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The truth about working at Facebook - my honest experience as a software engineering intern (remote)

18 894 views | 16 Aug. 2020

#Facebook #Internship

#Facebook #Internship #FacebookIntern #WorkingAtFacebook

Heyyyy im honestly pretty terrified about releasing this video, but I wanted to be super honest about my experience working at Facebook on the Instagram Ads Growth Team this summer. I honestly thought this was my dream job, and it turned out to not be what I expected:/

I want to clarify that the purpose of this video is to help other software engineers make more informed decisions about their recruitment process. I'm still super grateful for the experience, the people who have helped my throughout and everything I've learned this summer. Also, keep in mind this experience was limited to my team and this summer working remote, so other people working at FB may have very different experiences.

If anyone has questions, feel free to leave a comment or pm me:


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Angie Kawanishi

300th subscriber:) Great video!

Abel Tesfaye

This sounds like the ACLU. I had the EXACT same experience working there. Very toxic and very racist. Many black women are suing ACLU chapters all over the country which is ironic because everyone think the organization cares about equity when all it does is promote microaggressive attitudes and racism. People are always surprised to learn this but it's true and I felt alone until I saw how many others had shared my exact same experience.

Raymond Tan

Would you mind sharing your pay at Facebook?

Dyego Rodrigo

I truly think that your experience at a company is going to be really related to the team you're in, so yeah maybe it was bad luck or maybe it's a cultural thing and as you said, there's tons of jobs out there :)

Anyway, great video! I don't get it why this video has so many dislikes...

Misael Mateus

I interned early this year at FB and it was an amazing experience overall.

About the lines of code, I was really worried about that as I had produced much less code than my friends, but at the end it didn’t matter and I got an excellent feedback.

“5 years working at Facebook is longer than 93%” that just mean the company is growing crazy. 5 years ago they had 12k employees, nowadays it’s 45k


I came across this video kinda late, are you still working with Facebook and still see yourself working with them in the future? Their support this year has been bananas, they deleted my personal page with no ways of getting it back. Kind of ruined my life without explanation


Also I've never understood facebook's obsession with recording "lines of code" written, doesn't that encourage bad coding practices? For example I would feel the need to write a 5-6 line if-else statement instead of a one-line ternary operator just for the sake of having more artificial impact by increasing my LoC.

Ricky Putra

Thank you for sharing this! One thing that I’ve learned as a full time software engineer is you’re working for your manager/team not your company. It doesn’t matter whether the company is great or whatever if your manager/team is sucks then that’s it. Based from what I heard from my gf, she has different and (obviously) better experience when interning at FB.


I really appreciate you for being 1000% real. After going through such a journey it’s good to remind yourself that you ARE good enough and you‘re more than mediocre. thanks for again, for sharing your experience. good luck with this recruitment season :)

Monglo Dodji

I am so sorry for your experience ! I had bad experience in my internship this summer as well ! But you should know that the internship is for us to see if we fit the position ! Now you know how working Facebook looks like !


Just wanted to add that I'm having a similar experience, but as a full time employee for a few months. I'm stressed, depressed, and looking to leave asap. I'm not qualified to work here I guess. Loved the vid and your candid feelings


thank you for sharing. google seems better i guess

Tomma Llama

I have always wanted to work at Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft, but as I've gone through my career, I have a much better understanding of the type of company I want to work for.
Work loads, company culture, expectations, turnover rate, so many factors, and you can only learn them by experiencing them.
What you're going through is very common and brave that you are being completely transparent about your experience.
I hope that as you continue in your journey, you can find the place to call home.


Fb losing some great talent :). You're doing great and amazing


this was super cathartic! I also had similar feedback at midpoint, especially the ownership issue even though I didn't feel like I would have known enough about anything to take more ownership anyways, it would just be a lot of bullshitting? IDK but also your team sounds hecka stressful, my manager and team was surprisingly chill even though they also would work at the dead of night, just like me occasionally. tbh the team insights thing + the fb/ig profiles on everyone does seem kinda weird, and the lack of years of everyone sounds kinda weird, but i feel like i should still give it more of a try since i feel like its super team dependent i.e. I felt like i was overworked kinda, but i think there's parts of the company where that might not be the case, or maybe its just the intern experience and full time is more just code maintenance and collaboration. i'd be happy to talk more tho; thanks for voicing some of the thoughts in my head in this video haha

John Ben

Wow, you are very courageous to speak out from you heart.

