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Remtronix SMA Police Scanner Antennas | Introduction

5 461 views | 5 Dec. 2018

Zip Scanners - We Make

Zip Scanners - We Make Scanning Easy

Overview 0:05

BNC & SMA (800S) 0:15

Comparing SMA Connection Types 0:30

SDS100 Installation 1:00

Issue With SMA (800S) 1:25

SMA (810S) & SMA (820S) Improvements: 1:55

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Zip Scanners - We Make Scanning Easy.

Hey everyone! It’s Luke from Zip Scanners, where we make scanning easy. Today, we're going to take a look at the Remtronix aftermarket onset antenna for police scanner radios as they just released a few new ones.

So, these are the two that are federal now: the BNC adapter which is going to stay exactly the same, as well as the SMA and then the two new versions of the SMA. So we'll set the BNC aside since this zone is not changing at all, and then we have the three versions of the SMA.

The only difference between these three is just the connection type. So while they're all the SMA, this one has a bigger lip, this one they send it down and this one has the o-ring.

So we'll take a look at them here, so we’ve got all the SMA’s. This one's just thicker, so you can see this one, send it down a little bit and this one send it down with the o-ring here.

So, this is the older version. So why did they do this? Specifically, to fit on the most popular scanner right now the SDS 100. So this has an SMA connection, and the antenna comes with it while waterproof is not the strong. So most people buy the aftermarket antenna. This is the one that comes with it.

So the old version put the Remtronix here with this bigger lip, and it still screws on here, but the lip of this is larger. So if the connection points cannot connect or best it's intermittent. So, it's supposed to the SMA to the SMA we were selling the BNC with the adapter.

So, Remtronix has been working and now they have two different versions. So they send it down so you can go flushing and connect with the pins, and it goes all the way down. So this is the 810S without the o-ring and 820S with the o-ring. Doesn't say they both go flush. You can see, basic listening.

So that's it! We'll continue to sell the BNC separately but as for the SMA, this one we're no longer gonna offer, but we are gonna offer with the o-ring and without the o-ring. We just want to do a quick video to show you what the differences. We would recommend with the o-ring, it gives a little tighter fit here. Because why not if it's the same price? You might as well grab it.

So that's it! We thought we'd give you a quick overview. I know it's going to come up a lot of questions. On again, this is Luke with Zip Scanners, where we make scanning easy!

If you have any questions, give us a call at 737-777-9876. We're open 7 days a week or emails us at [email protected] Thank you!

#RemtronixAntenna #PoliceScanner #UnidenScanner


hey everyone is Luke from zip scanners where we make scanning easy today we're going to take a look at the remtronix aftermarket onset antenna for police scanner radios as they just released a few new ones so these are the two that are federal now the BNC adapter which is going to stay exactly the same as well as the SMA and then the two new versions of the SMA so we'll set the BNC aside since this zone is not changing at all and then we have the three versions of the SMA the only difference between these three is just the connection type so while they're all the SMA this one has a bigger lip this one they sanded down and this one has the oval ring so we'll take a look at them here let's look at they're all the SMAS this one's just thicker so you can see this once and it down a little bit and this one sanded down with the with the o-ring here so this is the older version so why did they do this specifically to fit on the most popular scanner right now the SDS100 so this has an SMA ik connection and the antenna comes with it while waterproof is not the strongest so most people buy the aftermarket antenna this is the one that comes with it so the old version put the Remtronix here with this bigger lip and it still screws on here but the lip of this is larger so if the connection points cannot connect or best it's intermittent so it's supposed to the SMA to the SMA we were telling the B and C with the adapter so Remtronix has been working and now they have two different versions so they sanded it down so you can go flush and connect with the pins and it goes all the way down so this is the a-10s without the org and 820s with the o-ring doesn't say they both go flush you can see basic listening so that's it we'll continue to sell the BNC separately but it's for the

Raul Cornejo Jr

What is the best antenna for the uniden Bcd436?

Brandon Loge

Which one would you recommend for the bcd436hp?


