Meth price

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IN DEPTH The Price of Meth

35 views | 21 Jun. 2019

Meth price

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The science of Methamphetamine

2 880 642 views | 9 Jun. 2015

Group4 project - Bio 30,

Group4 project - Bio 30, Physics 30 & Chemistry 30

Writters - Margo, Phil, Chris & Brette

Speaker - Phil Rieger

Animators - Chris Bend & Brette Macey-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/join -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.


I watched breaking bad and was just curious to the agents watching

Renee I

I watched this because I didn't want my boys to ever think meth isn't harmful. It is an evil drug! My ex is still an addict and he just turned 62, he almost killed me several times high on that trash.

The General STRIKE

Make sure you really pay attention kids this is some really great repeated PROPAGANDA!
The addictive part is complete bullshit. 75% of those who use Methamphetamine are normal pillars of our communities.
Look up DR. Carl Hart to discover truth in regards to effects of Methamphetamine.
Nevermind the fact that the come down is just typical societal problems. Meth users are typically more alert, and focused then sober folks of tge same ilk.
Let us not even mention that those same 75% are tax paying, working, normal humans that choose Meth over Alcohol. BTW regular consumption of Alcohol in large amounts can kill you more easily then having a meth or heroine overdose. Those same alcoholics may die if they stop drinking without medical supervision. Alcohol is legal, yet it will kill you if you stop drinking. Not even heroin can say that.
Anothee great tip is that the whole opioid epidemic is complete bullshit. Heroin ODs do happen but no more then usual. The case should be better educated to the population that since mixing heroin with mainly Phentenol or other gabba b prescription drug is what kills due to consumption of the 2 compounds. Dr. Carl Hart debunks these myths as he has been studying drugs both elicit and prescripton for nearly 40 years and is head of the Endocrinology Dept at Columbia University.
Lets educate instead of replicate what we know does not work?
Great vid. Bit too much on the addiction part you seem to have no clue in regards to the outcome or statistical scientific data to the contrary.

Mr Duck

2:18 don't mind me...

Larry Koch

I want to know the effects on our body its self.

Abhijit Senapati

Who is here after seeing breaking bad

Michael Tarantino

Yeah...doesn’t sound appealing. The ingredients alone make me wanna puke.



Philip Perry

Look at all these full of shit cunts saying im now sober and never been better, yet your watching and comenting on meth videos!!!!! Shut the fuck up you all want it and are full of shit.

E. T.

Watchlist for what drugs are legal until hunter biden goes to jail for it if he dont I'd hope noone thought anything was illegal oregon is decriminalized so the understanding after watching hunter burning in tv f_ck the fbi there fake investigate what they want to no not american

Sean Garrison

They need to just make it life in prison 2nd offense, in war you don't capture the enemy then slap it's wrist and release it to plague you right away. 1st offense 10 second life.


lmaoo were all on a watch list. i searched "nile red meth" looking for a meme and came here


[Comment deleted by the People’s Republic of China]

Philip Perry

oh and this video is full of shit.

Phillip Kirby

Its awful shit and you probably shouldn't of ended your video with
"The high from meth can last hours longer then other drugs."

Steve Jones

Heisenburg was legendary

Arkaprabha Majumdar

Lmao explain in layman language so we all can get rich


That is why the soldiers before kill a person just like killing a cockroach, because they are high


Coke is way better......?


Definitely for LOSERS! ?

Rock IT man

Im sure this is got like 25% of people writing down notes and a list of ingredients

isah ahsif

Yo 12, yo FBI, DnI's I'm not interested in the making!! Just lost in the pit if YouTube. Dont swat my stoned ass ??????

Scotty Miller

That's crazy

Dee Holland

People dont realize there are about a gazillion ways to cook meth. Not all are very good tho. If you got some basic organic chemestry skills thats all you need. My advice, dont try it. Its not worth it.

Tonio Yendis

We called it Crystal in the 70's. I remember in 1977, i had snorted too much and as i was walking into the Chalet Disco in Oldenburg, Germany when my heart started beating out of my chest and i got real dizzy. I slumped over and knew i was about to die! I prayed and ask God to let me live. He did, and i never touched that crap since!

King X Rease

Fbi i swear im not doing meth and have no intent to ever try it. This video was recommended and caught my attention.

Chris Green

How could anyone want to use this toxic substance. Geez....

Bobo John

Got top quality methamaphine the cartel to be precised a bowl last you up for 2days hit me up if interested in getting some. I got the specail ketamin as well just pm if you need?