P.S. Isn't the turnover rates confidential company information?


1. Your experience only speak for your team and your intern manager, not the whole Facebook.
2. If you don’t want a return offer, you can probably work 4 hours a day and not be fired. If you don’t want to work hard but still want a return offer, the world just doesn’t work that way. To me, it sounds like you are complaining about your own choices


Seems you had a shitty manager, don't be too hard on yourself :) also it was going to be harder with the remote situation sadly.
You can always go for a team that works on product, so you can interact directly with the designers or PMs and overall have a more relaxed experience, Ads is a pretty heavyweight field since it generates most of the revenue.
I never checked the Team insights, only to track my own progress, but I see how it could make you feel pressure to gain lines of code, also your manager could have stepped in and tell you how he would take the LOC, since some intern managers wouldn't even consider it in the end.
Good luck with your next projects!! hope to see more videos


I don't think Facebook has a retention problem, they're just growing quicker than Google

Karen Zhou

Thanks for sharing your experience and I agree with you on some of the points you made. But I do want to point out a few things:
1) Asking questions isn't necessarily contradictory to being independent, because it's about asking smart questions to the right individuals after you do research on the problems independently
2) If you think different ppl have skewed perception of your work, you might wanna take initiatives to openly talk about your work with them so they get a better understanding of it
3) Weekly discussions of your performance is a way for you and your team to learn about each other's feedback and possibly improve, if you think you're constantly evaluated, that is correct because the reality is that you're an intern and everyone gets evaluated based on their work, you said that you want some non-contradictory feedback and yet you don't wanna talk about it with your team weekly?
4) And as an intern, I don't think you should mention Team Insights here on Youtube even if you feel that it's not fair/comfortable for you, you're releasing private information of the company here in a public space, which is a very different thing from "being super honest"
5) If you choose a tech giant to work at, there's definitely hierarchy and as an intern, you definitely will feel that you're far enough from the CEO, unless you're working at a small startup
I hope you get to work at the company you want in the future Caitlyn:)

Jessica Young

Thank you for posting this video and sharing your perspective. You are young and a female but you have balls compared to many in tech. This toxic work culture needs to be stopped.

Young M

I think she is just sharing her opinion. You don't have to be defensive or doubt her ability just because you had a great experience at FB. As everyone said, it can depend on the teams or departments. It shows "some" teams or departments in FB have an unhealthy culture. She didn't have a bad experience there just because (you maybe think) she is not as "productive" or "smart" as you.
I am saying because I am seeing some comments kinda degrading her ability.


PS, looked Caitlyn Chen up and our girl coded a lot, please don't undermine her ability and skill. It really can be difficult for someone starting out; Facebook has great internal tools but a side effect of this is we're sometimes discouraged to ask questions, and I really empathize.

Jude Thomas


Gaming With Biswas

You are a dump ?☺️?

Christoffer K

awesome video, thank you ! =)


I'm so glad I found this video because I had almost the exact same experience this summer! I just remember my experience being so stressful, and I worked hella long hours, and my feedback was so contradictory, and I basically lived in constant stress as well. Just wanted to let you know you're not alone and I'm glad that someone else had a similar experience to me too :)


I hope you find more support and guidance in future roles! Big tech will preach about how we need "more women in tech!" whilst simultaneously ignoring/perpetuating disturbing issues in tech. I wonder what different offices are like, for example, London. I wonder how regional differences impact the work culture.


Props for being honest about your experience. I'm sure this took a lot of courage to make. I feel like there's a lot of pressure on interns to be a "model intern" and to only talk about positives, but this prevents ppl from getting a true picture and real stories and experiences from getting heard.

