Theta token review

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▶️ The Theta Network EXPOSED! | EP#304

3 419 views | 27 Apr. 2020

I recently shared why I

I recently shared why I don’t recommend the Theta network or using their platforms. Many Theta enthusiasts were understandably upset. I wanted to make sure I corrected a few things, but if you can’t withdraw your tokens as a regular user I would stay away.


GFuel doesn't have a token, but any platform associating with this I still find it to be shameful. The only tokens are TFuel and Theta token. Everything else stands though, their platforms suck and you will lose your money. Theta is only good for the miners and holders outside the platforms. Apparently, affiliate and partner streamers can also withdraw funds, but I don’t think your access to your crypto should be based upon your relationship with a platform. Some people also made it seem like I didn’t understand the difference between Theta and Theta.TV. I fully recognize Theta network could be a great network and a great blockchain, but their platforms are sketchy and deceptive. They are associated and their reputations obviously affect each other. It’s much different from Steem where platforms are completely independent.

Call the Theta network what you want, but I’m going to show you why I don’t recommend using their platforms, anything that is associated with them, or investing in their cryptocurrencies.

This may put a target on my back given the power and influence of the companies involved, but I feel it is important to outline everything. If anyone thinks I’ve mischaracterized Theta or made a mistake somewhere, feel free to correct it in the comments as I will read every one.

This page has a lot of the explanations you need so while they are straight forward, I don’t know how obvious it is to everyone what they actually imply: https://community.theta.tv/tfuel-on-sliver-faq/?utm_campaign=tfuel

Given the length of my evidence and information, you'll have to read the rest on Publish0x: https://www.publish0x.com/at-scottcbusiness/why-i-don-t-recommend-the-theta-network-xygqro

Let me know what you think of all of this. Have you bought Theta or TFuel? Have you used the Theta network? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Klova5 Music

Not sure if you have updated this video yet... but all of your information seems to be very wrong. I've heard they had bugs back in the day... but they have worked through them. You can withdraw funds from your theta account. Its just done through 3rd party coin exchanges.

CJ Boucher

I'm just a pup so whatever but bought some theta 'n' tfuel to see how it might perform etc being backed by some well known successful people etc. I did'nt even know theta.tv even existed! Anyhow, your advice sealed it for me, it's just simple logic really, that said I'm gonna keep it for a while just to see.
Thanks heaps.

DeFi Club

what I dont get is the very low theta tv views.

Sofmega Sahit

Well we all know you are wrong and kicking yourself now with partnerships major ones up ahead

banana hammock

5:50 was me, i thought it was like vechain where even if you dont have fuel you can still transfer at the cost of vechain, i went heavy into theta like an idiot and now my funds are locked because i have no fuel and binance froze withdraw and deposit for tfuel, lesson learned, i hate theta so much, worst model ever and agree with every thing about this video , not because i screwed up and didnt do my research like i should have and i accept that, but i think their model is garbage and i also watched streams hoping i could withdraw and as you mentioned i couldnt, so i wasted my time watching streams i dont give a fuck about for nothing ....just waiting to be able to get fuel...vechain is way better

John Arms

you just don't understand, you are concentrating on the fact that normal users cannot withdraw tfuel if they send some tfuel to their tfuel address on the platform, the vast majority of people will never send tfuel to their wallet on the paltform, they will just view the streams and earn tfuel, then they will donate to streamers or use in the shop, BUT if you use the edge node to earn tfuel, you can do whatever you want with that tfuel, You have full access and control of your tfuel!

Chris Wee

Just saw this lol i am a streamer on theta... if you are not an affiliate you would not make enough tfuel anyway to make it lucrative to withdraw... so ye... your "review" is not really based on any experience

John Arms

the only thing sketchy in this video is you, you lie about saying they wont give you your theta back, you have no credibility, your a liar! spreading false info, about a project that will bring Hugh benefits to streamers and viewers, its going through beta/testnet phase, it's a work in progress, but you decide to pick and exaggerate on one issue that will not happen because people will only deposit tfuel to their account if they are going to spend it there, use the edge cacher, you can do whatever you want with your tfuel earned there!

Lano Mac

Fresh view here letting future viewers know do not waste your time listening to this video.

Lee Fall

You can earn tfuel with a theta node. get paid out to your wallet each month. You can't withdraw on theta tv but you can buy stuff in the store, sub to channels and donate/support people you like to watch. The model is awesome you seem to have not done enough research.

Artie R

When everything works perfectly the token will be a higher price. The real mission is to get others to adopt the protocol. Screw theta.tv in the long run. Of course withdrawals would be enabled when this is ready for mainstream use.

