Is bloomberg a reliable source

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Renewable Energy 101 | National Geographic

1 060 405 views | 21 Sep. 2017

There are many benefits

There are many benefits to using renewable energy resources, but what is it exactly? From solar to wind, find out more about alternative energy, the fastest-growing source of energy in the world—and how we can use it to combat climate change.

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About National Geographic:

National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

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Select footage courtesy NASA


Read more in "Renewable energy, explained"


Renewable Energy 101 | National Geographic


National Geographic


Parasme Yadav

who all is in harborne academy?

L pxrky

who else is here from school?

Donal Fitzsimons

My teacher sent me ...


POV: your here because it’s a assignment


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Vanshika Natekar

Nice video thx national geographic

Fuzzy Tuber


Jackson Lisle

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Paul T. Perez

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Michelle O'Brien


5RW 1819

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Troy Hayder

Renewable energy power plant...

A skyscraper constructed out of semi transparent insulating and refractive photovoltaic panels... There's a swimming pool at the bottom of the structure... There's a thermal intake at the bottom of the structure to draw heat upwards from the earth... The swimming pool is heavily insulated... The hot air and steam rises... Turning fans generating electricity while it does... Meanwhile you are also generating electricity from the photovoltaic panels... When the steam reaches the top of the skyscraper it contacts an internal conical roof made from a material that remains cool... The water forms droplets and runs off into a funnel... You generate electricity on the way back down from gravity...

You are generating energy from solar and thermal and gravity....

Loofy Elby

In my opinion we should use nuclear energy/power than renewable energy.

sophie brown

anyone here from rushcliffe notts?

An Minh Châu

Hello mr Steve




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Maxine Luong

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me: who doesnt even press the link but then teacher emails parents so is then forced to go back to the video and directly scrolls down into the comments making the descicion to comment

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aimee langmead

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How about we use GRAVITY in a different way for energy!!!!! We can use mountain sides with rail track that goes top to bottom. Have water pipes at top. Fill train cart with as much water as possible. Utilize a hard slope to assist in cart acceleration down a tall mountain. The brakes can generate emissions-free electricity while pulling up another cart from the bottom to the top (but empty) I mean if windmills can be a thing then so can using gravity as a source of energy. Hopefully this should free us to repurpose trash into bricks that we can use to house the homeless using gravity generated energy.

These options may be sub-optimal to the educated engineer, i understand that i just want to point out that we HAVE OPTIONS!!!! all we need is real unity!

Setya Rahman

My name is Setya Faturahman from SMK Bakti Nusa. I think renewable energy is an alternative to traditional energy that relies on fossil fuels, and tends to be less harmful to the environment. With this, the environmental damage caused by relying on fossil fuels can be reduced.

Abeel Plays

who was sent by there teachers here

caitlinrose xo

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Ella Williams


Rachael Bennett

I was sent here for school too.

The G

I was definitely not on this because my online school sent me a link to do this (*gulp*), definitely.......and I guess I like studying.

Daniil Krivulin

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Diego Megi

I'm here cause Ihave an interview with a renewable energy company, so i wanna know everything. lmfao.

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Pov: your teacher put the link in the chat and now you have to watch the video

Raditya Galang Saladin Pratamaputra Siswa

came because my teacher gave me a renewable energy kid video and I was like "nope I'm changing it"

Kimley McIntosh



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Did anyone actually watch this not for online class -?

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Mom's Spaghetti 666

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Wyatt Ratliff

Everybody's saying "Who's here because of their teacher?" instead of a normal comment.


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99.9 percent of people are here because of their school assignment

Amelia-May Howarth

Everyone: ''iM hErE FrOm sChOoL, SaMe fOr EvErYoNe hErE i BeT''
Me: Scrolling thru comments and not watching the video..

Also.. is it just me who cant hear it even though my laptops on full volume.. I can only just hear it

xXSunflxower Xx

Hello if ur reading this u could b my classmate...