Shivansh Srivastava

I'm an incoming SWE Intern for next summers'21 and now I'm feeling like..WTH I just signed.?

tru tran

101 dislikes from fb employees lol

Christian Johnson

Glad that you were open and honest about your experience!! There are plenty opportunities out here and plenty companies that will value you and treat you well, NEVER SETTLE!! Internship and FTE experience will vary from team to team, but at the end of the day it still reflects poorly on FB that they would allow an intern to be matched up with an inexperienced team and inexperienced manager

Vik Belthur

Thanks for sharing this! This is so insightful and vitally important.


Currently at the middle of mine. My feedback was that my productivity was too low. I worked slightly overtime but not as much as you. My team was really nice about it though. They told me where to cut corners and that it's ok to reduce code quality to become quicker. Overall the most stressful internship experience yet but it's getting a lot better now. I will update at the end of my internship...
I also feel constantly evaluated. Probably it's the same at other companies but they are not so much in your face like Facebook.

Viktor Aksionov

Author of video missed the main point of to be an intern in FB and to be hired after internship in FB.

The main goal of internship is to see how you are handling tasks and to see your behavior during stress work.
Those people who decided to be SWE after college will really struggle in FB, but if you are coding since your childhood - that kind of people FB is looking for.
Many FTE people are PiPed every year because they were average in other companies and in FB they cannot meet expectations.
FB is very fast-paced company and unfortunately it works only for very small % of people and that kind of people FB want to hire.
There are average engineers and there are rockstar/ninja engineers, and it's ok to be average, but you will not be hired or stay long in FB due PiP or horrible WLB due lack of ability to deliver in time.

I had an opportunity to work in FB on contract base as industrial expert in my area and there was no time for education or warming period, i had to deliver task starting from day one. That was ok for me, but I saw how were struggling other devs who only recently started their career. I would recommend to start your 1st job in some startup and stay there 3-4 years, after that you will be ready to try to work in FB or you can go to easy/slow place(Microsoft, Google and etc) where you can grow up very slow without big hit on WLB.


18:18 FB "censoring" things, what do you mean? What are your core values?

Shruti Johri

Hugs for you (from a Women Engineer who can feel your pain ). Thanks for speaking up.

Geoff Powell

Interesting, thanks for sharing!

Mr. Fusion

“The ceo wasn’t who I thought he would be” lol we r seeing that since 2014 now . Regardless of the culture, which is horrible, I won’t work at fb anyway, doing massive harm to society, if it isn’t already clear to people anyway.

Spencer Watts

I have friends working full-time at Facebook and they say it's a very individualistic and toxic culture. They also complained about vague goals and contradictory feedback from managers. It's not a healthy working environment, I'd recommend to stay away if you care about your mental health and well-being. All the perks and benefits are just there to lure you in and enslave you.

ivana irene

Hi Caitlyn, thanks for sharing this! I really appreciate that you are being super honest with your feelings and opinions. I'm really sorry that your time as an intern at Facebook was not something that you hoped for. I can definitely resonate with some of the things that you mentioned when I was an intern. Thankfully, I had a really awesome intern manager that was super helpful and super consistent with his feedback. On top of that, my team manager, as well as the other team members, were also very kind and helpful. As you've mentioned, the overall experience can greatly vary between teams and team members. Also, one thing that really helped me get through the fast-paced and (sometimes) stressful working environment when I was an intern was the face-to-face connections that I had with the other team members and interns. I'm sorry that the remote situation really takes that away from you and the other interns in this period of time.

In a big company like Facebook, working for a different team (or even for a different manager in the same team!) can be very much like working for a different company. I'd recommend keeping your options and mind open. We don't really know what's coming for us in the future, do we? ?

I can really see that it takes great courage for you to put this up and I hope that whatever feedback or comments you get for this video won't make you feel down. You are doing great and no one can take that away from you. Best of luck! ?

Mike Dao

About the code quality feedback... Were you not receiving comments in your pull requests? ?

