Rise of pantheon

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Pantheon MMO Alpha 2021 Upcoming MMORPG Big News from Chris Rowan CEO

4 723 views | 6 Feb. 2021


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The upcoming MMORPG that is bringing back the spirit of the old school MMO with social impact and group play - Pantheon : Rise of the Fallen has big news from Visionary Realms CEO Chris Rowan regarding Alpha in 2021 .. Extremely exiting news, he also goes into explaining what Alpha Beta mean and what state they need the game to be in for these phases to happen and compared to the rest of the industry. TONS to take away from this news and the update provided for Pantheon Rise of the Fallen our upcoming MMO Home! Please enjoy, comment, like, and subscribe for more!

Support Pantheon Here: www.pantheonmmo.com/pledge

Full Chris Rowan Interview Here: https://youtu.be/kOuDy-u7x9g

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an upcoming fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Visionary Realms, Inc. Brad McQuaid, the Co-Creator of EverQuest, served as Chief Creative Officer for Visionary Realms until his death in November 2019, and was an important figure on the project.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is considered to be a spiritual successor to “classically-spirited” MMORPGs such as EverQuest and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and will prominently feature a PvE-centric design, with plans for at least one PvP server at launch.

Pantheon focuses on challenging content and the social aspects of gameplay, such as grouping and guilds, making friends, and earning a reputation in the community.

Many aspects of gameplay are inspired by text-based MUD games. Typical character progression is slower paced than many modern MMORPGs in order to make content more meaningful. Combat is performed by selecting various spells and abilities based on character class and strategy. Pantheon uses a tab-targeting system.

The game has been in pre-alpha since December 12th, 2017.

Keep the hype alive my friends!

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Too long devlpment !! they are just at the craft system lol .... really ???!! after 7 years !!!!

Adam Young

I'll check the game out when it's released. Unfortunately it will probably come out dated.

Gary Buckman

A year of beta? I hope not.


I am concerned about this game. by the time they actually release they potentially are going to be completely out dated and people are already losing interest in it. especially as they seem to be refusing to do a timeline and publish it for backers to see... unless I have missed something.
they will also be up against some good games that are coming out which splits the potential user pool and makes them an even small community. will make it harder for them to stay alive.

Aaron Candler

I really hope we see Brads dream become reality. I respect the process but ! We need some air to breath!!

Joshua Winkler

Best channel ever

Alexis ayala

Probably no more the 300 or 500 ppl are invited in my opinion


In the words of a certain someone God is Good!

Also the guy talking, you can hear glasses clink. Poor man is stress drinking while working.

Draq Attack

I have poison ivy all over my body ... waiting for ALPHA :)

Vwlss Nvwls

(Slips in from an EQ2 video, still searching for Pantheon alpha invite)
(Majestically slips away unnoticed)


NO cash shops i would rather pay $30 then have that trash in game

Hair E. Stamper

I cannot wait for this game to come out. I hope VR will allow yinz to stream or pre-record Alpha.


i wonder what my ping will be from Mars will be hmm...

That Guy

Advisors pledge package, will be 3 years in may. Been waiting and watching for alpha. So excited

Eric Rhoades

Beta 2022 Launch 2060


Ashes looks good should take notes

Rob zombieX


The Kwillis

I would sell both testicles at this point to get this game by 2022

Kyle Ganse

So it seems the systems are almost set. The bones and muscles of the game. Now they need to flesh out the world building. Very interesting. Excited to see what streamers say about alpha.

Feeling excited seems within the next 3 years this game could “launch”

Doc X

I know another crowd funded MMO style game that has been in development longer, but THIS game looks and feels MUCH further along. Strong leadership plays for itself...


God is good indeed.

shaun bassett

Feels like a victory !


From what your saying is that Alfa won’t start on tell the end of 2021 and that will last a year or so. Then bata will be soon after with an other year of testing. Form my calculations that’s 3 years from now befor launch is considered. Give or take a few months. It’s good news tho. It’s getting closer and closer each day that go’s by.?


