Where do I collect diamonds


Can you make next a casino place? Also awesome machine I'm gonna make this later


Dude thank, i made a casino on server and now I am the builder of one of the biggest server in my country

Václav Hatlman



Also I love ur videos but id def like to make original designs on my own I rly wish I was better at redstone


Mine takes 3 instead of 1 can someone help?


I tried to build the machine but people keep winning a lot. This may be pure luck, but I just want to ask if there's a way to lower the chance of winning... maybe by change repeater ticks?

Jáchym. exe

ty a lot i will scam my friends xddd

helpful :)

you are simpatic

Tijn Gailjaard

i just want to say that you are a legend and so nice that you read all the comments!


Very nice build but I'm having a issue my machine when ranking up lvls it's giving the items in lower dropers also like if you hit jackpot you'll get everything one one as the signal make each dropers droped a thing

Skyblock GamesYT

I got a question! When you push the button and the button lets you push it again, so I push it again even though the first push is still going, can that be used to abuse the casino? Like would it increase chance?

Totshot Airsoft

Compatible with 1.12.2?!???

Totshot Airsoft

Ah yes, I made an 11 tall one and made it a 66% to advance to the next level and someone just pulled grand prize ? rip

Just a random guy on the internet

Does it work with chests instead of shulkers

Simon Hornstra

How could I make this so that there is a winner every time?


I have a question, Is it possible to replace the 23 diamonds with paper that is renamed to whatever?

Showmi ks

wtf does not work
in singleplayer too

Maverick W

What would I do if I wanted to make one of the layers to shoot out multiple items in one role like instead of shooting one iron each time it shoots 32 iron each time

Tommy W

Thank you so much this is really cool


I finished it and it does not work, lights sounds or dropping can’t figure out why

sLiXx eu

Can i replace shulker with hopper?
I must replace it for my server

Jamarhi Belin

If the red stone won’t link up (bedrock) just simply replace the pumpkin for glass is a simple fix

Dewey S.P

hi my machine is kinda broken when i put diamonds in upper hopper like 4:50 else nothing happens else i get 8 diamonds going down


I have problem that i cant get the third reward i just put lot of Diamonds and only get the second reward. Can someone help me?


I put my price as honeycombs (used as tokens) and whenever i put some in the shulker, they just all spam down and the machine goes off over and over until i take it out. any help?

Alan Allos


Julio Wong

Additional layers don’t work on bedrock but after an hour of tweaking I made it work thank u for the inspiration


Does it have to be a shulker box? I’m rich but not that rich ?

King Frosty

Hey love the videos but I was wondering how to decrease someone’s odds of winning because I want to put hard to get items at the top layer and want them to almost never get it. Would I increase the stackable item in one of the hoppers? If so which one?

Joel Carter

how do I fix this issue. I put the money in the shulker and press the button and whichever light turns on, the prize comes out. so when the light makes its way up, it gives the prize for each time one prize is lit up. hopefully this makes sense ?. (I play on bedrock windows 10 edition,)


This is actually amazing, I have been working on a casino in a server thats ran by a few close people and i made this but 8 levels high. I got 1 guy to test it out and they hit the jackpot in 9 tries.

NEMO le snebo

does it need to be a shulker box?

Zachary Helfman

Do I just add another non stackable item to increase the odds of all prizes?


Can i make it so that you don't get all the items below the item you get for example i want to make it that if you win the elytra that you dont win the items below it like: the iron gold ingot, mending book, diamond etc,


Thanks for the content, keep it up!


I’m trying to connect the hopper at the beginning but for some reason it won’t connect to the dropper, is it fine as long as it’s next to it?


Thanks for the tutorial, definitely going to use this in my casino so my friends will give me all there diamonds. ?

renato fuentes, gonzalez

I do it in bedrock and it bugs, when I put the diamonds in my shulker box it start workin without pressing the button

Random Redditor

I missplaced 1 comparator and it didn't work, spent 10 min trying to figure out, eventualy got back to the video and corrected my mistake.

I love this game, thank you for making this tutorial :)

King_ZyZeres _lll

You are a genius ?? u should have more subs ?

Justin Martin

Is this still working for Xbox one /bedrock?

Petrus Bornestaf Jonsson

Love you man!


Amazing Video! It works perfectly fine! I’m just wondering if you’re german, because you have an accent?

The Coronavirus

can i use it on 1.8 version?

水無月ショコラ / Chocola Minaduki

It's working on ps3, just use slab instead of glass.

Asher 206

Does not work in 1.16.4 Please make updated version.