Is this 800mhz only or will it do uhf /vhf as well as the stock one as well as 800mhz?

Fat Joey

Question... in amateur radio, or any multi-band transmitter in fact, you can’t have a “one size fits all” antenna- there are antennas which will combine bands for you at the expense of signal purity (dual band 144/440 MHz. are the most common).

But you cannot for example transmit a VHF frequency on an antenna designed to resonate at 800 MHz.- you’ll fry your radio with SWR readings off the scale.

Similarly, you can’t listen to 800 MHz. for example with a VHF antenna, because the antenna design resonates only at VHF... they don’t double-resonate, unless the laws of radio physics were broken without my awareness.

With that, I have several scanners, many of which are capable from 500 KHz. up to 3 GHz...


They all have one thing in common...

The same antenna...

How exactly is this possible using just a stock “All Band” antenna...? There is no such thing, nor is it even possible to create a small antenna that resonates between 500 KHz. - 3 GHz...

With that, are these antennas just standard UHF/VHF dual banders I’m assuming? You can’t listen to 3 GHz., or anything outside of VHF/UHF with any scanned antenna I’ve seen.

Unless I’m wrong that there is no such thing as an all-band antenna, how does one select the right antenna for the frequency they wish to monitor? And why don’t scanners specify this...? They certainly have the technical capability of receiving about every frequency out there- but without a matching antenna resonant to the band they want- you’ll hear nothing but static...

Tronix price

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Tron coin review | Tronix cryptocurrency price prediction

2 227 views | 11 Jan. 2018


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Ravindu Samarasinghe

I'm holding some TROM too cheers..!!


Tron rules


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Jeremyah CT

Thanks for the advice. Can you make a video on more Altcoins?

Jeremyah CT

Can you make a video about Bitcoin Cash? Thanks
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Thx 4 the Tron price prediction.
good job.
Maybe Litecoin Giveaway, less fees.


michael ashtar

You really suck at math!

Mike Jones

It actually went over 30 cents, the chart on coinmarketcap isn't accurate using the mouse so you don't get the very tip of the peak

Jeanette Ford

I’m holding tron for the long haul ??


Really loved the info, just getting into alt coins. Dipped my feet in with LTC and BTC, now wanting to diverse with alts. Again thanks for the great information my LTC: LRZ9Kkcvg6aDuGJrCciG9tBcSLFn8r99an

Jeremyah CT

Can you make a video about Bitcoin Cash? Thanks
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matthew imadiyi

wow thanks on that. LTC - LRyi8LrjM7Qct49qsnqZTHmRAAE7RUHSbq

Browning Leigh-Maitland

Hi, I have a few quid in tron so glad to hear your input... could you tell me your thoughts on LEND for a long term ? Thanks
Lar3kWMTHTgeDVAzxMFgEYKGSJ4rrJMYyq (Litecoin)

Levent Uzun

hi. they say the project of tron is not that strong in long run.

Michael Marrah

Can you speak on the relationship between Ripple and XRP use?: 1M6FmDFfquwMhvxsHDrhpL3HvoL7Aqxbfx

Sad AkaSanji

Got 300 TRX at 0.20 :/
but hopefully it will go to the moon
Ltc please —>

Tronix price

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2 353 154 views | 17 Jan. 2020

The $150 cheap bike

The $150 cheap bike challenge is back but will it last? We push these cheap mountain bikes to the limits down stairs over jumps, gaps and off drops until one of us is the winner! Let's SEND IT!

After buying a bike each, Marc Diekmann, Lukas Knopf and myself headed out around Los Angeles to find some fun spots to hit with our new bikes. We decided to start at a famous stair set called Baxter stairways and this was a heavy test straight out the gate. From here we found some trial lines that ended with some bicycle destruction and laughs. Moving on again we found ourselves at a skatepark with loads of different features to get creative on from drop off's to rail grinds, it was a blast! After all the action we still didn't have a winner so we decided to end with a ghosty distance contest to find a champion! I love these challenges because it really shows that even if you don't have much money you can still get out there and send it! Shot on GoPro HERO 8 Black!