17 years later the game comes out


Is it just me finding it hilarious that announcing that a game will at some point go into Alpha is somehow considered “big news” these days?

Papa Bear

Idk at this rate they should partner up with Microsoft this will benefit everyone.

Shaun Hall

One thing I do hope they have is an RP server. I’m very much a hardcore gamer and I especially love to get into character and take on the role of acting as it brings so much to the game. I’m old school pencil and paper gamer. Anyways I could go on but this is exactly what we need for MMO’s!

Aaron Miller

Really enjoyed this round table.


I’m still waitting to see if they are going to make EQ 3 but when is Pantheons Alpha?

Matt Netko

Man, I made it till "we're DRIVING HARD for alpha 2021, we're throttled by resources, with the right resources it's POSSIBLE." With that the hype I experienced seeing video title was just crushed. Resources means money. I'm still hoping for this and they are doing it right by not pushing something that's not ready but I'm gonna go re watch Napalm singing to feel better.

Tyler Shifman

As much as I hope. Its looking more like vaporware at this point :(


Ohhh alpha, that i can get into my current contribution level. But probably at the end of the year though.

Nick Neller

One thing I really don't like is the graphics. Specially the character models. It feels like all modern MMO look exactly the same and environment has this distinct high level of "shininess" to it. And this continues desire to make characters look "realistic" only makes it worse. Look at EQ-2 - it aged horribly. When novelty wore off, you start to see that their "more realistic approach" to models resulted in them being look like bad mockery. Only WoW with its cartoonish style looks different.
EQ1 on other hand (with modern improved engine) is still have its unique look, and looks JUST AS GOOD as it did 20 years ago.

Blyte Plays

I think they are overstating the gaming alpha state qualifications. I feel a game with a handful of finished zones, classes, and races; and others locked and in development, would qualify as alpha. Alpha is in my opinion, a solid start at a playable game. He is trying to release a nearly finished game as alpha, from his description. Why on earth would a testing phase of a game need customer service? You dont own the game at that point, you only have access to it.

Shaun Hall

I have that excitement about this game as I did for EQ.


I like the sound of the Network stack. Sounds like they really like where that is going.

Levi Wallner

I am going to lose my job when this game comes out.

Denise Masters

Alpha in 2021 would be a dream come true - please let it happen !
I will be a beta player, but even this is great news for me

Fred Sanford

Will I be able to pay2pay Alpha?

Uncle Horse

Awesome video N2!

Animate Acumen

After my previous comment, you know why im grinning




I have a feeling this game will be released in 3 years, and then fail due to lack of players within a year after that.


Love to hear the progress their making , and the new outro is cool ?

Gypsy JR

VR spent 4 years developing Unity3D tools. It is now paying dividends. It allows for rapid prototyping, which is a big deal in software development. if we didn't have social media, like back when EQ was in development, the generation of overly critical, information hungry people would not exist. It takes a long time for less than a dozen people to develop an MMORPG the size of Everquest vanilla , it is not a minor development process. VR has implemented a development toolkit which we only dreamed about 10 years ago. Once they have beta running, they can put the development team onto designing an expansion because they don't need programmers to do it. It can be grayboxed in a matter of months for design review.
Also, alpha and beta are testing phases, not free play build guilds and gear up activites. The purpose is to report bugs and give feedback on what works and what doesn't. Not to say guilds can't play, just that after each phase characters and guilds will be wiped.

Don Remez



This is the interview we all needed ❤


Tip of the spear! Always happy to see you still pushing content!

Daniel Henry

Game looks like shit

WIcked Blue

I would have bought in a few years ago but again.. it doesn't seem to be coming out until late 2023 to 2024... I lost interest


One day closer....

God IS good!

Abraham Chacra

I agree how the early access era is hurting the community. A lot of games are cash grabbing without a complete game. It's a shame the consumers are allowing it.

