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The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast - #44 Chris Voss and Jordan B. Peterson on Negotiating

301 097 views | 3 Jan. 2021

Chris Voss (former lead

Chris Voss (former lead FBI hostage and kidnapping negotiator, author, and CEO of Black Swan Ltd.) joins @Jordan B Peterson and Mikhaila Peterson, to discuss his book Never Split the Difference, highlighting some of his guiding principles to use in negotiations at work, home, with your spouse, or even in hostage situations.

Find more of Chris Voss on YouTube at @The Black Swan Group, Instagram @thefbinegotiator, his free negotiation newsletter at blackswanltd.com, or text to sign up mobile for the newsletter in the USA to 33777” black swan method”


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Show Notes:

[4:30] Jordan kicks off the podcast by asking Chris about how he came to develop an interest in the negotiation process.

[6:00] Why Chris thinks that everyone could benefit from better negotiation skills in all their relationships. Jordan references Carl Rogers’s work with active listening and reflection, emphasizing repeating what the other person said back to them to see if they agree or not. Chris Voss calls this statement mirroring.

[11:00] The group talks about the importance of the word “No” and how powerful it can be for you to get someone to say no.

[13:30] Common negotiation techniques including tactical empathy, repeated interaction, and long-term investment.

[17:00] “Even a hostage negotiator has reputational concerns. We have repeat customers.” Avoid preconceived notions about what someone is telling you.

[19:30] Manipulation and influence are so close to the same thing. Manipulation is “I’m trying to hurt you (or just help me),” Influence is “I’m trying to help you.”

[20:00] The essential relationship between business, interpersonal relationships, and the success of capitalism. Being a great collaborator is one of the best skills essential to life and can make you very wealthy.

[21:30] Is there a difference between negotiating with a man vs. a woman? Women are more likely to pick up the “Soft Power” style of negotiation sooner than men. They typically become better negotiators from a young age because they are less likely to get things through strictly physical means.

[23:30] How you keep your emotions in check when negotiating. Genuine curiosity is a way to avoid getting upset. How we are information scavengers as human beings.

[28:00] How to negotiate for a raise. You negotiate based on the bigger picture; how do you add value to your team? Adopt the view of becoming as successful at your company as possible and the money will follow.

[35:00] Adding falsehoods to negotiation for manipulation is a very bad strategy.

[35:30] Accusation audits. A technique attorneys use that lays out all the weaknesses and issues with their position, takes much of the negative power away, minimizes the impact of faults, and increases the integrity of character through admission.

[38:30] What is the anchoring technique? What is relevant is delivery, phrase things in a way that you underpromise or at least over-deliver on what the other party thinks you are going to do.

[41:30] Neutralize the negative and reinforce the positive.

[43:00] Negotiation in marriage. Marriages fail primarily because of a misalignment of core values.

[46:30] Hostage negotiation story.

[53:00] What does never split the difference mean? Don’t negotiate to compromise and meet in the middle; both sides end up unhappy and this does not result in a successful negotiation. It’s impossible in this situation to feel that a good compromise has been made. We feel loss much more than gain so a slightly negative outcome feels twice as bad as it really is. Chris Voss says he believes that no deal is better than a bad deal.

[54:30] Dan Sullivan's book “Who Not How” gave all money from proceeds to his co-authors but got back far more than that in exposure for his new business.

[1:00:30] Is absolute authority an acceptable way to end a negotiation?

[1:03:00] Story of how negotiation helped a business client.

[1:06:00] How Chris Voss starts coaching a new client.

[1:09:00] Ways to become better at spotting the pitfall deals and the not-so-apparent failures. “The how is much more important than the yes.”

[1:15:30] "People will do the most incredible things if they feel it is taking them to a better place, and won’t do the simplest things if they feel they are meaningless.”

Paul Manning

Can you improve the audio on your end?


Love it when you have Poppa on the podcast. This is the way.


you can tell the dummies in this post, they're the ones who think JP is a genius. LMAO. a genius who thinks meat and salt diet is good for the body. people who thinks he's a genius are too dumb to to know better

klopps kop

I've always struggled with Chris's notion of never compromising. I always thought if you didn't compromise the only option left was a winner and a loser. Watching this podcast I think I now understand where Chris is coming from, compromise is the easy way out, its giving up on the deal, because you haven't thought different or spoken long. it's not necessarily about beating the other side. it's not relenting on what you came for and if you explore enough together you might find something unexpected that benefits both parties more than a compromise or a win loss situation would have.


59:00-ish. Bedtime and 3 year olds. That can be tricky. A child might feel s/he is singled out for unfair treatment, those s/he loves are allowed to not go to bed, whereas s/he is the only one who has to. Help the child to overcome that feeling of isolation. It can be helpful to tell stories to the child about how when night comes everybody must start to sleep (everybody important that is), the kittens, and the puppies, the small birds and squirrels, the calves and the foals, the tiny foxes and the big babies of elephants and whales - a long, long list! And all of them have some grown-ups and bigger ones to tuck them in and tell a bed-time story and sing a lullaby, and maybe read a prayer of some sort.
Let the child decide something - to have a night light on or off, one or two pillows, pajamas or not, this or that plush animal or doll. Talk about tomorrow - what does s/he want to do first thing - give a few options that all are as OK with you! Look forward to it together. Helps against feelings of helplessness.
Never ask a child if it actually has no real choice and you know the only right answer.
Don't provoke: Wouldn't you like to go home now, my dear? - NO!
If the child gives the answer you don't like: then stay! Until you are ready to say: Time to leave and have dinner at home now.
If the child isn't ready and you need to have it your way - comfort it in every possible way that is fair and reasonable. Especially tell (on the child's level) that you are helpless, too, against the ticking of the clock, falling of darkness, everybody's need to sleep, not to be grumpy and tired tomorrow and having no fun then...
Convince (yourself, too) with your voice and body-language, that you have got empathy, so tell stories, sing songs, tell about your childhood... thoroughly convince yourself that this just life and no real conflict.

Chet P

Why is the audio quality so bad

Narrow Path Man with Luke McCann

he looks so well ahhhhhhhhhhhh tears. :) :) :)
PS Dr JP if you somehow ever see this, you should do the Consecration to St Joseph. Look it up Champ : )

ivar laegreid

You look like you work out a lot - muscular looking ? it!

Kyle M

Anyone else feel like Peterson was getting in protective dad mode? Like, who are you giving my daughter advice when you're divorced. He cuts deep.


So Chris Voss and Jordan Peterson are on the same page, but one comes at a concept from a theoretical point of view and the other is from a practical point of view.

It's so interesting because you see how the concept converges from both points of view.


SO GOOD!!!!!

Ethan & Priscilla Seay

Chris Voss and Jordan Peterson are both key influences to my success. I was hoping they would one day get together for a conversation.

Burger man 666

Yeah you're fun Jordan. Good to see you are in better health and spirits mate.

Joyce Gifford

Amazing interview. Chris Voss you need to sort out the New Age Human Resources Departments and their ridiculous "sell" type conflict management Professional Development Programs.

Ron M

Your Dad is a gift to humanity and I bet an apple does not fall far from the tree. ?❤️??

USA Roxx


Dan Gauden

JP is back! You can see he’s got his edge back. Excellent interview ??


56:10 Peterson playing the mental chess game, again. He placed traps along the conversation from the beginning for Voss to fall into. The statement that negotiation is the skill of a psychopath, using it to manipulate others so the psychopath always wins without ever compromising. By halfway, Peterson dropped the bomb on Voss that his marriage failed because he doesn't believe in compromise – hence the mark of a psychopath. An A-type personality who is only after short-term self interest, both interpersonally and in business.

