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Space Pioneer Momentus Is Your Next 25X Opportunity

1 460 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Space technology pioneer

Space technology pioneer Momentus is on the verge of hitting the pubic markets, thanks to a merger with blank-check company Stable Road Acquisition Corp (SRAC).

And make no mistake: Buying SRAC stock today may be the best thing you ever do in the markets.

That's because Momentus is one of the most exciting, innovative and explosive companies in the world today. The company is building a proprietary technology platform, which will be the basis for how satellites physically move in the multi-trillion-dollar Space Economy.

With that alone, Momentus has mind-boggling upside potential. Yet, very little of that potential is priced into SRAC stock today.

Indeed, I think SRAC stock has more than 25X upside potential from here.

How do we get there? Watch the video for Luke's take!

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On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this video.

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janne pesola

Great video. Can you make more videos on stocks that are not at their all times high at the moment but rather dipping

Aaron P

Thank you very much, Luke. You are really a life-changer for me.I hope you are healthy and happy every day and live to 120 years ( if this is not too short, haha).

Richie Johnson

Love you video!! Would love to see your futuristic take on UAVS!! AgEagle

Arthur Matthew F

Luke, please answer: I subscribe to Hyperg, etc. Limited resources, acct $25k. Do you ever take profits on these? What is the risk stop? I try to add every recommendation you make, but with limited capital I run out of margin $. If you do this with paper $, you have unlimited resources, but I don't. Your recommendations are great. And, in your monthly recap, you show the 1x, 2x, 5x, winners, but you don't show how many stocks, if any, get sold at a loss. Comments? THANKS

Truc Le

Followed you for a while, love your content.
You also recommended NPA, so which one is better, SRAC or NPA? Thanks for your recommendation!


First time I saw a video of urs. Heres my comment:
I dont like music, Its annoying when listening at x1,5 or x1.75, for investing channels I prefer it plaid.
Thats it. I liked the content, nothing new from months ago but meh, just a introduction for new comers of the company I guess...

Andres Santos


Scott R

The name of the company, Momentous. It is a cutting edge high-tech firm out of the Midwest awaiting imminent patent approval on the next generation of plasma technology that have both huge military and civilian applications now.

Pumping a stock after a 280% run up. I can get pump and dump videos like this anywhere.

John Wilson

happy investing to all

Michael Iverson


Spacex stock name

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3 Space Stocks to buy instead of Virgin Galactic MAXR, AJRD, AVIO, SPCE

2 314 views | 5 Sep. 2020

This video goes over

This video goes over stocks to buy if you are not interested in Virgin Galactic SPCE Stock. Or maybe you just want to diversify your investment with other space related stocks. I talk about Maxar Technologies, Aerojet Rocketdyne, And Avio Stocks. I also give my personal opinion on each.

Paul Albert

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Zheng Si

Otonomo, an Israeli company that collects and sells a range of data from millions of passenger cars, on Monday announced plans to go public via a merger with (SAII) a special-purpose acquisition company, or SPAC. Otonomo will receive about $172.5 million in cash from the SPAC (ticker: SAII). Can you analyze this stock? Is it a good buy?

Steven Richards

The FAA has two glide flights schedules Oct 1st and 7th and one crewed power flight on October 22nd.

Christian Nepogie

Can you Please make video for Trump Covid Situation. I wish you have other social media account so we won’t post random messages on your video.

Another excellent video! Keep up the good work.

Thank you!

Oshaben Oshaben

Blockchain is indeed the future I must say with it's decentralized mature, I hope it lasts longer and allows us manage our crypto assets without any government charges or limitation rules
Because I’ve been earning over $100k monthly from bitcoin with the help of Christa who’s currently helping me with my investment, it has been a profitable journey for me so far and I decided to share this here and I know it’s definitely a valuable and useful information for anybody interested in crypto or wish to be financially free.
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Mr. Sharp

Thoughts on Momentus? They work with SpaceX

Raul Serrano

What do you think about the FCC filing of powered test flight schedule October 22??

Spacex stock name

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Elon Musk’s solution for SpaceX Starship Landings – Perseverance preparing for safe landing

297 170 views | 9 Feb. 2021

This Episode is sponsored

This Episode is sponsored by Brilliant

The First 200 to join through the link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription! https://brilliant.org/WhatAboutIt/

What kind of solution has Elon Musk found for future Starship landings, what do you need to know about the upcoming Perseverance landing and where can you watch it?