Peter Kocman

i may have done somthing wrong but for example it drops 2 of everything do you have any idea why ?

Sausage Swiper

It kinda works for me? I am using a barrel and when I place my diamonds in there, they immediately get sucked up and the button method doesn’t work? Any fixes?

Frigo 007

Ty bachor


Rede doch einfach deutsch

Jeff Chahyadi

Works on bedrock 1.16!


Mach doch mal deutsche Videos bitte xD. Finde deine Videos super

David Schimanek

lol thank you so much YOU PRETTY GooooD

Clap PFF2006

Very nice man?✅

Tommy W

In bedrock at least for me on PlayStation it automatically takes it out without having to press the button


I need casino without any button. I play on server and people who don't have trust on my claim cant click anything :<

Julie Ann Dela Torre

all of ur wolds is zip i cant open dat ahhhh?

Markus Trippel

Tha quality of your videos ist amazing and the tutorials are good to follow? Keep doing such great work ? ?

Link Plays

Hi Rexxstone! I have a question.. I’ve tried playing my machine a lot but I never seem to able to get the elytra max prize. I literally spent a whole shulker box of diamonds (in creative don’t worry) but the max prize I get is the sword... is there a reason for this?


is there a way to make it reward more than 1 item? for example 1 iron, 1 gold, and 2 diamonds


How to make the first one 100% chance?

Sam Tobias

how do you make it more likelyy to win

Minecraft casino games

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I Built a Working Casino in Minecraft.

525 058 views | 10 Dec. 2020


WATCH ME LIVE ► https://www.twitch.tv/ludwig

follow me on twitter ►https://www.twitter.com/ludwigahgren

follow me on instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/ludwigahgren

join my subreddit ► https://old.reddit.com/r/LudwigAhgren/

Thanks to @Ottomated for actually designing and creating the code for this!

0:00 - L'Otto Casino

4:02 - Important Business Deals

9:39 - Teaching Ash Blackjack

13:15 - Myth and Sydeon hit the casino

17:25 - Myth loses it all

22:30 - Ash the Loan Shark

edited by: https://twitter.com/shakedrizzle

#ludwig #minecraft #casino


I dont play minecraft, but this is one of the greatest videos I have ever watched LOLOLOL! Keep up the good work!

yeet_moose 65

Ludwig: Activates StepWig

Mason Withee

I love how quickly ash turned sociopath


Just wondering, what mods does Ludwig use?


English and Journalism or English and English with its pants on.

Guildar Daze

Should make a dispenser that gives drinks automatically. To draw people in since the free drinks policy. Make a value on the card that redeems a drink. But needs to play a game each time you redem the drink. Like turning a 1 game to 0 and pay out the number of games in drinks. Or just make 1 redeemable per time then force them to play again to reset the value. Then it's an auto farm to a mediocre drink or random food item.

With a card it should be fairly doable. Got sucked in when I saw Micheal read Otto's turtle good work. Looking forward to more. And honestly with that set up. You can easily turn the casino into a bank. As it's a sure value to the eyes of the players and also will almost always have diamonds in.

Heck even diversify business or ressources around that.I heard about a mall too? It's a good startup. The more uses for the card the more valuable it will be. And the more credit will float around.


Ludwig is hilarious and I love that he's giving Otto the exposure he deserves

Eevee RealSenpai

This is some good content

Dylan Trisciuzzi

Can you make something like this on "All the Mods 6"?


I feel so bad for syd

Jassimca2 Xd



This is my favorite Lud video now


Wait is that my brother, he’s 17... and he’s a minecrafter... and can kinda use command blocks...


LUD STOP TRYING TO SCAM ASH!! She’s so sweet I can’t handle it!


i got a nice idea u shoud make a bank (well it wont earn u anything only if u make like a fee to store ur diamonds or emeralds (whatever u choose)) wich has a card and a database for security against Reeves i mean its a good idea.

Fly DiiqqiiDY

Lud you have turned Ash into a MONSTER I love it lol


How Old is ash


I wish Otto shares the code for this since we can’t play on the REAL L’Otto Casino.

Christian Luczejko

This is so good. I'm ecstatic that I stumbled across this. Ludwigs comedic timing is on par with some of my greats.


Ok, How can i play it?


Ash could do a killer Harley impression.

Charlie Castle

What’s the music at 4:40 called

Thaddeus Vidler

??? love the lud content




micheal broke it like immedeatly

Angelica Lopez

The true share distally meddle because range endosonographically influence vice a smoggy croissant. forgetful, thoughtful chicory

That's LMFB

"I'm 17'

Me to my son's friends ??

