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PRISM: IOHK's new identity solution

4 173 views | 13 Jul. 2020

Dynal Patel, Senior

Dynal Patel, Senior Product Manager for the new Atala suite of products, shows off Atala PRISM, IOHK’s new identity standard. PRISM creates a decentralized identity which allows consumers to maintain control over their information. This model can be a win-win for all. Businesses can engage customers with less risk, users maintain their personal data, and governments can streamline processes. The solution works hand-in-glove with the Cardano blockchain to do for personal data what bitcoin did for money.

Later in the session, Mark Griffin, PRISM product manager then takes us through a day in a smart city powered by Atala PRISM. This interactive journey shows us everything from managing credentials and authenticating documents to protecting personal information and interacting with civic services.

With PRISM you can:

- Secure your identity through a decentralized digital application

- Access services

- Maintain personal credentials and data

- As an organization, you can onboard new customers, clients or stakeholders with ease and generate transferable identification which works across both the public and private sector

To learn more about Cardano visit www.cardano.org

To learn more about IOHK and our work: https://iohk.io

Get our latest news updates: Follow us on Twitter @InputOutputHK or read more on our blog https://iohk.io/blog/

Meet the team: https://iohk.io/team/

Work with us: https://iohk.io/careers/

Daisoreanu Laurentiu

Good idea, poor presentation. I reached 4:30 without seeing something concrete. I think that the video should be split in multiple ones, for each of the main use cases it handles (5 to be exact: Bank Authentication, Rent a vehicle, Voting & Civil Records, Pay Utility bills, Club and memberships, Log-ins) and a main-overview video. Check out the presentation for "Introducing Sign In with Apple". The WWDC handles only the Web Authentication component but is a good example of how I was expecting to see each of the 5 video presented.

tommaso monica

You guys are doing an incredible work, i'm waiting the 29 day

Anthony McDonough

I look forward to seeing this implemented into the voting system.

Sokol Guri

Can someone explain how does the value of ADA increase once Atala becomes successful and used by the masses? Thx.

salem satoshi

superb r&d by iohk team omg beautiful stuff going on guys cant wait when fully handover to people to use in daily live. cardano&iohk&emurgo the best team on the planet,thank u charles hoskinson for being a part of it?
going to beat btc&eth on every aspect of crypto adaption??

Tuan Lam


Michel B.

Hope you guys get in touch with the civic team.


Microphone could be much improved. If you're making presentations, being able to be heard well without lots of noise is very helpful. That's why Charles has a high-quality mic.

Gustaf Holmström

How and when can I get an ID on atala prism?

Nick Skywalker

Great project!

Muhammad M

in case someone loses his private key, how would the ID be recovered?

Ryan Davies

Nice is there a link to the app addemo please


Great project but your mic sucks!


I would like to see how we as a Cardano community could get these services start issuing DID that ATALA could use.


I'd love to see if any thought has been put into various multi-profile scenarios, such as:
* switching to a psuedo-anonymous profile to interact with non-formal services... e.g. a fantasy sport league.
* maintaining multiple formal profiles inside one install... e.g. your children's birth certificates, immunisation records etc.
* shared access to other's profiles, such as two parents carrying documents for the same child, or even a grown child carrying documents for a senile parent where a power of attorney has been established.
* how to transition control of a profile in cradle-to-grave scenarios. e.g. your child turns 18/21 and wants to take control of their own data.
* how does a legal body, such as a court intervene in non-willing scenarios? Such as emancipation of a youth, or even death of a parent, resulting in loss of keys?

MostrADAmus The Moor


Simply Human

So one can lose their identity by losing the private key (and seed phrase). And someone can steal your identity by getting your seed phrase.

Melanie Dawn

Well, I have the app now. Questions - many - come to mind. Great overview of concept and vision. Thank you.

Mizanur Rahman

Dear Admin, Please review the scammer’s post link below and report for stopping all those scammers. I did mine and continue doing, whenever i notice such post, but you all needy step forward as well https://youtu.be/I3qwzuKR8sI

Iohk summit

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IOHK | Summit 2019 Titles

2 951 views | 1 Apr. 2019

IOHK is pleased to

IOHK is pleased to announce that the IOHK Summit will be taking place on April 17 and 18 of this year in Miami, USA.

As an industry leader in functional programming, formal verification, and proof-of-stake blockchains, IOHK will be hosting speakers, partners, and cryptocurrency experts from around the world at this two-day public event.

A cryptocurrency is only as good as the community behind it. We’ve been humbled by how amazing, patient and helpful our community has been. The next phase of Cardano’s development will be Shelley, a path to the full decentralization of Cardano.


The Cardano Shelley release is named for Percy Bysshe Shelley, the English poet and author of Ozymandias, a cautionary tale about the precariousness of legacy. As Cardano becomes decentralized during the Shelley era, it's a reminder to ensure that the legacy IOHK leaves is a good one.


The Goguen work is named after Joseph Goguen, a pioneering US computer scientist. By paying homage to great figures and their contributions, we honor those who built the foundations we stand upon now.


Matsuo Basho was a poet, renowned for traveling the length of Japan at a time when it was dangerous to do so. He represents the challenges of our journey towards scalability, and the opportunity to define an entire culture if we are successful.


The name of the Cardano Byron release was inspired by the English Romantic poet Lord Byron, father of Ada Lovelace, and is a symbolic acknowledgment of where everything began.