Sharno Tam


Chadwick Eisman

Thanks.. i was all hype to find this, then after making a account as soon as i did i regretted it, such a bad platform, worst then dlive which is bad

D Santi

The cofounder of Youtube is on the Theta team. I'm sold

Dave Banner

You completely misunderstand what Theta network is, at least do proper research before you review videos. Users can fully control their coins in their own wallet via private key/ ledger wallet if they chose to. Theta.tv is the streaming website that controls users keys for a much easier experience for non crypto users. By simply watching the stream users give excess bandwidth by sharing the stream in exchange for coins(tfuel), no deposit is needed. Of course you didn't research the fact that you can use the Theta edge node to share bandwidth and get coins in your own private wallet without even watching streams, an advanced option for regular crypto users. To onboard non-crypto users that cannot manage complicated private keys, wrong address sends, etc., Theta.tv controls users keys to allow for an easy user experience. The site will allow withdrawal of coins(tfuel) for anyone in the future when it is completely user friendly to do so. Imagine a streamer from the site sending $500 worth coins to a wrong address, then what? You have to remember that crypto is completely new to almost everyone, so providing an easy experience to onboard new users is the best solution for adoption.


This guy is spitting out nonsense. And it's just not me just saying this. Check out the rest of the comments. This guy has no idea what he's talking about.

Vader SS

If you run a edge cache you can take your tokens out for sharing your bandwidth.. THETA.tv is different.. it uses a separate wallet.. you have no clue.. I also run a guardian node and also earn Tfuel.. which is part of the cache wallet.. which you can withdraw... you have no clue.

Australian Guy - 2000 Sydney

THETA has done about 10x since this video was released5 months ago.

To clarify you can sell TFUEL and THETA.

Do not listen to this guy.

THETA is going up very nice he is 100% wrong....

Zorro Pai

Yes, you should be able to get your coins. 'First I thought that they want to keep the coins at sliver.tv to have them for donations but now as time passed they really should allow people to withdraw the coins.


You missed the train :D


I got over a million free TFUEL airdropped to me, so I recommend it. I'll sell at $1! Haha!


Theta.tv isn't the point. It is just the public testnet if you will....Theta is building out an Ethereum-scale network. It is really about their patented bandwidth-sharing blockchain which will be implemented by a large streaming platform such as Netflix, Youtube, etc.....

John Neat

Imagine having more thumbs down instead of thumbs up, u do know that people wanna watch peeps play games it's not all about the money or tfuel it's about being a great community

Tom GPlusSurvivor

No withdrawI? Sounds like a trap to me. might buy and trade the token, until it crashes because of it's broken monetization model.

Anil Rai

I downloaded the wallet in my mobile phone and created my account and when I tried to open my wallet from my laptop it is asking for keystrokes files. I don’t have keystroke files saved in laptop and I don’t know where it’s saved in mobile but I have written the keystroke in paper. Help please.


Affiliate and Partners are the content creators and the CDN's (i.e. Netflix). The TFuel is not meant to be spent off platform, it is used to promote good content and make virtual purchases. (i.e. spend a 1000 TFuel to watch a live concert or sports event ad free). The producer of the show and the Central Distribution Network, will receive the TFuel and either distribute them back to the viewers, or cash them out to pay real world infrastructure costs. This allows direct costs to be covered by the viewers and does not require the sourcing of advertising dollars to support their platform.

Roberto Sullivano

A Canadian ...
... who wears his hat like
a low-class Miami Hispanic
14-year old gang member?

JP Reloaded

If you watched this video and follow his advice on 27 April... you also lost the opportunity of the 500% profit. Well done!

SP Gaming

You are changing some things which is appreciated, but your basing things, and stating that people are putting money into it is whats really "insane". You can choose to use the PreGuardian Node, which are fully controllable. You say its what you review everyday, but you failed to actually dig into things. Again no offense, but without full research, it DOES matter, thats like cherry picking info, to suit your needs. For example a little digging and you would find https://community.theta.tv/stream/ . At no time are you putting money into the platform except CC donos to streamers. Your analogy of a giftcard is also flawed, you can buy things from the store not nothing. Also we see consoles, camera's shakers, and much more https://www.theta.tv/store/featured_products

Steven Lattimer

Glad I bought it


Theta will outdo Twitch and many Netflix like streaming services with this technology. This is revolutionary


dont avoid dlive, things take time to develop, make better and iron out kinks. Now days everyone is looking for a perfect product. support the non scam ones, help them get better and build crypto in general

John Ingram

Hey Goofball, I am a theta Guardian node (staked by Theta Tokens) and I am an Edge Node (its free, don't need any Theta to run it), you ARE able to send your TFuel off the site at the end of each month. Eventually it's going to be changed to anytime not just at the end of the months. Here's a direct quote from their tech support who I emailed "Hi John, The Edge Node is currently in beta and pays out TFUEL at the beginning of each month.. In the production version you will have access in real time."
Dude please.

