Taps payments

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Mastercard® contactless. Help your customers just tap & go™

13 266 views | 2 Feb. 2018

In this video, Mastercard

In this video, Mastercard will demonstrate how contactless payments work at the point-of-sale and how you can encourage your customers to use this payment method. Mastercard contactless technology lets consumers make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled Mastercard® or Maestro® card or device—wherever the universal contactless acceptance symbol is displayed on the terminal reader.



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No clorox necessary

Taps payments

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Contactless Payment: Save time! | How to use Tap To Pay at the pump | Pay for gas FAST

13 153 views | 13 Dec. 2019

Wow. Here is how to pay

Wow. Here is how to pay for gas fast! Contactless payment (tap to pay) now showing up at gas pumps near you. It's a quick convenient payment option. Just tap your card, enter your zip code then pump. That easy. Just check your card for the Tap To Pay symbol. Kind of looks like a cellphone signal strength meter. ? Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed filming it.

Please share any comments or questions you may have. Thanks to you for watching my video.


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Cool feature

Agim qerimi

Not a safe card if u loose someone can use it this way and can still your money


Ok, so one still has to make contact with the machine because it asks for a zipcode? I was hoping that I didn't have to touch the dirty buttons. So, technically the contactless card isn't totally contactless at a gas station :(

Best Pranks 69

Contactless payment is everywhere in the UK

Is the number one way to pay in the UK
America is only eight years behind on the technology


Technology lol


Safer too! You can’t skim contactless

Nick Colonna

contactless pay has been so nice and convenient now that it’s everywhere; i dont even bring my card with me most of the time

Rene .Lem

All I need to do is steal your credit card. Cool.

Taps payments

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Tap & Pay NFC

342 645 views | 3 Sep. 2014

The NFC Payments, allowed

The NFC Payments, allowed by a virtual payment card recorded into a smartphone's secure area, offer a fast and secure user experience, simply getting close the smartphone to the POS. Pay Reply designs and developes NFC solutions with different technology paradigms (SIM Based and HCE).


Night Reader

That cellphone procedure you are watching is only for the province and forest. That is unsafety procedure. Use Nokia Gigitized program April 2020 for App version: v11.1 for your safe and safety for others in the World.

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so just that I get this right, the app has to be opened?

hindustan news

Which app that you used

Barry Lin

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Transaction refused :P

Shahin Hasnat

Haw price messin

Ay bidl

kok gak ada suaranya..????

Sadequl Islam

your idea is very good. thanks

Aditya Bhavsar

Do NFC support in samsung galaxy A50 64/4 gb variant

Ayden Chase

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Night Reader

Nokia 6.1 or Nokia 7.1 we used tap n pay on machine online or offline. No need for iPhone.

Clara Smith

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Oneplus phone ke liye liye kon c aaps hai...Samsung pay / Apple Pay / Android Pay ke jaisa...??

Luis_ _8172

Why are you showing your credit card


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Amir Akbari

This method have any limitations? Or no?

Saad Khan


amar lakra

Konsa app use kiye aap

Ifty Sarwar

For those asking, that's Samsung Pay and requires NFC.

Willie Mcghee

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Younggg C

what app are u using to pay


vodafone... uno dei servizi scam legalizzato peggiore d'italia

Saad Khan

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