I hope you enjoy the video!




Welcome to my channel, I'm a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013).

This channel is all about Mountain biking, I make a huge variety of videos for everyone who loves dirt: From downhill biking to slower paced trials riding and everything in between like dirt jumping, slopestyle and enduro!

As well as making entertaining videos(I hope) I also like to help YOU out too, with videos such as:

- How to ride better

- Trick tips and How to's

- Travel VLOGS

- GoPro camera tips

- In-depth entertaining features

- POV craziness

- Funny videos

I also try to reply to everyone so leave some comments too!

Brando f13

Forgot your hat in that Walmart eh?


man made the bike go through 5 years worth of abuse in under 60 minutes

biral gabriel

O cara geme mais que a miakalifa

SmokahontaS Invictus

You guys are awsome

Sean Morrow

marks fork actually looks ok


The wheely in the store ???

Sandesh Gaming and Vlog

Plz I am begging

Shannon Reynolds

Send it

Sandesh Gaming and Vlog

Plz subscribe to my channel

unknown 546

i rather have a bike which is a old good mountain bike than that it would be safer

Jabeskhan Gonzales

Can you give me bike sam one of your subscriber and supporter

Tomash Star

Buy some cheap fake bikes, devastate them as passible, give them to some random guy who will put his kids on them xD I think the devil could learn much frome you xD If I had a kid i would never let it out on a walmart bike xD not even on a new one... Nice video, hope people will understand that buying fake bikes frome a supermarket is not a good idea.

Janet Smith

Going down that first stair set of doom,at the end sam’s kick stand was down!


god i hope they fixed those bikes up before giving them back hahahaah


so much fun and cool on your video - your subscriber from philippines

3 xet

For him 150$ bike is cheap .For me in Russia it's expensive......


when they come down from the stairs and close your eyes and listen it sounds like Gun Fires

Wangchup Tamang

Please donate me a bike too i dont have it and i really want it so bad

big sniff of whiff _

The 1k that disliked are the ones that are jalous at this live stile

beute geier

einfach nur geil ! auch in der Wiederholung !! Sam hat einfach einen guten Griff bei der Auswahl seiner billig Räder :-) das MTB für Whistler war genial !!!

bryan snyder

Sam, I just thought of a new trick you should invent
The suicide cuppy
Instead of spreading your arms out and back, you grab your balls

Strategic Thinker

"Mommy why is this old man playing around on bikes on kids' playground? Is he a pedo?"

cinthya belen salcedo

You: Smashing bikes
Me: wishing I had even a bicycle?

Martin Jonker

I noticed the second round sam went off the stairs his stand was hitting the ground

Gucci Beast official

When you don't have a lot of money "buy a $150 bike " lol that's verrrry cheap ?

Boyo Bane

You act and speak like almost everyone I went to school with in Ipswich. Almost makes me miss the south of England.

Still going to stay safely in Yorkshire, but you almost tempt me south lol

Janet Bie0628

Can you give me a bike idol from philippines

Edwin Rodriguez

GMBN watches this and they're like.... "you mean to say there are bikes that are cheaper than $6000???"

Mateo Paipilla boxeo

montan re melo gonorrea




0:54 wtf show the damn bike. idiot cameraman

Nestor Del río gonzalez

Que dice

Lordgrim 026

This dude all did is to destroy bike ahahha

Steven Grindey

The brakes work better than mine, I have a track bike, with a BMX racing drive train, the brakes don't work at all anymore, hills are fun

N0b0dy 0

150 oh shit, even an used bike is that price in Brazil, literally the good ones cost the price of car off a good motorcycle

Moe Tarded

Cool give away!!

Dadan Ramdani

Subtitle indonesia pliss

Princes Riya

And here we are wondering why he's missing a tooth at the very front.

kyle delano

The shock is broken

Leydi johana Silva silva

Al chico le falta un diente ?


Lukas! Yeahh

blade Gusion

Dude your stand in the bike

Ania Pichardo

You could do a motorcycle challenge

Ilona Lichnau

I didn‘t notice lukas knopf for a min lol

Jake Dench

I have one of those bikes ?