Heath Arthur

AWESOME Nathan, seeing some great stuff this week. Wont be long brother till we are playing that game. Been giving time to BG 3 since seeing your videos on it. Been enjoying that, but really would rather be playing Pantheon LOL

Eric the Watcher

Linux native or GTFO

John Buccheri

To quote the greatest book ever written, "I am the Alpha and the Omega - the beginning and the end". Notice the quote doesn't mention pre-alpha?

Attila TILZ

Great update


It will be interesting to see if alpha has any kind of NDA. Where only certain streamers can showcase Terminus (or parts thereof). Alpha might create a big surge of outgoing information towards a lot of people that do not know about the game yet. With possibly more pledges as a result. Exciting thoughts.


RIP see you guys in 5 years


I've only seen humanoid NPCs in Pantheon so far. Have there been any giant spiders or anything like that yet? I wanna see what some of the non humanoid enemies look.

Sean Kaiserschmidt

just wanted to say something for youtube . and thanks and also i wold sat no cash shop it wold make it stand out and maybe get more $ because of it .

db db

Alphaaa! Alphaaa! Alphaaa! Alphaaa! Chants it's happening!

Abraham Chacra

If they keep waiting, the technology will pass them up. I hope it doesn't take another 3 years to come out.

Abraham Chacra

BTW, thanks for adding God to the community. As the leader of a guild called Pious (sodality) for the last 20 years, I appreciate it. ?


I pledged last week :D I think it was me who pushed them over the edge for alpha!

alpha hyyyyyyyyype! oh man oh man oh man oh man the ype is realllll

gotta start reseraching my rig upgrade :O hopefully cryptos crash and I can get a sweet gfx card lol, also gotta upgrade sometime to a larger monitor OH MAN THE HYPE DUDE

Calapse Sathir

Just like alpha was coming in 18/19/20. But hey, its for sure coming in 2021.

Baron of Grey Matter

What focus group? I didnt hear anything new in this video. No when. Saying alpha in 2021 is ridiculous. What happened to Faerthale?

Rise of pantheon

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Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Crafting & Gathering Introduction

8 764 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Join us for our first

Join us for our first in-depth look at crafting in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Tim Leonard

If you just copied Vanguard crafting I’d be a happy man.

A Man Apart

Legendary Mixing Bowl, yes please lol.

I've actually just got into cooking as a hobby (mid 30s, maybe a bit late to the party to eat good at home). Made me laugh though because I've been doing tons of research for the right kitchen tools.

I recently got a very expensive stock pot and OMG, my exact same sauce recipes are so much better.

Delano Gaston

This game is never coming out. I feel bad for those who have given these crooks money. If they're still working on game mechanics like crafting, then beta is still years away.

Stephen Elder

Waiting for this game,..."Wood" Working Skill 100.

Rabid Fanboy

So all of the footage of this game I've seen up to this point characters constantly have their weapons drawn. To be perfectly honest it looks a little ridiculous - is there going to be an option to sheathe your weapons?

josh h

Yay! They’re using the Vanguard Bard Song system for crafting. My favorite Bard by far. Very individual. Fantastic!!


Vaporware ! and by the time it is released if ever , its gonna be outdated , ppl already dont play MMO's as it is . And the problem is you cant change to much about an MMO apart from what is already out there to make it that much different , to get real traction

Brian Bruns

"leverage a lot of wood" chuckles

Heather Mabus

Thank you kindly and Whoo Hoo!!


Nephele seems to be a great addition for the design team! Really good presentation.

Brian Reck


Ivan Bobich

Will there be crafted item silos? What i mean is that will there big the best possible combination possibility? Or will there be potentially multiple combinations of different items to get to the same result?

Darren Sculuca

err and vanguard.

Brendan Hasemeier

Nephele is great. Super clear communicator and obviously has a lot of passion and great vision for this system. super excited

Eli Schrock

Ben... put the beard back on bud.

