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Strategic Investing with Tillie Allison

346 views | 20 Nov. 2019

On Power Trading Radio,

On Power Trading Radio, investors and traders across the nation are able to get live perspective on the market from experienced professional traders. The show is aimed at an audience that wants to improve its edge through active participation whether the market is moving up, down or sideways. In addition to stocks, topics will include foreign exchange, options, futures and wealth management.

Usd 309 calendar

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How to manually set the Seiko Radio Sync Watch.

103 337 views | 29 Apr. 2018

Sometimes you don’t

Sometimes you don’t always get a radio signal so here I how you can manually set your Seiko Radio Sync chronograph watch. This works for models SSG009, SSG010, SSG015, SSG017.

Get all of the details at:

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Youry Davydov

So slow and complicated ????????

Bob Cohen

Thank you so much

John B.

when i fix the time and set it manually, it would go back an hour the next day. how do i fix that? i have to change the time manually however it still goes back an hour the next day. (I am on the NY timezone) thanks,


Your video saved me from alcoholism. Very excellent tutorial. Thank you!

Jacob SecondSon

During regular use I occasionally press a button and stop the watch. I suppose I'm inadvertently pressing a button. Anyone else having that problem?

T Magik

For DST, I simply set it to the timezone ahead of me if it's Spring, and back to my own timezone in the Fall. Has anyone figured out if there is a DST setting? If so, please share. Thank you.

Jose Afonso

Thanks for the video.. is very help full for the first time . good Luck

Jorge Estremera

Thank you, I was about to return mine because I couldn't figure out how to set mine from the instructions. I was definitely missing something LOL.

Heidi Houser

Thank you so much, Four jewelers stores even seiko customer service, no luck, two video watches
! Bam! Back in business,

Otra Aventura

Thank you for posting this. It’s really helpfull!


Very good video Thanks


Thank you for the video. Picked up one today and needed to reset it to the current time. Thanks to your video I was able to perform the update in short order. I appreciate the effort in the education.

Mr. Deeds

Thank you ?

Single Guy 4 You

what time zone is the Philippines?


thank you so much! just got my SSG015 and i know how to set it now.

James M.

I live in MD and recently bought a 2 Button / Blue-Face / SSG-020 Coutura. I am able to sync to NY without problem but the sync'd time I am getting is not adjusted +1 hr. for DST ? I set NYC as my Time Zone and saved it . . . then manually added 1 hr. but the next time it sync'd . . . it went back to 1 hr. behind ? Is there any place to get Specific Operating Instructions for this watch ? Thanks to anyone who can comment with helpful ideas.

Quick Dubbs

Returning with Seiko! What about the SSG021??? Minus 1-11 hands 2 plus 1-13 hands means what?

baba sanka

thanx, a lot...It's a pretty watch, I bought it a few weeks ago..I hope I'll like it.

Dương Hoàng

Im so bad English ??? need sub

Darkside Rydah

I just purchased the ssg010 yesterday. Thank you very much for this video. The instructions were very confusing. I also thought that it was not working correctly due to the second hand not turning. I now have my time and date set correctly and I am very pleased. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Not working for me?

Michael Powell

I've got the SSG001, a slightly larger pilot watch. Same movement, same operation. For some reason, the radio sync doesn't work for me here in Chicago, so I do have to manually set it every couple of weeks. Very simple; pull out the stem to position two, the watch zeros the running seconds and advances the minute hand. Push the stem in at :00, and you're back in business.

It runs a bit fast, no more than a second or two per week. Other than that, it's a really cool looking piece, well made, very accurate, even without the radio sync. I would have preferred a brushed or a matte finish. I took it off the bracelet. and wear it on a NATO.

Paul Hinman

Just bought one of these and the second hand sits at 9:00 not 12:00. The radio time was waaay off too. Did I get a bad watch?

Bold Broadcasting Channel

Thank you ?????? ?

Bob Ferreira

This was right on. Thank you!! One question, my second hand is on the 15min/3:00 , how do I get it back to the zero min, 12:00 ?


Does this watch hour hand glows at night?

Ray Miller

The best instructions out there!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Thomas Blazewicz

Thanks Brother. Best wishes from Warsaw Poland

Bound Boxing Blogs

my big hand and second hand are both moving dont know if its correct. but it telling the time and date correctly

Asaph Kim

VERY INFORMATIVE!! Thank you for making this video! I'm sure most folks out here unfamiliar with chronographs would end up returning them if not for your video.
I'm a bit slow to learn, but after watching this video several times over, I now know EXACTLY how this watch functions, and am now able to fully appreciate all functions it has to offer.

Anton Müller

How much is this beauty?

David K.