Sui Generis

For all you people who have decided to risk your life choosing a career as a Game Streamer .... This "p!atform" is not supposed to make you the next Dr Disrespect. Stay on twitch, don't come into the deep end of the pool when you're a weak swimmer. You're too dumb to understand.

Richy Anderson

terrible "advice", hoping no one followed this :)


Whats dumb is i exchange theta on coinswitch. Made a theta wallet on their site. Transferred theta to the wallet. Great. Now if you want to withdraw, or switch to a different wallet like trust, you need tfuel to complete the exchange. Cant use tfuel on theta.tv. so where the hell can you get tfuel then? Im a new user . Mostly everyother coins you can withdraw whenever you want. I am limited now. Any suggestions? Anyone wan to send me tfuel? Lol

Ricardo Alvarez

Hi, this video is base on 0 research an understanding about theta , I m a Guardian Node and I was a Preguardian node and so far I have been able to use the theta wallet on my phone as well as any other wallet, I get pay every time we finish some amount of blocks and using the edge cacher and edge player is the same, I have always get my TFUEL on time. Please base your comments in real experience not in your ideas base on air.


I agree with the fact that normal users not being able to withdraw tokens from theta.tv is bad, but let's just look at it long-term, long-term they might implement an option to withdraw Tfuel for normal users. This early it would only be bad for the price and would not incentivize streamers to stay since most Tfuel would be dumped instead of given to streamers.
I'm thinking of running a node, only need them to release nodes for Linux, nodes provide bandwidth for the whole network that uses Theta. Not sure if I would buy Theta though... maybe a small bag.

Still need to do more research to have a well-funded opinion about theta.

Scott Cunningham

Let me know what you think of all of this. Have you bought Theta or TFuel? Have you used the Theta network? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

Jason J

Your still basing your opinion on flawed here say. Everything is being built out and is on testnet. Once live you will be able to withdraw. How do you make a video while not knowing any facts. Pathetic man


Theta is still in its early stages. It will become an integral part of ALL CDNs eventually. Bandwidth shortage is a critical element in distribution of video and data. Theta rectifies this by decentralizing distribution and paying participants for doing it. The higher TFuel goes, the more you will make. Do you think that things just magically appear? It will take time. I have total access to my TFuel, Scott. You are lying. I can sell them or exchange them at my option. The TFuel is deposited monthly in my TFuel wallet. You are lying or mistaken. Are you running a Theta edge node or have you staked 10,000 Theta yet? Then how would you know? The platform is NOT sketchy, Scott! It is the real deal. It will take time to develop the video platforms but just one large CDN like Netflix or YouTube using Theta network will catapult its price.

Sui Generis

The reason you got that reaction, is because you don't seem to be aware of the entire point of Theta network technology. When you have a bunch of butthurt people screaming at you you're wrong, however annoying, you may want to consider they all might be trying to tell you something. You are missing the point, but your criticism is probably fair, but you may want to get a better grasp of the BIGGER profit potential. The gaming thing is just a tiny little portion and it's also brand new...You should put all the money you own into Theta coin, not tfuel. You'll figure it out one day bub. The people who run theata have probably the best reputations in the tech industry. I'm not criticizing you, your point over controlling your funds is probably an fair observation...but the point is to participate in the growth of the the network, and PROFIT LATER, not now. It's not about competing with Twitch or Youtube. Major Theta network contributors ARE Twitch & Youtube executives. Understand? You probably don't you read your comments, you'd probably be informed better if you did.

Neil Emerson Pepito

I'm sorry but I do NOT agree with you. Your Main headline is very misleading. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the "NETWORK" what you are "exposing" is DLIVE and that is ALL.
Theta Network is amazing. Super fast, very reliable and you can ALWAYS access your funds. DLIVE is a aspect of Theat but in no way it represents the entire network. I saw your videos before so I know you are NOT that narrow minded. I mean just have a look at the Likes vs disLikes it pretty much says it all. Please you are an embarrassment to all Canadians world wide... please STOP

Vader SS

This guy has no clue.. theta is next bitcoin..