Yale Werner

LotWig's Luddo


Ash’s character progression is fast af


i wish i knew what those code packs were for black jack lol anyone know if they are public or not? and if so where could i get them?



Austin D

Technically, the "tiny font" is perfectly legal.

The law only requires text to be readable, and according to the law, in order for something to be readable it has to be in 12 point font or above.

While it does seem awful, the text does count as being readable. It was there the full time so they cant legally claim fraud.

Janlester Gaming

ash is helping ludwig scam jaja 5555

snipers unite

You also made a daring heist man


Ash is scarily good at this


@6:43 when he said hey syd what’s going on my Siri activated ????


I have the 1080 :(

Browser Production

What shader is this?

Jakob Howard

Y'know what they say: THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS


if only the original creator of minecraft knew eventually there will be gambling and casinos

Vlad Usatenko

Best vid yet

Kota W.

Ash walking up to syd and whispering “press q” is my serotonin for the week


what sleazy car salesman energy


Ummm subtiles ? 11:49 lmao

Angus Melville

The problem with this is that Ludwig is too good at blackjack, and can't force himself to make a wrong move, even when it benefits him


"i built" no someone did it for u lmao

SL Ghost

Don't say fucking u built it it was built by otto

Carolyn Williams

The dramatic turns during his spiel send me

Olivier vdB

does someone know the pastebin code for the blackjack self i'm to lazy to code it myself


What modpack is this

Ched Tulanda

brooooo I've never heard the sentence "its okay to be a loser" ever

Samantha Espiña


Christopher Birnbaum


Morbid Gaming

You keep my attention when I’m drunk.... and that’s saying something.. thanks for being lud, Lud❤️

onesmallfake asain

"The customers are usually right, but myth stood on a Thirteen."


Ludwig: "I built a Casino in minecraft"
Otto: ;(

WieldySoap 09

Even Michael could not hack it


Ash is about to become the mafia

Annihilator 15

Which modpack is this?


Whats the server?


I'm sure they've said it before, but does anyone know what mod pack this is?


Omg i absolutely love ash here


This is how you start a gambling addiction at a young age


How many college degrees do you have?!
..IM 17
I am c r y i n g


When he majored in English when he should have majored in scamming, excuse me, I mean business

Jerald Jerald

Damn it. Ash is really lit ?

Useless uselessness

we need a gun roulette


“Ludwig employs child labor to program casino machines.”

Beau Braun

This is just amazing. Ludwig is just hilarious

KittenKatja Neko

I think you're scamming them.
Online Casinos have an extra button not to play the hand they received, they don't bet when they don't go along.

Sir Jeffrey

i want this blackjack in my singleplayer world so badly :(

Charlie Cheeseman

whoa ludwig really gonna take all the credit


You need to be giving Ash half those earnings... social engineering goddess


lotto is gambling game in Finland :D

Kierigg 2

what modpack

sai huggybear

Scammas lud

lls bigchilly

This peaks my gambling "passion"


like with a gun

Varun Malineni

Ash's laugh is sooooo evil.

Shelbie Carson

“how many college degrees do you have?”
“i’m 17”??



Thaddeus Vidler

Myth and syd went through the RINGER

Sonia Teneyck

The animated mailbox pragmatically screw because yoke preauricularly delight astride a gaudy jewel. lonely, blushing breath

Julien Indri

That was fkn cool. Good job stealing their diamonds ???


Did the Otto guy actually write the code?


The best way to learn is by doing don’t you think?

Oh no


I cant believe myth got to meet sean evans


bro you got fucking robbed

Poseidon Gaming

ill bankrupt ur casino soo quick


4:43 he scarily sounds like those pyramid scheme people lol


You guys need to setup in house loans so people can continue gambling and rack up just a little bit of debt (you know the usual)


I love watching Lud get Ash addicted to gambling because she sounds so sweet and innocent that it seems pure evil.

Edit: In reality it was Sydney he corrupted the most.

time for mods

Ludwig looks like reaction time

Brian Catlett

Just imagine being the guy who spent 10,000 in bit coin for 2 pizzas

Michael Kurek

I love how whenever something goes wrong Ludwig just goes; “hey Otto!”

Nayan Bhatia

16:58 I love this part

Joshua J

What is the name of the song at 4:32?

Nana Lunar


Botanicfish 6

what mod pack is this

Coldfront Alpha

Little did he know, this Casino would later become an important role in Michael vs Otto's Coding Civil War