Peterson gets the checkmate!

You could see Voss getting triggered when Peterson called him "unreasonable". To save face, he joked his way out of it.

Not sure why Peterson would insult and expose Voss this way. Inappropriate.

Maybe increases video views? who knows.

To redeem himself, I think Voss extended a business relationship to the Peterson family. That way at least Voss can get paid handsomely for getting jerked around publicly like this. And in return, of course, Dr. Peterson "fixes" Voss for a fee. Both psychopaths out to dominate the other... in exchange for cash. Love it.

Great show!

Cyril Landise

Please fix the echo on your end. It is very hard to understand your side. Stuff is too valuable to miss a word!


and here I was thinking that ol' picked on "Rich Vos" finally broke out of his shell. I was really happy for him, but alas it it is the similar named and even similar looking Chris Voss.


This is what Batman v Superman was supposed to look like


Yo, having watched at least 50 different Voss talks, I can tell he was biting his tongue with how disrespectful Peterson's jabs were.
(See 42:24 and 56:15).
I respect both for their work in their professions, but that was unclean. Overall, a pretty sweet podcast. I learned a lot of new stuff from both men.

Martin Brousseau

lol, high performers, n here Ive wanted to take a class Chris teaches. while ive bought the book more than a year ago I haven't yet emotionally been able to sit to read his book.


My primary hack for negotiation is to forget myself. Even if I am there, I am negotiating on my behalf, not me. Makes it easier to see everything.

Nil B

Your dad looks better and better in every video, makes me very happy.

Jamal Robinson

Mikahaila... You're so freaking cute

Heinrich v. Martens

ground.news is amazing


If you look closely you can see jordan peterson reaching out to an expert negotiater to finally escape the tyranical patriarchy instituted by Mikhaila.

Let It Roll

All our love and prayers to you and your father, Mikhaila.


In regards to negotiating with kids, i hope everyone realizes that no toddler knows how to read time. If you say 8:00 and they say 9:00, if you tell them 5mins later that it's 9:00 they'll be thrilled for getting what they want.


Prepare for random: Kinda liking that Jordan is sitting next to that pinup dancer girl poster. No judgement.


12:50 Nope, it was Julian! This is an old JP story that you've told before. (At least that's my opinion - it's your memory JP).

Kimbo Slice

Good stuff right there! Been a minute for me and enjoyed seeing you both and your guest was really a cool kat?

Martin Brousseau

I msg'd Peterson 2019 n responded as I wondered how I Survived suicide 22x daily 5 years as Nietzsche's he who has a why doesn't explain how I survived suicide, while it almost took me 2 years to understand the difficult relationship hope has to both potentially killing someone while hope can heal them or save them, while also in February 2020 I realized psychologists where playing Russian Roulette with my life, better explained by Abraham Wald's "Survivor Bias" and as I started understanding this I was no longer curious I think my subsequent anger is explained herein by Chris Voss.

Peter Konig

Was wondering why the sound is so weird when the mic is right in front of them. * It's not plugged in. *

Lee C

An embarrassment for Dr. Peterson.lost respect for him.

Robrecht saski

CONSPIRACY of the marxist big tech & social media moguls !!!!

Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

This makes the knuckelhead-big-tech/social-media oligarchs ....arbitrairy censoring on the internet ....criminals .....to be arrested and persecuted in den Hague ....to the fullest extent of the law !!



English is not my first language, I struggled with the audio in this one, cause it is like stereo like ior mtng

Chris Gen

23:10 How to keep your emotions in check


Got the book. Read the book. Not a difficult read. A little too much filler at times for my taste, but I get it. I am glad I bought it.
I have two copies of "Getting to Yes" that were given to me as gifts. One when I graduated undergrad. Ironically I got the other as a gift after finishing the postgrad degree. This book is the antidote to that book. I mean that like it sounds. If someone gives YOU a copy of Getting to Yes for a gift, trade it in immediately for a copy of Never Split the Difference.

Zachary Diggins

Prettiest youtuber 100%

Peter Fallon

From my research on the topic, ‘unknown unknowns’ can be better articulated in that ‘not only do I not know the answer, I don’t even know question(s) to ask to discover the answer. Just my take

Gavrin Mahaffey

Thank you for this great discussion

Bethan Krzowski

smiling with family... Great to see

John McVeigh

What a great episode, I've been in sales for the 32 years still learning

lena shomshin

I don't see anything wrong with a compromise in many situations. The goal is usually not to win or to make the other side lose. The goal is to jointly solve a problem. With both sides getting the core need met without crossing over each side's core values. When that is achieved, nobody is going to want to "get the other person double time" is a downward spiral. Because the goal is not to win but to solve a problem and to come to an agreement, to respect each other and to save and strengthen the relationship in the process.

Brandon Sisler

I lost it when Jordan said maybe he’s digging up the reason for the marriage collapsing


Similarly, if you say: i will count to 10 and he says: "no, to 1000!" You count to 10 and then count hundred by hundred to 1000. We're adults, we can outsmart kids! And if we can't we're in trouble!

Gerald Davis

Compromising on principles is completely different to negotiating a price. There are no morals or ethics involved in finding the market value of something.

Martin Brousseau

Im reminded how much Chris Voss has helped me heal since I learned of him summer 2018.

Ivan Grullon

It might just be in his nature but it seems like Peterson is interviewing Voss for a future deal together. ?


Jordan should be speak more directly in the microphone, it’s sadly quite distorted and metallic.

Jacob B

56:22 I knew JP could be savage but I didn't know he could murder people like that XD

Fox Trot

Mr Peterson is doing what he was created to do. God Bless his family with health as well.


The sale doesn't start until you field an objection and hear the word NO. Until then, you're not a salesman, you're an order=taker and info=man.

Pam Collins

Man, I wish Trump had had this guy informing him this past year.

James Linton

I have to say!This is the first time I’ve seen Jordan engaging in the dialectic and looking like himself in over a year. So glad to see his beautiful mind on display. Additionally, Chris Voss’ book is excellent!Two of my heroes in conversation, unbelievable!


heck yea

Tom Jeffers

Write a page a day and at some point the book will complete itself. Writing a book is impossible. Writing one sentence is not as difficult. Then write another sentence.

jodie kohut

Love you both.

Steve Smith

"so daughters- thats the bloody thing with daughters. ok so lets say your daughter takes advantage of your fame to promote herself and abandon her child. and your wife has cancer. those pills are starting to look pretty bloody good arent they? thats- thats hell. and thats no joke."

Free World

hahahaha love Chris, great answer it is your show we can talk whatever you want hahahah

George Desiderio

thank you....an amazingly informative, useful discussion !

Joe Perreault

Listened to this twice… Both of these men have taught me so much… I forwarded this podcast to several friends and family. Thanks for putting this together Mikhaila!

Jan Kratky

Brilliant conversation, so much to learn form it. Tahnks


This podcast is fucking GOLD one of the best on youtube

Robrecht saski

CONSPIRACY of the marxist big tech & social media moguls !!!!

Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
Article 19.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

This makes the knuckelhead-big-tech/social-media oligarchs ....arbitrairy censoring on the internet ....criminals .....to be arrested and persecuted in den Hague ....to the fullest extent of the law !!