Crypto Lab

I just want to point out ...He's incorrect, streamers do withdraw from THETA.tv. Its users withdrawing that has not been implemented. This was pointed out to him several times on Twitter but he refused to change his video

Woke News

you do not understand the theta network is different from tfuel on theta.tv...it's amazing how wrong you are. who is paying you to say this?

Crypto Dwayne

Just keep buying Yams and Shushi and any other food coin ?

bhavin patel

You clearly have no idea abt theta which will be top 5 $100 billion market cap coming!! Us patent approved!! This is the most legit coin

William Latta

You just need to correct that the team has to navigate the regulations, KYC and the such. They will need to report customer earnings for taxes, etc. Yes, do not deposit Tfuel into the social platforms. Take what you earn and subscribe to a monthly premium subscription for free.

Streamers are getting paid in dollars. They are not allowed to withdrawal tokens due to regulations.

Research, research, research.


You can sell or exchange TFuel, Scott. Don't need to buy only merchandise. I am running a Theta edge node and my earnings are deposited monthly in my TFuel wallet. Theta is going to displace not only Bitcoin but Ethereum too once smart contracts are on-boarded in Q4. Theta is the future of the internet.....it is revolutionary. You just can't see it. Why did Samsung and soon Sony joining Theta? So, hypothetically let us say that TFuel goes to $1. You have staked 10,000 Theta and are running an Theta edge node. When Theta network really gets going you might get 100 or more TFuel per month. That is $100/month.


I can send Theta from my wallet to Binance. I then can trade for a stablecoin, or BTC. How then do you maintain your position I can not control my tokens.

Keeth R

I'm fairly new to Crypto, but watching your video made me realize I should do qualitative research on the company (just like stocks); For now I'm sticking with Bitcoin & Ethereum. I appreciate your advice. Liked & Subscribed.

Crypto Magnet

Thanks for the very imformative video.

THETA MoonedMe

Once again.....all time highs today ??

A Chain of Blocks

Just a Thank You and a Like from me!
Nice work!!


Not sure why I am hashtagging #number1ham
But you stick to your guns. All those dislikes comes from some very bias people and no investment should ever be done with emotions. For me, this project sounds like a big red flag.



Michael Boykin


Biff Bifford

I’m very bullish on THETA because I can see the forest through the trees. I see some big news coming that will 10x THETA.

Jose Passarinho

Well stated bro. Thanks for update and upload.????
Looks like CBDC is just around the corner with all these digital fart orwelian currency tests.
China included with its soon to be virtual currency (not QR codes)...indeed...Chinas idiotic CCP digital orwellian society is the blue print quite a few countries have been trying to emulate. USA included...one world currency "to rule them all" indeed?
Bitcoin (fartcoin 101) included...(irrelevent of what it may....er...seem)
Extremely curious this world of digital farts. I dare say....damn do i HOPE a Solar EMP can hit this planet!!! ??? Much needed!!!! Damn!!! Talk about Capital C corruption! ??????
Type -3 civilization indeed! ?

Frederik Goebharter

Have you looked at Guardian and Edge Nodes? I can share my excess bandwith and generate Tfuel which can bei transferred to my regular Theta wallet and not the wallet in theta.tv.


I saw that too on theta.tv - thats why there is an edge node. im making tfuel deposited monthly now for free. Dont care about not being able to withdraw for theta.tv.


you visited wrong bitmovio URL, but they are closed now afaik anyways.

Dreaded D

you do realize that theta.tv is like a proof of concept for large video streaming companies? do you know why you cannot withdraw on theta.tv? That would mean each user would have to submit KYC info for anti money laundering. The purpose of this site is to show larger companies how utlizing the theta network can increase user engagement. for example: if netflix(just an example) uses the theta network on the backend and offloads bandwidth by offering "netflix coin" on top of theta to offset the cost of your monthly subscription. It means:

1. netflix wins: because their CDN bill is cut by more than half.
2. content creators can be rewarded by selling their SHOW merch for netflix coin on site.
3. viewers gain a benefit for doing what they already do when they consume content.

All this keeps the money in the Netflix ecosystem which is the entire point your missing. Theta network hits all three parts of user engagement in a business to user interaction. hope this helps. the point of this network is to increase user engagement and cut costs for existing video providers.

Greg Smith


Ron Gardner

Don't quit your day job bozo


im holding theta and all i have to do is send it to an exchange and sell, am i wrong?