Anonymous User

Thank you for sharing the experiment with facebook. I totally agree some of your points. But as working in tech industry and in a top-tier company, there are something I want to share which, which hopefully can help all of us grow

1. Independence vs asking questions.
These two are not contradictory with each other. People won't criticize a person for asking too much questions, only if you do enough research before asking. If you've already done the research you were able to do and you still have question, go straight to ask questions. Just say like "I've searched blahblah and know blahblah, but I'm still not clear on blahblah". By showing the research you've done, you show you independence. And under such circumstance, asking questions helps you understand things and shows your commutation skills.

2. Productivity and quality.
At the beginning, productivity and quality is a tradeoff we have to make. We have to spend quite some time on learning, such as, coding style and naming convention. But in industry, the standards are super standard and limited to day-to-day usage. No crazy stuffs are used in industry. This may take a while to get familiar with. But as you get along with the tech stack, you'll know what the best practice is and follow them so easily. You won't need to focus on improving quality so much, and the productivity will just be boosted neutrally.


I work at one of the big tech companies (not facebook) and I've always heard that Facebook & Amazon have horrible culture issues. After seeing this I'm curious why they would be so harsh on an intern? Why would they tell you to not ask questions, don't know they know that if you say that to someone who is new, that they're going to second guess every question they have from that point on?

Were you doing your own research first before asking questions, maybe that was the issue? It just sounds like such a hostile environment based on what you described. I guess that's one of the benefits of an internship though, you get a chance to test things out unlike a full time employee who may have relocated/moved his/her family for a job at Facebook only to find out they hate it.

Chang You

A big hug...Thank you so much for being so honest and speak up! Hope your Stripe intern summer turn out awesome! ❤️ (Already can't wait to watch that and give thumb up!


Hi Caitlyn, I just wanted to say thanks so much for this video. I also interned at Facebook back in 2015 as a software engineer / full-stack developer and I had an eerily similar experience to you. Someone actually sent me this video because of how similar our experiences were.

Five years is a loooong time. I've gained a lot of perspective and sought out new ones since that summer. Here's an attempt to describe what happened from my perspective.

----begin recap---

I had never done web dev before, so I was tasked with learning three different languages / paradigms (Ruby on Rails, Javascript (React, because Facebook) and HTML/CSS) at the start of my internship. Then my job was to design and program a full-stack feature on the product our team was working on.

I went into the internship not being super on-board with the Facebook mission. I took the internship because I knew I was going to learn a lot. And for the first half of the internship, I was learning a lot and enjoying the internship. At the halfway point, however, my intern manager told me that I was "not on track to get an offer".

My thoughts, in order, were:
1. I'm shocked -- this is the first I've heard about this.
2. Why am I not on track and how can I improve?

My intern manager then told me EXACTLY what you were told, which is that I asked "too many questions" and my intern project was progressing too slowly. I had EXACTLY the same response as you, which was that it would be difficult for me to try to be more independent and also make faster progress on my internship project. He then said, "ok, maybe you shouldn't ask ...less questions, but you should ask ...better questions."

When pressed, he said he couldn't think of any examples of bad questions I had asked, and would let me know when he thought of one. SPOILER ALERT: he never let me know, even though he gave me the same feedback several more times throughout my internship. I felt like I had no choice but to try very, very hard not to ask my intern manager questions.

I also had the same experience as you: when I was put in the pressure cooker, I responded by working harder. I pulled late hours and worked on weekends.

That summer was the first time I ever experienced panic attacks. I cried nearly every other day in the second half of that internship. It felt like no one was on my side; the one full-timer I was friends with confided with me that she had similar anxieties that she'd get fired because she wasn't getting promoted fast enough.

---end recap----

At the end of the internship, I submitted some observations for things that I'd wish to see improved for the internship program. I'm sorry to hear that some of these cultural aspects remain.

1. Lack of concern for what the intern wants: Almost all of the feedback I got in the second half of my internship was geared towards how on-track I was to receiving a return offer, even though I went into the internship aiming just to learn.

If the Facebook internship program is only for people who specifically are aiming for a full-time offer, and is not flexible enough to also cater to people who just want to learn, they should make that explicit in the internship application.