Chris Voss is like a cool uncle and Jordan peterson is like a hyper judgemental Christian Grandpa. Lol


Voss is a man that learned psychology on the job. JP has literally taught millions (via YT and his tours) and done 35 years of PhD work in behavioral psych. JP understands Chris better than Chris understands himself, but JP still is curious what he can learn from him.


eh, like both but honestly thought this could have been better... it was very general for someone who has heard voss before. thought they could have gone much further with discussions like the one about "never splitting the difference" being directional with exceptions or literal. thought peterson talked a little too much and didn't explore quite enough... needed more examinations of examples which Voss has or present cultural issues are presenting...... thought it was also a bit unfair to Voss in that there were random swings in the convo.... but hey it was still decent


The dynamic between you and your dad is exceptional. You both take apart ideas differently and bring a lot to the table when interviewing people. I've read Never Split the Difference. I was excited to hear your dad's perspective on the strategies that Chris offers. What a great interview. Thanks.


42:24 Jordan Peterson savage status

Dave O.

Interesting, I always enjoy Dr. Peterson's discussions, but I will say this one seemed a bit stilted, hopping around, could have been a bit more focused on the path of the discussion and the points that needed to be covered.

Mikhaila Peterson

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42:33 that was a dick move

Hosamo Kayali

Rather than the microphone on Peterson side which is like a walkie talkie, the interview is amazing

Erik Summers

Always love these conversations, but I'm truly distracted by the Linda Carter Poster... the ORIGINAL Wonder Woman!

V. Martin

What a great interview a new favorite..

Steven Williams

Thoroughly engaging podcast. Really love the combination of playfulness and seriousness. Continue the great content.


This Voss guy looks very similar to Rich Voss, comedian extraordinaire.

Kadaffi Shakoor

I feel like I’m watching two master chest players — When Jordan ask Chris specific questions, seeking to hearing a specific response (knowing that Chris will see that specific question coming), Chris will respond with an answer that is direct and specific, but yet still somehow vague! Jordan / Chris enjoyed each other in this interview – Chris is reading Jordan’s mind & Jordan is decades in front of him.


I'm a big fan of you both. Great guest also.

Peter Fallon

HUGE fan of your father (gee, makes me unique ;). Found your Pod & like father like daughter-subscribed & will like ur episodes as certain all will qualify ?

Iver fashion


Xero Punt

Oh yeah back in business!!!

Sweet Awe

Voss is getting old.

Dr. Abuze

Jordan & his little goth girl, with too much makeup on today....

Arcanum Unknown

Ogggggghhhhhh bro I have wanted this so bad


Good book. I learned a bit from reading it.
BTW, does anyone know the name of the song/music that Mikhaila uses at the beginning of every show? I should know its name at this point, but it escapes me.

nobby styles

fascinating subject but the audio is so bad i cant roll with that. i would steer clear of usb mics they have a patchy history with being recognised on different ports and with driver issues.

Ulterior Motif

"Maybe I'm just digging at the reason for the marriage collapse..."



I want to see Chris Voss talk to Jocko.
I am curious as to what that would be like.
I would really like to see a three-way conversation with Jocko, Chris Voss, and Tony Robbins. That would likely be amazing

Moataz Mattar

The audio though :/




Would love to see you interview economist Thomas Sowell with your dad. That would be a great conversation.

Abraham Cruz

I always wondered how this conversation would go. A very good time to be alive


Love how JP was willing to keep going at the end but MP said no, that's the end. Shows how far JP has come in feeling better and recovery.

Tom Jeffers

Expect the things that have never happened before, to eventually happen

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Nemo Sundry

This is what got me to pay attention to JBP. That phrase "highest conceivable good" came right when I had a revelation of what was naturally calling me to do, how I had been wandering since. The wandering was not bad, the way I responded to it, even disaster, made me capable and stronger, to endure, and have low expectations for reality. Not pessimism or nihilism, but to be realistic about what is likely to happen and what can be done. JBP's philosophy coming to prominence and unfolding directly paralleled where I was, even though generally I'd attained my own independence at a young age by then, there was still the world to confront and the challenge of living by my own morals when so many people resist and don't even realize the extent to which they create the majority of their own suffering. Just by willingness to surrender to experiencing what is happening, to acknowledge it is reality, is the majority of liberation.

aKa Donut

I want to do good but I'm too stupid and ignorant to do the right thing... I'm feeling so bad about not being capable :'(

Асанали Ахметов

I think that Russian language is certainly adding up to the power of Russian writers. I speak Kazakh, Russian, English and French, and it seems to me that Russian language is the most flexible language, where each word can be put in like 10 different places in a sentence. So it’s like, where English is just a statue, Russian is like an action toy with each body part flexible and movable. Interesting


In all this brilliance, there are still those who will point to a comment he makes like, "In my list, they're the great men of the past and that's just how it is", as if it were sexist and as if that would be sufficient reason to ignore the rest.

Marlin Knable

What kind of fucking idiot gave this a thumb down.

trylks is trylks

I have watched a number of videos of Jordan Peterson, I think he is more often right than wrong, which I do not say lightly, he is also more often right than left, which I say with the tongue in my cheek. I didn't watch more videos for some long time, because I think I got the core message, and I have a "room" to clean and no time for videos. Nonetheless, I got here trying to do a recommendation and I was shocked by the amount of "chaos" in that room. Really, shocked, I had to comment. I'm still trying to assimilate that information.


한글 자막 개꿀~^^

Bit Tube

Hey Jordan B Peterson,
ztankoz has sent 10 Tube to you. In order to receive your donation check out bittubeapp(dot)com

Raiyan Harris

Tell your truth and see what happens ..

Chester GC

so basically to change the world properly you need to stop being a marxist and to strengthen yourself. the best thing i can save from the video is the name of Solzhenitsyn


"Me gusta" si también eres latino y estas siguiendo a este gran maestro. ??


Your video photo of Clint Eastwood draped as Jesus is very offensive.

Kιƚƚყ ɳҽƙσ

Think for yourself.

Ron Weasley

I hear your message and am digesting it.

To follow the footsteps of Christ, i must first build myself up so that i am a strong individual that is able to influence the world positively.

Because as i am right now, weak and vulnerable, any action i take will not have my desirable impact.

Makes sense. as the meme suggest, bUt aM i gOnNa?. This really challenges what i am and what i stand for right now. It breaks me down and forces me to face myself.

The values and virtues i stand for rest on my willingness to shoulder burden/responsibility.

Fuck me right in the lazy.

Alec Gargett

"I don't think you should trust people whose primary goal when they're attempting to change the world for the better is to attempt to change other people". By that logic we shouldn't trust Jordan Peterson either :O "You can always tell who those people are because they're looking for ,,,, perpetrators and victims and going off to stop the perpetrators."


so i wonder if the UNCONSCIOUS desire to produce suffering where it isn't necessary is considered evil? if not, what is that!? also, according to this definition of evil we would definitely have to define "necessary" and that opens a vast universe of alternate definitions of evil. oh well... words and ideas are an interminable rabbit hole... :/

Arief Rakhman

I want to see someone get a tour of his house, ?


What if you feel bad about abandoning your impulsions?

Sean Moran

Don’t be puppet to ideology
We are taught what to think at school not how to think !
Evolve don’t stagnant

Alisa Battaglia

Excellent! I consider this a modern day rights of passage for personality development and sanity!

Yogesh Pandey

"It's very hard to find your own words, You don't actually exist until you have your own words" -JBP

steel nerve

what is the musical piece in 12:41 ?

Moon Dancer

Most Marxists don't know what Marx was.

Ambrish Singh

Okay, stuck between integrating the shadow or following this.

Giacomo Siciliani

anyone know what piece of art that is at 10:28?