Cash Cow

wow as a crowdfunder and this is what i get after 3 yrs? lame a$$ clunky mining not even smooth

doc B

You need to find a way to take crafted materials And finished products out/off the server. Maybe you can turn them in for faction or Quest information etc.
if everyone can make a sword and you want a new player to be able to make something that has value, you have to find a way to make those finished products have a purpose or use.
when you hand a new sword to a city guard, you might get a little faction or maybe just a few coins, maybe with a "better" sword, you get both faction and coin. Maybe if he is Dubious he scoffs and gives you nothing. (it will be random)


great presentation and flow, thx


Getting serious Breath of the Wild vibes with that Provisioning system -- you can combine pretty much whatever you want, and the ingredients contribute stats to the overall final product. Sweet.



Bill Irons

You can't make consumables matter while leveling unless they are required while leveling. In most games with heavy rp elements, they are useful while leveling but they don't matter.

I think one thing you could consider for cooks is making food more powerful for them. It would make it a compelling choice over a crafting profession that gives you powerful gear.


All of this sounds great. Deep down, crafting and selling is my favorite part of MMOs.

austin mckinnis

It's 2:20am.. you know what I'm watching it anyways

the Nathan NAPALM

Great job Nephele and Visionary Realms! Sounds fantastic! Love the social aspect and those crafting quests sound tasty!

Lucy Kemp

Such boomers are developing this game... not a bad thing, but they are slow in their speech, slow in their development, slow all around. Get a move on Pantheon pls.

AR Geyer

Guys, this was an amazing and highly detailed stream and I love it :) You really hit the nail on the whole concept of crafting and how it should feel like you are a tradesman that has worth. Keep going guys, I can tell you are on the road to success!


awesome episode. i love complex crafting and as more complex it is the better it is. it might seem too difficult for some in the first but youll learn quickly and get used to it and then its more fun in the long run that way. i also reaaaaaally hope that while gathering we dont have any pointers to nearby nodes. i dont want them shining or glittering and i dont want little dots on a map or something. (i still hope we dont have a map at all also)
a podcast with disparate worlds would be great!


not a fan of the mining mechanics at all....

feels like you guys regressed and forgot what happened to world of warcraft

you're going to have roaming farms of botted characters running around auto-farming the nodes so they can sell rares for real money online

it's way, way, way better to have stuff like that drop randomly off various mobs (rarely) so that players in dungeon and kill groups win them, and they enter the trading market

Leon Sanborn

Oh shit, didn't even this was today. Was too busy cramming all my college homework in and getting that done I had forgot about today's stream.

Miss Paws

I miss diplomacy so muchhh

Darren Sculuca

what im saying is that everyone in this game is attracted to you and more profited for everyone. its not hard to reward everyone and easy to craft to a point but if you desigh you game just for dungen types you will not fail but you will go down the road once again..been their done this with everquest..love it but left years ago and world of war quest years ago. was very hopeful this is differant? not so much...still watching and hoping?

Cale Schley

A good stream, with exciting explanations/responses. Thanks VR.


This is pretty much my dream scenario for a Cooking tradeskill!


Wow great hire VR! Nephele is very impressive. You earned my moneys

Michael Kight

Look - It's crafting. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Dustin Valenta

Best part of the video is Joppa's reaction to Machail introducing Nephele lmao @ 2:10


The game is taking too long to come out and making me sad. Since I have joined as a VIP we have had a few presidents and a global pandemic.....just leaking potential players.

Matthew Koehn

My step father makes racing saddles for the horse tracks (a few a week and sadly at old world prices) but anyway... my point here is when he got too hurt to ride he would reverse engineer saddles until he figured out how to make light weight saddles (under a pound)... in the game we could possibly "disenchant" the gear we loot to get crafting materials or experience into making crafting recipes, other than JUST reading a cook book.

This would help by getting more items out of the system that might just be sold for coin to a merchant otherwise, And adding some more to the journey in conjuction with the adventure.

This could also help by only allowing cetrain materials and recipes available by progressing through the leveling tiers.


crafting that matters already has my attention, there really should be value to a person that put a ton of time into it.
just making vendor trash is never fun.