Perseverance event schedule: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/timeline/landing/watch-online/

Total Space:


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Editing: Alex Potvin

Starman animations by Tashanimation

Thumbnail: @C-bass Productions

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Brandon Castle

Fucking 28 rocket engines? There are 3 on there now. How the hell do you fit 28?

carol Deeds

Maybe production of the Raptor engines is being held up because of continual improvements that are being carried out on each iteration. Once they settle on a final design then the production can pick up the pace.

snax official

cool Vid <3

NZ Salt Flats Racer

That's a big shiny pipe!

Steliotas Palioprosi

We live our future in hands of a billionaire????

Frank R

One of my votes for SN-10 was, that they have to lit all 3 engines as they need min. 2 for landing...


even with the 3 engine relight it is pretty clear that they need to increase the reliability of their engine. but i suppose i am only saying that water is wet.

George Bailey

Problem is landing??? 1 large vehicle?? stands like a pencil?? wrong>? needs hoists to unlord and lord?? waste of weight ease and danger of [email protected] restricts verstitility? highly dangerous restricts escape ?

nishesh sharma

Space x would bring new world ?? very near very very soon

M. G. Bode

Wai fan


Dude, you have a great name, 1 letter short of Schlong :)

mack man

That long tube you had a question about looks like the thing you see flying off like a missile when the starship hits the ground and explodes. I would guess it is an internal component that keeps an amount of ignition fuel available for quick start of engines. Perhaps they should put a self destruct package on that component as well in order to keep it in the explosion vicinity next time.

James Hadfield

Titanium, there's a shitload of it's ore in Australia, just needs someone to finance mining and processing, if Elon doesn't do it another group will. Play around with stainless steel all you want to develop the technology, but the first ship to Mars probably won't be able return unless a welder and a shipload of aluminium scaffold or a bunch of bloody long ladders need to be on board.


How about they dont land?


I think they should catch the booster with a big counter-weighted trebuchet-style arm with the forks that catch at the end of the arm. You could then swing that around and set it within reach of a fairly traditional shipyard crane for stacking.

Reginald Carey

Starships nuclear reactor


I have an idea for the launch pad, they can always use the existing structure to make a water tower (kappa)


You kinda look like Benedict Cumberbatch ??

Atlas Gaming

We need to send GPS sats to Mars


the slowdown in raptor engines could be due to a manufacturing process rework. Good chance we will see a massive rework of the design of the raptor engine soon.

Entropy Z

And by Elon Musk’s solution you mean the solution the brilliant group of engineers that work with him came up with. Let’s address this and give credit where credit is due.

Pickle jar B0B

Bokachika bokachika

Franklin Miller

So I hope that the rover perseverance does better than the rover in the cartoon movie planet 51 where the rover collects small rocks samples but missed a whole civilization???

John Hughes

Hello, Just a quick question I thought that the Chinese had a mission to Mars as well? Do we know how that's doing as I am aware the UAE is slowing down try to get into orbit. Thanks for all your interesting videos. Keep well, keep safe and be happy.

Richard d Kroeker

Why not go into an earlier 'flip', and then a short 'hover' prior to the final landing ? It would allow some time to 'set-up' for a smooth ,controlled, final descent .. it just seems like common sense, to me ..

Stuart Sabin

SpaceX does more in one year than NASA does in 10. Keep it up SpaceX!!

carol Deeds

Wasn't Raptor engine SN39 initially installed on Starship SN8?

Boston quad

It's a roll of Steel


1:53 it's a nuke. Or giant light sabre. Obviously.

Brian Silver

Elvis sighting @11:40

What about it!?

What kind of object is laying on the ground at the Cocoa Site?

Hello Kitty Lover Man!

"GPS system"? Oops, there's no such thing!

C Bruce Strickland

How do you know the time and the make-up of the flow? You say it was a river. I know we can detect materials, gases, and such that may indicate it was water but,... was it? I believe it should be said,... based on the science we use it seems to indicate a water flow created the structure we see today. Putting all your eggs in the same basket does not leave room for new and wonderful new discoveries we may come across as we skip home with our basket full of breakfast treats. I follow your channel almost every day and your SpaceX coverage is always spot on. Thank You for your commitment to our old future renewed.

Lego starship flight tests

16:05 ok I'll tell Elon to shut down the one with the brightness settings??

