Loom game

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Loom (1992 version) gameplay (PC Game, 1992)

498 views | 30 Nov. 2016

Introduction and gameplay

Introduction and gameplay for Loom (1992 version), PC game produced by LucasArts in 1992 - http://www.squakenet.com/download/loom-92-version/16784/

Loom (1992 version) is an adventure game, like point and click, genre puzzle. All puzzles in the game are based on "spells" cast by playing notes on a magical staff.

Played through modern Windows machine.

Recorded with original sound.

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Loom game

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Amiga Longplay Loom

105 901 views | 3 Apr. 2007


Played By Retroplay

No comment from player.


I think I still have the cassette tape that came with this... I've never forgotten the E C E D to open


Beautifull and amazing game i loved it.


dam! i'm not surprised though it was impossibly hard, i would love to see a longplay for phobia too, that was one i never quite managed to complete, despite playing it solid for days!


Man this takes me back. Check my channel for a vid called "My room in 1989". You can see my Amiga 500 sitting on my desk in it. Hah... Great vid.

david Benavides

This game was awesome, remake for ps3. Thumps up.


Will we ever see the likes of this on a home computer again? I'd pray every day if I thought there was a chance...

Comp Fox

I long to hear the "scrrr scrrr" of the disk drive...

Neidfaktor Crew

Das haben wir früher gesuchtet das Spiel mit mein Eltern zusammen


dude howd u fit a 2 hour game in a 10 min video?? can u pls tell me? :D


pc ver. Ft. amiga ver. is nog Great. amiga is super pc has lame sound..


When I was a kid I built a crude landscape of the first place of the game with the cliff, the trees, cemetery, tents and log in the water. I even made a clam with 2 2x2 pieces glued together and painted a circle on it's center in red. I can barely remember how the place was built but I followed how the game looked as close as I could with the limited type of lego pieces I had.
Edit: I wish I could erase the solutions from my mind to these adventure games. Many of them I beat with a walkthrough, putting the fun out of them. I might have been too young. But I still wouldn't be able to beat Zak McKrakent without a walkthrough to this day :)


Oh how I miss my Amiga...such great times! *tear rolls down cheek*


@cubex55 Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

die zauber

so beautiful....hadnt heard of it till now


The game that deserves a remake most of all. Also, if you play on HARD mode you get to see what happens when the thug lifts your hood. Scary stuff!


@cubex55 The music is from Swan Lake though

Stormbat UK

Nice - Loom is such a good old game... puts a smile on my face to see all this again - thx!


You know, the best love stories are always the ones in which they don't get each other. Maybe it's for the better.


@cubex55 The music is from Swan Lake though

Gustavo Santos

I played this game on a 286. Still it was a lot faster than in this video... zzzZZZZZzz -_-


and the Classic Background Music! Tshaikovsky :-)


aaaah, the good old days. Brings tears to my eyes. Remember playing this on my friends 286 laptop lol.


Fucking hell nostalgia overload, life really is all uphill after the magic of childhood.

Dimitris Rakopoulos

How old are you?


Unfortunately most fans of Loom don't know that there was a genuine edition with fully spoken dialogue and 256 colours. It's definately worth checking eBay for and the most precious CD-ROM game I own.

fish and banana

At 0:29:30 when i was a kid i got stuck at this point for days, then my mother walked by one day while i was trying to figure it out and just suggested i play the tune! lol


Your guess is as good as mine. Or why his hood's able to completely shadow over something that produces that much light. If I remember correctly, the light was kinda greenish, but it's been a LOOOONG time. I sorta got the impression that Bobbin didn't really have any control over what happened when his hood was lowered. 'Course, nobody had ever done it to him before. It does, however, raise some interesting questions about Weaver family life and reproduction.


Steam just released the game for download


I think this is one example from the days games were closer to poetry and art. These days, it's all about sex, speed and entertainment.