Thanks, all worked well on SSG010


What about daylight saving time, seems like the watch will be a mess if traveling during the days countries use to change it. Similarly, what would happen if I change to of hemisphere, would I have to fake my time zone in order to have daylight saving time?
I don't really get how these watches work.

Bob Cohen

Thank you this is the second or third time I've watched your video set my time it's a great video is there a setting on this watch for daylight savings time? Thank you again I believe you have my email from here please let me.

Carlton Moye

I have a jimmy Johnson special edition solar chronograph. How do I recharge it. I put it out in the sun light but to no avail can I get it to work. Your input would greatly appreciated.

Y John

Thank you.


Thanks for this video I just bought this beautiful Seiko that is the black version of this watch with the blue dials SSG021 and was having issues but with your video it made it easy.


I have a dumb question. I have this watch set to my time zone and when I manually change the date, the next day it doesn't change. I checked if it is AM or PM and the time is fine... But the date is always behind one day

Archie Serrana

Would this watch know if it is DST or regular?


Super helpful video 10/10, helped me set my new Coutura SSG021 in 5 minuets!

Gilberto Villa

Thanks for the video. Very helpful

Youry Davydov

Now it’s a big battle between Seiko which enters Sokar/ Radio/GPS sync watch market with well known leader in this Field Citizen... it’s interesting.... one thing which Citizen much better is all bracelets cause Seiko is so cheap on them .....

Sammy Nasser

If you set the SG 010 manually, can it still pick up a Radio signal?




so the second hand (the longest hand) doesnt move in normal operation????

Sung Hei Hui

I was able to adjust the time and date with your instruction but my date somehow stuck in the middle between two dates. Not sure why. Please help!


Appreciate this. I don’t have these models but looks like seiko uses the same calibration methods. Clear and to the point instructions.

Boxing Fan

Are people having good ownership experiences with this model? I live in Fort Lauderdale. Will it sync at all here? Is it a high-maintenance watch? I'm debating between this model vs Citizen AT8124-83E. Some experienced feedback would be very helpful. Thank you.


Please do ssg011

Bridger Kennedy

Does this watch automatically do daylight savings time or do you have to set that manually forward or backward?


Good video. Thanks. I have one issue though. After I set my time zone which is NYC, my chronograph hand goes back to the Anchorage position instead of going back to 12. Why, and how do I get it to go back to 12?

Sonnet Gomes

Thank you so much. This was very helpful video to adjust DST for my seiko cortura. The manuals are just more confusing. This video helped me set the time in few minutes.

Alex Brown

Where is the pacific standard time setting on this watch?

Whitey Ward

Ordered a solar from MACY'S, the fools sent it without the instruction booklet? NEVER AGAIN.

Whitey Ward

I bought the Coutura from Macys but the nasty crooks didn't send the instruction book, never buy from Macys.

Kevin Hernández

Great video. it is working better, i need to enable/disable daylights and i should be good to go

nuno pirex

So I’m in the Ny time zone and if I set up to Ny time it always give me an hour less. So to get the hours correct I have to put South Dakota hours...any solution?

Gautam ...

Thank you. Was about to cancel my Amazon order thinking SSG010 will not work in India.

Alex Wain

So helpful guys, big thank you for this tutorial ?


this is a terrible watch. keeps getting off time. I have sent it to Seiko several times and it keeps happening

Ben M

Just bought one of these and I live in Colorado, I'm in luck!

Timothy McCullough

Thank you

P Allen

Does the watch auto reset time when DST starts and ends? I have to manually change mine. I have the ssg010

Pa Paw

Thank you for the instructions. I just purchased my G010 on 01-05-20. Gorgeous watch, a must have for most men who like the finer things for a decent pricing.

Chris Angel

I have the ssg009 and the long timer hand (what I thought was the second hand on normal watches) constantly stops at 45. The time is all screwed up and simply won't adjust properly. I've tried everything but it simply won't adjust properly.

Le Minh Tri

Great video clip! May I know how weight of the item itself is please? I have some bad experiences with steel bands as they make the watch become too heavy, so I have been looking for a titanium version. Anyway, this watch design is so cool! Thanks!


Thank you very much for making this video, even though I read the instructions that did not help it was very hard to understand, my wife gave me as my birthday give the Seiko Coutura SSG021 great watch I love the feeling and look. thanks once again for your video.

Bruce Davis

My watch is on 10:50, but it is 10:40 and it will not go back to the right time or I can't stop it on right time. What button should I push?

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Trading Q&A with Merlin Rothfeld

555 views | 16 Jul. 2020

On this show dedicated to

On this show dedicated to listener questions, i'll be covering: MDLZ, NFLX, Charting Formations, chart analysis and much more! Join me at 2pm today!

Hisham Noor

Thank you for answering my question. It’s much clearer now ?

Crixus Reptilian

21:48 yes agree completely man...