Raiblocks buy

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8 634 views | 1 Jan. 2018

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Anup Prabhu

Alternate cryptos for RAIBLOCKS with the same potential?
December 01st 2017 - $0.21
Today - $24.35
BitGrail ate all the volume


What problems did you have with LTC? I just send LTC, got confirmed and I see its pending in my wallet, but it just wont actually be availble for trading...! its been an hours now. Should i be worried?

Klajd Clyde Radovani

Why do you transfer Ether from Coinbase to GDAX before you take it BitGrail? Can one not do it directly from Coinbase to BitGrail?

Dexter Johnson

dude you need to slow down...sheesh


please dont buy raiblock after it did 100x !!:O wtf


Raiblocks is sick. 0.22 dollars beginning of december and 30 dollars January 1st. That's just mental.

Jim Christl

Just bought 2000 RaiBlocks.


why not just buy BTC on coinbase to send to bitgrail? I thought GDAX covered fees..

Sascha Wendels

my problem is, that raiblocks is already rank 15 or so on coinmarketcap, there might be lots of sellaction onve it hits kucoin or binance... i think i ll wait a bit more on this...not sure though....any thoughts?

naima rosario

Hey guys, im new in bitgrail, i have 15.33737xrb in may rai wallet, i hold it since raiblock(captcha) collapse, now i want to sell it, i dont know how, plz somebody help me, im afraid to lose this


I just recently started and am newer to Crypto. You transferred ETH and sold it, which automatically converts it to Bitcoin. I am currently trading Bitcoin on Bittrex and ETH on Binance. Question: If I sold my ETH on Binance, would it automatically convert it to Bitcoin? Also, Here is my big question that I dont understand: Am I better off Trading in Bitcoin or Eth? It seems to me the Eth is possibly better. On Bittrex, if I sell all my alts to Bitcoin, the BTC prices is way down which is lowing my Alt gains. I am growing my BTC totals while the value of BTC currency is low. WHile ETH has had a great run in December. Thanks.

Dr. Ng

Any alternatives to Bitgrail?


Will you be doing an analysis video of RaiBlocks? Thanks!

Robert Mangano

This flew under the radar at what 25cents for how long, all of a sudden everyone has discovered it?

Jason Hubbard

How many raiblocks do I have to buy in order to transfer it off of the exchange? Is there a minimum? And what wallet can I put them in?


Thanks for this. This thing just moooooned. I'd love to get in but... you think it's only going up from here or a dip coming?

Side note, curious if you've noticed Aelf ELF. Quietly snuck into top 100, great looking team, fantastic website and power point. Why's no one talking about it? Its very new to binance and cmc.


buying a coin that has just mooned?

Tom Wong

Thanks for the great tutorial. Bitgrail does not support buy price limit order?

Coringa Vinte

how did you turn your browser black?

John Roberts

Thanks for clear step by step instructions. Much appreciated

Raiblocks buy

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How to buy RaiBlocks (XRB) - Beginner's Guide (2018)

22 views | 17 Jan. 2018

The best place to get

The best place to get RaiBlocks is via Kucoin:


This guide is for Cryptocurrency newcomers and for those who are new to Kucoin.

Happy trading!

# Credits #

background music:


Raiblocks buy

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How to Buy RaiBlocks/NANO (XRB) - Easy step by step Tutorial | Binance

19 876 views | 10 Dec. 2017

Hello! Welcome to this

Hello! Welcome to this RaiBlocks/NANO buying tutorial. This video goes step by step on how to buy RaiBlocks/NANO from the Bitgrail.com exchange.


Binance Getting Started Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxkpiSyHS3A

Buy RaiBlocks/NANO here: https://www.binance.com/?ref=12695653

Want to start buying coins? Visit Binance here:


(On Coinbase you get 10USD of Bitcoin after your first purchase over 100USD with the link below!!)

Try CoinBase too: https://www.coinbase.com/join/569e63ed705bf25f2500020d

BTC donation: 1EQrbWYTpQ8fqtZH9k6sGqiWAwGurwNt7y

LTC donation: LNLEAdcH4mEn28RCrD82tb8Wzw2BzNFnQB

DONATE XRB: xrb_3chwgzyhoeptzy31w7tgjaupe7zzazx5cqt589dubf8kujgqs87811umh5to

Feel free to take a look at this thread about: How to buy XRB without waiting for a transaction to BitGrail, and why you should.

Draft from the thread: For those of you that don't understand why this is taking off as it is, allow me to explain in short. RaiBlocks is designed to achieve instant, cheap payments and has been working for a full year. This is a solution to many of the issues Bitcoin originally sought to address, and it has been successfully developed well before it has been hyped. The creator/main developer, Colin LeMahieu, is a talented, down to Earth guy in Austin, TX with a focused goal. He kept his head down and labored to make XRB a working product, and just in the last few months, others in the space realized the huge potential it has, and teamed with him to begin pushing the price action we are -starting- to see.

XRB transacts at amazing speeds, and I suggest everyone buy at least a tiny amount just to send it around and test its ability. This is a terrific scenario of a working product (though things like a seemless wallet with a finished UI are still to come), that meets a proven demand, and is just now beginning to have the visibility and marketing needed for large success. The team has applied to be listed on larger exchanges, and this will be another huge step towards the recognition it deserves.

I wrote this becuase I have already seen many interested in buying XRB that are hesitant due to Bitcoin's current volatility and extremely slow transaction speed (more reason for everyone to adopt XRB).


DONATE XRB: xrb_38ted71851z1szej4mk775jwqjeo7z4ojsowsqcsbzs7qqxhp4xmtt6mjccx


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If you really want to see RaiBlocks/XRB grow then vote in the Binance competition to get the coin listed on the Binance exchange @ https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003705851

Declan Peters

How do you deposit the bitcoin to your deposit address?????

Ben Wadeley

picture guide as to the maths and "how to" with an example at the bottom

Shrouded Figure

I transfered some btc from my gdax to my bitgrail account and there has been like 5 hours now, still no btc in my bitgrail wallet!
Should I be worried?

Coin Digger

I also made a video on how to buy on Bitgrail, hope you will like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvX14cxFRZY&feature=youtu.be


Thank you for this! :) Bitgrail is the biggest exchange atm when it comes to XRB


Binance Getting Started Video: https://www.binance.com/?ref=12695653
Buy RAIBLOCKS/NANO on BINANCE : https://www.binance.com/?ref=12695653
Best Exchange for trading cryptocurrency? THIS: https://www.binance.com/?ref=12695653
Buy Your first Bitcoin here With Credit Card (This link gives you 10 USD bonus!) https://www.coinbase.com/join/569e63ed705bf25f2500020d


Honestly I recommend Mercato. BitGrail is unbelievable laggy rn and the more popular RaiBlocks becomes the slower the site will get.

Haroon Siddiqui

It’s not letting me activate 2FA. I get a verification email, click on it takes me to the BitGrail website but nothing happens.