I suspect there's a rubric somewhere that asks the intern managers to tick a box for "independence" and "code productivity". And I also suspect that the rubric says absolutely nothing about what to do when the intern is "underperforming". Which just sounds like, as far as the internship program is concerned, underperforming interns don't matter.

2. Lack of experience in intern managers: my intern manager had been out of college for 8 months when I started my internship. As you said, "why accept so many interns if you're not even going to properly mentor them??" I'm sure he was also concerned with his own career / projects / perf reviews and simply did not have the bandwidth as an 8-month-in full-timer to properly mentor me.

P.S. I've had five internships in my life. I didn't like all of them, but I can say without a doubt that my experience at Facebook was more miserable and dehumanizing than at all the other companies. I started working as a full-time (machine learning) engineer at a stealth-mode startup straight out of college 1.5 years ago. I work hard at my current company without the dreadful pressure that was EVERYWHERE at Facebook.

I don't know if you're going to read this far, Caitlyn, but I definitely know that you'll be able to find a company that you really love in the future. Keep fighting for what you want and don't settle for any less!


Thank you so much for your sharing! Just want to leave a comment to say that I had really a great experience interning there.

I honestly think things may vary in different teams and different mentors. I’m so lucky to have super super nice intern manager, peers, and team manager, who are so helpful and always ready to help for my questions, even offering me possible solutions to solve the problem. I’m very grateful to have this intern experience and have learned so much from one of the best standard workflow. Also, I think I’m productive without sacrificing my own life. I actually had more free time than at school LOL It’s not easy and can be stressful sometime, especially when you are learning new things, but it’s definitely worth it!

I believe this internship should be a great experience for personal growth and future career anyways. Hope you all the best on your further endeavors! ?

Leo Liu

Zuckerberg mind twisted
Like a wizard
Fuck Facebook
He's not really making anything tangible like food or something

GoFirst Website Design

Start your own business. If you have skills and a laptop. Put them to work. Or you could join a new start-up and have fun.

Alessandro Gentil

Damn, I think that you just save me of a lot of stress...working at Facebook was my dream, I just got a promotion where I can lead a team of developers in the startup that I am working on, and damn I am feeling good, working in a healthy manner, good feedbacks, everything is good and this next year I was about to swap this for a chance at Facebook...
Thank you Caitlyn, for really helped me!

Vishrut Reddi

I said the same thing after my internship - "I'm not joining even if I get an FT offer". But after graduating I took a chance and I did. Not Facebook and of course I cannot say anything about them. But from personal experience when I did come in as an FTE at Microsoft reorgs happened and I got moved to a team that I grew with, learned from, and enjoyed from day 1. The team worked on a tech stack that I was deeply passionate about at the time and they were working on projects that had a really vast impact which was so rewarding. With more time as an FTE I truly understood the culture at the company, the people and slowly fell in love with the campus and the area I was in.

Internships are hard - Not in terms of the work you actually do but in terms of really getting a grasp of the company as a whole. You get a taste but I feel sometimes it's not everything. If I didn't take that chance I would have never gotten the opportunities and the enjoyment that I feel today at my job. A lot of anxiety + planning + work packed into 3 months is super overwhelming and I bet a lot of people say "I'm not coming back". Do you and what you think is best but I would not discount the power of second chances. Your job and life is very much team dependent. So yes if you had a really bad experience with the team you were in then try elsewhere. For anyone in the same boat, life is about managing risks and if you feel comfortable, sometimes taking risk is super rewarding.

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Nice to see you back . I am sure there is a nice red surprise waiting for you at port Beirut ?

Jalal Al-haddad

ولكم باااااك يا انطوني، اي ها هيك فطور ولا بلا???


Lovely and sweet couples ???????❤️?

Balkees Shanti

Nell looks stunning in this video! ❤️

انتصار رزق سالم

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Rita Tannoury

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Gastronotun Rotası

I "liked" your videos 1500 times but you didnt say anythng...

Saaer Mohsen

Delicious ?

seza momjian

Next time, try omelet with Armenian spicy sausage, or sujuk.