Lux Sun

Are they out of pre alpha yet? if not and yall need something to play, Valheim is pretty legit. 20$ on steam. Sandbox Survival like Terraria, Skyrim, and Dark Souls had a baby

steve escher

I cant believe I have never heard of this game. I never see it on upcoming mmorpg lists and i watch a ton. This game is looking like it could be awesome.

Lyles ?

Unsubbed, tired of waiting.

jelmer Oldenhof

Looks great! I love a sturdy crafting system that remains usefull, crafting in World of Warcraft is practically useless nowadays.

Graham Turner

Hail, the future King of mmos!

Mike McGinnis

I liked the counter game in eq2 in the beginning, it was fun to see bots explode in the crafting areas. But late game it was nil so will be interesting to see if you can pull off keeping it interesting. Also thanks for the npc health/buff/spellcasting bars change , hopefully it'll keep everyones eyes off of the bars and onto the content.


wow very informative . I was wondering if there will craft specific gear


I think it would be interesting if instead of stats making you better in a specific crafting profession perhaps it made you better at increasing that particular stat on an item or effects that link to said attribute. This could open up some intriguing options across the board.

Darren Sculuca

ya guys still cant figure out how to help a soloist,you ididots always want to give to the people in a group more which is not fair, that being said the soloist doesn't have the time to play your game, its really easy to help out the person that doesn't have the time to find a group and can only play fore and hour or so but still love your game...right? so for ever 25 kills or so something drops like a green or a blue or yellow or even orang but these are components to build what you want or sell.

Anthony ReFour

Nephele did a great job of answering those questions.


Q: Can items be reforged/improved? For example, if I make a sword with rare items but I only have a basic sword hilt, can I later reforge the sword with an improved hilt without needing to craft the sword entirely from scratch?

Thanks so much for the info. I like the interdependence amongst crafting disciplines. I LOVE the freedom to create items with the ingredients I want as apposed to a scripted outcome. Cheers.

Patrick Erwin

kind of a waste of time to make someone equip a pickaxe. give a slot for it or make it work from the inventory.

Da HydroPonic

ffs i just want to go to sleep until release lmao


I’m going to say this in every Pantheon video until it happens: Please sheathe one handed weapons on the players back. At least make it an option


I hope Pantheon is like a good stew. It takes forever to make but once its done :)
Question for streamers: do You think I will be able to stream Pantheon at high game settings at 720p(stream quality) with 5600x(6 core) and 3060 Ti ?


It's starting to look a lot better, graphically wise. Easier on the eyes

The Angry Voluntaryist

I really hope they have Roenick's corpse as a recipe ingredient.


progress bars are CANCER

you add absolutely nothing to the experience by making people sit and stare at a progress bar

add skill checks to it or something, or just let me click and move on

Kristian Nüsser

customizable crafting that affects stats on items AWESOME!


I wanna see some giant spiders, some skeletons, goblins, I wanna see some trolls, and I wanna see what your bear looks like.

John B

Nathan Napalm, go play World of Warcraft if you're afraid that you might have to work hard and commit time to advance. That's literally the reason people went to WoW from EQ in 2004. I pray this isn't another WoW ezmode MMO that catres to people who don't want to commit time. Every other MMO in existence is like that. I want a game built in the spirit of EverCrack that I devote the 20 years into. Please, VR don't make this WoW lite like EQ is...I been waiting 5 years and donated to this game hoping it's not another ezmode WoW game.


Wait a minute ... you mean I can play Minecraft and Pantheon at the same time?!?!? BEST DAY EVER!!!


I need this game in my body


I'm very relieved to hear this game will contain a robust gathering system. Thank you!

George Blair

A cash shop? Ok, I've changed my mind, this game is DEFINITELY releasing. Not sure how a cash shop fits in BMcQ's "vision", but I am definitely looking forward to 2025.


If you want to squash bots, you guys should have a simple Turing test to interact with gatherables. Maybe something as simple as "Press <random letter> to interact", or some simple mini-game that only a human can perform before you can collect a resource. Just a thought.