Eeger Ray

It is cryogenic chamber some type

Rob Davies

"Ignition sequence start" is like a sound out of time. Eeerry almost.

Nikita Liashkov

If Engines don't work as planned on SN why would you produce 1 per 12 hours ?? that's huge waste

smokey0162 hd

Dude first time watching love your content but I have to ask where’d you get that trooper patch?

Zoran 9A3HP DIY

Jezero crater, mean lake crater. Jezero is word from serbian and croatian and mean lake. So try to read yezero crater.


I thought Young Sheldon already solved this problem for him?


algo comment

Space Junkie

Why would they use nitrogen instead of LOX or Liquid methane for testing the tank?

Will de Jong

Elon’s solution tweet was posted on Feb 4. I posted a comment on SpaceX’s YouTube video explaining why they should try to relight 3 engines on Feb 3. Coincidence, or is someone at SpaceX actually reading YouTube comments? Either way, good idea.

David Scates

At 1:15 Is it an air chiller unit or an intake air filtration unit?

Jimmy Jawbone

Thank you.

Aaron Hunt

Comment for the Algorithm


a long time ago in a theory far far away from truth. please dont speak as fact things that are just theory. we dont know how old mars is or if there was a river there before, etc.

joost griffioen

hey man, just found your channel. really smart and professional content. subscribed.

Shadow King

Maybe the FAA is holding them back due to the investigation


I actually rock

Fuk Hue

It used to take Rolls Royce 40 hours to build 1 Trent XWB Airbus engine. By 2017 the Dahlewitz plant could build 2 in one week. Combined with production of 5 per week from the Derby plant they can produce 1 engine per day (up from 1 per week). SpaceX plan is 3 Raptors per shift with 4 shifts producing 12 Raptors a day! Pretty impressive for a single engine powerful enough to destroy the plane they put 4 Trent XWB engines on!


are you from Germany ? you sound like that while saying some names


Great content that could be a 5 minute video but really so much BS on unknowns from the patreons. Apart from that im happy to watch the YT advertising fine!. This is sick to spend 8 Minutes on kind thanks.


S R B ?

oldfrog17 Cliff

With concrete that thick, curing could take months. According to records, the Hoover Dam is still producing heat from the curing of the concrete laid decades ago. Most likely the reason that production hasn't been ramped up is because of the changes still being made on the design.

Mihail N

I don't understand why they don't start more early all engine's to stabilize the vehicle... And after this test, can be performed test's to last second...

George Macaulay

Felidict Cumbershlang (I am Sorry. I apologise i couldn't help it) this is my go-to channel for spacex news.

gio nare

of course you are right we dont speek evrything too evryvan so wy musk will tall what can he do ???? we will speak telepatik and wi will stude control auar thoghts

Federico Juric

Elon Musk is amazing

rundErd frech

min. 1:44: I know what this is. It's the drive shaft for the propeller of the Star-SHIP.

Maanhaar Jackal

OLP will become base of lifting crane.

Željko Tičić

too much pubs .. i get that is money for you but u r getting too greedy

Kyle Moore

It’s always possible they pushed out a bunch of Raptors early just to prove that they could meet their every 12 hour goal, and then scaled back to work on perfecting the engineering side and tweaks to finalize the designs before they go knocking out 2 a day that’ll just be replaced by upgraded ones eventually anyways.


Everything he's done so far has been "impossible" so..

Jonny Stolpe

I think the tech keeps getting better too fast, by the time they have a raptor ready they have a better way to build it, so they have to retro fit it or start all over.
It's the same cause as the James Web telescope... Fingers crossed for October....still.
Anyway, great upload ?
Thank you very much.

Monty Pearson

If we have antigravity technology why are we using rocket technology ?

Joe Wilson

I have an idea of how to keep the fuel always in pressure and at full flow to the engines even if the tanks are not vertical and that is keep the tanks diaphragm under pressure . The other is to use a gimbal system to keep the pickup always in the fuel .

Victor Gallagher

Is SpaceX manufacturing their fuel on site or purchasing it from a third party ?

Miuzik 8OP

OK the outtakes weird extra funny this time.

