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P Trap Installation

220 145 views | 15 Sep. 2014

P Trap Installation can be

P Trap Installation can be a challenging task if the drain exiting the wall doesn't line up with the sink drain. There are several ways a p trap installation can be made if you have the right connections available too. Check out this video for some good options on how to make that p trap installation work!

Happy Plumbing,



Bob,  I know this is off topic, but I would love to see a video on a standing waste for a tub.


I am confused about why you attached the trap adapter with a slip fitting inside that pipe at 6:14, because it reduces the inside of the 2" pipe. Doesn't the Uniform Plumbing code forbid doing this? I usually cement the trap adapter to the outside of the PVC pipe.

Darrin DeNapoli

What if stub out pipe is ruffed in is higher than trap.

Faruk Atasever

Any advise about slope towards the waste line?

esad beharovic

dude I was going nuts trying to figure this shit out, your a life saver..great video


i have leaking on the trap adaptor.. Is sipping out slowly. Is chrome bend pipe..

HAPPY HOME and GARDEN with John and Dawne

Can I use a 2" p-trap with a 1.5" tub drain? Will it drain properly?
...Or should I keep the trap at 1.5" and convert to 2" directly after it?

I'm trying to keep as much 2" as possible. I have the room. THX!!

PS. The p-trap will be within 12" of the tub drain.

Frank Conley

Forgot to mention, yes, here in WA it's 11/2" pipes for kitchen sinks and 1 1/4" for bathrooms sinks.


I don't care for having the trap glued up, real pita if you need to snake it or clear it.  To me the trap shouldn't have to be cut out to clear a stoppage.  The threaded sch. 40 trap you showed seems like the way to go for maintenance.


Awesome knowledge you have shared...once again very informative!
Have a great day..
Lord bless!

Kishore Kkd

nice video. thank q so much

Frank Conley

Wow, what a great video. Thanks for the great professionalism in teaching us novice homeowners who want to do the work ourselves how to do it the correct way. I live in WA state and should have known to look for a New Yorker to instruct on the right way to get the job done. Bob, you the man. Wish I could take you to lunch for all the help you gave me. Thanks again. Frank Conley


Why not PEX ?

Brian Crandall

Great video Bob. In Massachusetts we can use 1 1/2 for k sink and lav, 2" after the trap for a lav wet vent and trap adaptor can only be on the house side.

Francisco Garcia

Bugs I bought a sink strainer and I having trouble to put it together to a P- trap. can you help me please? I did what you said by buying a bushing and a trap adapter, everything went right until I have to connect the one from the P trap to the sink strainer.

John Wilson

Great video.thanks

Bob Stahnke

What's up with the gloves. It is clean work!


I had no idea there was places where it was anything other than tubular 1-1/2" for kitchen and 1-1/4" tubular for lavatory as here in Illinois, though I try and use 1-1/2" for both kitchen and lavatory.  Showers are 2" and toilets are either 3" or 4" -- all our traps are usually in the tubular and the heavy schedule 40 starts with a trap adapter at the wall -- all ive ever seen here is a trap adapter from sch. 40 to tubular at the wall and tubular the rest of the way out to the sink drains with the trap being directly under the sink as you say.  But im just a DIY guy so im sure theres lots I haven't seen.

Scott Tillman

What is the rough in is 'too low'? Is it possible to use two 90s to rise the effective height of the stub out (inside the cabinet)?


Great video. I was planning on putting a new vanity set in my bathroom 48” with the sink centered in the middle and the existing trap and 48” vanity is not centered. It is 14” from the wall to the center of the trap. I need to move the trap over 12” to center it. How do I go about doing this?


BTW great tutorial on a valuable subject, many are clueless on the various options in undersink hookups.  I was too before I worked in a plumbing department for 6-1/2 years, I got way more than just a paycheck from that job, I learned how to maintain and work on pretty much every aspect of my own house and do it right.

Nelson Alvarez

Do not make more videos talking. This is not necessary. Use the characters in moments. And the video says the rest. Thank you for your time

M Croley

Great video! Thanks for posting

Ryan Stevens

My kitchen sink has offset drains with a garbage disposer. Please make a video on that.