Marina Gabriela Bonofiglio

great vid loved that game

Ben Dover





What a nostalgia kick! Really brings back memories of playing Loom (MS-DOS floppy disk version). Also brings back memories of the Commodore Amiga: a computer system with a huge library of good games and sound capabilities AHEAD OF ITS TIME...but with painfully slow loading screens (though the Amiga version of Lemmings was sweet!). Love hearing the ending music, too (Dance of the Little Swans from Act 4 of Swan Lake, I believe)! It really captures the game's bittersweet denoument...


Remember playing this when I was 9 years old. Amazing game.

Leeland Hackbarth

This... Brings... Back... Memories...

Dave Rosenberger

"No one knows who they were....or what they were doing." - N.T. '84


I played this game once before. I never much cared for the ending, though. I mean, I liked Goodmold and Fleece, and Rusty. It's sad that all those guilds are now doomed to be ruled by Chaos. But... it's closer to reality, sometimes there really is no all's well that end's well ending.


My childhood?? loom lemmings and rainbow island? I LOVEE IT I WANNA GO BACK TO IT

Marc Oliveras

I love this game. Really beautiful.


I always thought this game deserved a sequel. They left it very open at the end as though they were planning to do one, as Chaos says, "Know that we will most assuredly meet again." Yet they never did a sequel... :(


Thanks for the info, I get nostalgic when I listen to it (was 4 or 5 back when I played this game ;) )

Lord Dsp

Amiga forever

anon nym

@ benami7777 I finished it also with my dad..


I believe Youtube applies anti-aliasing to the video, so it's less blurry in HD :)


huaahhh this game was nice ;) but real confusing at some parts


You can see it if you play the game on the hardest mode. Or you can ask me to tell you. ;)


needs voice


ah, i loved playing this game with this soundtrack, made it all the more mystical

Max Guyon


Alfonso Nishikawa

@Ilissill And a lot from Tchaikovsky

J o n a t h a n

i spent most my childhood trying to beat this game, i did it in the end lol
 With no help from the internet because i didn't have the internet till 1997 all on my own i'm proud of myself think i go and get a lollypop.


@ShinigamiAnger That's what I love about these. They are still enjoyable. It's not even a nostalgia thing for me since I didn't play most of these when they came out and am just getting around to them now. They are also good games to play that you can involve young children in, that aren't all bloody or obscene and can help their problem solving (and reading with subtitles turned on in talkie versions) skills. I've been playing some of these with a couple of young boys and they love them.

Gary Moore

@Ilissill i know there are several classical songs in this. msg back if you want help finding out the names.


The soundtrack just so happens to be "Swan Lake" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovksy. You can see it live sometime :)


They were actually going to do a trilogy, but the project fell through, I believe it was because of the poor sales of this game, but I could be mistaken.

Victor Johansson

OMFG! I still remember the tunes to most of the stuff! This game is one of those games that brings me warm memories... played it through so many times.


That bloke from the Scumm bar sent me here.

Pablo Montes

the version of the game i have has less quality, but i like it that way, more retro :P swan sea in 8 bits, thats really cool and geek

Toby Walker

Fantastic game! :D Pity this version has my least favourite audio of them all. :/

Christoph Smaul

Can I download this game anywhere?! Plz tell me! Luv this game!


This and XCom are the 2 games I will never forget... anyone know where to listen to the audio cassette that came with it?

gonzo fish

can you do a longplay of Goblins or dizzy?


I think he was being sarcastic.


dang I really wanna play this game again, guess I'll have to settle with watching someone else play it :) thanks for posting


Oh, this was the most important game for me ever! & Amiga <3

J o n a t h a n

amazing game i beat this all on my own as a kid took me months.


@Ilissill Its Swanlake dude The midi was made buy "The Fat Man".


All the SCUMM based games were (and still ARE) awsome.

Athena Mastrella



This looks absolutely lovely :3


i like Lucas adventures point 'n' click games. I finished MI 1,2,3,4 , Loom, Sam & Max, maniac mansion 2 Day of tentacle and i was close to finish indiana jones and the fate of atlantis


amazing how well i remember all this... and great music


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Loom and Secret of Monkey Island might be the very best adventure games ever! They all were done by pretty much the same team in 89 and 90. I love Amiga versions of them.


This game feels like some dark christmas.