Bill Fauber

We’ll never hear a significate discovery from Mars as NASA has complete control of the Narrative and obviously the Mainstream Media. It amazes me they have been allowed by the public and mainstream media to provide the weakest of explanations to explain away UFO's and other obvious artifacts seen on the surface of Mars and the Moon by public researchers the "it's just swamp gas" excuse for everything with no intelligent argument even from our own News media, is just pathetic. Ever ask yourself why we cannot see the in-bound images as they arrive at Earth, why are they using encryption on the images sent from the spacecraft/rovers back to Earth? why do the images go to a secure vault at JPL where there are only a few people that are allowed access? why do days, weeks, months and years go by before images are released to the public. NASA has secret agreements with every space fairing nation where those nations get cash for their space programs but must use the NASA/JPL encryption and imaginary routing process, where the encrypted signal goes from spacecraft to NASA antenna array's directly to the NASA/JPL vault for editing before release to the public, countries agree because NASA's network is proven and they don't see any reason for NASA/JPL deception but they don't realize they've given away any chance of new discoveries as NASA will only allow information out that fits their narrative (they may give them a small win, maybe), those that don't agree to this arrangement don’t get NASA’s assistance and mysteriously their space craft fail or disappear.

Anthony Hernandez-Galicia

Well the object at the coco site might be a reaction wheel or some sort of balancer to make the starship land better or probably might even be a the energy storage for starship how its going interstellar it needs to have a energy storage.

Scoring digits, son.

Hey, like my comment!

Asma Angel

The frequent evening coherently instruct because downtown atypically crack out a adhesive whistle. flowery, historical underpants


I predict Perserverance fails. Too much reliance on AI.


Jezero is close to polish word Jezioro which means Lake :D

Patrick Mahoney

CITCO site. I used to work for the landlord there. (Shuttle 2 -9 era)

Space is the Best

3rd times a charm

Micky Dub


Ted Archer

I wonder if SpaceX will switch to biomethane in the near future?

Andy Phipps

He could put emergency parachute at these coming in too hot.. Is a lot cheaper than replacing starships

Ashleigh Bostick

To bad, whatever space is made out of can't be processed as fuel once up there.

Hamlock Maneuver


Ed Dyer

Hey Uncle Felix are you going to apply for the entrepreneur opportunity to orbit. You would be a great choice - What about it?
Missing puzzle pieces
Missing puzzle pieces
Missing puzzle pieces

- idk everyone seems to think they can light three Raptors seems to me we want the engine to start reliably no matter which we pick. The root cause failure has yet to be determined. Is it lean on fuel or (see the ship said it already I lean ) or are the raptor engines getting shredded. Something popped and blew out the COPV cover under the skirt. I would not expect poofing under the skirt all the exhaust should come out the nozzles Eh? Sure looked like a meltdown to me more like a back fire. Pop - like that made all the Space X Unicorns in Boca Chica - fart rainbows. Everyone tells me that this in not magic, I beg to differ. If as I suspect magic is involved we should be, could be actually chasing gremlins. Elon may have to put on his pointed hat and come to wave his arms, say the magic words and banish them to Boeing.
Will work for ticket to Mars. Peace.

Maanhaar Jackal

Super Heavy's base will never touch ground - it will launch from the suspension rig currently planned to catch it.

The General

Talk about being a nosey neighbour....

Mike Warbin



which telescope is that in the background?

Jerome Rovnak

TIME To Shift FOCUS = Fix the Man Made Issues Of Poisoning For Prophet - ? The Fix Is MORE What Is Needed - Make Some Effort to See The Rest Of Life Not Just The Claims To $HAME . Something About Life Is HUMBLEING ?

Felix JN

I would'nt say Starship is a second stage. Not yet :)

Scratchy Cat

I come here for the bloopers at the end.

Pradeep Bhosale

Why not SpaceX is using hydraulic Landing Gears for starship? Probably 3 or 4 in nos.???

Anyone can help me understand this use case of not using landing gears in starship


The cylinder is holding the giant cigar Elon is saving for the first Starship landing on Mars.

David Sheriff

Convert Starship into Andromeda.... been flying decades , then launch smaller landers to Mars ...

Lego starship flight tests

16:00 I'll see you there to?


The alloy needed to run an oxygen rich combustion cycle is hard to produce and uses rare metals including tungsten. I'm betting that's what making mass production of raptors difficult.

Stuart Brown

As ever Felix and Team
This is an excellent production
Thank you
Stuart in Ireland


Love your videos, keep up the great work.
@ 12:16 the closed caption reads NASA will begin it's "lie stream"

* unQuestionable TV *

Seems like a roll of steel.


They're to heavy to

Dan Lewellyn

I'm curious. What does this the plan for the inevitable Cat 5 hurricane?