"Phoenix tears have healing powers" What a brilliant analogy for our ancestors who suffered and presented their tears

M0π 17 Rai


I keep coming back to this
Educate yourself

Learn to write compelling essays

Karsten T

3:35 Jordan, you should put on your reading list an updated version of the Bible. Yes, there are many, of course, which one should you choose? Very good question. I know I don't need to tell you that the archaic King James language was appropriate for its time, but not so now. Also, some errors in it have been corrected (not many). The New World Translation by Jehovah's Witnesses is highly rated, and I can vouch for it.


John haidt the devil's advocate ?


If anyone’s interested, I took a clip from this fantastic video and put beautiful music behind it: https://youtu.be/Ro1EJIcSXkM

Nicole Afonso Alves Calistri

"Evil is the conscious desire to produce suffering when suffering is not necessary". He eats meat.

Mike Stilinovich

“When you quiet the voice within you that divides yourself from others, you lose yourself …... you fall in love.....”


M0π 17 Rai

I keep coming here,
Every time I fall and I want to get back up.
I watch this to climb out of the pit that I’ve dug for myself

Gustavo Carvalho

Thank you so much, Prof. Peterson <3

Moon Dancer

I don't know how I ran across this video but THIS is a man of Wisdom and I wish people like him were teaching in our Colleges instead of the Marxist Puppets for the "Elite". I always speak truthfully to the best of my ability. I've read all these authors!! Oh I hope young men and women watching this read those books!


Btw ; WHERE WAS JORDAN PETERSON WHEN I WAS YOUNGER!? I didn't have any proper life-changing guidance. You lucky bastards...


I love the image of the Man With No Name's face on Jesus's body, I think theres a lot in that picture and a quite a strong message that comes with it.


Great work as usual

I'm scared of doing this program, I see failure as weakness instead of an opportunity to learn and improve, keeping things vague helps, no clear goal equals no clear failure, so everything becomes a gray area

Time to get cracking.

Kezia B

You get into tricky water though when you start saying 'this is truth'. You have to be open to the fact that you might be wrong. In fact you're certainly going to be wrong at one time or another, and what you believe now won't necessarily be what you believe in a year's time. You've chosen writers who you respond to, who confirm to a certain degree things you believe in. I'm wondering how you differentiate between parroting someone else's views (not truth) and learning from/adopting the views of others like Nietzche and Huxley for instance (truth). If it's just about what resonates with you personally, then truth is meaningless right?


So what your saying is, I should order Phoenix tears off Amazon?

Joe Rap

Does anyone know what symphonic orchestra piece is playing in the middle of this video? I’d love to listen to the whole thing

rocklar3 -

Everyone Needs a little more JBP in their lives.

Yogesh Pandey

"Evil is suffering, at a place where suffering is not necessary" -JBP

Geon Park

he can fully (or almost fully) articulate what I have not even discovered. so intelligent


When I first watched this video 3 years ago, I was broke, failing at work and addicted to video games. This self-authoring program changed my life. Now 3 years later I am about to start my dream job as a pilot. Thank you Dr. Peterson, your words changed my life.

Ollie Foxx

The Russians and the Irish know suffering very well. Perhaps that is why they are such gifted writers. For some reason they produce amazing works. The Irish have a song beneath their speech. I don't speak Russian but maybe its the same.

Francisco Rodríguez Martínez

Focusing on improving ourselves is fine.
But if we catch covid19 in America, we will have to pay 19,000 dollars for a treatment, if we have got an insurance...Or 30,000 if we haven't. However, treatment in Europe is for free...And we pay more or less the same taxes. Let alone the rip off young Americans have to pay for going to University...Milennials have no choice but to ask for rights if they want to change America... And why not? Isn't this the land of Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln and Luther King. Did they change the world just focusing on shaping their personalities? Of course, but they also went out to share their moral values with other people and they made a better world.

Let alone what young Americans have to pa


Important and informative video! I also recommend these articles for those trying to increase their wisdom and develop their character:
The Importance Wisdom: https://www.reddit.com/r/MindOverMatterScott/comments/enuc3c/the_importance_of_wisdom/
The Wisdom of Carl Jung: https://www.reddit.com/r/MindOverMatterScott/comments/e7kw3h/the_wisdom_of_carl_jung/
Metanoia: How and When to Change Your Mind: https://www.reddit.com/r/MindOverMatterScott/comments/d11npb/metanoia_how_and_when_to_change_your_mind/

Charmayne Rojas

I’m an elder millennial and fellow Albertan,

I was gifted your book this Christmas and have always been opposed to “don’t take this in the wrong way” self-help books. I was opposed because I feel that I have a strong meaning of my life and don’t need help in defining that. I decided to do my research on you prior to reading it. After reading the Foreword and Overture of your book “12 Rules for Life and Antidote to Chaos” and discovering your Wikipedia page; which then found me finding your YouTube channel…. I stumbled across this post. I can say that I’m intrigued…

I’ve yet to read your twelve rules/views but I’d like to thank you so far based on what I’ve read of your book and listened to of your post. It’s helped me to question certain aspects that I perceive in my life.

It’s already made me question Being vs purposeless which I then view based on how I as a human survive and thrive framing that around needs and wants. I am a Millennial, and I believe wants are just as important as needs. I decided to ask myself some simple questions which I answered on “how I believe I can start to change the world…properly”

Q: What do humans need to survive?
A: Necessities
Q: What do humans need to thrive?
A: Relationships
Q: What do humans want to survive?
A: Betterment
Q: What do humans want to thrive?
A: Meaning

What I learned so far in life is that each person could have different questions and answers but as long as there is a being with a positive purpose to life…that’s how we can change the world properly.

Anyways; thanks again for striking a nerve and putting out content that is enlightening. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your book.

Gladys Rodriguez


Reid B

Why isn't this taught in schools?

Lisa Marie

Was he moving in this video?
“The destruction of everything...” is that not what God did in the Old Testament when he set that one city on fire?
8:40 “evil is the conscious desire to produce suffering where suffering is not ‘necessary’” (according to who?)
8:57 “the desire to self-consciously exploit the vulnerability of other people and to elevate their suffering beyond their or anyone's ability to tolerate”.
The good is the opposite of that, whatever it is (for everyone in every time)
He who has a Why can bear any How- Niche which is a paradise I obtain by transforming myself (not others)
12:56 “You have to be oriented properly, because ‘The Truth’ is something that exists in service to an ideal (of sorts).
Shit. What if your ideal about what you want is wrong? Then who decides or how do we find out!? Ex) Pinocchio and pleasure island
15:19 Speaking truth = I feel strong, Speaking lies/other people’s truth = I feel weak
16:25 That’s sounds great, but letting go of what might happen sounds difficult
We educate ourselves by finding people who tell us “mostly what to read and maybe how to write, because writing is a way to formulate our thoughts.”
“If you know how to write you can think” (wow, if that doesn’t sound backwards.. lol)
If you can write and think you have lots of authority power
Recommend reading from Jorden:
1.) Dostoevsky
2.) Tostoy - Novels
3.) Solzhenitsyn - Novels
4.) Orewell - Socialist Totalitarianism
5.) Huxley - Brave New World
6.) Nietzsche - describes him as “thinks with a hammer”
7.) Jung - student of Nietzsch
21:32 I a can attest to this, but he was 36
22:55 Yaaaalllll if we don’t understand history, we can’t understand ourselves.. because we are a history creature
Rescue father from Underwood by facing the thing we most fear (makes no sense yet)
Last 5 or so minutes is an ad for his programs

Georgina Hartsuiker

Jeepers you’re a bit of allright///// now where”s the exclamation mark?