Thanks for the great video. It can be very confusing even for a handy person as there are many ways to do this work and we don't do it every day. Plumbing materials have changed too (PEX, etc) but I have all metal plumbing in my house. I often go to the plumbing supply as they offer valuable advice after I tell them what I want to do and they have never failed me. I replaced a bathroom trap that rotted out with PVC in a similar fashion as you show, connected to a copper drain line with a hubless fitting. I also replaced a tub drain above a garage with a finished ceiling. Only made a 6" x 4" hole to get to it. The hardest part was screwing out the 60 year old pop up drain. I recently replaced a garbage disposal that is smaller than the old one and the drain didn't line up. As a temporary measure, I used a flexible plastic accordion pipe but don't trust those. I later removed it and replaced it with a slip coupling 1 1/2" 90 degree elbow and a PVC tailpiece pipe to the disposer and another PVC pipe to the brass trap. Lots of dry fitting and cutting but no leaks. I tend to error on too long and cut again - too short is worse for sure.

Chris Jeffers

great options/job thanks so much

All dolled up in gabardine

Awesome video, thanks.. especially the explanation of how to go from 2" pvc down to 1 1/4", was able to do it myself and it worked out great.


Thanks. Very informative!

Lars Turner

Excellent video!

Michell Morales

Thank you so very much. Best video yet

Chris The Other

Priceless info. Thanks so much. 


Your videos are so good. Thank you.


what if your pipe come straight up from the floor not the wall?

pam nusky

Excellent explanation!!!! Thank you ??‍♀️


The title says "Sink drain doesnt " line up". Was that suppose to mean its P trap coming from the sink doesn't align over the pipe coming out from the wall? My problem is the what if the sink is "offset" an inch or two to one side from the "line" of the pipe coming in? I tried using one of those "accordion flex tubes" and it worked fine....but over several months got CLOGGED with crap that got "trapped" in the accordion part of the coupling.


Excellent video very detail.

Vance Z

Thank you!!!! Needed this info.


There's a whole plethora of fittings you can use to make it work.
That brass trap is pretty neat btw...

chris lowell


less time

and the height from the floor to the center of wall outlet

Binh Minh Pham

Very helpful information! My bathroom sink P-trap is leaking at the joint where the trap outlet is connected to the drain adapter horizontally directly, at a 45-degree angle without modification. The weird thing is that no leaking occurs when the faucet water is running. Only a few droplets dripped a minute later after the water was off. I replaced the P-trap according to the manufacture, but it's still leaking. I have tried numerous tips to fix it, but none of them worked in my case. What else could cause the leaking? Thank you for your help.


Good job Bob. That covers all my questions. Thank You.....

Francisco Garcia

Bobs you are excellent plumber, can you do a video explaining the distance that every stuff could be, from the wall. for example a toilet 12". A P-Trap how far it could be?
From the sink, and how many P-Trap can we use in a bathroom.
Thank you for all your video, and God Bless you.

T line

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Utube t line indicator feb 25

3 407 views | 26 Feb. 2020


amazing stuff

Andy Pavlatos

Hello! Hope everyone is well and safe. On the NCLH chart 4:30 what is the light green MA and what role does that have?


Thanks Steve ??

Donnie Aydelotte



hello i am confused with using the moving averages. i trade with binance and i wanna know if i need to use smoothed moving average or moving average?


Pls explain about candlestick sell signals

Ronnie Davis

Thanks Steve. This knowledge has really simplified my trading and made it much more powerful. Easy ?????. “Follow the yellow brick road”........??

Roger concepcion

Great reminder on what to do in this downtrend game.. ??


Thank you.


This has made me thousands thank you


awesome content


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Phil Kenyon talks about the T-Line training aid.

1 716 views | 21 Jul. 2020

In this video specialist

In this video specialist putting coach talks about the features and benefits that will help you to improve and develop your putting on the greens, especially the control of the starting direction of your ball.

Paul Foston

excellent training aid Phil think I need one!

Chris Czupryna

Hi Phil interesting concepts and informations. But 2 importnat remarks.
a. Why that music on the backgrund ? It make you speach less understandable and it not give and advantage to that video.
b. You English is perfect, too perfect :-) to understand for foreigner. Did you thoughgt about subtitles ? Or you you give some numbers to talk slower ?