H.S .Y

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Is bloomberg a reliable source

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Sensex 50 हजार, Nifty 15 हजार ! कहां ले जाएगी बाजार की ये रफ्तार? | Awaaz Adda

19 372 views | 5 Feb. 2021

आज हम चर्चा कर

आज हम चर्चा कर रहे है Share बाजार पर, कहा जाता है देश का शेयर बाजार उसकी इकॉनमी को दर्शाता है. हाल ही में Sensex ने नया रिकॉर्ड पार किया था जो था 50,000 का स्तर वहीँ Nifty ने आज 15000 का all-time-high छुआ, इसी तेज़ी की वजह पर आज दिग्गजों से करेंगे चर्चा और साथ में यह भी जानेंगे की आपके लिए कहाँ निवेश करना ज़रूरी है और कैसे मिलेगा उस निवेश से फायदा

#ShareMarketLive #BusinessNews #CNBCAwaazLive

CNBC Awaaz is India’s number one business channel and an undisputed leader in business news and information for the last ten years. Our channel aims to educate, inform and inspire consumers to go beyond limitations, with practical tips on personal finance, investing, technology, consumer goods and capital markets. Policymakers and business owners alike have grown to trust CNBC Awaaz as the most reliable source with its eye on India’s business climate. Our programming gives consumers a platform to make decisions with confidence.

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Harsh Nikumbh

Sir wat about mahendra epc call from you and all other expert in last 3 to 8 months in July 10 tgt given 225...250 but in last 8 months tgt is in minus all call failed then can we hold or average please reply sir


Indian bank 130.5 ..300 sharw...please guide


What a joke market see 16 to 18 months forward then why market did not fall 6 months before corona


Our share of foreign trade has been going down since 2013 source UNCTAD.


Nifty 15000 ke uper close nahi hua he
Reverse Ho sakta he 15030 se

Kapil Kumar

CNBC pariwar ka bhagwan hamesha bhala karega

Little Boy

Kuch bhi hooo.....Sabko dekhne do gira toh purchase karo and utha toh sell karo


Only you and fii buy and both sell and print money for stock market what a devlopment is going on

Is bloomberg a reliable source

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Is Twitter a Reliable Source for News? - Andrew Sullivan

1 591 views | 19 Aug. 2009

Complete video at:

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2009/07/01/Tweeting_The_Revolution

Jeffrey Goldberg and Andrew Sullivan discuss the reliability of Twitter postings as a source for news of events in Iran. Sullivan takes them as true, first-person accounts on the ground while Goldberg defends the necessity of a reporter to investigate and gather more background information.


Atlantic writers Andrew Sullivan, James Fallows, and Jeffrey Goldberg discuss the ways new social networking technology, like Twitter, enabled massive and fast organization of protests in Iran following the results of the recent election. Mark Whitaker moderates the discussion. - Aspen Ideas Festival

Jeffrey Goldberg is an author and a staff writer for The Atlantic Monthly, having previously worked for The New Yorker. Goldberg has written extensively on foreign affairs, with a focus on the Middle East and Africa. Previously, he was a writer for the New York Times Magazine, covering the Middle East and Africa. He began his career as a police reporter for the Washington Post.

Andrew Michael Sullivan (born August 10, 1963) is a British blogger, author, and political commentator. Born and raised in England, he has lived in the United States since 1984 and currently resides in Washington, D.C. and Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Sullivan is known for his distinctive personal-political identity. He is gay, a Roman Catholic, and a non-U.S. citizen who focuses on American political life.

Sullivan is sometimes considered a pioneer in political weblog journalism, since he was one of the first prominent political journalists in the United States to start his own personal blog. Sullivan wrote his blog for a year at Time Magazine, shifting on 1 February 2007 to The Atlantic, where it received approximately 40 million page views in the first year. He is the former editor of The New Republic and the author of five books.

Jon Lemon

Twitter is about as reliable as any of the major news stations so I don't see what the big deal is. Professional journalism is rare indeed.


Problem is how much power the internet has to fake news. I don't think I need to explain, since anyone who's heard of rumors of death and "number of child molestations" has probably heard of how the news picks up fake stories.

Jon Lemon

I completely agree, my point however is that most news stations are either too timid to tell the news how it is, especially concerning politics, or they are flat out dishonest and spin the facts in favor of what ever political views they might have. News stations should in my opinion stick to the original neutral journalism without expressing any political or even religious affiliations, not like it is today in many cases.