Matt Hunter

Just like J. Cole said, "What good is taking over when we know whatchu gon do. The real only real revolution happens right inside of you."

Siddharth Verma

You from beyond

Sunny A

What is the artwork at 10:29? Is it a series of concentric circles-representing the “good”, ultimately encompassing the world with a pathway to “heaven”.

Bob Nevels

I have two responses to your work. One on this video and one on your discussion of poets and children. On that there's a reason why a person shield's themselves from children and the openness of that reality. The 3d world in my experience represents the foundation of responsible relationship with the 5d world. I believe that the stages of growth initiated from childhood to adulthood is for the child to recognize their potential, and to negotiate how to arrive back at that potential ethically. And in doing that requires traveling through the 3d world, avoiding being close to the child's reality and learning how to live responsibly. And as you mentioned, this reality is returned when an adult falls in love with another adult, fulfilling mutual contracts of potential fulfillment. It's not about finding truth, it's about finding a personal relationship with relevant truth. A subtle point that's extremely important. The instinct for the messiah complex is the intuitve recognition that to become whole, or to make space for their soul in it's natural wholeness, requires the world have room for it. And this makes making the world a better place much simpler, because it only requires dealing with needs as they arrive in terms relevant to making room for my whole and untarnished soul. The simultaneous wholeness process. As I become whole, the world is naturally made whole with me. And that is a mantra a lot of people would benefit from adopting. It contracts unlimited possibilities into immediate relevant simple yes or no choices of immediate relevance.


to complement nietzche's "...why/how..." quote, i would recommend "Man In Search Of Meaning" by Viktor Frankl


I’m curious about Jordan Peterson’s thoughts on how society has gone from being based in agricultural farming to being based on information farming, and how these changes will effect the psychological values of growing up in the modern era. I have noticed that families, 100 years ago, were formed to help and continue the family itself, the larger unit, and now it seems that families are formed so individuals can fulfill a biological duty or psychological need - people want children (or they don’t), but when they have them, the family’s life is dedicated to improving the child’s life - when before, people had children to advance the family’s goals and well-being. More kids meant more help on the farm, etc. these days it means more mouths to feed... and more colleges to save for...

Soumya Mishra


Michael Macachor

Is it still free?

David Filipe

Well yes the Marxists have done more wrongs than rights but some important social policies were created by them (not necessarily the Soviet Union but also by the pressure built by Communists in Western Europe), like a national free healthcare system or a educational system. Those are policies that are considered socialist but are used in most of the countries with a substantial hdi

Mark Jones

It would be really productive if Peterson could discuss the click-bait titles where Peterson (schools, takes down, owns, destroys). It seems to me these post’s titles, most often from right-wingers and not Jordan himself are contrary to his message. Please “like” if you agree.

PS I posted here because this is NOT one of those click-bait titles.

Shadawg Realone


Zeyd Awad

12:04 what is that?

Grant Stephens

14:20 or unlimited pleasure and freedom turns you into a jack ass

Carlos Molina

Gracias, por ser la persona más sensata que he visto en el último tiempo, no sólo porque comparta las ideas que pregona, sino también por demostrar que independientemente de lo que se considere "bueno" siempre van a pesar más los hechos.

Crooked Carpenter

How did you get Clint Eastwood to pose with the proper hand positions? Doesn't seem Stoic enough for him.

Shokit Sadiq


Reamy Usturd

where can i find a copy of that "clint eastwood jesus" picture? i've searched google...


Hi all,
I really enjoy listening to Jordan. Even when I honestly disagree, I still feel that the struggle to construct my thoughts in a well organized way rewards me with clarity and focus. Let me give an example.
At 8:40 Jordan says: "Evil is the conscious desire to produce suffering where suffering is not necessary." In my opinion, this may be true in many cases, but not all. That is because evil can also be the conscious desire to produce pleasure where suffering is necessary. And if we ask ourselves: is suffering necessary at all? Then my answer would be yes, development and growth in consciousness are built upon pain, suffering and the lessons of the past - as this lecture explains.
So that still leaves the question open: What is evil? We know within us in everyday life if something is good and right or evil, but is rather hard to give it a word definition.
Regards and thank you

Kat Malazarte

Our generation clearly needs some sort of a direction — we need to find meaning in life and in suffering. Your words clear paths, Sir. Thank you for your wisdom, Dr. Jordan Peterson. My perspective in life gradually changed after I found and listened to your lectures. I'm a 23 year old little lady from the Philippines, an artist. May you continue to touch many more lives! God bless you!

masao shiose

- J. G. Ballard -
There’s nothing to believe in now. All ideology is gone. The great churches are empty; political ideology is finished; there’s just a scramble for power. There’s a nagging sense of emptiness. So people look for anything; they believe in any extreme—any extremist nonsense is better than nothing.


Probably one of the best videos on YouTube. ?

Francisco Lara

This is awesome, I am a student in UANL and this might really change my view of the world

Benjamin Jazayeri

Prf. peterson
The problem with the argument that rationale brings stability is that it is not real because if there is no power behind it authorities and string pullers could crush it
Say the fox steals Pinocchio by force even though he chooses not to go to pleasure island


Alright, got it!

Jon Jon

Frightening how BLM is founded by Marxists.


I'm not a millennial... but a Generation Z.

John Champagne

In exploring what game we might all want to play, so that it becomes exceeding rare to find someone who wants to tear down what we have made in order to see what else might take its place, we may want to aim for an honest market system, so that prices show costs to the environment along with labor and capital costs.

Honest prices would cause profit for industry to align with sustainability, because all industries would try to reduce harmful impacts on the environment. An economy with honest prices would account for externalities by charging fees or requiring purchase of a permit proportional to adverse impacts (extraction; emissions; habitat destruction). Sharing fee proceeds to all would ensure that the policy is fair, and it would end poverty.

When workers have the capacity to say "No" in response to an offer of a dangerous or oppressive work situation (because they have income separate from work income), they will then have real negotiating power. (Rana Plaza would not have happened as it did, since there were so many people who saw that there was a new big crack in the side of the building that morning. They did not want to enter. But they did, under threat of abject poverty.)

Respect PUBLIC property rights, too:

Wee Todd Did

Where do I find the Clint Eastwood painting?

Jacob Soltero

1,999 I was born.
This applies to me.

Derrick McAdoo

I like how racist Disney made Italian-Gepetto's eyes blue instead of brown. LOL

Ash Awhimate

But your time is almost up, leave changing the world to the millennials

Philipp Weber

Man you just gotta love Peterson and his insights


Clean your room bucko

Darth Vader

Someone should entirely transcript this and hand over to every young generation for centuries to come when it's their turn.

Thank you, Dr. Peterson for changing all our lives!