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Jean Saade


Amal K

How does Nell make her homemade lebnah. Can she make a video on it?

مطبخ حياة

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Nel looks so beautiful in this video ?


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My Favorite Facebook Market Finds in our Cottage Style Home

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Today I’m sharing my

Today I’m sharing my favorite Facebook Marketplace Finds in our Cottage Style Home, as well as some tips and tricks for shopping home decor on Facebook!

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Rebbeca Elder

Take care and God Bless.

Sharon VandenBerge

Beautiful! You are delightful! I love how you decorate.

Yolanda Marshall

I love marketplace! You have found some beautiful items, but then again you make them look gorgeous. Can't wait to see your doors. Happy Mother's Day!??

Denise Berryhill

The bucket with flowers on your coffee table looks like my grandfathers minnow bucket. I had planned on putting a citronella candle in it for my patio, but now after seeing yours, I think I like the flowers better.

Trish Allan

The barn doors are so beautiful ?

Joanne Prince


Deb B

That coffee table is so pretty! Loved all your finds and would love to see your mom and grandfather's homes. You have a beautiful home! ?

Cindy Urban

I agree with going to check it out. We went to see a chair that looked like it would be perfect for our home and when we got there, it looked like a child’s chair. Photo was deceiving!

Leslie Carson

Andrea, was so excited for the collaboration between you and Lisa. As I said to her in her comments, you are both my favorite YouTube channels. I can’t get through my quarantine days without watching one or the other of you. Even older ones that I had missed. Why am I not surprised you are such good friends. Anyway, love your Facebook finds as well. Hope you are well. Look forward to a peek at your families homes in the future. Sounds like you inherited good style sense from them. Theirs May be a different time period, but your home speaks for itself. Have always loved your home!!! Happy Mother’s Day and be well! ❤️

Debi VanRavenhorst

Hi Andrea, you have such a warm and inviting home. I really like the color of the walls in your living room. What color did you use . Thank you


Those scallops on your tea table were meant to hold candles, not tea cups.


I've been looking for eucalyptus sprigs very much like what you have on your nightstand. Can you tell me where you found them?

Mehri T

I Loved video and enjoyed video thanks for sharing.

Pamela Brown

When I buy and sell on marketplace I always like to sell my things first also and I believe once it is gone the right thing will come along to fill that space xx

Annette Biering

Would love to see your moms and grandpa’s homes. So different from what we have here in So. California.

Sondra Six

Farm house on the Boone sent me over. I am so excited. Really enjoyed your video ??????

Lyddie C

I would love to see your Mom and Grandpa’s homes?

Sharon Somers

I would love to see your grandmothers and parents house. Love your house and your style.

Kathye Sargent

You are so passionate I love it. Decorating for me is the same.

Karen H

I'm new to your channel, I came from Farmhouse on Boone. Please tell me the brand and color of the liptstick you are wearing in this video, it is beautiful! thanks!

Rebbeca Elder

Love your home.what color of paint is on your wall.


I love that coffee table … I wish I could find one like it. My tip for FB marketplace: if I see something more than I'm prepared to spend I save it … and if it's still around days later I will then contact them. I figure they are like me … they'd like as much as they can but after a few days if there's no interest they might be ready to take less.

donna wolfe

Your home is lovely.

Lisa Aguirre

Love your home and Lisa's. Been watching her a couple of years now. She's amazing and so are you. ❤


I sale things from my shop on FB Marketplace all the time I love that little table, it's so sweet. I love what you did to it! I love all of your finds.

David Angel Dye

Enjoying your videos. Your home is so bright and cozy.

Dianne Rempel

Thank you for your tips about buying on FB marketplace. I love all your finds, and can't wait for the shed reveal!

Jackie Burnett

You really got some magnificent pieces of furniture. I love the doors! Im a 1st time viewer and have subscribed

Betsy Frost

Hi Andrea! Where did you find your Eucalyptus (?) branches that are in the vases around your home?