Jason Foster

Just the fact that Bix Weird was pumping Theta is enough to steer me away from it. He's been suffering with the Q fever and is so delirious that I can't stand to hear his voice or hear about his stupid chaga coffee. Not to mention the intro song that is absolutely fingernails on a chalkboard. Great video. I'm off to troll Bix's channel XD

Iran Clash

yes not controlling your money is game breaker, hope it get changed

Greg Smith

Theta $1.50 up over 100% this month

William Latta

Scott still complaining to everyone about Theta.tv not filing to become an exchange and get the proper licenses to withdrawal your TFuel. Thinks because others break the law, legitimate projects should too. Get with the program Scott.

Papa Bull

This aged like milk ... hahahahahha
I guess it's funny for you to look back and to see how stupid this video is.


If anyone is interested in actually learning what the network really is, i wrote an article on how you can earn TFUEL for FREE running a node. YES, you can withdraw ALL you tfuel to your own wallet and it literally takes 5 minutes to set a node up : https://www.publish0x.com/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-crypto/tfuel-could-be-the-next-lottery-ticket-and-it-can-be-mined-w-xvnvrl


How do you like Theta now?


if anyone actually wants to learn about THETA token DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and don't take this dudes word for it. Guy from coinbureau put in some actual work to learn about the project : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf-Op-1peZI&t=124s
oh yea scott, no one was trying to "strawman" you. The whole point is that you put up an irresponsible video of which you literally did ZERO research on which was evidenced by the fact that you had no idea how many tokens the network actually has. Also what else could you do with your excess bandwidth ? you act like they are stealing it or something, lol. If you don't use it it goes nowhere. personally i don't give a shit if you don't like the project, but the fact that you said some dumb ass, misleading, and slanderous stuff with doing no research can affect other people as well. just something to think about.

Tsun 2 Be Cultur'd

earn tfuel to trade and get other coins?

THETA MoonedMe

Samsung is officially a Validator ??

THETA MoonedMe

Another all time high ?? ? just HODL, will be approaching 75% staked soon

Theta token review

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Theta Project: Full Review

3 710 views | 7 Jun. 2020

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#dividend #income, #stocks




Legal Disclosure: I’m not a financial advisor.

The information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes only.

Before investing, please consult a licensed professional.

Any stock purchases I show on video should not be considered “investment recommendations”.

I shall not be held liable for any losses you may incur for investing and trading in the stock market in attempt to mirror what I do. Unless investments are FDIC insured, they may decline in value and/or disappear entirely

James D

Too late - get READY for DREP. Nice to see you on our telegram Crypto bud


ShillBud or CryptoBud ??

Willem Testa

The price of Theta is consolidating indeed.... Theta (and theta fuel) will become the new youtube of virtual reality streaming and gaming.We have seen the horsepower behind the pump last week. The next big pump could start every moment now....:-) And yes this time it will easily exceed the 0.60 USD ....Fasten your seatbelts..We are going to Jupiter..

Craig Neeve

if its too late to buy Theta its too late to buy any crypto full stop,


I was right in the middle of watching. what was the ending..

Roberto Sullivano


Mr. Speyside

No, but it’s slowly becoming too late to get into UTK!

Crypto Finder

Got Theta bags. UTK-UTRUST soaring ?

Juan Gonzalez

Does you analysis tell you if it will continue falling?

Paul Hallelujah

83% of my portfolio is THETA. Steem partnership imminent


Yeah too late...Buy Thorchain (RUNE) or Loopring (LRC)


Hii my name is Taisha can i get your help or anyone reading this. Im trying to get theta tokens. I already have coinbase and just started buy crypto i am sooooo new to this. I jist need to know how to theta im from nyc and my number is 347 209 6646 can someone help me pleasesssseeee ????‍♀️


with covid 19 and the boom of online streaming services I WOULD SAY THS IS MASSIVE NOW NOT 15 YRS,Why dont you try to calculate the daily token burn needed to raise prices?

Nick Sharma

Damn, CB was right on spot with Chainlink and Google partnership and traction. Two months later, Link is at 14$! If that indicates something, Theta might go the same route.

Theta token review

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What is a THETA Token?

837 views | 20 Jun. 2020

What is a THETA Token?

What is a THETA Token? Theta tokens what are they? In this video I present the concept of the THETA network and how it will change the way streaming video is delivered.

Coin Dish

Theta will double in 8 weeks then 10000x in 4 years


Is this like... Almost.. bandwidth communism, for the sake of streaming efficiency? ? But at least it's decentralized, (you hope it remains that way,) so it doesn't have the problems of a centrally planned government making all the decisions.


The THETA tokens you receive are TFUEL tokens which are worth about a penny each but some wall street analysts believe they will be worth anywhere between $5 and $50 at some point in the future. Accumulate them by running an Edge Node. It's easy and earns 25 - 30 TFUEL a month.