~guy does not know of the subconscious mind~from 0-7 years old the child's mind is a sponge and if they are sucking in all the negative stuff from their peers and parents then they are doomed in a future that goes with them as well~their DNA is now being programmed by that negativity and before you know it millions of everyone is walking around the Universe in a variable~one that seeks change needs to balance their brain lobes in binaural beats, meditation, breathe correctly and learn to be centered and live presently~but too many jumping beans and excessive chatter in the subconscious mind do not allow the masses looking for a quick fix in text book talk~Buddha and Bodhidharma came to save sentinel beings from their own ignorance in listening to themselves in search of themselves as though a man riding a horse in search of a horse~sadly one cannot learn from someone else because they are not them~true self is nothing as desire which is a form of suffering does not attach to it~why is this that no one can literally save themselves in change~nobody wishes for nothing but instead feel they need a reward to be attached to because of their very own ego they themselves create~this guy has accolades hence he has a big ego to go with it as well~

steve packer

Fantastic stuff but where Jordan Peterson has a blind spot , in my opinion, is the impact of a corrupted 20th and 21st Century Capitalism which started off as an ideal with Voltaire, Adam Smith, Hume et al who rightly saw it as an immense advance in terms of prosperity and the potential to encourage individual freedom and which quickly turned into an exploitative system that required (and still requires) at the very least, a radical overhaul because it doesn't serve the individual freedom anymore than does Marxism.
I have great admiration for Dr Peterson's work and thinking which I hope will influence and assist young people to help the human world to be less awful, and assist in reducing unnecessary suffering, but would caution against accepting his thought uncritically,and particular his use ( elsewhere) of the concept of hierarchy ( i.e that we need the best people at the the top.This is an idea that originated as far as I can recall from the Greek Philosopher Plato) I don't disagree with him in principle, but he uses the concept rather simplistically to justify( or at least he does so by implication) the rights of those in power. Unfortunately, those in power, or in positions of authority have rarely got there wholly through individual excellence ,effort or merit ( there are a minority of honourable exceptions as always) but rather by way of birth into the right situation and patronage or by brute force at the expense of many others, and they tend to protect their pyramid positions with lethal force.Let us not forget Generals Franco and Pinochet amongst many others on the 'right' defending their own versions of capitalism against 'socialists and anarchists'. They were every bit as unpleasant as Stalin or Mao, although they didn't succeed in killing as many because they had fewer people to play with.
This misuse of authority and power through the ages explains the resentment which gives rise to social unrest and movements ( in my country) like the Chartists , Suffragrettes and Trade Unions who eventually changed society for the better through collective action.The challenge usually comes from the'' left' because the challenges from the 'right' are usually internecine struggles between those already in power.
In his address to the Oxford Union in 2018 Dr Peterson gave a masterful explanation of left and right but something in him seems to shy away from the communal as something suspect and in which individuality is dissolved in some Orwellian Nightmare and in which the current Western Liberal Socialism ( as opposed to exploitative capitalism) is still too collective.

Having had some experience of Buddhist teaching there may be a way out of this..no-one gets very far on their road without 'Sangha' / Community and too much emphasis on the individual is another road to hell.The 'economic' system, which Adam Smith and Karl Marx studied and came up with their ideologies has changed profoundly , and is producing a world where true individuality is being be dissolved and any true community eroded.
Good Luck Millenials!


How can this content be here, online, FOR FREE? I’m serious. Its value is crazy and i’m watching this lecture at home. This is simply amazing. Thanks Jordan, you are the man.

Wesley Ayers

Clean up your room bucko ;)

Gideon Kapange

Jonathon “HATE”, lol

Math Carter

I thought Jung was a pupil of Freud and not Nietzche ? What was the relation between Jung an Nietzche then?


How to change the world: "communism bad!"

Ok, got it! Anything else? Lmao

As when i am in a place where i am happy and feel like i belong as i am right now i can influence or change the world! Dude stfu.

Imogen Gillison

?? ℕ?????rrr ? ?????? ?? ???????? ???? dream ???? ?? > >>https://t.co/iwLrU6RZzP?ZmXgLAKaT1ks ?? 8522


Let's do our best to turn this thing around, and make a better future for us and the next generations!

Harison Xavier

Thank you so much for taking time for this video and sharing it with us. Love from India

Keith Walker

I Guarantee America will round up BLM,ANTIFA AND PATRIOTS! Anyone who rises up against the state will end up in a concentration camp . You didn’t see the slight of hand. During the lockdown there is a video of a line of riot please and someone in our military grab the microphone and starts telling them that they are on the wrong side they are in opposition of the constitution and the people of the United States! That is when the state knew it had lost. https://youtu.be/bsnIv-QNBWU
So they changed the narrative. They let loose Black Lives Matter and antifa they put the supposed George Floyd killing on every station every TV channel. Now instead of Americans rising up against Tyranny it’s rioters destroying civilization and must be stopped. It’s like trump who has the middle class clap for their own destruction. ONE STEP AT A TIME! EVIL HAS A PLAN ! You don’t.https://youtu.be/sSDClxjcR-4
It’s so much deeper than what you see on the surface. I have to applaud the devil ,Donald Trump & media! We are witnessing a master class in deception. https://youtu.be/Rys45B4OhV0

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Ingrid Malmberg

I'm working on the self-authoring program right now. I also just shared a link to the website on a women's mental health support group on Facebook that I am part of. I totally recommend doing this.

Edgar González

Hola, quisiera adquirir el curso, ¿está subtitulado al español?, soy de Argentina, gracias.

Riley Hamilton

Can anyone who’s completed the Self Authoring Program give a brief account of their experience with it? I’m a Peterson fan and considering giving it a go!



Callen Stewart

How much for the logo thats hung up on the wall. I want that badly...

Flint Cooper

Anyone else clean up their desk after seeing that thumbnail?

Michael Maree

I have a tbi to my right frontal lobe (chaos management/emotional control). I have purchased the full suite and am also using a tool called the "Panda Planner" which was developed by a gentleman with a tbi. I'm not sure how I'm going to do on some of those questions. I hope once I get into it it will become more clear, but besides the brain damage impairing certain normal functions most people take for granted (or who knows maybe some do appreciate it), I also have memory loss prior to the accident to contend with. I don't think many of the "memories" I have are legitimate. I think they are stories that I have heard and probably have been repeated to me, over time (23 years out from the accident now), possibly from multiple sources. Considering that words reconstruct ideas and produce sensory experiences in the listener's brain, my memories are actually like remembering the construction of the story by my brain when it was being told to me. So my first epoch will start with coming out of a coma when I was 14. And I'm going to have a hard time knowing if what I'm "remembering" is an actual thing that happened and is contributing to my now-self. Or possibly that doesn't matter because if I remember it as if it did happen, the effect is the issue(was that a question?). I will try to revisit this comment if I learn anything on the issue. Thanks for making yourself available to everyone, you could have hidden it in a bushel-basket. :D

Soroush JM

wow I love Jordan Peterson but this video was creepy as hell

Yuri Zysin

has anybody actually done it?

Marshmallowmonster 77

Why the hell it cost so much?


Bookmarked and liked before I even watched.

James Grimes

We need an updated version of this video - complete with the Dr.Peterson flair we know and love!

nyore achoja

Who has any Idea the documentary clips, movie clips and art that were used in this video?


At what age should one do these authoring programs ? I'm currently 16 and I'm not sure I could separate my past in as much a 7 different epochs

John Stewart

Does this self authoring help you identify ways to reduce/mitigate the aspects of your personality which are hurting you? i know im quite high in neuroticism and does this help give strategies to lower this?

Jiraiya Hermit

2015 Jbp was such a darling


and good luck with Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome. I'm battling it myself

Daniel Dogeanu

Sir, after watching several of your lectures, I find that this video doesn't have the proper tone of voice. The correct tone of voice for this video would be: "Buy the damn program!!! IT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER!!!!"


What is the watch in the thumbnail? It looks so good!

Til Möhnen

3:26-3:41 Can anyone tell me where to find the scientific data that supports this please?

Manuel Trujillo

I honestly feel like this should be a course in high school. I know I would have benefited immensely and possibly not made the mistakes I made thus far. Im so grateful for his lectures and this self-authoring seems great. Just started today and highly recommend it.

Petr Shulgin

спасибо, профессор Питерсон


Question - what will mentioned email after completing each Authoring Program part contain? Would someone give me a detailed feedback on the stuff I would write? Because I can technically just take all those questions (which are shown in the video) and answer them by myself. I wish I could know, maybe I could buy it for myself, as I'm an Asperger from time to time refusing to accept the world as it is. I need answers.