Wickr.. pillsmethpack

Tesha Farris gosman

My best friend is addicted trying to know more to help



Chuck P

It makes you feel like listening to Slayer


Yes, Mr. White! Yes Science!

Duane Eikleberry

Dope that is why they call it dope

tony Richardson

Drug dependency depends on the person using the drug its all about your mental health you can live a normal life if you want or you can let the drug make you into someone wls

John Johnson

Just interested in the video. Very good btw

Johnny Sinns

I take dexamphetmine for ADHD

austin kaylor

I don't know why you left out the ingredients I know them all I've b.c. even shooting meth since I was 12 I'm 25 I know how to make every type of math prosperous anhydrous ether Crystal shake and bake


if u play meth 20cc...you cannot understand what you speak

Daddicus UBMemeicus

Ima mirror this video and in a couple months, people will be wondering why the hell they were sold $20k worth of Vic’s

Sherry Lynn

That’s nuts. It’s always better to understand these things in order to help those addicted. Knowing science behind alcoholism helped me immensely thru out my life and prevented me from using cocaine in my youth. To know is to prevent. Thanks for video


watching while smoking meth..

Corz Illa

Wtf whoever created this should be shot

Kelly Hill-Cody

What a bunch of lies.

Avdax7 Sl

Yeah officer this guy right here

Avdax7 Sl

Yeah officer this guy right here

Dr Beast

I just wanna clear to everyone that I'm just curious about this ?

Michael Pitzer

I wanted a documentary now there gonna think I’m whipping up meth in a tent in the woods?

Darrell Terry

This drug makes men into monsters and ruins lives ,sadly this drug runs wild in the United States.


It would probably be better to provide more accurate information when talking about any illegal substance/narcotic. Fear mongering, such as meth mouth, has been played out for a long time.

Shane Roberts

You see demons when you do meth!!!

Wendy Johnson

So sad this exists I lost everything cause my EX was using it, and he hid it very well

Just person

i want make meth

Jebat Derhaka

Give me the full recepe

Shaun Goss

methheads get sidecracked doing way too many cracktivities at once.

The Piping Viking

Dummy dust...

The General STRIKE

Oh yeah and do not forget ADEROL IS AMPHETAMINE. So act all fucked up and wild get yer scrips and sell them just like the Pharmacuetical Corporations...they don't care why should you?

Kevin Christensen

Braking Bad Huh


Man I just like breaking bad


If you want to lose your soul, friends, family and anything you care about in this short life we have, by all means, this is the drug that 100% will do it. This is not a let’s do it once it will be fun kind of drug. The worst part of breaking bad movie barely scratched the surface of how ruthless this drug is on your life...

Talon Sazlie

Nyabu best!!!!

Megan Ryan

i’m curious because nilered makes anything but meth so i’m just curious ??

Kevin Christensen

It's funny ?

Black Kat

Once I thought about quitting, but I ain’t listening to a fukin drug addict!

Meghan Yellow

Nice video

Ayeyafukinayeassa George

Sook me fookin bowles.

Ramesh Chandrakala

Ya.. This video.. And this entire comment section.

Seidi Latifllari

0:35 Where did you get your education my friend, Germany's flag has different colors?!

jeremy chandler

I’m good with a cup of coffee. That’s strong enough for me?


How does the legal use of methadone compair to meth as for the effects on the body and dopamine recovery?


i just like breaking bad, i wont actually make meth


It effects people differently, I had fun with it for awhile but I seen it screw up my very best friends who lost EVERYTHING! Made it easy to put down 20+ years ago but I really do miss my friends. Did make for some real good hook ups though with the bad girls... thank God I never caught anything. Thank God it was easy to put down. Still not fair how you can do it and turn in a clean UA after 3 days but if you smoke a non toxic cannabis joint it stays with you for 30 days and cannabis will always be more fun than meth. !

Travis Wells

There's nothing worse then a bunch of tweaker meth head nazi soldiers.. O.o

Trevor LeVasseur

Breaking Bad brought me here


It is Nagai Nagayoshi, NA-GA-YO-SHI not NU-GAY-OHSHIT


Accurate enough. But I hate the way that guy started off saying ephedrine. So irritating I almost skipped. Luckily somebody must have told him.


I would probably get meth to commit suicide...blow out the old ticker after a 10 day high/OD. Fuck it. Beats a bullet.

Andy Home

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Mary Foster

That s the worst bro teeth loss


I’m not interested in making it just like the show

Renegade Rebel

This comment section is full of Meth heads................