Susan Velez

I've been following Lisa from the beginning and love her so much! New sub

Mona Farag

Would love to see your grandparents place. Great idea.

Sherry Baroudi

Andrea, we just had carriage doors replicated for our garage and it cost a fortune! That was a find you won’t regret ?

Cherie S

Here on recommendation from Lisa. I have been bingeing on videos and your blog posts! You are such a great find.

Brenda Bradley

I was watching Lisa before I found your site. Was with her through her last two births. Love you both. ❤️what is it you are still looking for? I must have missed that.

Patti Hurley

Can’t wait for the shed reveal ?

Teresa Elling - Peaceful Home

Those carriage doors are amazing! Thanks for sharing your finds with us!

Joyce Taggart

Thank you for showing all of your finds. You have an eye for what could be. It does take a lot of work but so worth it. That little stand by your bed is so cute. Thanks Joyce

flower Flower

Love your blog. U are so sweet. Keep up with it.

Kathy Binkley

Andrea, I love facebook marketplace. I just sold a beautiful white vintage hutch and the lady liked it so, she didn't even try to talk me down, but i like to barter to. Ive also bought things on there and I love it. When I'm looking for something really special, Facebook marketplace I will go. I can't wait to see your reveal!

Rocky Mtn Momma

Can’t wait to see the shed!!

Karen Tappert

Hi Andrea, The rounded corners of your coffee table are for candlesticks. Your table is modeled after a games or card table from the 18th century (coffee tables in a low height weren’t in use at that time). I have been enjoying your posts; thanks for all the inspiration!

Jeannine Boyce

Love your videos and your way of decorating. Where did you purchase your white flowers on your living room coffee table and in your baskets?

Harvest and Gather

your home is so beautiful! :)


I am here from Lisa's channel! I am so excited about your channel! ?

Beatriz Chastine

I’ve sold on Craigslist, fb marketplace, OfferUp for years, and I have to disagree, no we don’t like negotiating price in person. Especially if we’ve been messaging back and forth and there was no negotiating prior to pick up.


Coming from Lisa's channel. Your home is beautiful?

Sandy Miller

I disagree. I think it’s rude to ask someone to go lower in person...ask ahead of time! As someone that has sold some items on marketplace, confronting with lower price in person is awkward so don’t do it!!!

Leslie Powell

Love learning everything!!! You are so wise!

Leslie Rozon

As someone who has only recently discovered FM, I appreciated hearing you and Lisa's tips. You both have some great finds!


Hello, I'm coming from Lisa's blog and I will sick around. I love your taste! ❤

This Boy Mom Life

Always love your thrifting tips! Will definitely make use of Facebook Marketplace!

Linda Plumley

Here visiting from Farmhouse on Boone. ❤️. I've subscribed to your channel.

Robin Nieto

Lisa on Farmhouse on Boone is one of my favorite channels, found you on a comment on her channel

JoAnn Conway

Hi Andrea, you are just so lovely. I really like your cottage...so pretty. So today you talked about your coffee table. I have this very one. Back in 1984 I had been married for just about 10 years and I really wanted new living room furniture and I knew I wanted solid maple wood. I saw this coffee table at Ethan Allen. At that time they had two end tables that were in that same line. One is rectangular with a drawer and the other was shaped sort of like a three leafed clover w/o the stem. The three together were $600 ... a lot of money back then... In order to afford them I took on a job day caring a two year old friend of my two year old daughter. It took me almost a year to save up that money. I treasure them still.... mine are more a honey brown color... they look just as beautiful today as they did the day I bought them 35 years ago.


Yes please to family home tours! ?


Got my fireplace custom mantle made for me on Facebook marketplace also!!
And I bought a beautiful round mahogany wood dining table on marketplace as well!!!

Carolyn Lunel

Thanks for the great tips! Can't wait to see your shed reveal! ???

Diana Quinonez

Another great video sweetie! Keep them coming can't wait to see what's next????❤

Nancy Pasten Badillo

Too much bla bla and

Ehelen Tharpe

Your home is lovely.

glenda lafont

You are just thrilled with your finds. I can't wait to see the room finished and the garage doors. You have such great ideas.