Robert Raymond

Thanks, Da-I mean, Jordan.

Roger Velásquez

I am a native Spanish speaker. I can write in English, but I would feel much comfortable writing in Spanish. Anybody knows if I can write in Spanish for this program?

Ramon Maximiliano

8:05 does anyone know which movies are these please?


I dont understanding this self help program. Where is he offering the Free trial thats followed by an 1200,- course?

Renato Johnsson

Who did the editing? I'd love to know

Reverie Christine

I dont have money :(

Blooo Daba

Make it free!


I doubt myself, I don't believe in myself, I don't understand myself; there is no celerity in my life and things just seem to happen and I'm there to observe it. Today I start this program, wish me luck. I hope if someone asks me how I'm doing in a few months I can be in a better place. I looked up to Jordan Peterson like a father figure I've never had, and hes helped me imminently but this last push is now up to me.

Reverie Christine

I dont have money :(

Nik Dadson

Am definitely interested and am reading, watching a lot of JP's work. But I don't want to put my stuff up on a site that sends login credentials by email. If that much is wrong then I'm a bit worried about security generally - JP has enough enemies to warrant a hack and and a leak to discredit him. This is meant constructively.

Greg Page II

The comments on this video are incredibly entertaining

João Machado

I'm a pessimist so I'll write it right here so that (hopefully) I can regret it later and come back to correct myself. These kind of things always get me really excited and thinking major changes will follow as a result and 99.9% of the times I just get disappointed. If there's anyone I have faith in is JP. So let's see where this goes.


Just signed up to the programme and excited to be doing this! Thank you Dr Peterson for all you do?


Sigmund Freuds pen looked like a joint at first. :O


This video is trippy

rainy day

Purchased. Not sure how it will help a stay at home mom. I'm looking forward to it anyway.


It is not easy to convince yourself to not give a shit about external and calm internal. Realisation that you can any time change your thinking and that you create from nothing, bring things from nothingness even sense of life is hard. People in misury loose their imagination and ability to realise their imaginery can be a rational goal to realise in future. You might even need many years to get it. Or you might wake up one random day enlightened. You might work your way into this state of thought, letting the idea root in you step by step, observing yourself testing the idea out without any expectations.

The hardest thing is to accept your loss. When you bought high and the price falls down and you wait and wait for a miracle without taking the loss, growing loss with every next day instead of staying STOP and starting again beyond bad memory. You think that not accepting the loss will save you from the bad memory, won't let it materialise. But it is already there. It eats you alive. You just fool yourself. You know the right way, you just don't accept it yet, you add virtual pain into it, overvalue the needed pain. But the pain must be taken. And only them you can disattach from it, overcome it, tame it and make it your lesson, knowledge and memento in your future growth.

Way out is in accepting the reality of loss.

If you hear "just do it" and your brain in torn internally between the thrive feeling of the idea outcome and the fear of being unable, taking risk, leaving comfort state of dead, empty person you have only 1 minutes to find crazyness in yourself.

You have 60 seconds to grab that last crazy hope and forget rationality. You have endless last hopes - but if you not grab it fast now, you make yourself weaker to grab it next time. You have no more time. The loss grows each time and you fall lowwer in yourself.

But when you finally grab it once, creating your internal crazyness from nothing - throu pain or anger or faith or just an unexpected damn f*ck it all moment. What a light awaits there.

I still don't accept me being worth of the light. But it is mine and it is yours and nbody can take it from you - light in the void and the path of greatness.

Then you will realise what were you born for and your refinement through suffering will start, getting free throu accepting truth as it is.

Refinement through suffering.

Realisation that all your past pain was refining you. Being born anew ennobled, better.

Even if you start from the very bottom. It is even better.

At the bottom you know it is he bottom, at the bottom accepting the loss is the worst but the capital you free there can buy your future greatness with cheapest price. And it will grow like a great revolutionary stock or gold and bitcoin in crisis.

You are the most greately undervalued stock out there. You work your way throu crisis to thrive in the next prosperity boom more than anything else.

If you read Nietzsche you will understand. This is the biggest secret that the mot values pearl lays in the darkest pit after the trial by fire. You can stop roasting yourself. You know yourself you are refined properly. Eat the steak now. You have 60 seconds to decide and do something.


Thank you Dr. Jordan Peterson! I appreciate you so much! ??

Lazy Fox Plays

A friend of mine gifted me this.
And going through it, I felt I needed to write something about this.

Please don’t buy this. This is CBT 101. If this type of information would be helpful for you to uncover a traumatic memory, working with a therapist with CBT and RBT techniques is the solution you need.
In comparison, this is drinking snake oil and hoping it cures your illness without going to a doctor.
Yes, there are basic CBT techniques here, but there is no grounding from what I can see.
And since JP doesn’t seem to acknowledge what psychologists call Trauma, let me reiterate that a trained therapist helping you with CBT and RBT will give you personalized support and techniques that you can work with.
As well as you can ask a local librarian for any CBT and RBT booklets for FREE at your local library.

This is a resource that I don’t believe anybody should be paying for, as there is nothing special here from JP besides basic psychological knowledge and self reflection.
Things that are accessible for free at any fine.

If you still feel compelled to buy it, I have screen shotted every page and question and would be happy to “lend you my own copy” of this “self-help book”.

If you are still curious about what is in it, a sample of the questions being, “What do you think is the biggest impact in your life on this idea, and how could you change it?” And if you think vague questions like that are worth $30... then buy it.

Jiska Hachmer

I love your videos. I wonder if you would love to make coursera courses. I would love to follow some courses from you. About purpose in life, and meaning in life, and the difference between men and women and purpose in life. And how to be succesful etc. And I think I love all the rest you do too, I see many interesting topics you share. Thanks for all your videos...

Victor Tous

@Jordan B Peterson: I don't give a fuck about my past, my present is passionless, and I don't know a thing about my future. So how could the program actually help me?

Multorum Unum

I'm 15 and I need this so badly, I'm lost and don't have any drive in life. But I can imagine that these programs are more designed for adults?

j stash

Thank you, Professor Peterson.

Edna Isabel

i just bought the program. i did a similar one for a college navigation class that i didnt even want to take. we used the book titled "on course" ... it was life changing. the author was inspired by and implemented studies and a program from harvard university and the whole thing was very reassuring, it made me realize that i wasnt crazy as for the root cause of everything in my life, behaviors, choices.. but the approach is the one that really felt empowering.. and i was left with wanting more so i bought yours.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

I actually love Jordan in this video #zaddy

Michael Irish

If only there were more in politics with the genuine desire to be achieve integrity and help people as Jordan is achieving in the mental health of the masses. And saving lives.

prashant kaphle



Jordan petersons a savage what a man

Savage Sonya

This should be w mandatory subject in schools.


Get well soon Jordan

The Wanderer

You say people should not do this program and the personality program when they are feeling down, or is in a bad stage of their life, because this could influence accuracy. But what if this is the reason why I want to take it? To improve and sort myself out...
Thank you for everything you do.
I would appreciate your feedback.

Nikolai Rodriguez

I see one issue with the research of Peterson. They used self-nominated students in their study. Which students self-nominate themselves into an improvement program? Exactly, those who seek self-improvement. Hence, there is a clear bias in this study. People who do not seek self-improvement do not participate. Hence, it seems stupid to compare bad performing students that seek self improvement against bad performing students that do not seek self improvement.