Ada Lovelace was the first to recognize the potential of Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine, and is often called the first computer programmer. Cardano's token is named after her, as is the sub-unit, the lovelace, to pay homage to her vision of the future, and her contributions in the face of adversity.


Voltaire was the nom de plume of François-Marie Arouet, an outspoken writer and philosopher of the French Enlightenment. He represents the work to create a treasury and governance system, which will enable debate among the community to flourish.


Gerolamo Cardano, namesake of the Cardano platform, was an Italian polymath and contemporary of Leonardo Da Vinci, known for challenging the status quo. He was a contentious figure, brilliant but challenging, a spirit that the Cardano platform aims to embody as it changes the future of money.

For more information please see https://cardanoroadmap.com/

We would like to thank our sponsors The Cardano Foundation, CV VC AG + Labs Zug, Chaineers and Emurgo. For more information about the summit please visit: https://iohksummit.io/

A live stream of the event will be posted to our social media channels. Follow us on Twitter @InputOutputHK

Creative Commons (CC)

Client: IOHK | Agency


Art Direction: Dimitris Ladopoulos

Animation: Richard Wild

Sound Design: Jack Everett


See more at: https://iohk.io

Get our latest news updates: https://iohk.io/blog/

Meet the team: https://iohk.io/team/

Learn about our projects: https://iohk.io/projects/cardano/

Read our papers: http://iohk.link/paper-ouroboros

Visit our library: https://iohk.io/research/library/

In the press: https://iohk.io/press/

Work with us: https://iohk.io/careers/

See more on Cardano: https://iohk.io/projects/cardano/


Sean White

Love the peaceful video! Keep up the hard work team!!


Keep up the great work!

Darren N cryptoIRELAND1

Cardano ada ❤?

Decentralife Crypto

this is going to be inspiring :,)

Imran Chaudhry

love the motion graphics lovely balance between technology science and history ! The atmospheric mood is inspiring and gets you excited for the surprises Cardano has in store for us all. The giant is awakening !

Valentin Valcu

Super Mega Pro!


EMURGO, the commercial arm of Cardano, is happily watching! Thanks for a great video, IOHK.

paul potato

the point? i miss something?

Gheorghe Cotos

moon soon?


That sneaky 4:20 time length. Dank'ano.

Richard Wild

Whoo exciting!!! IOHKs videos are amazing.

Thiago Lucas

Cardano is the best opportunity to make millions in the short term in the Cryptos market, Cardano (ADA) will be costing at least US $ 1.00 until July and at least US $ 5.00 by December / 2019 !!! ... #CardanoToTheMoon #ADAToTheMoon #GoCARDANO #ADACoin #Cardano

Miguel Veríssimo

This song is absolutely amazing

Iohk summit

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ETC Summit | Charles Hoskinson, CEO IOHK

5 586 views | 14 Nov. 2017




Ethereum Classic remains a nascent but exciting technology that can enhance the ways that information and value are shared in a digital economy. Featuring a flexible and intuitive smart contract programming platform that is powered by ETC, Ethereum Classic can propel the development of a global, secure, and decentralized Internet of Things.

Why Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain – the classic version preserving untampered history; free from external interference and subjective tampering of transactions.

ETC is a next generation digital currency united with an intuitive programming platform. This allows software developers of all skill sets to build the next wave of market disrupting decentralized applications (Dapps) that can change the world.

What are the goals of Ethereum Classic?

Our goal is to securely and methodically establish a strong ecosystem, with a solid foundation and immutability at its core. A platform where developers are able to write code that can run as intended, without downtime or interference from a third party.

We intend to carefully build every aspect of the Ethereum Classic network. Whether it is a big core infrastructure project or a small Dapp development team experimenting, we will uphold our principles of security, consistency and immutability.

It is our belief that adherence to these values will ensure the Ethereum Classic network is built upon a strong, stable foundation. It is this stable foundation that will cultivate growth of the next wave of applications often referred to as the Internet Of Things.

How can I get involved with Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is an open source project with numerous ways to participate and contribute. Most of the community discussion takes place on Slack but there are many open communication channels. Please see our call to action post on reddit for more information.

Raja Shahja

will Builderberg invest in coin exchanges ?

Well Wild

I was hesitant to like and comment afraid that people will buy before me and price won't get to 0.0021575 BTC for 1 ETC before the hype begins, but then I just couldn't help myself

Craig Horne

will you publish the Q & A? Its by far the most important aspect of the talk :)


ETC will overtake Eth. 21 dapps and growing stronger

Tery Gas

earn Ethereum classic and more than 50 coins just by doing easy surveys and offers

SvpperClvb !

❤️ ETC & ADA ❤️

Shawn Smith

Bitcoin has forked many times and as such the community is in chaos.

Anon YMouse

I appreciate the contributions the ETC devs make to the community, but I still don't understand why "code is law" is valuable. I don't want to lose all of my ETC to some bug.

We The People

ETH/ETC is undervalue and worth more than BTC. However, looking into Cardano (ADA) road map and the team behind it has a better tech. In 2-3 years were going to see a lot of potential reveal itself and Cardano will be soaring.

SvpperClvb !


dolphin 134

i watched it 3 times

Quantum Healing

Charles is a great guy and he knows what he is talking about. Cardano will be big!

Ron Rocha

So what’s up with the ETC pump and dump this past weekend ?