Kris Matson

Can't wait to see your shed too! I love to see outdoor projects this time of year.

Nahla Modita

We will love yo see your g-pa house tour ?

Starr 64

I would also love to see your GrandMa & Moms homes.
You are so creative & inspirational
Your Home is Beautiful & Original.
Lisa’s Home is one of my favorites also.

Ruth Goddard

Love all your finds but oh !!!!! That mantleplace is my favorite , hands down. That you even gotvit for that price is unbelievable.

Judy McCord

Love, love your home! You are so talented and thrifty! I would love to see your Mom's house and grand parents house!

I came over from Lisa! I love what I see— hit subscribe so fast. ☺️ I have a very similar approach to decor and I am so excited to see the project with the carriage doors! ??

joyce ellison

You are amazingly talented! So thankful l found your channel. Because of you l completed my 1st piece, a side board and it's beautiful. Could you share your floor and wall colors as it appears every piece you show blends or fits in remarkably well. Thank you for all you do.

Lisa Keller

You talk way too much, 2nd if I agreed to meet with someone to sell something on market place, put item in my car & drove to destination & was then offered less, I would be very angry! YOU AGREED to PRICE BEFORE you MEET!

Cindy Rumsey

I'm so happy Lisa sent me your way. Love this video.

Jayne Brown

I love your our Garage Doors! I can’t wait to see what you have done. Your wood beam was certainly a gem and YES it is gorgeous in your home!

Heading over to see Lisa’s finds! She is a pro at finding things! See amazes me!

Have a blessed weekend and Happy Mother’s Day !

Edith Troen

Love your videos!!! I’ve been watching non stop:). I wanted to ask about your natural wicker/bamboo shades...where did you get them? I’ve been looking for some and I can’t seem to find reasonably priced ones. Thank you so much!!! Xo

Seana Garrow

??I just found you last week...it was the Cottage Elements” video that caught my eye...and your style & talent that made me subscribe! Can’t wait to see each new video! Wait...that’s not true...I’ve been pulling up your older videos as well, so I can’t wait to see ALL of your videos!???


Love Lisa too.

I’m also loving your consistent uploads. I get excited. I absolutely love your home. I love fb marketplace too. It’s hard for me to buy new items now since you can buy antiques for a better deal plus the better quality.

Kitties for Trump

Hi Andrea, all your videos are lovely and inspiring, for sure! I knew about Lisa's channel before as well. You both do a great job- Andrea, I was wondering if you ever considered floral printed fabric for pillows or a chair? England loves their gardens and flowers! Or maybe vintage rose or floral framed art? I especially love your kitchen and front and backyard gardens.

Gina Maria

Love everything, you and Lisa are among my favorites and so is marketplace ?. You home is absolutely gorgeous, I hope when you reveal your carriage that you maybe a yard tour ????

dos dandelions

Would you like it if you had something for sale and someone said they'd come over and then when they arrive, they offer you less? Why not honor others and pay them what they ask unless it's completely unreasonable?


Hi Andrea all your Fb market finds are great pieces and look beautiful in your home. I'm excited to see how your shed turned out with those great looking doors you scored.

Patsy Brown

You have such a sweet smile! You make me smile! I love your videos and your home!

Deborah Bavas

Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone sent me! She was right.....love your video!❤️ I did subscribe!

Debi Barrington

If the item is a deal that you would purchase should the seller say no then dont try to talk them down ..nothing is more annoying and discouraging to a seller ..i sell things and set a price for item to fly out the door so that someone can afford and enjoy ..nothing insults me more than people to try to talk me down futher..it makes the seller feel used and unappreciative its their 9 to five ..who likes a cut one their paycheck..be kind


Not only is your husband very talented he is also very handsome. You guys are just a beautiful couple - so smart and so pleasant. Thank you for your videos. They always inspire me.

D. Watkins

Thank you for all the tips! My husband and I don’t do Facebook or any social media but boy it’s definitely worth thinking hard about changing that with all the awesome deals you can find?have a blessed day!