Eldon Reynolds

Crafting sounds great so far. Wish we could have more than one profession though, even if the extras are harder to advance.

Eric the Watcher

I'll pledge $1,000 right now if I can get a Linux release. The only game I currently play is classic wow because it works ok with wine. Please please done make me have to mess around with wine to try to get Pantheon to work.


Too bad there is gonna be a cash shop for cosmetic items....Which means you are gonna be out exploring looking for cool loot and gear and one day your happy with the look you got from all the items you found questing and doing dungeons. Then you see a guy run by with a really cool helmet and you send him a message wondering where he got it? He says "check the cash shop bro, only 10 dollars" Suddenly you start wondering why the fuck did I waste all my time exploring and raiding to get cool items if I could just spend 10 dollars to get even cooler items. Cash shops take immersion out of the game. It is only acceptable in EQ TLP because the game is 25 years old and needs newness. The hype for Pantheon is fizzling.

Doc X

It's happening. I'm starting to believe!


I hope the system is not as wrist breaking as Vanguard's was. The gathering system sounds almost exactly like Vanguard's. I hope they don't have the same bugs that those nodes had.

John Doesit

Pantheon launches in 2030, got it.

mojo zowa

If Joppa has any support and continues to stay sane ,this games mechanisms and 'level relations' will be fine.
I have played most of the " big " MMO's and they all fall into the same traps that I think could have easily been avoided if they had a joppa-like human, with his testicles and frontal lobes intact , simply being able to say 'No , that wouldn't work ' .
Economy works if ALL ZONES have relevant and needed items . Period. Details + flavours/cosmetics .
Good luck ,Pantheon Bros. Keep up the good work!


nice introduction VR ! that was a cool and useful vid =)


Love all these crafting details! Patiently waiting for some fishing info :)

Old Dirty

I really cant wait for this game, and hope it lives up to what it promises to be, I cant stand the current state of mmos

galax D

sad but this will never be released


Will the graphic be updated to reflect what current gen graphics look like when the game is finally released?


Thank you for a great video, very informative. Also, I appreciate the thought and consideration being put into all the different aspects of the game. It's nice that you aren't just throwing in features, but developing them.

Honkless Shahor

Are you guys planning to release on Steam with the 1.0 version?

Baron of Grey Matter

When does testing resume? The rest is moot.


Regarding crafting: any plans that crafting attempts may fail? As far as I can see now the idea using different ingredients to generate different output is great - besides that it remains "click and succeed".
What I try to say: i LOVED the way crafting had been in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. It combined farming for ingredients with planning crafting "step" progress, affecting quality of output and even a chance to ... yeah, simply fail if you made mistakes or had bad luck.
Would be great to see something similar in Pantheon as it would be another aspect that makes this game that unique and different than the others.

p dub

Nephele seems like he’s got the right idea, good pick employing that guy. You can tell he’s passionate about working on these systems


Sounds like this is aiming for a better balanced EQ2 crafting system, with the twist of more customization. I mean prob not exactly the same, but with some of the same basic structure. Ignoring the reactive part of EQ2 cuz we haven't heard anything yet about the finished "gaming" part of crafting in Pantheon yet.


Yeah I am going to comment again so soon after my first because I am re-watching it and got me thinking. I usually would want to be able to craft everything and was wondering why I was like that and it occurs to me that I would do that because the professions I did like usually were not the most economic choices when I would play other MMO. So I am excited to see which one I will be gravitating to now that it sounds like they are heading to specialization in a profession and will be making each of them relevant in their own ways.

Blyte Plays

I think there should be an alternative way to unlock schematics, where an experienced crafter, can take on an apprentice, and teach them recipies or schematics that are trivial to the teacher. This would of course require both to be present and take varying time dependent on the skill of both parties, and might even end in failure.

Also, a crafter might have a time bonus to crafting speed, if they have an apprentice help, and both parties might get skill increases for their respective contributions.