EDIT: I just read his article, and this exact point is written under the limitation of the study. I personally think it kind of devalues these methods, because it is not enough proof that this program works. Those students may have achieved the same results anyway - because they simply wanted to improve.

Ray Mohn

I was just going to spend 60 $ on a videogame, even if this was not that good, I think it is a better investment

Jabali Mohamed

Thank you Jordan

Mitchell Bartley

love the concept. worship Peterson. why make the video so friggin weird

Roger Syversen

I am stuck in the '"the time to make a decision vs the worth of the decision"-dilemma (I dont know the short name). My ex left me in a really tough spot, she broke up with me just in time for the both of us starting the same masters programme. I am in despair and I need to pull on my bootstraps, but I am not sure if its the right thing to do right now. Writing my paper that is due soon is also difficult with this sense of meaninglessness. What do?

edit: are there some third party research papers on this or similar?
edit2: I am afraid of my own thoroughness because, once I start writing to figure out my life, it will take so much time for me to feel that its complete in a way that is worth while (I have a strong responsibility for my life because I lost a loved one when I was younger and I feel that I have been given something that others dont have).

Jamie MacDonald

Reminds me of the creepy video messages in lost.

Andrew Buswell

"Improving people is very difficult." Simple, but true.

Mafalda Doo

Can someone please just do a supercut of all the times Peterson talked about self authoring in his speeches and stuff? So much better than this cringe intro video. I would love to share the self authoring program with others, but I can not possibly send them this, they will think I've lost the plot.

Craig Sips

When I was 29 years old (1999) I had a 7 month experience that accumulated in what could have been severe mental devastation. That's the way I felt it was going.
After feeling sorry for myself for two weeks I picked up a pen and on a A3 sheet of paper drew out 7 horizontal lines by 4. Seven months of 28 weeks boxes. I then spent the next three hours going back and forth writing down my remembered experience in each box.
As I scribbled away I could see lived experience effecting the next experience, I would see things that I wasn't aware of at the time. As I wrote the dark walls of the mental tunnel that I was living in fell away.
At the end of the process I stood up, ripped the paper in two and threw it in the bin.
I stood in the light.


Will the Program change/modify the next question based on my previous answere?

Someone Someone

Doing this turned out to be horribly depressing. I spent over a week giving it real thought and writing a lot. After struggling to get past all the u realistic stuff I wanted and sort out a realistic ideal life for myself I diligently mapped out how to get there. The problem is that after I completed it I was left utterly unmotivated and depressed. My realistic ideal life was true and clear, and the way to obtain it reasonable and perfectly achievable. But it turns out that even my ideal life is too rubbish to actually motivate me at all. Its not good enough. Its not enough for me.

Adam Mckinnon

How do you program a person? And why would one want to?? I've been trying some stuff....

Astreal Fysher

Good movies you watch!

Depressed The Girl

This is a very poorly structured and edited video ?????


I am about to start the Suite. I anticipate a rich and fruitful process. BTW, did this video remind anyone else of the Dharma Initiative orientation film from Lost?


I stumbled on this today and I'm going to try it ASAP. I don't have enough cash, but I will be scraping enough together soon. This truly seems like a potentially life changing investment of time and energy. I can't wait to try it.

jed Rudolph

What if you can't afford it? Poor people never get what they need, because we're worthless to society, indusrty, and especially to millionaire doctors with richer clients to help.


Where's the promo code?
Not cheap, just money tight :(

jeffrey tabley

Bravo Jordan Peterson.
I started a year ago dropped it and came back because I was repeating the old patterns of behavior and thoughts. Thank God I have a grip on my past present and future now. You are a great teacher Jordan!
I just spent 4 focused harrowing days and am now finishing my virtue signaling section ???❤️

Louis B

my concern with buying this programme is that my current depressive/anxious mindset might (will) dictate my past/present/future experiences. So will not provide an accurate assessment but a negatively biased one and therefore not very helpful.

Andrew Duggan

i wish i could afford this


Dear Dr Peterson,

Do you foresee any of these programs ever becoming available for free acces again in the future?


Thank you. Some questions if you could care to reply frankly.

1. Is this another clinical psychology experiment? What's the actual intention? All your lectures are free, why is this priced? By pricing do you aim a certain cohort?

2. Will you influence buyers of this programme ($14.99) into a framework of thinking that is designed by you (another box) or open them to uncover themselves and most organic approach to parent themselves to bring/give best out of/to themselves and to the network?

3. Is this programme evolutionary throughout the life of a buyer?

4. What's the similarity between this programme and "Life Book" by the Mind Valley?

5. Do you have an email that you personally answer?


I have used this program and it has helped me greatly!


I've done lots of programs before such as Tony Robbin programs. I also worked all the 12 steps in the NA program. This program was basically a straight to the point version of those programs. Especially since this was made under the guidance of a clinical psychologist/professor, and not a salesman or spiritual advisor. Taking the The Big Five Aspects test first on your "understand myself" website made doing this program a little easier. It gave me a base line to refer too.

I'm not sure if there is an optimal order to do the past/present/future modules. The FAQ section had some suggestions but that order just seemed easier to follow. So I just did it in the order of past > present > future.

I would suggest you update this video. Especially since you have a much greater online presence now and are probably more aware of your prime demographic. Since this is the main product you have been promoting, you could do a voice over and have someone else layer it over some graphics in order to work within your busy schedule.

poppy seed

God I love this man

Ipad account

I hope the guy is feeling better soon

Mr. Steve Barber

0:25 Whos the artist? I love it!

Louna Kiorie

I'm probably going to have to wait for another couple of years before having the chance to buy the suite or any of the programs but I'm definitely going to use the information that Dr. Peterson shared around about this program to complete the maximum I can in my own way.
Thank you a lot for the wisdom. You genuinely feel like a father to me.

Kevin Burns

Beautiful, as always :)

オワコンDry Chicken

"These programs will help. Alot" when your can simply say it like that, without persuasive appeals to human emotion, and without fear of being not persuasive, you know it's the truth. Enough said.

Atom Nous

I have a disoriented rebellious brain.

Raoul Moreira

The memories of your future self are the imaginations of your present self and the memories of the present self are the imaginations of your past self - KRS-One


jarred stuart

So this helps being a worker for some industrials?

wda monk

Is there a chance you could make a short speech on how to improve your eloquence and speak with an ease like you? Or maybe there already is such a video and someone could let me know




Hello, is the program offered in other languages? Thank you

Charles Wilmot

I already started writing before I saw this video and I can say it helps. Try it!

Dan Alcaraz

If my direction were only that awkward


Normally he's very expressive, and uses hand gestures a lot. But right here he is totally still. So either he is uncomfortable filming this for whatever the reason is ( which is unlikely for a psychology professor like him, especially him!) or he's trying to be as neutral as possible so as not to inflict the slightest impact of persuasion on the viewer! Plain facts!

Elijah Salcedo

Dr. Peterson's dry verbal delivery in this video is simply Golden ? not to mention the hilarious (again, dry) editing of the images and snip-its. Legendary, I say. ?

Inanc Taheri

Is it still beneficial for someone who is 18 to do this program ?

Lee Ann Richards

I love you Dr. Peterson, so I'll tell you the truth about this video. You seem a little scary in this video. You're a warm and loving person, and here you seem like a robot. I know you're reading something as to sell your program, but you don't need to do that. Just talk about it like you would if we were having a conversation.


I just purchased it tried to access and now it's saying the ip address cannot be found. Whats going on?


A meaningful Christmas present for someone you love. That includes yourself ❤️


Really looking at how, it could always suck more! This should be part of bootcamp.