Daniel M

Awesome ending ?

Dirt shredder 31

You guys are like the best Youtubers ever because you don’t swear you don’t do other bad stuff you don’t smoke you’re just a really good Youtubers

Sasha Wttnbrg

Man, you need to get fullface

Andriy Khomytskyy

You call 150 cheap........???.

Al Buisan

No teeth

piyush joshi

now people know why these cost $150 and good one costs $1500 ??? or even $15000 ?

Tyler S0383

sam: It's working like a dream
Bike: Blown up fork, kickstand going commando, chain falls off
This is why I love sam pilgrim.

Flemming Brønnick

Awesome clips . Hello from Norway ??

M Chris Ciaccio

I did something similar to this a decade+ ago. I bought a Walmart mountain bike and tortured it on the downhill course at Breckinridge Colorado, the lifties cracked up. I taco’d the rim.. straightened it up and made one more run until the front fork snapped. I kept the receipt and took it back .


Algum brasileiro aí

Денис Куляк

Lol, in the Russia bike with price 150$ is very expensive:)

MC Cheez Strings

Shouldnt have given it to the kids, I would not want to be seen on those deathtraps ???

Michael Price

2:50 The poor bike can't take it and is crying for you to stop


La Doble de Sam se Ve Fresca??

Jonas Župarić

where you buy these bike


Amazing nice guys

Ya Local

pillis shocks low key soundin like a smg out of fortnite

danthewolfo5 1%

My dad got me the genesis one a few days ago for xmas and I've put almost 75% after market parts on it and it can get sent off a rock without dentint

David Francisco


graeme fraser

"You need a helmet whenever you ride a bike".
Good lad. Knows he has influence and younger riders watching him.
Too many fucking idiots riding without getting shared with a million views on LadBible etc

Dan Turcas

Lucas is the goat for riding that broken bike!

Mason Payne

I got a $200 bike and it's kinda oof.


lukas looks like fabio wibmer not gonna lie. He even sounds a bit like him

Bienvenido Donan

your stand

mundero PH

Mr. sam can you give me a mountain bike i am from Philippines

Anthony Congiano

Crazy fun video and so worth it at the end... cheers!


The suspension are suffering so much, the kickstand is just anxiety triggering.


send it to me after you guys used it.. thank you..

Gabriele Piccoli

100% skills, 0% bikes!

Andril A Chakraborty

Anyone needs a cheap 80 dollar Bike a commuter bike. Text me in Instagram
I'm a dealer from india.

Boio C

what bike is that

Revoker Gaming

You guys dont respest bikes
Throwing them like toys

KZG Arts

This is ABUSE.

We need protest for this to stop smh.

Pbb Operators Mactan Airport

Di jud mi ka afford anah bisan barato pa na....... Hahaytz........

Dominic Cossitor

damn i have that bike


i tought a 100 dollar bike is very expensive

Konner Karpinski

Why does he always say doom

Jorge Rocero

I wish to have a hardtail frame 27.5 from you Mr. Sam, I'm a big fun of yours


2:57 when you're done but she's still keep on going


Lukas! Yeahh

Tremain lifestyle

Nice videos bro

Gian and Borgy

2:55 to 3:00 ?


4:13 바이크:그냥 죽여죠

Dwyne Laurence Silla

Hey can I have mountain bike gift pls from Philippines

Deirdre Sheehan

Full send!

jonas hadji

199$ cheap bike

knightrider _pru

4:14 it sounds like automatic Gun, Something like AKM with suppressor... ???????

Braden Crumbacker

Instead of Full Send Full Cringe.


Excellent ??

Legolara Fısıldayan Adam

Turks only laugh this video

Miggy Madalag

11:05 nice work hahahahahahaha

Lach&lach Yooo boi

They drove 4 hours for a thirteen minute vid

C4 Wong

that's cool..I love how to test the cheap bike..but if you need that bike can I you give it to me..

MTB Cobra

Love the bikes!

Harry. Mtb

The forks have like no travel