Alfonso Nishikawa

@Ilissill And other of the game are from Tchaikovsky


懐し 英語わかんなくても 頑張ってクリアできたゲーム。。 ここで見れて嬉しい。昔より英語力上がったかなー?音階を奏でて起こる魔法がなかなか。 ゲームに付属の魔道書みたいなのとかしゃれてた。


I don't know about sex but speed is what I love.... I am not a Sonic fan boy!


do you know if anyone has done it yet.. a longplay for captain blood would be amazing, that game stumped me as a kid! got no where on it


I love how Monkey Island made reference to this game when you make Guybrush say "I'm Bobbin. Are you my mother?" In one instance of said line, Meathook replies "No, your mother was a duck."


I didn't play Loom until a couple of years ago and I had so much fun. This game is pure fun I'm telling you!

Max Guyon

good night!


i loved this game...it was the best adventure....on the same level together with Monkey Island, Zak McCracken. i always waited for a sequel!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam Richardson

well imagine that, Sherlock! do you even know how long ago this game came out? obviously it was released when you weren't even conceived.


loom was one of those games my father bought for the whole family. i was about 8 years old when i played this and sooo proud to beat it before them all, including my dad... he was p*ssed! xD but damn, such a long time and could almost remember every screen, those graphics were burnd into my mind forever, great work by lucas arts! however, the scene when chaos appears gave me nightmares back then, he looked really grim... and the end made me cry. too much for an 8 year-old boy! ;)

Herr Niemand

Can you upload 1080p? Graphics look like crap.


Okay: it's a big ball of light. It shines brightly enough to show Cob's skeleton through his skin, then somehow sucks him up. Bobbin raises his hood again and that's that. Never explains what all that's about, really, though in the walkthrough manual that came with my game it says that Bobbin didn't know what was going to happen either.


I totally agree. The music, the wonderful atmosphere created with the mostly dark and intense pictures and the story... : ) Beauteous to resense all of this!


OMG loved this game...


It actually makes some degree of sense, Youtube 240p has compression artifacts in both video and sound. It's far from pixel perfect 320x240.

Stevan Makarevich

There was such a beauty and charm in these old games - higher tech does not equate to better games.
This was an golden era of gaming - thank God for emulators (and being able to still run my old Amiga 500 after all these years).
Thanks so much for taking the time to make these videos - you are amazing!


@Ilissill It's music by the russian composer Tchaikovsky, I think a lot (if not all) is from The Swan lake

La Mazmorra Abandon

One of the best adventures that have been developed throughout history. Playing it at the time was an almost magical experience.

Neidfaktor Crew

Was soll die nervige Werbung?

Tal Tamir

The audio started out awful but got better. Story was interesting, seems like very much setting up a sequel.


I think my first interest in English language started when I played this game. I had a dictionary and a notepad to write down 'drafts' and new words. SUCH a great game... pure sentiment! My god, do I love LOOM, the MI's and GrimFandango!


It's available on Steam now. I still visit Loom Island every few months ~.^


There is no CD audio here. Game had standard Amiga modules.


@cubex55 all themes of loom are taken from Chaikovsky.

gonzo fish

homebrew is the way forward for classic games ...


Guybrush Threepwood sent me here

Loom game

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Father's Day Review - Loom

1 161 views | 18 Jun. 2017

I can remember watching my

I can remember watching my dad playing this PC adventure game from LucasArts back when I was young, so let's talk about Loom and its memories.

Thank you, Patreon contributors!


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Antti Saavalainen

I recall reading that the fully voice acted version actually cuts lot of content so it's not really prefered version.


Awesome never heard of this computer game, lucas arts also did zombies ate my neighbors ?

Mathieu Leader

very exciting


Love your baby pic with your Dad, its very nice.


You were an adorable babby.

Shinji Schneider

Damn i loved that game. So beautiful and sad at the same time.

Too sad they never finished the trilogy.


This was a really nice video, reliving memories about you and your dad.

Robert K.

Your dad has cool hats.


Wow... I haven't seen Loom since the mid 90's... blast from the past!

Andrew Rae

So what's this guy do...?