Haein 1243

I'm really impressed with what you've shown us here, crafting imo should be a huge part of any mmo. I have to say however that I've never played an RPG that I didn't max out the inventory, maybe I'm just a packrat.

Darood Sandstrom

I would like to see names on weapons and armor we can craft, or being able to name the weapon itself, I liked that extra touch in LoTR. Made me want to continue crafting and selling, you can become known on the server and influence some socialization with people interested in crafting, you made their new weapon, or they liked the name of it, now they want to get other things from you. IIRC, it also said the crafting/experience level the crafter is that created the item.

Bryan R

Sounds like cooking in BOTW, also acclimation and climbing. Not complaining.

Aaron Miller

Every member of the team that’s been on a stream has been so passionate and knowledgeable. Very excited for the end result of all this passion!

Nathan King

Excellent! But how much scotch is in Joppa's mug?


can't wait for the release of this game im playing Everquest progression in preparation of this game

Voltage mike

As Tim down below said. I would be THRILLED if you simply copy and pasted Vanguard's crafting/gathering


I loved everything they talked about here. Super excited!

Thomas K

Gimmie muh hearts blood alloy for AR so I can destroy pesky shadow knights in combat haha


please for the love of god dont put in a cash shop of any kind.. i was hearing yall from another stream and you made it out like you can't survive without it but look at wow..


With all the combinations of components and outcomes... It sounds like you're going to have to hoard components. I'm wondering how they're going to handle storage.


Go go legendary mixing bowl... lol.... Machail says I have one in the kitchen I almost fell off my chair


awfully boring crafting system. jesus ...fire whoever designed this.

Jeffrey Blose

Hmmmm, starting to hear the curse to the game "We want to make things fun and easy"! The selling point on this game was it was to be light the original MMO's where it was difficult to progress and have penalties for stupidity in the form of lost experience, coin, etc. If this turns into another freaking monty hall give away that will be the death of the game!

Felix Balfego

wen you try to make a everquest and finaly make a wow

Rise of pantheon

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Pantheon Rise of The Fallen Voices of Terminus Show #186 The Years End 2020

748 views | 26 Dec. 2020

With 2020 coming to an End

With 2020 coming to an End the VoT Crew geared up with @BazgrimTV @PantheonPlus @the Nathan NAPALM Brimstone Gaming, Evoras, Booch & @Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen to review the Year 2020 and to let the VoT Show go out in style as it comes to an End for the foreseeable future.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen takes place on the high-fantasy world of Terminus, a wildly diverse land formed from fragments of many different realms and times, bringing with them their unique civilizations and deities. Explore long lost realms, as their people and cultures vie for power and form alliances, struggling to gain a foothold in an unfamiliar world. Uncover civilizations and awe-inspiring locales that offer incredible adventures for you and your friends to experience. Enter a world where the environment itself tells the story and where content is always king!

Check out the game here:

Website: http://http://www.pantheonmmo.com/

Become one of Terminus here:

Pledge: http://www.pantheonmmo.com/join/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4MbaiykerIrjKWRA6407tQ

We want to thank you for all the support if you want to get more involved check out the Links down below.

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God is good, and each year brings us one year closer to Pantheon Rise of the Fallen....T.M. infringement, sorry Nathan. A big thank you to all you content creators for the hard work you put into keeping all of us informed on game progress. Brad (rip) may have got me interested in this game, but Joppa has given me the faith that this is a game I will be able to enjoy one day. May 2021 bring good fortunes to all of you.


Thanks all. This was a lot of fun, and I'm honored to have been a part of the last show in VoT's legendary run. We'll take it from here!

Lemon Squeezy

You know your game is in development hell when the Voices of Terminus give up and retire. Well done VR ??

sixof nine

great round table discussion of what happened during the year and where the team is headed to next.

Annoying Llama

I love this

Derek Skinner

Good Stuff

Lemon Squeezy

I've made an exhaustive summary of year-in-review for Pantheon below:

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PA5 shakeout

The end.