Rick Vaughn Diaz

A Policeman speaker told us that Meths has cat poo in it

Andy Home

Crystal Meth
A pvp
4 MMC (Mcat/ meow)
25i nbome
U 47700
Amphetamine speed paste
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Telegram @joeboss23
Wickr @bestcargo75

D.A. Risse

So glad my addictions are BBQ and ice cream !

coulson todd

That is actually incorrect the allies used amphetamines while the axis used methamphetamine the reason for this being the allied forces realized the advantage of being able to sleep at least once every two days while the Germans would go days without sleep which proved to be problematic in the long run

Ricki McNaughton

I have to say,I have beena heavy meth user for just short of 20yrsand before that a speed user and in my experience meth being addictive is a mefia myth.It's bullshit.I have never really hung out for it.Unlike heroin,which I have also had vast experience with,now that is an addictive drug.

Brian Lewis

Every time I have ever done Meth the next day my whole body feels horrible. I smoke to many cigarettes, don’t eat or sleep, every muscle is tight as a damn drum. I also have a really bad tendency bite the inside of my mouth while I’m on it. That and run my toung over my teeth constantly. That bit right there leads to canker sores that usually last for a few days even after the whole coming down process has fully subsided. I am not a regular meth user by an means. But the one thing that sets me apart from the typical every now and then user is that I inject the drug. The people who introduced it to me did it that way, and I had dabbled with heroine years prior to having had tried Crystal. I suppose that if I were to either smoke or sniff the drug I might experience less of the symptoms that leave my whole body feeling like I’ve put it through some sort of race and I need to recuperate the whole next day. Bottom line is that Crystal methamphetamine is a dirty drug that can and will ruin your life. It doesn’t solve any problems and it has no wisdom to offer. It doesn’t offer up any road that isn’t going to lead you right back to where you had already started from. And even then you’re lucky to get that far. I count myself as fortunate that I am able to say no to Crystal with no issue. Simple fact is that the day after is usually so unpleasant for me that It has turned me off from the experience. Especially if I had to work the next day. Man I have made that mistake before and damn was it a bad way to spend 8 hours. I feel like a hypocrite but I will always try and steer people away from doing Crystal. To the people who have never used and ask me about it. I tell them that sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. And it’s better to not accidentally wage a potential war with ones self because of a moment of boredom, Curiosity or peer pressure.

Thirsty for knowledge

Very nice detailed documentary.

Barry! giddey

Glad I never used meth!


I dont want to make it im just curious, Please dont put me on a watch list nice mr FBI agent. You’re my best friend

Christian Geddes

Hey Guy I don’t wanna know how the sausage is made yalnowinsayin

Chris Leach

Hay bro how about a new video.


I swear when I get older and my kids dump me in a nursing home, Imma try this. Not much to lose then

Abhishek Abi



After doing methamphetamine more than half my life, I can't say I regret it and occasionally miss it. The best part though is when I can laugh and joke about it so that it reminds me to never touch it again because the next time I would never make it out alive.

Afreedi Chagla

contact forr meth 8104716124

Saul Gonzalez

Just being curious George

S Slang

Probably the best high ever

Syed Tamjid

Hey FBI agents, I am not interested in making it, just curious

serhat sargın

Selamın aleyküm olduk narko


It's that

Meth price

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Possession for Sale of Methamphetamine (Health & Safety Code 11378 HS)

11 547 views | 27 Mar. 2018

Possession for sale of

Possession for sale of methamphetamine is a felony in California that carries penalties of up to 3 years in state prison. Moreover, someone convicted does not qualify for drug diversion or deferred entry of judgment under Penal Code 1000.

That said, many innocent people get wrongly accused of possessing meth for sale. Many time the person had the methamphetamine for personal use, still a crime but a much less serious one.

In this video, a California criminal defense attorney explains the law in Health & Safety Code 11378 HS, the penalties, and how to fight to charges.

More info at https://www.shouselaw.com/hs-11378

Joseph Polverini

I don't know maybe to me laws have changed before if you had a felony a cop could you search you and everybody with you in the vehicle just cuz you had a felony I need to catch you the smallest bit of drugs you were going to prison I guess now you do whatever you want

Deandre Fuentes

Get white people off because they're innocent good white people ! GTFOH law firm !


@2:04 LOL. Now I know where to buy my meth...

jj hudson

$uch a strong good drug takesmemories to avoid doing anything b positive an The high is great. #jkjizzle. Haha Savannah ? ;